Bringing Chuck Back To Life

Attention Chuck Fans

Starting this Monday, I call for all Chuck fans to break out their DVDs, Blue Rays or sign up with Netflix or do whatever you can to see the show. Starting this Monday I will embark on a 91 week Chuck Rewatch. Starting with the Pilot this Monday. I call for all Chuck fans at some point on that day to watch the pilot, and while you watch Chuckaholics will be releasing the pilot article on twitter. The article will be the forum for Chuck fans can go to talk about Chuck vs The Pilot. Please limit other episode in the discussion.

Please keep it just about the pilot.

The concept will be a chance to trend Chuck and talk about it at the same time. Since Chuck is not on the air anymore doesn’t mean we can’t make it air. We are not doing anything illegal because most of us already have the collection on disk or watch through streaming services. Thus, no one can get into trouble. After watching the show, check for the article on twitter, and lets discuss the show using Chuckaholics as the forum.

There will be no designated time frame because this mission will entail all of the Chuckaholics out there. Thus, people work or have other obligation so it would be unrealistic to get the whole world together at the same time.

All are welcome to join in on the discussions. While the 91 week marathon is going on. Chuckaholics will continue to release new episode articles to keep up with the 91 week schedule. All of Season One is  published already. Season 2 has the first 7 episodes, but while the episode will air on Monday, so will a new article appear on Friday. It will link the two days Chuck aired on television. Its a little nostalgia for those that like it.

An Example of the schedule.

This Monday when I wake up, I will repost  Chuck vs The Pilot on twitter. I call for every Chuck fan that wants to join me watch the pilot. Come to Chuckaholics and leave a comment. Read the article and let’s bring the show back to life. While on Monday an old article will be reposted. Some time during the week a new episode article will be released preferably on Friday. Next on the docket is Chuck vs The Gravitron. So next week, Chuck vs the Pilot will be playing on Monday, follow by talking about it on Chuckaholics. Later in the week a new episode article will be published

Its time to relive the series we all love its time to see scenes like this one again.

Those eyes are incredible

The realization that Warner Brothers, CF and JS are not willing to do a movie right now doesn’t mean the fan can’t go back and watch all 91 episodes again. The show never gets old for some of us and the more we talk about the more we want to see more. Who can get tired of hearing Viccky Vale Viccky vale. I can’t.

Its time to relive the music that helped shape some of the scenes. We need to remember the things that made the show great. We need to remember despite the writing, plot, continuity errors. We still stuck it out and watched 91 episodes. its time to go back on that journey. Not everyone has twitter but i hope  people get involved in this new concept. Tell people that Chuck may be gone, but its not forgotten.

Chuck fans that want to participate in the discussions feel free to start now. Visit Chuckaholics and see the kind of discussions that take place. Four of your fellow twitter mates are members of Chuckaholics and while we beat topics to death, we respect everyone opinion. Men women and children all are welcome to join Chuckaholics vision of connecting Chuck fans from all over the globe.

English is not a concern here, we all are not English Majors, so grammar is not an issue. so, again

Starting this Monday, as soon as I wake up and kiss my wife goodbye, I will put my daughter in her crib for a second to release Chuck vs the Pilot. Those that have joined Chuckaholics as authors and contributors have until Monday to add comments to the article. When Monday comes, People will be able to read Chuck vs the Pilot. Those that have not read it should do so, and then watch the show. Come back to Chuckaholics and write what your thoughts are on the episode. Its quite similar to what most of you did back then, but what Chuckaholics are focused on new fan that only recently have found Chuck. The old fan can contribute by reliving the memories.

So, as I mentioned at the very top. Break out the DVDs, Blue Rays, sign up with Netflix if you haven’t and join Chuckaholics mission towards 91 weeks of reliving one the best shows out there.Let’s relive Charah and the Buymorons.

Let’s feed our Chuckaddiction.

Yours truly,


Founder of Chuckaholics.








  1. Can we at least TRY to use proper grammar !! LOL
    Sometimes it’s hard to actually follow the line of thinking if you don’t use the proper words and phrases. 😉

    • by the way Gary, is there a way to reach you because I want to send a blast email to you and JD about up coming episodes of Chuck. We are reaching the best part of the series episode wise and want everyone to contribute. I am talking about the Orion episodes.

      • I’ve got 2 matches to play this weekend, but I’ll try to get it in. Finally got my lawn mowed….gotta do another lawn over at the office this weekend, plus I have a little bit of office work as well. Going through season 3 again….next up is Nacho sampler. Made a few mental notes about Three Words and also about Shaw … may make those comments available in your Shaw series.

        Email is

      • Its ok there is no time frame for Orion just yet. Monday we have a big project starting and we have time I am working on Gravitron right now and will have to stop once the baby decides to wake up

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