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Why The Prague Incident was Important 

As I am reading all the complaints about season 3 as lazy writing and how the changing of characters in mid series was the series jump the shark moment, I feel it wasn’t and will tell you why using Screen Caps to illustrate my point.

First, we need to examine when the relationship start turning into a mutual desire for a real relationship. I have boiled it down to one particular scene way before Prague.

When the Real Relationship Began to Blossom

I have mentioned in other articles how I believe action speaks louder then words and in the case of Sarah actions and Chuck’s verbal communication. We know the cover relationship was just that a cover. Sarah was covering her feelings from the world, who by the way already knew her true feelings.

When did the two actually begin moving towards a real relationship, It really started in  Chuck vs The Predator,  Sarah Walker was a very different character. We see a visibly torn Sarah Walker with the agency. She voiced her concerns to Beckman, She stood up for Chuck. Something she never did before. Everything was about “Orders” and even in the predator, she told Chuck I am sorry, orders.

However, we can take the opening scene and  credits two key scene, we are definitely post Day 564,

Here is Sarah Walker stating she wants to see him tomorrow, and if he wants to shower at Caseys
She waited for Casey to leave before asking Chuck in a very girlfriend way. “Want to come over to Casey’s and shower.” and “I will see you tomorrow.” Its not what she said, its how she said.

Than after the opening credits,

She wants to know why Chuck didn't include her in his quest to find Orion Sarah felt left out furious girlfriend There was another time Sarah put this face on when it came to Chuck not including her in his excursions, Remember this?

Same expression as in predator
Chuck Vs The Tooth, sarah was his real girlfriend, but because the viewer never heard the words girlfriend in Predator, we seem to think that Sarah is just being a handler.

Then we come to the next scene during the Predator, Sarah did something she never done. She questioned Beckman? She did it in front of Casey as well.

Sarah listening to Beckman and Casey talk about the Future of her boyfriend
Chuck wasn’t around to hear what Beckman said, but Sarah his girlfriend was.
Sarah the girlfriend couldn't keep quit it anymore
Sarah: Excuse me General, I need to say something.

Sarah: Chuck Bartowski has risked his life for this country. But he’s not a spy and he knows it.

General Beckman: He’s a spy until I say he isn’t.

Sarah: General, Chuck knows that Orion is out there and he is not going to sit in his room and do what we say. He…

Agent Walker would of kept her mouth shut, not this Sarah. The direct cause of this was Beckman looking into Sarah’s feelings, and ordered a 49B.

However, this didn’t stop Sarah from wanting to stay with Chuck. She still went to his room. I know she ignore his phone call, but it was due to orders, but that only went so far.

Sarah's fear of having her cover blown on her feelings
Her worst fear of the government finding out about the truth on their feelings for each other. She gets fired.

Sarah wasn’t in a rush to leave, She stuck around. Sarah went into the government database to look for Chuck’s dad. Something Agent Walker wouldn’t of imagine on doing.

Sarah is treading water not to get caught
The actions she is taking would be something a girlfriend would do for her boyfriend. The very reason she went out and got his degree. All acts of love.

Sarah looking for Stephan

Sarah is still does not want to leave. She said she would go see Chuck, But Forest told her not to go, but she didn’t listen. She went to his apartment.

She doesn't want to leave Burbank

She finds herself in Chuck's Home

So the question then is where do we begin to see the relationship blossom? It Blossomed here,

When Chuck and Sarah started to become one
There is no awkwardness between the two. This is an intimate moment between the two, and the fact that Sarah is not holding back is a statement.
This is a woman who has began to trust her feelings
It is important to note, there are no words needed for what happened here.

Now remember this scene.

Saran claiming Chuck and his family as hers

Sarah stayed outside, when Chuck went in to celebrate Ellie’s engagement, Yet, her expression shows she wanted to go inside,  the agent inside  wouldn’t allow it, most people will claim this scene as a hero stance. I don’t because it means more than that.

It means that Sarah had made it her personal mission to regain a normal life she  missed having. Chuck, Ellie and Devon were giving her an education on being normal, and she loved it and most importantly embraced it. She defied the agency, but not enough to cause a problem. She knew when to pump the brakes. If she pushed too far, Beckman could of taken action.

