Chuck vs The DeLorean

The tenth episode was a memorable one for the Chuck family. It marked the second Sarah centric episode of the season, and while we learned about  Jenny Burton’s high school days. This time we meet her father. Jack Burton comes to town, and we have a Burton family reunion

The second of back to back stand alone episodes, which ranks very high with a lot of fans. Chuck was the star of this episode, who really comes through for Sarah in this episode, and we have a special bonding moment between them. The episode also provides a cop face, sophisticated schnook, and a  Lichtenstein that sounds like Colonel Klank 

Young Sarah Walker
Butte, Montana 1990

The episode began with a flashback, a young Sarah Walker riding her bicycle, as she came around the corner. Two armor truck guards are loading some money onto the truck, and as they are leaving Young Sarah Walker yelped as if she was hit by the truck. A man came rushing through the crowd claiming he was a doctor, and asked for her parents.

Since no one answered, the man would pick up the injured girl, and offered to take her to the hospital. When they are in the car the con was over. The con man turned  himself, Sarah’s father.

The Con Man

Gary ColeGary Cole played Sarah’s father

When they get into the car, Sarah complained that the fall really hurt, but her father gave her a choice hospital or Ice cream parlor for some Rocky Road.

We then fast forward to present time,  Sarah was giving some change to customers at the Orange Orange. Chuck walked in an ask Sarah over for a cover date with Ellie and Devon, but Sarah saidSorry, she had plans.

Sarah has plans
Sarah has plans with her father.

Chuck’s jealousy streak kicked into high gear. He was wondering what a single 28 year old would consider plans. It caused Sarah to say it was personal.

The word personal will be the overriding theme of this episode. Everyone will use the word. It makes you think that is the theme, but we also have another episode of Team Bartowski working against each other.

Its personal

Chuck wasn’t satisfied and went to Casey to find out the details by using a mission as the tactic, but Casey being Casey redirected it in Chuck’s direction. Chuck asked about the mission tonight, and Casey said what mission. Chuck hinted at Sarah being the basis of this inquiry. Casey would say that Sarah’s day was personal day off. Chuck never heard of having personal days. Casey would counter we do but you don’t. Another clue of things to come.

Chuck was not satisfied with this and started to use his spy skills in finding out what Sarah was doing. It seems Chuck became a stalker no? anyway, Chuck borrowed Morgan’s bike and went to Sarah’s hotel. He saw Sarah leaving the hotel with a very older man.

Chuck would follow them to a restaurant, and while he was still new as a spy, Buffoon Chuck was the one behind this mission. He didn’t take off the watch, which triggered on Sarah’s phone where he was. It would indicate he was at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Chuck flashed on the scar on the man.

Chuck Trashin Sarah's Dad

Chuck: I think that you should know that the much much much older gentleman that you are having dinner with right now is a very bad man Sarah.

Sarah: Chuck-

Chuck: Let me finish. The guy is a total loser, all right? Absolute bottom feeding scum of the Earth. Have I mentioned considerably older man!

Jack: [from behind] All true, but I’m a hell of a dancer.

Sarah: Chuck, I’d like you to meet my dad, Jack Burton. Dad, this is my boyfriend, Chuck.

Chuck: [Chuck clears his throat] A real pleasure, sir.

A Hell of A dancer

Sarah would introduce Chuck as her boyfriend, and I am going to take a few minutes in talking about this. This portion of the scene is worth analysing.

Sarah’s father does not know her chosen profession, and since that is the case Sarah didn’t need to introduce him as her boyfriend. Jack’s track record of skipping town was very high, so what would be the risk of telling the truth unless she did tell the truth, and in her eyes Chuck was her boyfriend.

Yes, he is a con man and Sarah was protecting her cover, but her father was not in on the lie? or a threat to the Intersect. I don’t think so. She said boyfriend three times in this episode, and with pride. In other words, Sarah was proud of claiming Chuck as her boyfriend in front of his father.

After the credits, Sarah and her father are having a conversation about the night before. Sarah said Chuck was her boyfriend {there is that word again} in defence of her father’s attack on the schnook. Jack thought they were working an angle.  She asked her dad to stay away from Chuck, and he said he would. He didn’t need his money because he conned someone in India.

