Chuck vs The Seduction

The second episode of season  2 continued what would be an eventful first 5 episodes of the season. It will also introduce a character that goes down as one of the best of the series who was played by  John Larroquette, and that would be Roan Montgomery. This episode also ranked pretty high with me and probably ranks in the top 10 of all time. Chuck vs the Seduction is funny and two kissing scenes from Charah and we are off.

Tall Dark and Caring

Roan Montgomery
The Master Seducer and Martini Maker SPY

The headline is one of many lines used by Roan that make you love him. He was the prototypical spy. a master of seduction who sampled every woman from around the globe, Every  culture and creed, oh wait that was Charles Carmichael trying the 4th prong of Roan Montgomery fool’s proof seduction method.  Chuck’s mission was to seduce Sasha Banacheck, who was played by Melinda Clarke.  Sasha was important to both Chuck and the agency because she had the real cipher. Sasha Banacheck

However, before we get to that we first must start with the very beginning. one of the best scenes of Chuck would be Sarah walking into the Buymore.

After Lester gave his demands for respect as the new Assistant Manager, Chuck was down. His chance to be free of the nightmare he was living was upended by Fulcrum.  As Casey, said “He needed to get use to working at the Buymore.”  Morgan tried to bring his spirits up by reminding him no matter how tough Chuck’s life was he was able to go home to “that.”  Sarah is waiting at the entrance, She was looking for Chuck, and when she found him she proceed to walk towards him. While in Chuck’s mind we see a seductive Sarah walking towards him. The real Sarah approached him and they exchange in their second kiss. Second Kiss of the series There will be second kiss that is much more potent than this one, but the result is the same. Sarah and Chuck are beginning to be comfortable with each other.

The last time Chuck and Sarah exchanged a kiss at the Buymore would act on PDA would be in Chuck vs Tango, Chuck made it clear he was not comfortable with performing PDA. It is nice to see Chuck getting comfortable in his skin with Sarah. For Sarah, she enjoyed the moment just as much.

Chuck: I am confused was that a real kiss or a cover kiss, Because I am confused now.

Sarah: It was a national security, I need to speak to you privately kiss.

Chuck: See, I knew I felt something, Who’s your mamma?  [As Sarah yank’s on his arm]

While walking through Orange Orange,  Castle is unveiled for the first time. Chuck pleading that Sarah and him should take off to Mexico and go on a vacation together, but Sarah in Agent Walker form explained to Sarah, she could not be with him because he was an asset, and her job was to protect him. He quickly reminded her about Bryce, but Sarah clarified the distinction between the two. Bryce was a spy and he was an asset.

Once in Castle, Chuck was impressed and assumed the government was staying for a while. Beckman said “That all depends on you, Chuck”  It was instructed to the team that Sasha was the one that had the real cipher and she was planning on moving it in the next 72 hours. It was also explained that Sasha was in a Bulgarian prison for some time and did not crack only one agent got close and that would be Roan Montgomery.

Chuck impressed with castle and the latest mission details, but didn’t want to help, instead he wanted to return to his boring yet degrading life at the Buymore.  Beckman asked if there was anything wrong with the asset, but Sarah assured the general everything was alright, and she chased after Chuck.

Sarah: Okay, look, the sooner we get the Cipher back and the sooner you can have the Intersect removed, and the sooner you can be free to live whatever life you choose with whomever you choose.

Chuck: What are you saying?

Sarah: I’m saying that you can have everything that you’ve always wanted.

Chuck: Let me see the file.

very famous picture
A Photo that last a life time for Chuck Fans

She gave him the folder and  Chuck flashes on Roan’s whereabouts, when they arrive in Florida, it is here we get a very famous photo of  Sarah and Chuck.  A photo that will be on both Chuck’s mantle and Sarah’s hotel room dresser. The photo will also be revealed to be the photo that keeps her safe.

When Team Bartowski (TB) get to Florida they find Roan’s apartment  ransacked, but they find that Roan was partying all night with a stewardess and we get to the opening credits

After the credits,  Casey and Sarah are briefing General Beckman, (GB)  They found Roan, but he has not been able to stay on his feet after a night of boozing. However, he indeed was up and getting cleaned up. As he was walking down the stairs, he overheard Casey say we should torture it out of her.  “Torture will never work.”  when he entered the room, he greets the general “Hello, Diane.” We will learn later in the series that GB and Roan had quite a fling over the years.

It was determined that they would need to seduce Sasha, and Casey was not the ideal candidate. Roan wanted someone that would not be spotted as agent, this would lead the need for Mr. Bartowski.  Casey found Chuck and told him they need him in a romantic capacity, and Chuck was explicit in hoping Sarah was involved.