Now fast forward to Dream Job,

Sarah is by Chuck's side when meeting his dad
Unlike in Chuck vs The Marlin, Sarah is inside by her boyfriend. It’s like a girlfriend should be.

She comforts him when the situation gets testy,

Sarah comforting Chuck

Here is where the relationship began to take shape. Sarah is acting more like a girlfriend than a handler. Again action speaks louder than words, which brings me to the next part.

Chuck vs The First Kill,

Sarah and Chuck went on the run together. The first attempt at going on the run. What happened? Casey was sent to fetch them. The government went as far as promoted Casey’s rank as a reward.

Sarah is no longer unsure of herself, She knows what she wants, and Chuck knows what he wants. They want each other, but really were they mentally ready to commit?

Sarah put her hand in his not the other way around
Sarah puting her hand in his is a indication as much. The desire for sex was daunting, but would of happened after? The couple couldn’t even acknowledge they were a real couple.

This would all change in the holding cell.

Sarah is ready to committ to Chuck
Sarah wanted to kiss him, She has begun positioning herself as his real girlfriend in the predator and her 2 beds question showed the viewer and Chuck where she was at. She wanted to be with him.

We seem to acknowledge these two act of intimacy as  positive for Charah. In fact, I have read that this were some of people’s favorite  scenes of the series. So, why does it affect everyone when Sarah suggest on running in Prague. They already did run.

Sarah and Chuck are blossoming everything was working out. They were untied, shared two intimate moments. Sarah has a twinkle in her eye as she is letting her feelings takeover.

It would all change when Orion took out the original Intersect.

How Prague Started
The explosion in the back of Charah is a metaphor for there dreams of being together are as Orion put it “over”

When the scene above happen, I started to realize what the problem for Charah was. Bryce could show up at any moment, and the agency was a problem for the both of them in their minds.

We can’t ignore the fact that the agency and Bryce were  hurdles for the both of them, unless you were not paying attention until Charah got past these two larger than life figures, progress will always stay the same.

Hero vs The Spy

There is a difference between being a hero and being a spy. Sarah said so in the Helicopter, She said, “Some people want to be hero and others have to be asked.”

Cole also said something similar to that effect.

As much as Chuck  hated what Bryce did,  The Intersect gave his life purpose again. As he grew in the spy world, the more he wanted it for himself. He claimed he didn’t want it, but the nerd in him prevented him from ever truly accepting Sarah was with him for him. As Gary alluded, Sarah was never given a chance to tell Chuck she chose him.  When they were in each others arms, Sarah was ready to tell him ” i don’t want to save the world” but before she could finish Orion told them Bryce was taken. As I mentioned, the elephant in the room was Bryce at this time.

When it comes to Chuck becoming a spy, I have often criticized Sarah and Casey way of coddling Chuck. Several times in season 2, they underutilized his computer skills in solving some of the technological missions. They would continue it until Shaw came into the story.

Remember She has always said he was a hero, there was no question in that, but don’t you think her experience as a spy gave her enough knowledge to know if Chuck was ready to be a spy?

Hero yes, but to actually be a spy in her mind, no. Bryce also said as much. It was the reason he framed Chuck in Stanford. So, really who is to blame for Chuck becoming a spy? Bryce Larkin not Sarah. Sarah used the word Hero in reference to him being a spy.

It is the very reason Shaw was good for Chuck because Casey, Bryce and Sarah all thought Chuck was just an analyst.

Chuck vs The First Class,

Sarah trying to convince Chuck he was not ready
She is agent mode in this scene.
Sarah the agent
Sarah not comfortable with Chuck going on a solo mission with the Intersect. How would she fare without it?

Chuck vs The Fear of Death,

Sarah doesn't like him going on a mission without the Intersect
She became an emotional wreck when he went on his own without the Intersect.

Sarah: Chuck, don’t be a hero just come home safe to me, Ok?

So, yes he was a hero, but as a spy he became very dependant on the Intersect. It never gave him a chance to truly allow himself to connect with Sarah despite all the signals she gave him. It really boils down to the Nerd vs the Agent.

so getting back to when did the relationship Blossom,

Let’s break down now what we have so far,

Bryce, Casey and Sarah all said Chuck is not a spy, but that doesn’t change the view of a hero. The Intersect made him the spy, but Chuck was a hero naturally.

