The Master Of Expressions: Yvonne’s Mastery of Sarah Walker Part 2

We have come to the second part of Yvonne’s mastery of Sarah Walker. We will take the next three episodes of season one and begin to see the various expressions that help build the character. I will also illustrate the difference between Agent Walker and Sarah the Girlfriend. More specifically, how you the viewer can tell when Sarah was in agent mode, and when she turned off her alter ego.  We shall begin with Sizzling Shrimp,,

Learning the Depths of Family and Friends

When Sarah first came to Burbank, she didn’t know what it was like to make friends and have a family. Her idea of family was on the run after committing a scam with her father. furthermore, Sarah had to be in and out of most places because of being an agent. These are not the ideal conditions of what a family entails, but it was all she knew. In contrast, Chuck was the total opposite. The truth is they were similar in a sense.

The only friends Sarah had were those that worked with her. They may have been times when she saw them. but most of the time they were off doing missions. Thus, there really was no time to have friendships. When she saw how Chuck and Morgan interacted. She learned what it took to be friends.

Education on life experiences can come at any moment.  They can come in Sarah’s case as a handler. She observes how Chuck and Morgan interact, and what she will learn even though they are just friends, Chuck still will act like a brother and prevent Morgan from doing stupid things.

An Education on Friendship
Learning about friendship, Sarah will want tha from Chuck eventually.

If you look at the way the three were acting. if you take the camera away. It seems these three were just like that in real life. Yvonne, Josh and Zac just chilling looked so natural. Yvonne’s smile here shows that she is enjoying the night out. it would be the same during most scenes when she  hung out with Chuck’s crowd .

Chuck and Morgan goofing off The playing around between Chuck and Morgan put a smile on Sarah’s face. She is watching two men enjoy each other’s company almost like brothers, but little does she know they are brothers, but she will learn that eventually. For now, she is watching two people bonded by one simple word friendship. No strings attached just two people enjoying each other’s company.

However, things change to a more serious tone once Morgan needed to feed on his fix. Sarah thinking its drug or something to that nature would be surprised it was just fireworks, but Chuck a true friend, won’t allow Morgan to risk injury or worse. It was a new experience for her.

Sarah not sure what a fix means
The thought of drugs or worse on the mind of Sarah
Wow, fireworks are going off in Sarah's mind
Fireworks between the three are beginning to go off in the form of friendship.

Above we see normal Sarah Walker, she is calm and collected. The agent inside of her is shut off, and back to being normal Sarah once fireworks was the fix.  What I like about this set of scenes is the glassy eyed Sarah learning the ropes of being  a friend. No spy stuff no desire to manipulate the situation just a group of people having a good time. Its rewarding to watch. its even more uplifting for Sarah.

The more she witnesses these kind of relationships Chuck has with people. The more she wants into that world. The world were its simple, but fun and relaxing  compared to what she was use too. Reality though is a creepy creature. While Sarah was enjoying the normal world, Chuck was thrusted into being a spy, and with that having personal commitments no matter who they are take a backseat to the country. Sarah expression is one of

Chuck's hard lesson of the spy world
As a spy, you learn relationships are only with duty and country.

Chuck’s struggle with having to drop everything for the agency will take a long time. However, Sarah was showing her dismay for this inconvenience as well. Sarah’s expression said, get use to it Chuck. Its the life of a spy. There is no time for relationships. However, Chuck never buys into that. A very strong character trait in my opinion. First and foremost family and friends are more important to Chuck. We will see the lengths he is willing to go in a few episodes.

Sarah concened for Chuck's safety
Chuck’s safety has become very important to Sarah, Both the agent and girlfriend care about Mr. Bartowski

The expression above was one a girlfriend would make when hearing shots in the vicinity of her boyfriend. Whether its a cover or not, Sarah makes it a personal mission to protect Chuck from harm. “Are you ok, are you hurt” are the first words out of her mouth than what happened. Its the first indication of emotion towards Chuck other than what her agent persona has done so far. Positive progress so far.

We than get the first flirtatious gesture from Sarah, while its simply gesture, Sarah still initiated body contact. anyone would tell you that once a woman is willinging to start touching you, she feels comfortable with that person. The first physical touch

Its funny how things progress between men and women, no matter how much of it was supposed to be fake, real feelings eventually over took the situation. Especially when something real was revealed to Sarah about Chuck and Ellie’s past.

