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New Feature on Chuckaholics

I was thinking about a way to give fellow Chuckaholic members a place on the site besides just writing articles and adding content to the site. I thought maybe adding a author’s grid to the sidebar, but I find sites over use that because not every author has the time to write articles like other members, but then it dawn on me as each bio came in why not give the new members a place on the menu bar.

If you drop down the Chuckaholic Mission Statement Menu, you will find a new feature. Chuckaholic Family Members has been added to the menu. This will be the place where you will find Chuckaholic bios so you can learn about the people of Chuckaholics.

As more Chuckaholic join, each person will be asked to write an introduction to let other Chuckaholics know who they are. We can’t be a family if we don’t who we are. Don’t worry my friends it doesn’t have to be a best seller.

All I ask is for people to write about where their from, How they got into Chuck, if they have fan pages or blogs of their own and thats the jist of it. See that wasn’t so horrible now was it.

Those that are new to the site if you have any questions feel free to email me at

New Chuckaholics Email Address

Chuckaholics has a email address for followers to email our site. The email address is

Those that want to join our family by promoting their own stuff or want to have their own column on the site please do not hesitate to email us at  the address above. As always we look forward in hearing from you.

News About Episode Articles.

As we continue with our rewatch, there are still a lot of episodes in season 2 and beyond that need to be covered with that said The Master of Expressions series will be taking a pause for a little while, so I can give you guys a run on episode articles. We are at episode 9 of Season 2 and finishing season 2 is now the sites focus.

I will be asking all authors and contributors to get ready for a all hands on deck message. We are coming up to a key part of Season 2, which I want all authors take on Orion in the articles. Other Important arcs of the series will have the same calling.

On Twitter and Facebook, you will be seeing a lot of new episodes being released. What i propose for the newbies is to hold off on reading those articles so you don’t spoil it for yourself. The articles are more for Chuck veterans. As I said. there is something new and something old for all Chuck fans.

Chuckaholics also can partake in the discussions on these great articles as well as all the other articles on the site. I am excite about he strong activity but encourage more voices.

Please remember to try and not spoil episodes for new Chuck fans even though I find it to be hard myself to not venture down that path.

Sarah Walker Vs Agent Walker

Sometime over the course of the next few weeks, I will be re-releasing this series for all the new followers to read. The series goes in depth into the inner battle of Sarah Walker.

See how Agent Walker held back Sarah the girlfriend from fulfilling her desire of being with Chuck.  I will be adding new pictures and dressing up the articles for the re-release.

In closing, We here at Chuckaholics are working hard to provide a great Chuck experience. It is mission of mine to make people not only return to this site, but to stay as a follower. If people don’t want to come back that is fine, but remember Chuck fans have a home as Rev said to me yesterday, put your hat up and jacket in the closet/ Stay for a while.

Chuckaholic Founder


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