Chuck vs. The Nemesis

There are two things in Chuck vs The Nemesis that make the episode one of my least favorite episodes. In fact, Nemesis ranks very low for me in the entire series. Bryce Larkin’s condescending attitude in this episode is the big issue of this episode, and the other would be Sarah and Larkin kissing in Chuck’s Bedroom.

The Beginning

A passionate surprise
A passionate surprise

Nemesis began at the end of Imported Hard Salami, when Sarah and Chuck engage in a passionate kiss. One that leaves an impression on both of them. Sarah was compromised and she knew it. When she gets back to her hotel room, the moment was recorded on her mission log.

Sarah Mission Video 2
A very calm Sarah Walker, she has yet to know Bryce is alive


Sarah: Day 56, Chuck and I were defusing a bomb today, and there was a moment where we were sure we were going to die. He closed his eyes and…I kissed him…I…kissed him


This was entered the day of the kiss, and Sarah does not find out that Bryce is in the container until the next morning. Watch when Sarah and Casey arrive at the building. There was sunlight outside, and as an added measure Sarah was not as shaken up when entering this log. Thus, the time table is conclusive enough to suggest as much. The moment was right for Sarah and Chuck, yet an unexpected circumstance has arisen from this package.This beginning Bryce was alive. Everything that transpired was wiped away.

Bryce LArkin It affects Chuck but the way Sarah reacted to seeing Bryce it hurt Sarah more. She though he was dead and throw in her feelings are for Chuck and we have a very difficult situation for the superspy.

As for Bryce, Bryce was kept alive because Fulcrum thought he had the Intersect, but we know he does not. Bryce was protecting the Intersect as we learned from Alma Mater, he protected Chuck in Stanford, what would make you think he was not doing the same for the program.

It still comes as a shock for all the members of Team Bartowski (TB) Remember Casey Shot him, Sarah was his partner and girlfriend and know the details on the Bryce and Chuck connection.

 Bryce and Team Bartowski

Bryce wakes up and asked for Chuck, while Casey and Sarah are waiting outside. Sarah heads to the Buymore to find Chuck, when she does, Chuck tried to discuss the kiss from the night before, and she told Chuck Bryce was alive. Chuck arrives at the facility they are holding Bryce, and entered the room where Bryce was being held. Chuck asked a series of questions in which Bryce ignores.

Bryce and Chuck

However, the inexperience of Chuck in the way the spy world operates, Bryce was able to lure Chuck close, and Bryce was able to get free. This caused Sarah and Casey to enter the room. One of Bryce’s best lines came in this scene.

Bryce: Hello, Casey care to try again.

Bryce Takes Chuck hostage until they reach the elevator. Once in the elevator, Bryce releases Chuck.  He realized quickly the elevator was slowing down to early and when they doors open. Tommy one of top agents of Fulcrum was waiting.

Bryce escaped, but he won’t be gone for long. Sarah and Chuck arrive at Chuck’s apartment for Thanksgiving, which like the dinner scene in the Helicopter. Comical and entertaining the rift between Anna and Ellie over Morgan and Devon saying “how about a destination Christmas.” comical stuff, but that’s not the best part. While Chuck when to get marshmallows from the herder, Bryce makes his presence felt.

I mentioned at the top that there were two things about this episode I didn’t like and here is the part of the episode I don’t like and ruins the episode for me.

Bryce Larkin: Hello, Chuck.

Chuck Bartowski: Sarah and Casey are right inside, one girlish scream from me and they go into combat mode!

Bryce Larkin: [to Chuck] I’ve got *one* friend in this world. You have a home, and a store full of them.

Bryce Larkin: You live with your sister?

The way Bryce came off here for me is rather arrogant. The big bad spy back from the dead, and he purposely was ignoring Chuck’s questions about why Bryce sent the Intersect to him. Follow by requesting Sarah to meet with him. Chuck get back to the dinner table, and instantly Sarah notices that something is up, on a side note Yvonne’s outfit for this scene was really nice looking.

Chuck tells Sarah Bryce was in his room and Sarah follows. Let’s back track for second, Chuck was kissed by Sarah the night before. He thinks things between him and Sarah are beginning to escalate because of it, but what he saw in his bedroom speaks volumes of how little Chuck knows about the history between Sarah and Bryce. However, what Sarah and Bryce do in Chuck’s room and Sarah was wrong on two counts.

1. Not stopping Bryce kissing her

2. Kissing in Chuck’s room

The two things speaks volumes of how bad the scene was for me to enjoy the episode any further.  Despite the awesome Buymore scene with Bryce and Sarah working together. There will be another scene similar in season 3, and the creation of pineapple was funny. This still does not change the fact that I was turned off by Bryce kissing Sarah in the bedroom of Chuck.

We fast forward to the end.