Before we touch on that subject, I must demonstrate the difference between Agent Walker and Sarah Walker. Sarah in very agent form told Chuck he couldn’t help Mei-Ling. Its not how she said it that intrigued me. Its her expression.

Snicker Sarah'
Sarah in Agent Mode

Sarah is still pretty much  into following orders like Casey, and Chuck persistence in helping this woman caused Sarah to get testy.  notice the mention Chuck wanted to help someone, and Sarah the agent told him no. Further proof that the agent didn’t like Chuck messing with the spy end of things.

A skeptical agent
Chuck may be novice, but his plans don’t sound it. Agent Walker Doesn’t like it.

While these scenes show Agent Walker in full agent mode,  We get a different Sarah as the episode continued move along, During the mission briefing, Sarah gave a look like she did earlier when Chuck whined about dinner plans. A look as if it was reminder that the spy life always takes priority over anything. Twice this episode we saw Sarah give a look of what life is like for a spy. No life other than duty.

Sarah has that look again.

Sarah is all business here, she is making it clear for Chuck without the need of words. Something Chuck picked up on after seeing Sarah and then Mei-Ling. Its a learning experience for Chuck, but its business as usual for Sarah.

Whatever her feelings are about Chuck working as a spy, its hard to tell sometimes. When he saved the day, Sarah gives him a very approving smile. However, it will change when Sarah finds out what the Bartowskis special Mother’s Day is

Chuck a hero again The final scene of Chuck vs the Sizzling Shrimp really was a big one in my view. Sarah learned the meaning of family. She learned that the Barkowski siblings are not so different than her. The fact that the day their mother walked out, and their father would soon follow suit was tough times for Ellie and Chuck. Sarah understands the importance of friendship and family, but she won’t get it to much later in the series.

Sarah attending a important holiday
It is an important step for Chuck, Sarah and Ellie. They accepted Sarah into their circle.
The Bartowski Mother's Day
Sarah learning about what The Bartowski Mother’s Day is all about
Not so different after all
A whole new perspective of who Chuck Bartowski is…Just like Sarah had no parents
Realizing Chuck only had Ellie in his life
Sarah feels closer to them then ever before.

It is important the significance of Chuck opening up here. Chuck let Sarah into his heart and history. Earlier he let her in on Stanford and Bryce, but it could be seen all as work related. When Chuck decided to open up about his family life. It told me that Chuck was interested. He allowed her to know about his past.  Something that would help develop a bond between the three. I know Morgan was in the scene too, but its really more about Ellie, Chuck and Sarah. After all they eventually will become family.

Being Fake Will Only Last So Long

In Chuck vs The Sandworm,  there is a breakthrough of sorts. Chuck was beginning to see question the sincerity in their cover. It only took four episodes, but we see Chuck being to develop a small backbone . When he questioned her for waiting in the bedroom. These expressions are rare funny expressions,

A nervouse Sarah
He wants me to stay?
Sarah being asked to stay with Chuck
What I love about this scene is how  Sarah caught off guard with saying 45 minutes

Sarah being caught off guard by Chuck request of staying in the room was comical because the two’s idea of staying in the room was quite different. Sarah was thinking naughty and Chuck was thinking about music. Its very funny as I write about it. Then we get to the dilemma of the episode. How do we constitute what Sarah did? Do we say she was following orders from Casey? it would mark her first time being in his room alone.

The spy/girlfriend in her must of wanted to see how her boyfriend lived. When Chuck questioned her motive. She covers it up with giving him a picture. The interesting thing about the picture is even if it was a fake, Sarah did have it on her dresser in her hotel room. Another sign that the cover was a fraud, is it normal for a handler to have pictures around her hotel room of her and her asset.

Fake Picture

I want to spend a few minutes on this picture for a second, and here is why the bug is not really Sarah’s doing but more of a order. While the picture would of generated some questions, Sarah could of given the picture to Chuck in front of them. Why the secrecy? The planting of the bug is too obvious of an answer for me. She was using her spy techniques I am sure to look through things. no proof of course just speculating.

This scene I saw a little spunk from Chuck. He questioned the picture then followed up with “We look like a real couple.” I love the line, he is telling her for the first time what he is thinking. They are talking, and Sarah’s response “Well we are a real couple just a different kind of couple.”