He showed her a case full of money, and she knew it was close to a million dollars. He chucked her a wade of cash, but she refused stole money. Jack would say one of many lines in this episode that are some of the series best.

A con man can leave when he wants
A thief has to run out of town, but a good con leaves town when he wants.

He said the money was donated by this episode’s baddie, Sheik Rajiv Amad. Sarah knew of the person, and told her father she had to go to work right away.

At Castle, Sarah told Beckman if she gave her the order she would bring him in, but Chuck thought that was wrong. He may be a con, but he is her father.

Sarah wanted to hurl in her father

Chuck doesn't like the fact that Sarah was willing to pinch her father
Chuck has a hard time with Sarah willing to bring in her father.

Beckman had other ideas, she said the agency was trying to find information on the Sheik for years, but with his numerous alias and tendency to stay hidden. Beckman asked for Sarah to ask her father about what he knew about the Sheik.

Sarah wanted to recuse herself, but GB was not hearing it. She told her to see how deep your father is in with these people before the Sheik finds out he was screwed.

Sarah and her father were still talking about her relationship with Chuck. Jack said the guy was broke. Sarah asked how would he know. He swiped his ATM card the night before. He wanted to see what kind of guy the schnook was. Sarah said her boyfriend was kind and sweet. Third time she used boyfriend. We had a nice moment in the hotel room between Sarah and Chuck. I appreciated what he said to her, and Sarah couldn’t help but smile.

Sarah returning the schnook's card Chuck's charms at it again Chuck being his charming self

Lines like this one melts sarah
Sarah Walker: Chuck, you’re attributing good intentions to him because you’re a good person. Chuck Bartowski: Well, he must’ve done something right, you turned out pretty good.

The best thing about Chuck is his ability to make her feel good about herself. He does it with no hidden intentions. He does it because he loves this woman. He does it because it’s who he is, and the more he does it. The more Sarah relishes it.

At the restaurant, Jack was sharing war stories of the scores he and his daughter did together. Jack claimed no child had as much fun as she did.

Chuck having dinner with the Burtons

Charah having a evening dining and remembering Sarah's youthSarah looks like she having a good timeSarah has really begun to mature. I think back to how she didn’t want Chuck mingling in her past. She attacked him when he improvised and helped her with the Ratners, but with dad around its different.

Sarah in Cougars

She is on edge.Sarah seems to not mind Chuck is with her. In fact, these two men sitting at the table mean the most to Sarah. Her father and her boyfriend what more can a woman ask for?

The hotel

Jack told them about the score he did. How he sold the sheik the hotel behind him. Chuck was impressed and Sarah thought the scam was dangerous. “The bigger the lie, the easier it is to believe.” as Burton was read to say it, but Chuck finished the line off.

Sarah worried her father was in over his head

Chuck was impressed
Chuck impressed by what Jack was able to accomplish.

Sarah explained the Lichtenstein to Chuck, a device used by her father in trying to sell something fast. In most cases, the Lichtenstein was moving art or jewelry, but not this time.

As Chuck and Sarah were leaving, Chuck was coming on to Sarah. He asked about pulling a little PDA to sell their relationship to her father, but Sarah resist but told him he still had his wallet. As they headed for the door, a man brush by Charah. Chuck flashed on the man, who turned out to be the Sheik.

Charah acting like a real coule
Don’t they look like a cute couple.

The sheik Chuck flashed on the Sheik

What I love about this scene was Chuck’s improvisation. Sarah and her father were in trouble. The Sheik saw through the scam, and asked for his money back, but the quick thinking Bartowski made the save. He called the hotel as Hans Lichtenstein.

Licthenstein meet Sarah

Jack knew they were working an angle
Jack: I knew you guys were working an angel.

When Sarah reported to Beckman, the general was interested in how this plan played out. The CIA didn’t have any knowledge of the mission, but in essence the agency wanted Team Bartowski to commit fraud. They needed ten million dollars in order to seize the sheik’s assets. The only way was for TB to work with Jack Burton to sell the con.

The problem for Sarah was to get her father to go alone with it. Sarah tried to convince her father on still going alone with the con. She said, they should get book value for the building, which was roughly 10 million, which was the amounted needed for the agency. However, Jack said, “Whoa, pigs get slaughtered.”