Meanwhile, Lester was not having an easy go of it as the new Ass  Man, nobody was listening to him, and Big Mike wanted to know why his Credit Card displays were not out. Lester said, “I asked Morgan three times to do it, they don’t listen to me.” Big Mike’s line here was classic Chuck, “Don’t you watch Animal Planet, Find the weakest Gazelle and pounce, Thus ended the Lesson.” I love it and each time I see it I laugh. This was the episode that Lester grew on me. 

Back to the main mission, Chuck arrived at Casey’s apartment to find out the details of his assignment. He was to seduce Sasha enough to be invited to her room, but like is usual self doubting  persona, he doubted himself. Both Sarah and Roan said, don’t worry you will follow his 4 prong seduction guide, first he showed them how to properly drink a martini. Grab stem of glass, slightly tilt your head at your mark. A dirty martini with three olives.  “A moment to learn, a life time to perfect.” Another of Roan’s classic lines. Sarah was impressed and Chuck said “His liver must look like camouflage.”

As Roan was shaking a drink mixer, he said ” I need to see what I am dealing with here,  use your partner as if she was the mark, how would you seduce her.” As Chuck was showing his moves, Sarah giggling, Roan said another funny line “This is not happy hour at Chili’s, This is Sasha Banacheck.”  As Chuck talked about how he would perform, Roan asked  how would that work on a gorgeous sophisticated woman as he point at Sarah,  Chuck: Baring on a national security emergency, I think I have a shot.” Before Roan could answer, Sarah being protective of Chuck, said pretty much all the qualities that she liked in Chuck. Sweet, charming and caring. He has a lot to offer. Another line Roan uses, which is the headline of this article was said.

Roan: Really, tall dark and caring,  what a combo.

Sarah: He has a lot to offer

Roan: Fine, let me see this cage passion, Kiss her

Sarah: Excuse me?

Chuck: I don’t think that is necessary, at this particular junction, Right now Roan, I’m I’m Solid as rock as a rock in that department,

Roan: What’s wrong, don’t you find Agent Walker attractive?

Chuck: Of course I do, find her attractive, Its just I had a burrito earlier and I am trying to be respectfuly

Roan: While I admire your chivalry, if you can’t kiss her, what makes you think can kiss Sasha Banacheck when the entire mission is on the line?

Sarah: Chuck its ok

Chuck: Really?

Sarah: Yes, yes

[Chuck leans in and gives her a peck on the lips]

Roan: Perhaps I moved to quickly, have you had intercourse before?

Chuck: OK, you know what your crazy, this is crazy, I don’t have to take lessons from you.

Roan: Really, maybe I picked the wrong agent, maybe I will get Casey to kiss her?

Chuck: You really want me to kiss her?

Roan: Desperately!

Chuck: Fine…

Looks like they did this before,

It was a very passionate kiss between the two that requires another Passion at its bestlook at it What stands out about this episode is the couple is communicating about whatever the thing between them is. We all know as fans that they were covering  their feelings for each other. While the kiss was to impress Roan, but the seduction master himself knew the kiss was more.

Sarah’s need to fix her makeup was one of just experiencing a hot flash of sorts. As I mentioned in Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker the Final Chapter, Sarah seeking intimacy was able to accomplish that in this episode. Remember the time frame between this kiss and the one she planted on him in Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami. It is a long time between episodes, and all that passion built from that first kiss came out in this one.

A very unlike handler/asset practice run no, Roan could not resist, but we will get to that. I first want to talk about the next scene which is again a positive communication scene between the two. While Chuck was getting ready for the mission, Sarah is helping him prepare and she softly touches his chest and fixes his tie with more feeling than the last time. Sarah is transforming from Agent to more of both girlfriend and agent, and she admitted that his charms have worked on her.

Bickering Agents
Lady Doth

Chuck takes on one last look at himself in the mirror, and entered the hotel’s lounge, but before he does  he over hears Roan’s lack of confidence in him succeeding in this mission, but Sarah defended him. While Chuck is perform the seduction guide, Sarah and Roan are bickering over the kiss and the fact that Roan felt the kiss was more than just a kiss, which disrupts Chuck because he is hearing everything that was being said in the van. While Chuck believed what Sarah said, Roan thought the Lady Doth Protested too much.

Meanwhile, Chuck takes control of the mission, he demanded Roan to tell him about the fourth prong, in which Roan told him to be a bastard. Be Carmichael was his instruction, which is he does and while it was seductive in its delivery, The Jealousy of Sarah Walker appeared, which I mentioned in the Jealousy of Sarah WalkerSarah not too happy seeing Sasha lips all over Chuck. While it is a mission. Sarah’s expression was shocked and concerning. The fact that Chuck was able to seduce his way up to Sasha’s room was all apart of the plan, but talking about it and seeing is two different things for Sarah.