A rare moment alone together and they are talking. There is nothing but positive that comes from this except Chuck finds out whats behind the picture. We also get the second simple gesture of flirting from Sarah in the same scene.

It may be a simple gesture, but it is still a start of more physical contact.
It may be a simple gesture, but it is still a start of more physical contact.

Chuck said he was a fool for not trusting them, and he screwed up the Lazlo situation. He closed his complaining by saying no wonder you bugged my room. When Sarah sees the picture there is a rare moment of regret in Sarah.

Sarah Looking at picture in the garbage
She realizes what she did was wrong.
Picture in the trash
It maybe be a fake picture, but the meaning behind it means something to Sarah.
Tells you a lot about Sarah
There is regret in that demeanor
Second look at the picture
A second glance at the picture convinced me it mattered to her.
A preview of Sarah the girlfriend
A look at a girlfriend rather than an agent

The expression in these set of frames showed me a woman that was getting it. She may have to maintain the agent in her for professional purposes, but the second look at the basket made me see how far we have come since the pilot. This was not the agent but more of a preview of the girlfriend. it may have been a fake picture, but she still gave it to him. For her to find it in the basket was a message she understood.

We fast forward to the end when something fake becomes real. In what was a big step for Sarah, she tried to make things right with what happened earlier. A move she learned from Chuck already. Do the right thing in other words.


Sarah trying to make things right
Sarah trying to make things right
Taking a real picture together
Chuck not sure where this is going
Chuck is into it
Chuck’s smile is sincere when it came to the picture.

Its growth no matter how you slice it. In what was awkward in the beginning for Sarah explaining the picture to seeing it in the trash. Sarah making an effort to make things right with Chuck was dignifying. She didn’t have to care the picture was in the garbage. Do you think someone like Carina would of cared? most likely not. Its a nice moment between the two.

A trip down memory lane

After sharing a nice moment in Sand Worm, Chuck and Sarah will learn something about Bryce. This episode is a learning experience for both of them. We learn that Chuck and Bryce were actually friends in Stanford. They were very close.

By the time the first episode of season one aired, we were beginning to see Sarah get comfortable in her surroundings. The more she spends time in Burbank, the more she enjoys. Especially with Chuck and Casey. The team is forming into a good team, and better yet Sarah gets to learn about Chuck’s past.


We are starting to see normal Sarah. She is not showing agent Walker
She is all smiles, no sign of Agent Walker in this frame.
Sarah interested in knowing what happened in Stanford
Sarah doesn’t mind diving into Chuck’s life

Sarah showing that she is intrigued by  knowing what she would learn what happened at Stanford, which made her very interested in this mission. Bryce and Chuck’s relationship started there, and now Sarah will visit the place where it all started.

When Sarah sees Chuck in trouble she shows a expression for concern
A pattern starting to show…Sarah Walker the girlfriend shows when Chuck is in danger.

What we have noticed since the beginning Sarah’s expression when it comes to the safety of Chuck. As an agent we see one face. A straight motionless expression that usually has anger behind it. But notice the expression each time she witnessed Chuck in danger. Take a look above when she heard shots fired at him in Sizzling Shrimp or during the shooting scene in La Cuidad’s room.

Chuck in danger

Her emotions are not of an agent, but someone who has invested emotions in him. Sarah has feelings behind these expressions. There is no question she cares about Chuck, and better yet has a tendency to let Sarah the girlfriend out for a moment.

Sarah listening to the story about Bryce and Chuck
Sarah getting the back story about what went down between Bryce and Chuck.

Chuck opened about the day he got kicked out of school. Sarah listening like she did when it came to Mother’s Day. The word betrayed came out of her mouth. A very familiar feeling she had with Bryce. It brought them together a little more with the common experience.

Agent Walker Present
Here is a Agent Walker presence.

When Chuck kept the disc to see why his professor had him being recruited by the CIA, Sarah reluctantly let Chuck see the video and What happens is a indication of Bryce still on Sarah’s mind.

She knew Chuck would keep the disc
This is going to be an educational experience for the both of them.
Listening to Bryce protecting Chuck
Professor Fleming said, Chuck was being recruited by CIA no matter what.
The Truth about Chuck's destiny
Sarah realizing how special Chuck is.
Who are those tears for
I don’t know who those tears are for.