Bryce didn't want Chuck to be a spy

I actually agree with Gary and CM in this aspect of the morning of Ellie’s Wedding. The agency asked Chuck what his future plans were. Here is Sarah expression when hearing they were going to ask Chuck to be a member of the agency.

Beckman asking Chuck if he would like to jin the agency
We know Sarah doesn’t want to lose Chuck, but with the agency offering Chuck a job, Chuck turned it down. He didn’t know at the time Bryce was included

Sarah knew it was over, but Sarah had glimmer of hope with Beckman asking Chuck to be an analyst. Chuck said, no claiming he is not  a hero, He is just Chuck Bartowski.

Hearing Chuck say no about the job

Sarah disappointed in Chuck's decision

Sarah thought it would be easier now that they could work together minus the Asset/Handler cover, so you can see disappointment in Chuck’s decision. This all happened before Bryce was included on the team. However, when she found out Bryce would be working with her. Here is her response to that.

Sarah reaction she would be working with Bryce again

The lack of communication hurts here. Sarah in her mind feels Chuck said no to her much like Chuck will feel in a moment when  he thought she was leaving with Bryce. The reason  was always the reason she didn’t want to leave Burbank, but the Monkey on her back the agency was going to make that impossible.

Beckmann said they were going to fly to Lisbon in the morning. Sarah and Bryce were to lead the new Intersect Project. In essence, she was given her new assignment. Sarah hearing Lisbon would mean she would be too far from Chuck.

At the Church,  we have the lack of communication rear its ugly head.

Very beautiful Sarah doesn't like what she has to tell Chuck

It’s difficult for her to look at Chuck in the eyes because she knew what she was going to do would impact their relationship. Sarah is not thrilled that she has to tell Chuck she is leaving.

She is already Shaken by what she is going to say

Its hard not to see this was impacting Sarah
By Chuck asking her to go on a vacation with him, it made what Sarah had to tell him that much more harder.

Chuck asking to go on a vacation

I understand people wouldn’t mind him asking her to go on a vacation with him, but I feel if Chuck would of said, he wanted her to be with him. I feel maybe Sarah would of not told him she was leaving in the morning. I also feel it was not the ideal time for Sarah to say she was leaving, but her demeanor while telling showed that this was bothering her.

Chuck took it bad because Bryce was the reason for her leaving. As I said until Bryce and the agency were no longer a factor, There would always be a disconnect.

So, what do we have so far,

In Ala Mater, Bryce said Chuck was not a spy than in Chuck vs The Break Up  He said, from what Bryce saw Chuck handled himself well in the field. While Bryce did not want him in the spy world, the same can be said for Team Bartowski.

When Sarah was told she would be working with Bryce again, Sarah was put in a dilemma. How does she let Chuck know she was leaving in the morning. After Chuck asked to speak to her, Sarah was struggling with telling him. She can barely  look at him. Chuck was excited he had his life back.

However, Sarah was losing the life she had built for two years. There is no ideal way to break the news.  She took one look at him, and instantly she was breaking. It started when she did something she has done for him since Sandworm, fixed his bowtie.


Sarah fixing Chuck's bow tie
Sarah: You look like a real spy

She is fighting the tears already because Sarah’s eyes are beginning to water.  after Chuck asked her to go on vacation. How could she if she was leaving in the morning. She did the right thing by not waiting.

Chuck is devatated from hearing she would work with bryce agian Chuck hurting inside.

Chuck was devastated by the news, but Sarah couldn’t drag it on. It was Ellie’s big day. Some would say this scene showed how manipulating Sarah could be or selfish for that matter, but don’t think for one second that the news didn’t bother Sarah as well. She didn’t want to say she was leaving because she didn’t

Sarah is miserable in deliverying the blow
Her eyes indicate she knows that it would hurt Chuck, and she doesn’t like it either. If you want to blame anyone the CIA did this much like Bryce got to Chuck earlier in the season.
Chuck not feeling good with this break up
Take a look in the background, and see Chuck’s expression.

Sarah’s expression in the Church was similar. The exception is the emotion started to come out in front of him, but Chuck was hurting and rightfully, so.

She is breaking as she is saying it
If you don’t see how painful this is for Sarah then you’re always feel Sarah was wrong in this scene.
You really feel for Chuck in this scene as well.
Chuck: Thanks for coming, Its good for the cover.

Chuck walking away

As I mentioned, Sarah never saw Chuck’s expression after his break up speech, and above Chuck never sees this.

