How well do you know Chuck?

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Hi Guys,

While I’m doing my research about the spice/bloopers and trivia’s that can be share for Chuckaholics, I found this cool Chuck Quizzes site. One of the quiz is “Chuck – Pilot” and since today we officially start our Rewatch session, we can now try to gear up all the things we know about the first episode of Chuck.

Sample question here are:

* What electronics store does Chuck work at?
* Which university was Chuck expelled from?
* Who sent Chuck the e-mail full of classified government information?
* Who are the government agents sent to protect Chuck?
* What does Ellie, Chuck’s sister, do for a living?

 Please note that the quiz has a time constraint and your score is based on how fast you read and remember about that episode.

Also, as per checking on the site it only has 12 quiz and we can add up…

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  1. Neat, great find. My score for the Pilot;
    You scored: 10 / 10

    You scored 10 questions correct on your first try.
    You have earned 150 FunTrivia points for this quiz. 
    The average score for this quiz: 9 / 10

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