More Tears Realizing Bryce may had a purpose in sending the Intersect to Chuck

The best part about the ending is it leaves the viewer wondering who the tears are for. Was the tears for knowing Bryce’s intentions were honorable. Are the tears for Chuck, and the fact that he ended up working for the CIA because of Bryce. Its masterful of Yvonne not to give an indication on who they are for.

One thing is for sure. Sarah is put in a tough spot, and maybe just maybe Sarah still has Bryce floating around in her mind. The reason is simple really. She never had closure. There is one other thing I would like to point out the look she gave Chuck, while listening to Fleming was trying to understand how smart Chuck was. What a great flow of emotions from Sarah.

We shall continue the master of expression next time with a arc that holds dear to me. The Truth, Hard Salami and Nemesis is next in our evaluation of the expressions made by Yvonne. The very expressions that brought Sarah Walker alive.

The next three episodes will showcase Yvonne Strahovski in full command of Sarah Walker. We will see also venture into a inner battle between Agent Walker and Sarah Walker. Stay tuned for the next installment of Master of Expressions.





  1. I won’t disagree with your points about expressions – yet.

    Mostly because most of what you’ve talked about to date deal with expressions backed up by some form of dialogue to indicate the character’s motivations.

    However. when the entirety of the story depends on the fans reading and understanding expressions without any dialogue to support these expressions, the fans have to fill in the blanks of the character’s motivations and all of a sudden the story becomes whatever the fans perceive or want it to be which may not necessarily be the story the showrunners are trying to tell. In other words, two people can watch the same scene an see completely different things if the character never speaks.

    • Authors or directors believe getting the message across is through expressions. If you don’t have actors who can deliver the message Ala Brandon Routh you get a negative response.

      Yvonne and Zachary Levi delivered the message that was in tended. The other character are not supposed to see every expression because its not what the story is asking for.

      For example, the best scene for me is when Chuck walks from Sarah after hearing she was leaving in the morning with Bryce. It is not important for him to see the expression its letting us the viewer know what Sarah is feeling.

      Well done i might add. Just like in reverse When Chuck gives his break up speech in Chuck vs the Break up we get to see both end of the impact.

      Sarah struggling to hold back tears meanwhile Chuck in the background is feeling the impact just as much. It was clear Bryce got to both here. Great story telling.

      • Yes and no. In the first 2 seasons expressions were clear and easy for the fans to comprehend. They complemented the scene.

        S3 Sarah is a hot mess of expressions being used to tell her side of the story because she was never allowed to talk. Holy cow, some fans thought that it was CLEAR that Sarah was still in love with Chuck throughout the misery arc. Sarah hate throughout this arc was also not uncommon. The only thing “clear” was that nothing was “clear”.

        S3 Sarah was nothing but a plot device used to tell Chuck’s story. Sarah’s story was never told.

      • Totally agree CM…. I couldn’t get a handle on anything that was happening with Sarah, even when she does get to talk !!
        After the Red Test, she’s lamenting the fact that SHE was the one that got Chuck wanting to be a spy and made him take his red test…not thinking he would actually do it. When Shaw asked her, “Do you still love him?” …she says…”Not any more !”
        How confusing is that ???

      • What bothers me about this portion of the story was the fact that it took Chuck to “Shoot” someone for Sarah to say she fell out of love with him. Really? After three breaks and I seriously thought after Chuck took off the watch in Chuck vs The Fat Lady, Sarah would question if she could love Chuck after breaking their lifeline.

        I thought when he went and did the search for Orion on his own would also damage the relationship but no she stood by his side. However, in order to be come a spy he would have to complete a red test, something she had to do as well was really poor way to drive a spike into the relationship.

        I sum it up with Character assasination. They assassinated Sarah when she came into the Intersect room at the end of The ring, she was not the same as the one on the dance floor. seeing Bryce dead and Chuck turned machine, Sarah felt like she lost everything.

      • I certainly didn’t get that from the scene at the end of Season 2. They were all dead if Chuck hadn’t downloaded the Intersect… and I certainly didn’t mind him doing it. I liked the Intersect storyline throughout the series… that Chuck’s brain was special, but some of the continuity mistakes certainly hurt ( Frost knew of the suppression device in Orion’s base, but Orion didn’t know about it when Chuck wanted to get rid of the intersect in Season 2 !)…. as well as everyone else downloading the Intersect !!! I don’t really think she felt she lost much until it was written into the Pink Slip.