She was in the middle of being an Agent on a mission, while the girlfriend inside of her has surfaced. Great scene for the fan to watch Sarah’s ability to be both an Agent, and be a girlfriend at the same time. It is one of my favorite scenes of the series. The tough superspy does have feelings right?

The expression on a mission will get even better next episode, but we will save that for then.

Back to the mission, Sarah and Casey raced up to Sasha’s room and Chuck was able to flash on the knife that he found, which wanted to make him abort the mission, but while Sarah was getting more comfortable, Chuck asked how to get out of this situation. Roan told him to tie a sheet around his waste and jump from the balcony, which Chuck protested that he was not a spy.

Sasha appeared from the bathroom, and packed with a blade was ready to slash our nerd hero, but in the midst of flirting and being seductive, Chuck was able to get the cipher that was around Sasha’s neck.  He tried to escape, but when the people from a floor above saw him trying to climb to their room, they kick him of the ledge and down he went. Bartowski crashed on a inflatable mattress and was able to secure the cipher. A great action sequence that is a symbol by now of the series. A blend of action comedy and dialogue is what the writers were able to accomplish, and it worked here.

Chuck boasting about what happened didn’t realize that Sarah and Casey were taken by Sasha and her crew, so Sasha advised Chuck that she was interested in what he had, and if he wanted to see his fellow agents alive again, he would return the cipher to her. Chuck concerned for his friends asked for Roan’s advice but he took of by then.

When Chuck gets back to the courtyard of his apartment, Roan was waiting and it was one of those man up moments for Chuck.

Roan Montgomery: Because I’m not in love with one of the agents.

Chuck Bartowski: I’m not… I care about them. I care about *both* of them. Besides we both heard what she said, okay? To her, I’m just an asset.

Roan Montgomery: No. You’re not… Trust me. The lady doth protest too much.

 While Roan was willing to let Sarah and Casey perish, Chuck had other ideas and was able to get to Roan by saying he was not much of a legend. The words were able to get to Roan because the next day Roan arrived at the Buymore insisting that Chuck come up with a plan that didn’t get them all killed, which with the help of Montgomery they were able to lure Sasha back to the Buymore.

In another great action/comedy scene, Chuck appeared on the t.v. screens on the wall, and told Sasha if she wanted to see the cipher again, she was to let his friends go, which in the process her goon was able to find him, and we off on the climatic ending.  Chuck runs for the hills or in our case for the roof. The goon reported it to Sasha, who claimed she didn’t need hostages no more and was ready to kill them, but Roan made the save, in the middle of the battle, Sasha grabbed Sarah from behind and threatened to kill Sarah.

Roan, who knew Chuck was on the roof reminded him of Thailand, when Chuck realized what he meant a reluctant Chuck wrapped assistant manager banner around his waist and swung down to save Sarah and help capture Sasha and maintain possession of the cipher. Chuck was a hero, and much to the delight of Sarah. A very nice moment on the ground between the two, she should concern for Chuck’s well being and also put her hands on him.

Before we get to the end of the episode. I would like to mention the side story of Devon and Ellie. Ellie wanted an evening of intense seduction, and while Devon was looking for Chuck earlier in the episode, Devon took advice from none other than Morgan, who claimed he knew Ellie more than Devon, but everything Morgan told him was wrong, and the planned evening was foiled.  A funny side story

While TB was briefing GB on the mission, Chuck made it known that if they were going to be working together, the government needed to throw their share of the weight around, and ask them to help set up the apartment for Devon’s seduction of Ellie, which is what Sarah loved best about Chuck.

The final part of this what I like to call a classic episode, we have Sarah and Chuck have one of their heart to hearts in front of the fountain, in which Sarah said she has never seen anyone quite like Chuck, and she walked off. Roan, who said his goodbyes to Casey, instructed Chuck not to follow, but to show up at her hotel with a white jacket, rose and bottle of wine. which as he was saying it we see Chuck did, but he was surprised by an unexpected return.

Bryce Returned and was in Sarah’s apartment, and we have another great episode squandered by the return of Bryce in Chuck’s mind. However, for those of you who have the DVD of season 2 we get a deleted scene that should of aired during the episode.

It is am important scene because it showed where Sarah was at this point, while Bryce was around. It didn’t change her feelings this time. Remember in season one, Chuck vs the Nemesis was  when Sarah almost left to be with Bryce hadn’t Chuck called.  This time she voiced her relationship with Bryce  was in the past.

Overall, this was a great episode. I watch this episode a lot in my rotation and it summed up how good Season 2 was. The right blend of guest stars with the regulars and as I mentioned at the top Roan Montgomery will forever be one of Chuck’s greatest guest stars. Stay tuned for the next episode..which for me I love each time I watch it. Chuck vs the Break Up is next…..







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