Sarah in tears

Sarah never in her dreams would want to hurt Chuck. In doing so above, she couldn’t control the tears. What she should of done was go after him, but she didn’t.

It’s a sad reality, Think about summer flings. The people have grown to love each other, and one of them knows the other will be leave eventually, but still can’t resist the temptation. The harsh reality would be for the agency to move Sarah out of Burbank something the both of them don’t want, but can’t control. The scene took its toll on both characters.

As Chuck walked away, you can imagine if this was the last conversation the two would have. It would make the matter worse. However, his mind would soon be made up, Bryce and the agency would never totally disappear. Precursor of things to come.

The other issue would be the lack of communication. Sarah couldn’t explain how she felt because Fulcrum would end up crashing the wedding. It continues to add up, more spy problems.

Spy life wrecked his family's life again
Chuck tired of the spy world interfering with his life.
Sarah cares about Chuck and is there for him.
Despite what went down in the Church. Sarah still makes an effort in being there for Chuck. Even with the chance Chuck may symbolize her as part of the problem.

Despite the issues Sarah will always be there for Chuck. He was there for her during her time of need. She is returning the favor, and the best part is she wants to be there.

When Chuck decided to give his money up to help his sister, it reminded Sarah everything she loved about Chuck. It was the ballerina scene all over again. This time we have Sarah aware of her feelings.

Chuck: All I want to do is live a normal life with the need to use a black ops team at his sister’s wedding. I just want to be a normal guy. <- I am paraphrasing but this is what he said to some extent.

Sarah: Its not what a normal guy would do.

He finished with if I can do anything, and then he took out his money from the CIA. Ala I need the wall Morgan.

Chuck being a hero again
This is a definition of a hero, and it is well received
Sarah's heart gave in at this point
Sarah’s heart caved in at this point. It was the Ballerina scene all over again.
SArah watching how Chuck was willing to help the ballerina
Well done by the writers and creator to deliver such a powerful scene.
excuse me
Chuck being a hero for the ballerina
It started the heart to crumble
Sarah’s heart started to crumble

Chuck comforting the youngerster Sarah watching Chuck help the Ballerina

No matter how you slice it, it was the right moment, while helping the little girl was one thing, the fact he was willing to give up his money to help his sister get married was the icing on the cake.

This was the part of the episode that convinced me Sarah was ready to commit. recently I looked at the words of the song Christmas TV, and what I loved about the song was the meaning fit the scene.

It’s okay to have scars
They will make you who you are
It’s okay to have fear
Because that means you aren’t scared of coming here
And in the middle of the night
So if you’ll want to talk
Because you know that I want to talk too
It’s not bad of you to think of what might go wrong
But you can’t blame me for secretly hoping that I will prove you wrong
It’s okay that I pray that you will miss your flight
And have to stay with me another night

It’s very meaningful for the story because of what happen on the beach. One of the hurdles will be jumped. Sarah said, no to Bryce.

Sarah is shinning Sarah has found her home. Sarah not focused on the wedding She is focused on Chuck

She can't believe Bryce was at the wedding

She said no to bryce
She shook her head no. Bryce knew she wasn’t coming.

It was time to tell Chuck her decision, but she won’t get her chance because something happen to Bryce.

Sarah is where she wants to be

She is ready to tell him she wants to stay You are that guy. She is going to committ The spy world ruined things again

Once again the elephant in the room made it’s presence felt. Bryce and the agency disrupt things. While Sarah goes help Bryce, Chuck told his father he loved her.

The first time Chuck uttered the words. All we heard was feelings. I am crazy about you, but now we get the first I love her, but they are still not ready to commit to a real relationship because they haven’t been given an opportunity to do so.

After Bryce got shot, Bryce was about to tell Chuck that Sarah chose him, and rather then talk about it let me show it.

Yes, Chuck remembers everything that was said to him from Beckman said it was time for him to become a spy, but Bryce and Sarah were the ones who used the words Hero.

Yes, Sarah Said, Chuck could do anything, but she did also say in those lines  that she didn’t just mean the building jumping and the diamond stealing, but after being told he was going to lose Sarah in the morning. Chuck made a decision to do the right thing and download the 2.0 like he always did despite being told the program was too dangerous from Bryce. He was told to destroy the computer.