      • Gary,

        I am not saying it was wrong of Chuck in downloading the 2.0. What I am saying was after seeing Bryce dead on the ground, and Chuck just standing there scared her. You can see fear in her eyes follow by shock and awe from watching Chuck take on 5 guys.

        Oh Chuck me was the line. Sarah eyes were in awe on what she just saw. so her first love is lying on the ground dead then her boyfriend just performed kung fu without any training remember TB didn’t know what skill sets were in 2.0, so what they witnessed was a bit of a holy crap moment.

      • Crap…it was the second time she lost Bryce … and she didn’t love him anyway. It would have been traumatic, but they were in a gun battle…she knew the risks.
        Wouldn’t you think the normal reaction would be concern …and wonder why Chuck did it….and if he’s OK ? Then Chuck could have explained that Sarah influenced him to step up and be that guy…..

      • Gary,

        It seemed to be the case for her. She had the same kind of reaction when Daniel resurfaced. “On my God, Daniel” It seems to be a trend with her.

        The guys she sleeps with don’t stay dead, but what ended her relationship with Shaw was when he killed Orion. her reaction to what Daniel did burned whatever feelings she had remaining for Shaw.

        I think as humans it is hard to just shut off the feelings button when you become intimate with that person. Despite the fact that Shaw tried to kill her. Jill tried to kill Chuck, but Chuck found it in his heart to let her go. so I think its the same thing here.

      • Are you saying Sarah still had feelings for Shaw after he tried to kill her ? Crap…she never really ever seemed to have feelings for him, but that would have really made her villainous if she still had feelings up until he killed Orion….

        I never would have attributed anything like that to her ….but I think it was the first time she ever really called him Daniel …

      • well put two and two together.

        She kept the earrings and was very strange in her reaction to seeing him still alive. Didn’t Chuck have the same reaction with jill from the end of Gravitron when he arrested her to First Kill.

        Jill was willing to let Leader kill Chuck if need be, and what does Chuck do in buffoon fashion.

        As Sarah is chasing after her “Don’t hurt her.” until of course when Chuck saw Jill trying to kill Sarah.

        Same thing for Sarah, Sarah still had something for Daniel. Its the only explanation for her reaction to see Shaw on the camera. However, it all changed when Orion was killed. Sarah looking directly at him shaking her head in disgust.

        Sounds like what we talked about yesterday isn’t it. She stop having feelings for Chuck when she thought he kill the mole. Meanwhile, the same thing happens for Shaw.

        Shaw killed Orion. How does Sarah react. Stops liking Shaw. interest take huh?

      • After admit Sarah was consistent with that at least. She may have a type, but killing much like Chuck was something she didn’t like.

        Remember her feelings towards Casey in the beginning. “He is burn out..A killer.”

        The discussion we had yesterday made me do some research and its quite intriguing the very trait Sarah loved about Chuck was his need not to kill.

        She stop loving him after “killing” the mole. She had feelings for Shaw stopped her feelings for him after he killed Orion.

        Interesting take guys good stuff.

      • I don’t think so,

        because Bryce turned on her, yet when he returned in Nemesis, all was forgiven and she was ready to run.

        I know its not the same but trying to kill her is the same as betrayal in essences its killing her mentally.

        Chuck broke up with her in serious ways, but a very forgiving person.

        However, after she hooked up with Chuck, and living with him I don’t think Sarah would of left Chuck for Shaw. I don’t believe Sarah was like that.

        But it makes sense with a lot of her moves with men she even pointed out in Crown Vic that she was not good at relationships and it does show

      • The killer her portion must of been understood as a result for killing Shaw’s wife.

        I know the writers did a terrible job. But go back and look at the body of work and see for your self.

        Start with Sarah’s reactions when Bryce returns

      • She thought Bryce went rogue, and Bryce came back to prove he didn’t.
        Wow Chris…are you ever reading a lot into the storyline … Chuck breaking up with her was the same as trying to kill her?

      • no, but watching Chuck have the ring agent in the choke hold the same she watched Casey do earlier by the way made her run to Washington. no?

        however, sometimes we use the words Kill as a form of ending life, but can we honestly say for Sarah to hear the words you will never be normal, coming from the man, who is teaching her how to be normal. would not kill her soul.