Father being played

Trying to convince her father to still do the con

Jack was reluctant, but he went along with it, and said splitting the take evenly at 5 mil each, but Sarah quickly said 2.5 million. She said if you want to use me you have to use my team.

One of the best lines of the episodes came in the next set of scenes. When Jack Burton met the rest of Team Bartowski, he saw Casey for what he was. Well, his face said it all.

He's got a cop face
Jack: He’s got a cop face.

Cop Face

So Team Bartowski has a schnook and a cop face. Chuck told Casey he didn’t mind Cop face if they could trade schnook for cop face. Casey gave Jack an account number to send the money.

It was time to go over the plan. First they would need to clear the manager’s office.

They did so by portraying exterminators,

The exterminators

Next, they had to redecorate the office to make it look like Lichtenstein’s Office. Cop face was told to use the gift god gave him. His cop face.

Cop face in position

Chuck had the hardest job, he was told to not say anything, and let them take care of it.

Mr. LichtensteinAs they made final preparations, the sheik arrived, They all got into position. At least, everything look perfect, but Chuck noticed the N in stein was crooked and hinted as much to Sarah.

While everything went to plan, the Sheik threw a curveball into the festivities. He brought a German translator. The Sheik said he didn’t trust Sarah, and wanted to use his own. It caused Chuck to use a terrible German accent.

The Sheik's translatorThank you Colonel KlunkChuck: That was the worse German accent I ever heard, the deal is off.

When Chuck broke his silence, a huge ruckus would occur. It was enough for the Sheik to shout enough, and put his account into the laptop. The plan worked out.

The Sheik putting his account number into computer

However, before the Sheik left the building. The real managers of the building made their way back, and asked who these people were, and why the sign on the wall said Lichtenstein. The Sheik realised he was conned. You knew the baddie would seek revenge.

Back at the hotel, the team are celebrating their victory. They popped champagne and Jack gave cop face a cigar. It seemed Everything was going too smoothly. No one suspected Jack not even his daughter that Jack set up TB as well.  He took off with the laptop and Casey’s cigar.

The next morning. Chuck showed up at Sarah’s hotel, and if you don’t appreciate what Chuck did in this scene then you don’t understand love. If anyone can relate to Sarah when it comes to disappointing parents, it would be Chuck.

Its scenes like the one above that make you love Chuck and Sarah. They had one similar earlier in the season.

Another similiar scene from Cougars would be Sarah’s version of stress release. She used a punching bag to release it. She was furious that her father made her look like an idiot. However, what would happen next would change everything.

The Sheik was able to find her father, and captured him. He called Sarah, and told her to give back his money. However, Sarah didn’t know where the money went.

When the sheik took her father, Sarah went into Agent Mode.

Agent Mode time

Sarah Walker: If anything happens to my father…

Sheik Rajiv Amad: WHAT? You will con me out of more more?

Sarah Walker: No! I’ll *kill* you!

Sheik Rajiv Amad: Then bring me what is mine, and we won’t have a problem.

One of the things that dampers my mood about Team Bartowski would be the constant need to work alone. They all do it. They seem to ignore the fact that they have the best spy team. Casey would had no issue backing up Sarah. Didn’t she do it for him in Sensai?

Instead of Sarah asking for help, she went off on her own. The word Personal will rear its ugly head again. Chuck asked Sarah why there was10 million dollars in his account, Sarah ignoring his question was wondering why her father would do such a thing.

Sarah gearing up to save her fatherSarah made her way out of Castle, but Chuck wanted to know what was going down. He went looking for Casey, who knew what happen to her father. Beckmann sent Casey to arrest Sarah’s dad, but when Casey arrived, someone ransacked the place.

So, when Casey asked Chuck where Walker was, Chuck told him she left Castle with fire power and a duffle bag of T’shirt. It made Casey run out of the store. He knew where Walker was headed.

Chuck asked where he was going, and the word personal was used again. Chuck then would ask Morgan if he could borrow his car {More on that in a moment}  Morgan lent him the car, and when Morgan asked where he was going. Chuck himself used the word Personal.

Here we have all three members heading in the same direction. They aer out to help Walker. Wouldn’t it have been more prudent to just go together. Come up with a plan together in saving Jack.