We have come to the part where it will get a bit testy in the discussion board, and that is fine, but what I am going to say has nothing to do with Season 3 per say. It has more to do with the fact we still don’t know when the real relationship began to blossom.

What made Prague such an important part of the story would be the fact we get a similar scene later with Ellie. Sarah is in panic mode. Her former boyfriend was just killed, ala Ellie witnessing her father get shot. What do both women do. Tell Chuck he had to quit spying.

Sarah Walker: We could run? You and me. We go now and never look back.

Chuck Bartowski: Are you serious?

Sarah Walker: I have some money saved up. I’d have to ge us some new identities. Create an escape route. For now go to the training facility in Prague. Then meet me in the Nadrazzi Train Station in 3 weeks time at 7:00. And then I can figure out the rest later.

Chuck Bartowski: Waht are you saying?

Sarah Walker: I’m saying I want to be a real person again, with you. [That’s what you want, right?] I mean this is it, Chuck. Will you run away with me?

Chuck Bartowski: [Thinks about it] Yeah.

Sarah is scared
After witnessing her former boyfriend was murdered, Sarah fear that Chuck would face the same faith, and she panicked

Notice what she said, this is what you want? in essence then she is not doing it for her, she is doing it to protect Chuck. The risk of losing Chuck would be the end of  her., but she never expected Chuck would hurt her, which is why the blow in Prague was so intense.

She was happy that he said he would run with her

She is happy to see Chuck.

The calm before the storm

Chuck already knew what he was going to do

Chuck’s expression already gave you a clue that he had already made a decision about running.

a kiss she was not expecting

When she kissed him, she knew something was wrong, and here is where we get ugly.

Sarah not understanding

This is real

Sarah Walker: It’s not that simple. You don’t know who you’re working for. It’s complicated. Nothing is real. *This*

[Sarah holds Chuck’s hand]

Sarah Walker: this is simple. This is a real life… We have to go Chuck… Are you coming?

Chuck Bartowski: [Long pause, Chuck let’s go of Sarah’s hand] I can’t. I’m sorry

Are you coming

Sarah is feeling rejected

It is understandable that Chuck wanted to pursue becoming a real spy, and you can understand Sarah feeling rejected. Sarah never dreamed Chuck would crush her the way he did. Again, communication never happen, but was dragged on over  course of the season.

What happened between the two would plague them for the rest of the lives together. They never were able to communicate. As a couple they struggle with, and when they are married. They struggle with the concept of discussing what was bothering them.

In closing, while Sarah was the one who acted impulsively, she did it with good intentions. Chuck had good intentions in becoming a spy, and have Sarah as well. The problem is how it happened. If everything was laid out in one episode there wouldn’t be a need for 12 more.

Chuck and Sarah’s Prague incident really was just part of the problem. When one acted on their feelings the other would pull back., and nothing was explained until much later… Does Do you love me solve everything that happen no, but it helped heal the wounds. The wounds have to start healing at some point,

but as Christmas TV stated, Its ok to have Scars and Fears.










































  1. Chris… obviously don’t agree with everything you said. Chuck ALWAYS communicated his feelings…sometimes way too much. Sarah was the one who never communicated …or usually said the opposite to what she wanted. But if you want to chalk up everything to “lack of communication” so Sarah doesn’t take the blame, that’s fine.
    And, yes, Prague sets the stage for the first 13 episodes of Season 3. If the characters had been true to form as they were for the first 2 seasons, it never would have happened. The writers had to do 3 main things for Prague to be set up…. they had to diminish the Intersect, they had to have Chuck “forget” to be a motormouth about his feelings,and they had to have Sarah forget what her dream of a “normal” life was.

    But the counterpoint to your argument that “they weren’t ready for a relationship before the Prague issues were resolved” doesn’t hold water, because nothing ever really got resolved in Season 3 …..just more time had passed. They had done absolutely horrible things to each other, they betrayed each other. If they weren’t ready for a committed relationship before Prague, then by The Other Guy, they were even less ready.

