Chuckaholics Rewatch Will Start Tomorrow

On Tap For Tomorrow

Tomorrow will commence a 91 week rewatch/discussion event by Chuckaholics. If you didn’t read the announcement from last week. It is quite simple. every Monday, a episode article will be available to read on twitter. I plan to open a Facebook account for those that don’t use twitter. As of right now the articles will appear on twitter.

All those that want to take part on this journey will be rewarded with building relationships and most importantly keeping Chuck alive. We will start with episode 1 Chuck vs the Pilot. The rewatch will end when Chuck vs The Goodbye has come to pass. It should also be noted that on Fridays a new episode article will be released. Right now we are working on Chuck vs The Gravitron. Gravitron will be released on Friday of next week.

If you have any questions about the rewatch contact me or JD through our twitter accounts or you can email me at

Chuckaholics vision of creating a home for Chuck fans has slowly began its assent. Building a bridge for the new fans and mingle with the older fans. We at Chuckaholics look forward in meet you all and  discussing this wonderful show.

You will also find on the menu bar a Chuck Rewatch Episode Guide to make it easier to find the episode articles. This way people won’t have a hard time finding the articles and can get right to discussing.

Discussion Rules

Since this rewatch is designed to give the new fan a place to discuss Chuck with other fans. There is really is one important rule. It is tough, but if we can limit the decision to the episode at hand. A lot of people have not seen season 3 or 4. Some haven’t even watch season 2. Let’s be mindful of those that have  just started watching the show.

The other rule is to be respectful of others. Everyone has an opinion and should be treated as such. For example, if some of you want to say Chuck is the worse show ever made. We at Chuckaholics won’t delete the comment, but if the barraging continues we will be forced to take down comments that are offensive or Vulgar.

The final rule is to have fun. This site is a toy for Chuck fans. A place where we can have fun and talk about Chuck. It is best served if we have the participation we are shooting for, but if we don’t its fine too. Chuck has been off the air for 2 and a half years now, and the kind of participation has decreased because of it.

Remember tomorrow will embark the 91 week rewatch. We will watch the episode of the week and talk about it here at Chuckaholics. Thanks for the support from those that will take part on this long journey with us.

In closing, there is no set time frame to watch the episodes. If my mission succeeds people from Japan and people from New York all have different time zones. It would be foolish to set up a time everyone won’t be able to make it. Thus, i leave it to the viewer to chose what time is best for them. Chuckaholics isn’t going anywhere. Thus, if you need to wait to Tuesday to watch the episode that is fine. You know your schedule better then we do. All we ask is you join us in our discussions.

Chuckaholics Founder,




  1. I have watched the pilot episode of Chuck at least 75 times since it first aired. I have never been so involved in a tv series in over 6 decades of television viewing. I was hooked from the first episode and remained a loyal follower throughout. I loved the title character, and Zac’s portrayal, because he seemed so natural in the role. I am a proud day oner’, and have remained loyal from the pilot through Bullet Train. Then, they lost me. I cannot, and will never come to terms with the ending, thereby tarnishing 5 years and 89 episodes (I stopped counting the final two). I think that the ambiguous ending is one reason why Chuck will never be even a cult hit, because although hopeful, the finale was a non ending. The pilot, however, displayed a lot of promise, and a very promising start it was.

      • Thanks, Chris……I know that I’ll be with you through Cliffhanger, but I cant promise beyond that. Season 5 left me feeling cheated, and it is very difficult for me to watch. I was always taught that if you cant say something good about something it’s better to say nothing at all….and that’s about how I feel about S5….even after more than 2 1/2 years.

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