Bryce has to leave, he was able to establish his credibility with the agency and needed to go dark again. He had to go after Fulcrum and one simple phrase from him hooked Sarah “we will always have Omaha.”

It was a code word for Sarah to leave with Bryce and in a touching moment Bryce called Sarah on an old phone and Chuck called her on a modern Phone decision time for Sarah, but as she told Bryce in the car She thought he was dead and had falling in love with someone else. If anyone was to blame for Charah meeting it was Bryce, and by the way the last song of the episode was great for the final scene.


  1. Good synopsis…I’m going to disagree however that this wasn’t a good episode. On the contrary, it was good for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. Yes, the episode began on the heels of THE KISS….but the big reveal of a very much alive Bryce makes everything that followed at least reasonable, if not understandable. You have to remember, this is a man who was thought to be dead, complete w/funeral so to everyone, and especially to Sarah, she has to being experiencing a myriad of emotions. After all, this man was not only her partner, but her lover as well, and a believed traitor to boot, so you do the math. Chuck, well, he just wants answers, and they aren’t going to come fast enough for him. Plus, for the past several years, Bryce Larkin has been the bane of his existence. As to Bryce, and his arrogant and condescending attitude…see all of the above. Bryce knows more than anyone else, that he should be dead, and although he find that not to be true, he is still an man without anyone that he can really trust, and he is, unknown to everyone, carrying around more secrets than any of them suspect. That he kisses Sarah in Chuck’s room says more about Sarah than Bryce, and only speaks to her obvious, and understandable confusion. The kiss wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t allowed it to. Casey, well, he just wants the chance to finish what he started. So Bryce put Chuck down. Actually, he kinda deserved it. He had been languishing in self doubt and self pity all this time, and from Bryce’s pov, Chuck on the surface, looks like a complete loser. He does apologize later on, after learning more about the team, and their accomplishments. So, in reality, Nemesis is a pretty good episode, because it starts to lay out certain obvious changes in everyone on the team. For Sarah, it the first real notch in the decision making process; Does she take the easy and obvious road and run away w/Bryce, or does she stay and face some truths that until now she hasn’t really had to deal with. For Chuck, he has to take a real look at himself as well, and start to erase to perception, that he is a pathetic, slacker, drowning in self pity. This episode is the first to really start to ask those and other questions. As for Bryce being at fault for bring Chuck and Sarah, we learn later on that that was by design. That they fell in love, well, that was happenstance.

    • As I said in the pist despite the two scenes thefe is a lot of good main story elements but as Dave said in Chuckthisblog, it is hard for me to live this episode for thkse two scenes it is sort of like Broken Heart I love the ending and some scenes in between but Alex Forrest turns me off so I cant ignore it Bryce turns out to be a great character but this episode comes of sour for ne from the bedroom scene and yes Bryce apologized but Chuck was still unclear behind the motivation of sending the Intersect the one thing that is positive though Bryce is one hell of a wing man first Jill than Sarah both end ul being with Chuck

  2. Yeah, Bryce was a douche….but Chuck was a huge wuss as well. He never once stood up for himself. He just stood idly by and watched everything unfold around him. When Bryce was putting him down, instead of manning up he became a shrinking violet. That’s why it’s hard to watch. And, like I said, when Bryce kissed Sarah, she didn’t resist, and Chuck just stood there, watching like a voyeur, instead of doing something about, Sarah even called him on it. Chuck allowed himself to let self pity overrule rational thought. Bryce was his kryptonite, and he proved it every time Bryce came around. Was Bryce an arrogant sob?; yep, he sure was. But Chuck let him get away with it….every time. With, Stanford, with Jill, with Sarah. Bryce knew what buttons to push, and Chuck let him. Chuck is a good guy; we all know this, but Sarah notwithstanding, Chuck needed to call Bryce on his bs, and he didn’t.

  3. And I totally agree with you….Band of Horses’ “No One’s Gonna Love You” has become one of my all time favorite songs…and I owe it all to Chuck for introducing me to this great band!

  4. Some fans I know will not like this episode because of course the fact that after the kiss we will expect a good and loosen a lil bit of Sarah but Bryce put to life. Hats off to the writers of putting spice on to that. But while I was watching this episode, I admit that I hate Larkin, why when everything turns out to be okay with Sarah and Chuck he appears again? But when I digest it and think about it more I realized that Bryce comeback is like a twist. I feel like he is a decoy. Why? For Sarah, to test what she really feel. Of course, being a CIA agent only to herself she can admit what are the things she realized. For Chuck, it can be his stepping stone and an eye opener. We know that he feels that he is always second to him. You got it right that he is his kryptonite but what will Chuck will do about it. Can he just give up and do not fight like what happened with Jill and his Stanford days.

    Sooo……. bottom line.. this episode is like an ending for a new beginning…

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