    Last point about Shaw helping Chuck become a spy …..isn’t the training in Prague supposed to do the same thing? Sarah and Casey weren’t holding him back there !!! Anyway…Chuck really didn’t need the Intersect 2.0 to be a spy or a hero….he always did heroic things if needed ( think pilot when he ran into the hotel ballroom, or when he went after the Ring to help save Bryce). Chuck’s most impressive spy work always had more to do with his intellect than his mastery of Kung Fu. And thinking that every spy has to have the exact same skill set is just ludicrous…. it’s usually why they send you out as a team. I’m sure the agency would have known Chuck’s unique talents, especially having the entire US government database in his head, was more important than his ability to kill a traitor in cold blood.

    • He did communicate and often told her how he felt, but when did he say I want to be with you as a boyfriend? He ask to go on a date no cover no spy stuff. He said he wanted to go on vacation a couple of times, but when did he say Sarah I want to be with you until American Hero?

      Sarah didn’t either. She said she couldn’t be with him because her job was to protect him, but her want to be with him never came out of her mouth either. Actions showed, but each time they were in the right direction something came up. Most of the time it was either Bryce or a mission. The kiss of death one last mission.

      All I was alluding to was the face that here we have Chuck choosing to be a spy, but he waiting to tell her how he felt on his death bed, When poisonous gas was filling the vault, and to be honest telling someone you love them in stressful situation was borderline cruel. He did it in season 4 when he told her he didn’t mind her weird packing habits, he still loved her.

      So, to play devil advocate for a second. If your Sarah, and the man told you he loved you died in the vault? How would Sarah feel. She would of felt like she did when she thought the Nerd Herder had exploded with him inside. I have not said Sarah is innocent in this whole process, but until Bryce was gone and the agency accept their relationship. Sarah was always on egg shells with the real relationship.

      In my opinion the real relationship wasn’t ready until they got past their hang ups. Remember they ran to keep Beckman from ending all of what they had built. Yet, when they got back to Castle Beckman told them it was about time. It was the worst kept secret.

      I feel after Tic Tac when Sarah said she didn’t want him to lose the guy she met three years ago to I fell in love with a regular guy we still didn’t know the extent of how committed either of them were.

      • Sarah couldn’t say anything. As was clearly shown in Broken Heart, Chuck and Sarah were under near constant surveillance.

        S1 and S2 Chuck on the other hand was abundantly clear what he wanted with Sarah.

      • First of all, Chris, Chuck in the vault was telling Sarah what he had been wanting to tell Sarah for all of S3E2. He kept telling her, “I think it would help if we just talk about it.” Sarah kept blowing him off. Chuck knew he needed to get it off his chest so the emotions didn’t interfere with the Intersect. As Chuck and Sarah go to the vault, Sarah finally relented and told Chuck they’d talk after they finished the mission. So Chuck had been trying to give that speech all of E2 ( and we know he should have / would have in Prague). The fact that he gave it in the vault is because he didn’t want to die without Sarah knowing what it was he wanted to talk about….. so DO NOT pin that speech on “a deathbed speech”.

        And I don’t know how many women you have dated, but you don’t start out a relationship by saying , ” I want to be your boyfriend.” You start by asking them out on dates, and when enough time has passed, you go on romantic vacations. That is how you start a relationship. NOTHING creeps a woman out more than a guy going to marriage and kids before they’ve had any type of normal breaking in period. Chuck was doing what normal people do when they start a relationship…asking girls out on dates tells them you are interested. Telling them you are going to get the intersect out of your head so you can be with who you want ( HER !!) is romantic. Telling her you will never be able to forget her ( ” I seriously doubt that !”) is telling her you’re in love with her. Sarah knew how Chuck felt, because he told her many times, and asked her out on dates and on romantic vacations.

        So Sarah was the crap communicator, mostly because of her personality and professional responsibility. Since Sarah and Bryce had been together, there was no reason for Sarah to fear the Agency keeping them apart when Chuck became a spy.

        After that, it was so much crap they did to each other, there was no real reason to have them together. Think of the crap Sarah pulled on Chuck especially. After what he did for Devon in Awesome and Casey in Tic Tac, you’d think he would have shown her he wasn’t really changing. Then she manipulates him in Final Test, he asks her to trust him when he told her the Red Test wasn’t what she thought, and she flatly tells him she doesn’t believe him or trust him. If she was heart broken in Prague, this type of crap should’ve put the nail in the coffin of their relationship.

      • It would be unrealistic for anyone who tried to start a relationship out of thin air would scare any woman away.

        The reality is Sarah fell in love with an image that Chuck always had. His ability to put others before himself was the attraction. The ability to say screw orders when it came to a matter of doing something right for someone. I give Chuck a lot of credit for that because every spy he worked with envied that about him.

