Preview of Season 2

If you like Season One than you will like the episodes of season 2 even better, and there are plenty of them in this season, and from here on out you will be getting the proverbial meat and potatoes of the series. Season 2 will offer many of the new Chuckaholics some excellent Sarah and Chuck moments. We will see the two characters begin they’re journey towards one another in season 2. Roan

 Guest Stars

Remember Sarah’s stare into the house watching Chuck and his family. This season she will assert herself into his life both professionally and personally. We get another Jack Burton Casey centered episode, and for the first time we get two Sarah centered episodes. We get some of the best Guest Stars of the series from Michael Clarke Duncan. Rachel Nichols, John Larroquette and Arrest Development’s Tony Hale. We also get a great character added to the story, and without spoiling for those that just joined the Chuckaholic’s family Scott Bakula played Stephen J. Bartowski and we will also get to meet Sarah’s dad, who is played by Gary Cole. Chevy Chase also makes an appearance on the show, who is one of the best characters of the series as well.  Not to mention the return of Bryce and we get to see Jill, who will be played by Jordana Brewster. The Music of Chuck will still be no pointed intended awesome. Right of the bat we get a great group like Flight of Conchords’s Foux De Fata.

Or Skinny Love by Bon Iver

or Frightened Rabbit’s The Twist and Keeping Warm

and a host of other great songs that speak volumes of the scenes they represent. it was well done by Tim Jones

But for me season 2 had a tremendous finale, which i will save for then,  one of the great scenes in the series with Christmas TV as the song, We often talk about how great a scene is well done from the writing to the acting.  This is one of there areas of the show that I find to be their gift, which is why I wonder the thought process of Chuck vs The Third Dimension 

3D goes into the skip column because it really does not offer much to the overall story, and the strange thing about this episode was when it aired. The hour after the Super Bowl, and 3D was the best they can do after the Big Game? This was the kind of move that ultimately would derail the series as whole, but we will talk about that when the time comes.

I don’t expect much from movies or television shows, but continuity is one of them. For example, Chuck said in the pilot of season one that he met Jill in the courtyard of Stanford, but 4 episodes later it turned out Bryce introduced them. or again in the pilot Chuck said his computer crashed a week ago? There is a timing issue even in the pilot. In season 2, there are some writing issues, but we will come across them when we cross that bridge.

We shall continue on our journey through the series of Chuck. Once again enjoy the memories with me.

Future Bartowskis

The Desire For Chuck Are In The Eyes
The Desire For Chuck Are In The Eyes



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