gallery Chuck Fans Should Be Proud of Yvonne Strahovski

While I wanted to wait until 24’s season was over to give my review of Yvonne’ s performance on the show, but I take it from what I have seen that would be very hard to do at this point. Let me first stand up while typing this and clap my hands for Yvonne Strahovski. Her performance on this show should get her an Emmy award nomination if anything, but I know there is a lot of political and black balling when it comes to these awards, but to be frank she doesn’t need an award to justify her acting ability. We the fans are privileged to be able to watch her whether its Chuck or 24. She is an amazing person, and she has the full support and friendship of Chuckaholics

She has been as good as Kiefer, and has overshadowed all the other characters.  I understand this is Jack Bauer’s show, and no one will top him, but I have seen women like Renee Walker go down, and all Jack has left is Audrey, and that ain’t too shabby. Yvonne has held her own and from this author’s point of view, it is with no surprise she has succeeded. Talent is one thing, but if you look at her body of work thus far, Yvonne won’t let you down. Her skills are great from on the quene expressions, which she mastered as Sarah Walker. Her ability to shift emotions from scene to scene is very Hannah McKay, but the best part of this whole experience with 24 Chuck and Dexter fans already know how great she is.

We can talk about her beauty and her glamour, but lets be real the woman can perform. I have often heard criticism that she is a one trick pony, but nobody seems to mind when Angelina Jolie is doing all the same kind of action films or Will Smith doing the same kind of science fiction films. Yvonne really doesn’t fall into that category.

She has done action comedy, drama and now suspense. She brings her characters to life and seeing her and Jack team up on Navarro this week, I thought I was watching two Jacks in that

Nice Move Kate!!
Nice Move Kate!!

room. Its been on record that Kiefer really liked working with Yvonne, and if he has her back thats all she needs,

I am one that is proud of her because she doesn’t get the recognition that she deserves. Maybe because she keeps a low profile, and not out making a fool of herself like a lot of actress do, She cares for her craft and focuses on doing better each time she gets in front of a camera.

As I mention at the top, Yvonne doesn’t need an award to prove her worth. She doesn’t need to be on every magazine or tabloids to make herself more marketable. Yvonne is a special woman who takes care of herself. She is out surfing and spending time with former cast members from Chuck like Sarah Lancaster and Mini Anden (Carina)

At the end of the day, Chuck fans hold Yvonne in a special place because we all love Sarah Walker and now we can make room for Kate Morgan. I often compare Kate Morgan as the dark version of Sarah Walker. Almost like a Batman Begins feel. Its two different shows one is cartoonish and the other is more realistic, but what I compare it too is Michael Keaton’s Batman to Christian Bale’s interpretation. Yes, they are both the same character, but Kate Morgan is much darker than Sarah Walker, which is awesome.

Who knows what is instore for Yvonne in the future, but something tells me she will do well in anything she does. Chuckaholics hopes one day we get the news WB is willing to do a Chuck movie or 24 gets picked up again. However, at least we get 91 episodes of Chuck, 17 episodes from Dexter and 12 episode of 24. So many tasty options to see our giant blonde female with the poison Ivy touch.

From this site, Thank you Yvonne, and let it be known that you have a home here at Chuckaholics




  1. Other than when Kate was talking about how she had “abandoned” her husband ( and he subsequently committed suicide), and the ploy with Jack to get the code from Navarro, she really kinda faded into the background after the torture scene. Always being teamed with Jack didn’t allow her any shining moments to show a lot of emotion…. she was Sarah from the last episode of Chuck. It was actually a good fit, because in both cases, the situation was very similar ….an important part of her life had been taken away from her, and there was a major crises she was involved in. But i really don’t want to see whole seasons of a show with only that aspect of Yvonne’s talents being showcased.

    • 24 is not that bad compared to some of the terrible programing out there.

      When it comes down to it I like knowing what to expect from a series. I love watching Jack go in Rampage mode much like Sarah did in phase 3

      As far as season 3 of Chuck being Kate Morgan. I agree this is why I call Kate Morgan the Christian Bale’s version of Batman. The darker version of Sarah Walker

      The Grimm Brothers to Disney comparison. I still can’t believe Audrey is dead. I was also happy to see Jack not ending up with Kate because that would of annoyed me.

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