        I think back to The truth when he sacrificed himself for the sake of his sister. Casey and Sarah both learned something that day.

        So, your take Gary is Sarah should swallow her pride and let Chuck do what Chuck wants to do. Didn’t she do that for three two years.

        Chuck broke up with her four times in two years. Chuck vs The Truth, Chuck vs The Break up, Chuck vs The Beekcake and Prague.

        the only one I validate is the first one. The second was because of Bryce and the third was because he couldn’t separate a mission from real life in Suburbs.

        Sure, Sarah could of explained to him that they couldn’t be together because the government would of split them apart, but its not her character to do so. She never was able to communicate from the start. Except on the beach, when she told him to trust her and the shoulder bump soon after.

        Sarah’s problem for me was not running after Chuck when he said thanks for coming good for the cover or told him quicker that she wasn’t leaving in the morning.

        I never liked Sarah telling Shaw her real name. I also thought it was terrible writing that she would just fall out of love just like that because “he killed” The mole. It just proves my point they weren’t ready for a relationship.

        Phase three was Sarah’s realization she wanted a real relationship. 5 days without Chuck in her life. She was a mess, the words out of her mouth.

        Without you I am just a spy, I want to marry you.
        or to Morgan, after he himself called her a big fish. Sarah came out with it. The fact that the intersect was out of his head freaked out Chuck.

        Sarah would go on and say thats not the reason she loved Chuck, she did want to spend the rest of her life with or without the Intersect.

        For Chuck, the realization that he wanted to be with her was after Ellie told Chuck you don’t stop you don’t quit you do what you have to. Be a Bartowski.

        What does he do soon after he tell’s Sarah his true feelings.

        Chuck: Look, I don’t want to pester you, Sarah uh, or become some-some nuisance that you can’t avoid. I’ve- I’ve seen Morgan go down that road far too many times to count. And since I’ve already given the fancy, eloquent version of this speech before, right now I’m just gonna be blunt and honest. I love you. One more time just because it feels really nice to say, I love you. I feel like I’ve been bottling this up forever. I love you.

        Sarah: Chuck, you don’t have…

        Chuck: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m-I’m getting out of hand, but, look, you were right in Prague. You and I, we’re perfect for each other and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

        Boom. Its why my argument does hold water. Blunt and honest.

      • If Sarah didn’t realize she wanted to be with Chuck until Phase 3… what were they doing together before that? And the “breakups” … you really are going to hold Chuck “responsible’ for breaking up a fake relationship so he can try to live as normal a life as he can with the upheaval in his life. Even Sarah said he deserves a real relationship. The Prague “breakup” ….well, we won’t even go there, but chalk that up to the writers.

        Chuck realized he wanted to be back with Sarah in The Beard… he told Morgan that. He actually realized it in Fake Name…. but it was more of a realization that his relationship with Hanna was based on a false premise, and he couldn’t admit it was the premise that he was still in love with Sarah.

        And blunt and honest ? That’s exactly what he told her in Episode 2..that he loved her. Why he said he was bottling it up forever is beyond me. Your argument still doesn’t hold water…. and we know the “real” Chuck would have said the same thing at the train station in Prague. And Sarah was never honest with Chuck. You keep saying they weren’t ready….how were they “more” ready after what they did to each other for 12 episodes ?? It makes no sense…. they were obviously in love at the end of Season 2, and then all of a sudden they don’t trust one another, they don’t believe in one another… Sarah twists the knife into Chuck every opportunity she gets, and never comes to grips with why she does it. They were so LESS ready after that to have a relationship, and it shouldn’t have been “fixed” by Casey telling Sarah Chuck didn’t kill the mole. The only way it could have possibly been fixed would’ve been Sarah knowing and believing Chuck didn’t kill the mole. She could have fixed it by trusting that Chuck would always be Chuck, since he gave her every indication that, in spite of the spy training, he was still the same Chuck( risking everything for Devon and Casey).