Walker arrived to rescue her father, the Sheik stepped out of his car, and asked if she had the money. Sarah said, do you have my father. The stand off was funny because as the baddies were discovering Walker didn’t have the money, Chuck arrived in a DeLorean.

The standoff Sarah worried about her father

Chuck arriving in a DeLorean

Chuck was able to talk down The Sheik in killing anyone. He said he wanted to give the money back to him. Chuck told the Sheik to just put in your account, and let the three of them walk. Sheik did what Chuck ask, but the Sheik didn’t know  the account number was being forwarded to the agency. It impressed Casey.

John Casey: [watching the transfer from his car] The Sheik’s account number. Hmmm, decent plan Bartowski. Course I’ll never tell him that.

Chuck made the save, and was able to get the Sheik’s account to the agency. When Team Bartowski work together they are a formable crew. Dysfunctional, but get the job done.

Back at Castle, Beckman said they were going to send a unit to Sarah’s hotel room to arrest Jack. Sarah understood the order, but it was killing her inside about letting it happen. I guess Sarah was thinking W.W.C.D.

Sarah given the order for Jack arrest The only other time you see that smile is with Chuck Rocky Road double Scoop

Back at the hotel, Sarah asked her father why he put the money into Chuck’s account.

Took a 10 million dollar bet that Chuck loves youSarah likes the sound of that

Sarah Walker: Why did you put the money in Chuck’s account?

Jack Burton: I needed to put it somewhere cause I didn’t trust Cop Face.

Sarah Walker: But you trusted Chuck.

Jack Burton: I read people. That’s the only *real* talent I got. One thing I *know*, that kid would never betray you. I made a $10 million bet that he loved you… Turns out I was right.

As Jack was leaving the hotel, he bumped into the Schnook. Another great line here from Chuck, which showed me that the real relationship was coming. Chuck was there for Sarah like he was in Cougars. It means that despite her past. Chuck was right by her side, and soon Sarah will return the favor.

Chuck and Jack talking about the bet

Jack: I gave you 10 million dollars to run

Chuck: But one really good one to stay. She would of done the same for me.

Jack: I believe she would. Lucky for me she choose the right Schnook.

I really like the ending of this episode. We got tremendous character and real relationship growth. It is hard to not see how much Chuck being there for Sarah meant to her. She loves her dad, and the fact the other man she loves was there by her side was very good for her, but then again Chuck Bartowski is always there for people he cares about.

The DeMorgan

The subplot was really interesting one. Anna asked Morgan to move in with her, but the place she wanted was out of Morgan’s budget.

Devon lent $2,500 dollars to Morgan to help move in with Anna. It was a nice gesture from Devon, but Morgan being Morgan used the money to buy a DeLorean. The same model from Back to The Future.

When Devon found out, he was pissed and told Morgan if he didn’t give him the money back. He would pluck him from head to toe. Anna said “Start with the groin…He won’t be using that region for a while.”

Morgan in desperation turned to the only person he can trust. Chuck was willing to lend him the money, and it was how he discovered he had 10 million dollars in his account.

A nice chunk of chain that was a bet he loved Sarah.

Overall Thoughts on the Episode and Up– Coming Arc.

Chuck vs the DeLorean is a classic episode. It also was great for those that love Charah moments. This episode was filled with them.

Sarah cold This is what real couple do

It also continued a trend that will begin to escalate next episode. Chuck is wearing down. He hasn’t had time to himself since the Intersect came into the picture.

Between Jill being Fulcrum and missions getting more and more dangerous. Chuck will be feeling burnt out. However, the next episode will be a sweet and dark episode. I will spend some time explaining why before I get into Chuck vs Santa Claus.

See you then.












  1. Love going back to these articles when I’m in a re-watch. I just watched this one again, and was loving it. So, I figured I’d do a ‘WWCW’, that is What Would Chris Write. Smiley. Great episode and great break-down. Thanks for giving me another place to engage in some analysis of the best show ever!

  2. Another big bit for me was when Sarah’s dad put tge 10 million into chucks bank. Sarah asked him how he knew he could trust chuck eith the money and her dad says something about how he is good at reading people and he knew chuck was a good guy. He said he took a million dollar chance that he loved her, and he was right.

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