Chuckaholic Weekly Live Discussions

Live Discussions Every Friday

After last nights event, Chuckaholics will be adding a weekly scheduled live discussion. The discussions will take place on Fridays at 7:30 PM EST here on Chuckaholics. 

Why The Live Discussion

It is our way to interact with the followers of the site. The Intersect Project is welcome to join in on the fun, as last night was a test run Despite the weak turnout, I feel the discussion will be better served with a week notice rather than 4 hours. Tuesdays are hard to bring people together because of working and taking care of families.

There is two reasons Fridays will be ideal.

1. Chuck used to air on Fridays, thus it would be the best way to pay homage to the show on Fridays.

2. After a long week of responsibilities It would be nice to unwind with a two hour discussion of Chuck.

The Format

WordPress costs too much money to run a live chat. Thus, the only way Chuckaholics can conduct the live chat is by using a discussion board  of an article. It will be like we did last night.

Here is what it will look like, last night we conducted a live discussion for two hours. The discussion took place in the comment section of the article.

Most discussions will have an open door policy on what can be discussed. This means spoilers are most likely going to happen. If you are new to the show and want to risk your journey. It is on you to make that decision. While we love new Chuck fans, we can’t ignore the veterans of the series.

However, each time we cover four episodes of our Chuckaholic’s rewatch, we will use the live discussion as a review of the four episodes. For example, next Friday will be the fourth week in our rewatch, which means Chuck vs The Pilot through Wookie will be covered. The number of episodes is four, which means next Friday will be about the four episodes.

For the purpose of the rewatch, we won’t spoil the story by posting spoilers. It will be strictly about the Pilot, Helicopter, Tango and Wookie.

All are welcome to join us for next week’s discussion. It will be only two hours. Thus, those that like to go out still could. For our international followers, I am sorry I won’t be able to adjust the time of the discussion because I have to take care of a one year old. It would be impossible to conduct one for those that want to attend.

So, remember next Friday will be the start of a weekly live discussion for those that want to discuss Chuck. All are welcome to join and encouraged to participate. Chuckaholics is in midst of coming up with more ways to be interactive with the ever expanding Chuck family.

If you have any questions feel free to ask on the discussion board below. I will answer any questions you may have.

See you next Friday at 7:30,

Chuckaholics Founder






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