I am a Chuckaholic

There are very few shows that cultivate the interest from people like the television show Chuck. the show created a following that went out of its way to keep the show running. This would bring the fans and the production close because of it. Zachery Levi and Yvonne Strahovski are two of most gifted actors in their field and I am glad for 91 episodes they were on my television. If I could I would thank them personally for it.

There are very few stories that bring out emotions from both men and women. Especially when the story includes an epic love story. One that is compared to Romeo and Juliet. The characters have become enriched in our lives that sometimes we analysis them like we know them personally, and the funny thing is we do. I consider the Bartowskis, Morgan, Casey,  Woodcombs, the Buymorons,, Jeffster, and the rest of the cast to be a part of my family.

I often watch some of my favorite scenes on YouTube and then glance at the comments, and what I love to read how men break down because of seeing Sarah so emotional that it becomes unavoidable. As a man, I can agree with that very sentiment. This scene often makes me choke up.

I want to marry you

The pure emotion coming out of Yvonne’s eyes and seeing those tears makes you forget that she is acting, and this is what makes the show so great, and why I call myself a Chuckaholic. When you watch Zac’s emotions when he confronts Sarah, and tries to make her remember is why I call myself a Chuckaholic.

There are a number of scenes in Chuck that make you smile, cry, laugh and most importantly want to see again. Watching Chuck on Netflix became owning copies of the series on DVD, and it leaded to buying 68 songs from ITunes all for the purpose of listening to the songs from those memorable scenes. This show will never get old because of it. When listening to Frighten Rabbit’s Backwards Walk and not think about Chuck telling Sarah I can’t in Prague

I mentioned before the epic love story, well where to begin two actors becoming two characters. Zachery Levi and Yvonne Strahovski became Chuck and Sarah, and at times you feel like you’re watching a real romance taking shape before your eyes. A love story that became the focal point of the show. A story that has lead people scratching their heads about how the show ended. A fan base that didn’t want to see them fade into black.

A Chuckaholic is something I cherish especially when it comes to reading about it online. My thoughts are if we do have a Chuck movie, I hope the original cast is casted to do the movie, and so far Chuck and Sarah both said they would do the movie. One day we will see Chuck and Sarah again until than its hard to say goodbye.

Please feel free to tell me why you are a Chuckaholic


  1. We often are treated to something special for me the last two months have been special because I found a show that I can connect with. A show that had a strong cast and better yet great people working for it. It showed in its overall product that everyone on the set got along and watching all those tears on the actors faces when filming the last scene was incredible.

  2. I am a Chuckaholics and very proud to be. I feel sorry that I did not see Chuck when it was on TV and I was not able to help fight with other Chuckaholics BUT due to Netflix I have had the pleasure of viewing this excellent program. Like Sarah willing to do any thing in her power to bring Chucks mom home I am more than willing to help fellow Chuckaholics to get a movie made. I’m not rich so could never give money for a kick starter project but I’m rich in love for Chuck, Sarah aka Zack & Yvonne and all the actors who make a excellent programme. I laugh when watching Chuck and as a man l’m a man I don’t mind admitting I cry at parts because it truly fantastic acting from everyone

    • Andrew,

      You are not alone, I tear when I hear Rivers and Roads, I also can’t watch 5.12 because it hurts seeing Sarah trying to kill Chuck. Its like watching family breaking apart. I also cry when I see Sarah balling her eyes out as she is trying wake up Chuck during the Phase 3 episode which by the way is my favorite.

      Welcome to the family andrew your opinion on the show is always welcome.

      • Im here to help Christopher, any you need I will do, I support you, Zachary and every Chuckaholic please just ask.

      • Ideally i would like to find some authors for my site, people that have the same kind of passion and want to voice their opinions on the show. we all love. I don’t mind writing all the articles, but different perspectives are always wanted.

        I am looking for a European perspective of Chuck that will be the voice for them, Remember Chuckaholics has become a clubhouse for all of Chuck fans and those that would like to contribute to the show are invited, If you want to take part by all means join Chuckaholics and we can create a site that will be remembered forever.

        Chuckaholics will be created by the fans and be for the fans. My mission statement is a disclaimer that will always be refer to when it comes to copyright infringement because we are not for sale or trying to profit off the material on this site.

        We are dedicating time and effort so that all Chuck fans can enjoy this wonderful show that apparently WB won’t allow us to enjoy.

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