        I think it would. Its like the teacher saying to the student you will never be good enough. its devasting and honestly hurts more then a bullet.

        Then when she thought she saw him kill the mole Sarah felt like the Chuck he knew was gone. He almost killed two people in the matter of two episodes.

        it makes it very enduring to see the pattern.

      • true, but she felt connect to Orion. almost like a father figure

        remember she told Chuck that he needed to be honest with the people he loved. this coming after he lied to Orion about being a spy still.

        Further she said that goes for me too. Which I laughed at because she was lying most of the time to Chuck right?

      • How much Jamieson have you had this morning ?? LOL
        This is the wildest thing I could ever imagine hearing from the crap that was Season 3. It seemed they tried a bit of a reset, but making Sarah out to be torn between Chuck and Shaw after Paris would really be the worst kind of storytelling ever. The Shaw arc BEFORE Paris was without any merit whatsoever, so making a love triangle after Paris is beyond the pale.

      • Lets take out the writing for a second and take what the canon provided. Like it or hate it we have some things here that make it interesting to look at,,

        i never considered the whole Chuck/Sarah/Hannah/Shaw thing to be a trapezoid because what did Hannah really provide to the story. She was minor compared to the Bryce/Jill/Chuck and Sarah portion

        Like it or not Shaw was a factor. He lived in Burbank he lived in Castle. So much like Sarah spending all that time with Chuck. She also did the same with Shaw. naturally humans would develop some interest in each other

        Most specifically when Charah decided it was ok to date other people. which also was a lie by both because Sarah’s expression after watching Chuck walk away showed Sarah was still in love with Chuck despite being with Shaw.

        so S3 was really a love triangle compared to S2 that being said,

        Sarah didn’t have feeling for Shaw. IT was more of a lust. simply attraction based. nothing more nothing less.

        also whatever direction the writers chose to do with the characters is their decision. Who knows why they did what they did with the characters. My theory is quite simple.

        Anyone can take a scene and come up with several off the wall theory of what was trying to be said. it happens even in religion with the bible, The best way to illustrate my point is fairy tales.

        Grimm Brothers is nothing like Disney, its how we interpret and personal preference in how we want the story to be told.

        We take season 3 and psycho analysis the season in any way possible. CM’s ideas or different then mine, which is what makes a discussion great.

        Gary, we sometimes take a look at Sarah and say she was the idiot of the season, but really was she just doing what was on paper or do we still try to analysis the situation,

      • Sarah wasn’t an idiot, the writing is idiotic. Yvonne can only do what the writers and the directors tell her to do. The situations inform the actions and the expressions, but as Yvonne has said, she needs to know what the character is actually thinking and feeling. Any interviews I saw regarding Season 3, she wasn’t sure what the hell she was supposed to be thinking or feeling …and in my opinion, she looked a little embarrassed by the outcome of that season.
        Chris, you can try to justify whatever “Sarah” (the character) did in Season 3 with whatever convoluted logic you wish, dating back to previous scenes or jumping forward to future scenes. That is your prerogative as a fan of the show…..trying to read the mind of a fictional character. The truth is in what the writers were trying to convey to us. It tried to follow a classic story telling script. But in general, any conflict the hero protagonists are usually involved in is against a common foe, and they must devise a strategy that works in spite of their inherent weaknesses. The conflict here, though, was between the protagonists, and the writers chose to change the “lesser” protagonist so the flaws became greater in number and/or more pronounced. When the conflict was resolved, no moral could be taken from the story. Our main protagonist (Chuck) grew and learned and found that love conquers all, etc, etc. (plug in any life lessons you feel apply here !) Our secondary protagonist was greatly diminished, with no resolution for combatting her frailties and flaws. Usually it’s the foe that is defeated, not one of the protagonists.

      • I didn’t intend to sound convoluted, I have been throwing ideas out there to discuss them.

        Sorry if it sounds like that. not my intention

      • So, Chris…you’re telling me that when Sarah slugged Shaw in the CIA building after discrediting Team Bartowski, she was still in love with him……just a little lover’s quarrel. Hmmmmm

      • BUT …..she still loved him …. just a slug for being mean.

        I’m not buying it….I don’t think Sarah ever loved Shaw at all…I don’t think she had much in the way of feelings for him at all, other than maybe a bit of pity for killing his wife. There is never any indication that she actually had feelings for him. You yourself said it was probably just lust.

