Chuck Versus The Wookie

Charah’s First Real Fight

The next episode up on the episode docket was  Chuck vs the Wookie. I remember when I first watched this episode, I would put it in my skip category, but over time,  I have grown to like this episode. Not an all-time favorite, but a serviceable episode as Mr. Turner would say.

Holding handsWe began the episode with game night at the Bartowski’. This scene has always been annoying to me. Morgan comes off very obnoxious His overzealous antics were somewhat of a turn off for me, but thankfully the       episode moves on to better horizons. After the game, Sarah and Chuck first engage in an awkward holding hands scene. It seemed like they didn’t know if they were doing the right thing. Question is did they enjoy holding hands?  While walking towards her car, Chuck began to inquire about how close Bryce and Sarah were.

Not being truthful Sarah
Sarah holding back the truth

The problem here was Sarah just heard that Chuck hated Bryce. Thus, telling him the truth would compromise both their personal and working relationship. The other issue was Carina was listening, and since Sarah and Carina worked together in the past, Carina knew the truth.

In the morning, Chuck meets Carina, and right off the bat you can tell Carina was trouble.

I often laugh at how Team Bartowski are voicing their concerns about working with Carina, and each of them have run in with her in their past. Especially when the subject of Prague comes up for Casey. The reactions were very funny.

By the way, I forgot to mention the awesome fight season Sarah and Carina have in the hotel room. Sarah really is one tough cookie.

So, Carina was in town to steal a diamond, and Team Bartowski are ordered to help her.

While at Weinerlicious, Carina  wanted to know who Chuck was analyzing, and Sarah said their cover was boyfriend and girlfriend, but Carina wanted to find out more.

two love birds in the making
Don’t they look great together

Morgan asks Chuck if he could set him up with Carina, which Sarah arranges and we are off to a double date. This is the best part of the episode, we also get to see something very significant Sarah does and says. Signs that feelings are beginning to develop, and Carina sees right through the cover.  Sarah is smiling and being warm to Chuck much to his dismay. She also touches him with a flirtatious feel. She gentle rubs her hand on the back of his neck. Something that took Chuck by surprise and Carina to notice there was something more to these two.

The first signs of flirting from SarahIn Chuck’s eyes, we see confusion and not sure how to handle this approach made by Sarah, and it also leads Carina to do the same to Morgan, which unlike Charah, Carina did not mean anything she was doing, and Sarah knew this. Sarah acts a bit hypocritical in a sense here, Carina was only doing what she saw Sarah do to protect Chuck’s cover right? Difference was Sarah’s touch was genuine and sincere.

Chuck vs the WookieHow do you stand it?” and Sarah replies with “I am good here,” which Carina does not buy, but the truth is for the first time in Sarah’s life she has stability. Grant it! This stage of their relationship was an assignment, but she has a “cover” boyfriend, who likes her for her, a place to stay and still can be an agent. Later that night, Carina acting like she needed computer assistance calls Chuck over, and proceeds to cause a rift for Charah. One that seem a little immature on Chuck’s part. Carina proceeds to tell the truth about how close Sarah and Bryce were, and it did not go over too well for Chuck.

There was  a line here that I really like. When Chuck realizes that it’s Carina’s room. He is baffled and causes Carina to use one of many lines I enjoy. The first came during the double date. She says “This place is like if a yawn could yawn.” and the other was “Use your feet”

We get our first real fight between Chuck and Sarah, and this one is about her lying about Bryce. I actually feel that Sarah did not need to be honest about anything. She is doing her job, and Chuck seems to forget that. Her reaction to Chuck finding out tells me something else, Sure she is shocked by what Carina did, but it is more of not wanting Chuck to know Bryce and her were together especially when finding out that Chuck hated Bryce Larkin. Why would Sarah want to make her job harder in that sense?

Early Signs of Jealousy

When it comes to Chuck interacting with other women no matter if they were a mark or other CIA agents, Sarah didn’t like the flirting or simple gestures of affections towards Chuck. I always felt Chuck  belonged to Sarah and no one else would be able to have him. Thus, We also get our first scene of jealousy from Sarah. While Carina is explaining the mission to Chuck, she gently places her hand on Chuck’s shoulder. We than get to see Sarah’s reaction to all this.

Jealous of Carina flriting with Chuck
The first signs of jealousy

What may seem minor by nature does not sooth well with her. It happens several times, throughout the entire series. Another example would be in Seduction when she sees Chuck kiss the Black Widow.  Sarah wants Chuck to herself. Something simple, but still generates the same reaction out of Sarah.

Carina improvises and steals the diamond from Team Bartowski, which furthers the fight between our favorite couple because Chuck gave the rock to Carina. Another immature moment for our nerdy hero.

Finally, we get an awesome scene in Carina’s hotel lobby between the baddies and Team Bartowski, and in the end the diamond is secured.

Save the best moment for last

Sarah appreciates Chuck paying attention to herWhile they do have a tendency to fight, they often have memorable moments soon after. Chuck brings a vegetarian pizza with no olives. He noticed it earlier in the episode when she took off the olives, and it was well received by her.  Follow by moment recorded in her V log. Remember “Chuck brought over a pizza with no olives…I think he is making it a mission to get to know me…Its sweet.”

Chuck is breaking the walls around Sarah's heartHe does try to get to know her. He asked her real name, where she is from and finally her middle name. We than get this reaction out of Sarah, an early sign that her heart is warming. For the first time in Sarah’s life, someone is taking an interest in her. The real Sarah Walker, and unfortunately for her Chuck was an assignment, yet the walls around her heart have begun to crack.

One of the best things about Chuck and Sarah are no matter how many times we see them fight or argue they manage to get through it all. Even  in the early part of the first season.

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