New York Post’s Article on Yvonne Strahovski

With “24” returning in less than a week, articles are starting to pour in about the stars. The New York Post ran an article in today’s paper profiling Yvonne Strahovski. The article talked about her surfing, wanting to keep her romance life separate from hollywood  This means she has a head on her shoulders and knows how to separate the lime light with that of her personal life. The rest of Hollywood should take her cue.

“Agent Provocateur” and the author of the article is named Claire Howorth.

I like the piece, its a good look at how the main stream media is starting to pick up on the talents and beauty of Yvonne. All Chuck and Dexter fans already know how great she is.


The article also has a nice photo spread. I highly recommend the article and it is a quick read.

“24” will be the breakout party for our favorite actress, and that is a great thing for her.

It will also help the efforts of Operation Bring Back Chuck because the more avenues there are the more interest in her other work. This will only help Chuck’s return not hurt.

The photos and article is from the New York Post, this is not an attempt to claim anything from the article as mine. This is just a review piece.


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