      • To be honest Gary,

        Its quite interesting that Bryce and Shaw are her type right, but feelings were never behind those two men. However, when it came to Chuck. She experienced something else.

        I mean look at all the near death scenes Chuck faced. Sarah was beside herself. When she thought Bryce was dead. She fell for Chuck.

        When Shaw was out of the picture, she ended up being with Chuck.

        Is it possible her type pushed her to Chuck What are your thoughts?

    • That goes with anything.

      Sometimes its better to watch something as opened minded as possible because you end up missing the message being sent. Sometimes expressions are just as powerful as words

    • Absolutely. Which is why you can’t let the fans make it up for themselves. Otherwise everyone is watching a different show.

  2. The “love for Shaw arc” was getting long and complicated so let’s start this here.
    Bryce was probably her first love….she was recruited in High School ( and not a real catch back then !!LOL) so it’s conceivable with all the training she had to do that Bryce was her first partner and also her first lover. Even after he returned and she reconciled with him, she couldn’t take herself away from Burbank. She even admitted early on that Bryce was a mistake. ( Perhaps this is what Sarah really meant when she said she has a “type”…..guys she works with !!) Meeting Chuck was serendipity …. would she have the same connection if she had been sent on a different assignment with a new male agent ? Hard to say. She seemed to fall for Chuck because he was different….not different from Bryce or Shaw, but different from most guys. He didn’t want something from her …. there was no big come on. He was “sweet and innocent”. Not many of those guys in her field, period.

    I don’t know how people fall in love … I suppose there are many different ways. You can grow to love someone, or it can be love at first sight. For Chuck and Sarah, I’m betting on love at first sight being the idea. Neither one was really looking for anything in the way of a partner. Chuck was pretty facetious when he told Ellie, ” I’ll get over Jill tomorrow.” I think Sarah was just getting away from everything ( …depending on what we take as her challenges before the Chuck assignment). I don’t think Bryce drove her to Chuck …. I’m still not sure what happened before …Bryce going rogue or the baby. Shaw surely didn’t drive her to Chuck …..she probably never left Chuck, but that was the problem with S3 …we never knew if she truly “fell out of love” with Chuck or not. It was pretty evident that Chuck always loved Sarah…. there was never any wavering from that theme, even from the Hanna arc. In the Beard, Chuck explained his dalliance as trying to tell himself he didn’t love Sarah anymore … he was trying to trick himself because he had lost her. Sarah’s arc never got explained, other than the “I fell for you a long time ago….” line

    • I’ve always thought Sarah in S3 misery arc was similar to a drug addict going through withdraw and spiraling before it gets better. in this case her idealized version of Chuck is the drug (which she is cut off from in Pink Slip) so she self districts and hits rock bottom and then is rehabbed after learning control and acceptance…that said the writing was terrible

      • It’s more like she was trying different drugs, but eventually settled back for her original drug ( Chuck). There was certainly never any rehabilitation of Sarah’s character or actions…..

  3. I’m a little late to the party here,

    The two times I recall she used “Daniel” was in the car after he burst into her hotel room when she was about to meet Chuck at Union Station and the second when he was seen at the underground station, for me it was a sign of nervousness as she usually called him Shaw.

    The guy tried to kill her, surely (excuse the pun) she would despise him from here on in, that’s where I struggled with Casey questioning walker about the earrings in ep17, this guy tried to kill her and then she’e wearing the earrings he bought her, where the hell is the logic, such poor poor writing, the next day she woke up in Paris, if she was wearing them or took them with her, one of the first things she should have done was thrown them in the river, cut all ties with that person.

    For me, the writers pushed me to disliking Walker and I struggled to recover from ep13 onwards, although Chuck was also a Pratt at times in the first half, the trouble is once you watch S3 and how messed up it is it’s hard to get it out of your head when there is no proper closure later in the series, especially with regard to Walkers actions.

    And the meeting before the red test, if Chuck doesn’t complete the mission he can’t be with Walker, in her words “probably not” but if he kills the mole she will hate him for it, absolutely lose lose for Chuck, yes if he doesn’t kill the mole he remains Chuck, which is a good thing but I thought the the premise of the show was (1) normal guy with intersect, guarded by an attractive female handler (2) love story with said handler, where is the logic.

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