        It wasn’t a matter of Sarah swallowing her pride ….(wherever you get that from that Sarah didn’t want Chuck to be a spy because of pride ????), it was a matter of Sarah trusting Chuck, it was a matter of Sarah knowing Chuck…especially after 2 years of being so close to him. And you think she let Chuck do what he wanted to do for the first 2 years? If I’m not mistaken, Chuck had the Intersect downloaded against his will, and was forced to live that life for 2 years. Sarah and Casey, with the blessing of the government, took Chuck on missions. It was while doing something important, and at the urging of Sarah (that he could be a hero and a spy and anything he wanted), that he decided that being a spy was the ultimate goal and achievement to serve the greater good. How Sarah sees that as a negative that she has to swallow her “pride” for is beyond me. She knew Chuck wanted to do great things with his life…he told her many times…and she always encouraged him to do so.( Not in Season 3, for some reason. 😉 )

        What I’m saying Chris, is that you are trying to find the character development that will explain why Prague happened. It’s actually the other way around. The writers wanted Prague to happen so they wouldn’t have to deal with Chuck and Sarah as a couple just yet, so they changed the characters to fit the arc. It’s what CM says …the plot drove the characters rather than the characters driving the plot.

      • Well, do you agree that Chuck telling Sarah why he left her at Prague and that he loved her was NOT a deathbed confession ?

        Do you agree that Chuck realized he still loved Sarah in The Beard when he was tied up with Morgan ?

        I’m still waiting to see evidence that Chuck was a crap communicator…. which is the basis of your arguments !! LOL

        It IS fun, isn’t it ? 😉

  2. First off great article but i have always felt that chuck and sarah both had justifiable actions which they took because they both knew somthing they felt the other did not which goes back to them being crap communicators. Second mu problem is not with actually happened in prqgue it is with how sarah respondd to prague basically, as casey said in season three, treating chuck like crap.when sarah had been turning chuck down comstantly for two years and he never treated her that bad, outside of sicking casey on bryce. So i just think that people need to look at like this, if chuck and sarahs roles had been reveresed in prague would people be okay with chuck treating sarah the same way sarah treated chuck, and i honestly think the answer would be no because they would say “well she is a spy and is only trying to do whats best for chuck” and so i say and “chucks not trying to do the same for her”. So i say you have to hold chuck and sarahs actions and responses equally to the same standard.

  3. No matter how society tries to get rid of gender bias, we would never stand for Chuck treating Sarah the way she treated Chuck. The extreme would be what Sarah did to Chuck in Chuck Vs. Sarah. Personally, I have no problem with that as it was a recurring theme throughout the series….Chuck would never hit a woman, but Sarah was always cleaning the floor with the men!!

    So my big question for those that say Charah were crap communicators …. could you give me some examples of Chuck being a crap communicator ( other than Prague ) ?

    • They weren’t crap communicators. Until S3 when they weren’t allowed to talk.

      Come on, everyone knows that the speech at the end of 3.02 belongs on the train station platform. But you couldn’t have that because then the story doesn’t work.

      It manipulating the characters to move story into a certain direction, and in this case you can see the puppet strings being pulled. The characters should’ve driving the story, in S3 the story was driving the characters. It’s inorganic and false storytelling.

      • Cm, it is obvious that the writing for this season was terrible. However, we have to live with what we have simply for the fact that that was what the story was told. It is just like the series finale everybody has an opinion however the decisions for these characters come from Chris Fedak .

        Eventually check needed to get involved in the spy missions other than just the need of flashing we have seen glimpses of him proving that he does not need the Intersect it is true in fact I think his greatest achievement was how he used to Orion to take down Polling.

        However I stand by my opinion, until chuck and sarah got past their own mental issues they were never going to be together. Sarah fell in love with his image the image of a hero willing to help others altruistly the way he helped the ballerina the way he helped his sister knows of the things that she fell in love with . His selflessness it was a huge turnoff to watch and become selfish and think of himself only however, Chuck needed to become a spy something that he never wanted but was supposed to have.

        I can’t blame the characters actions after Prague Sarah was upset with Chuck’s decision to not run with her . Chuck made the right decision to think of training first before a relationship . But not once did Sarah ever explain to chuck that being a spy was not what she wanted and that is on Sarah

      • Chris…you keep searching for signs and expressions and vague references from past and future Chuck and Sarah to explain what happened in Season 3. The most logical explanation is that the writers changed the characters to move the story in a different direction. Big problem is it shouldn’t have resulted in growth and everlasting love as it did. The characters became flawed, they became undeserving of our sympathy for what they did to each other. When the viewership started to not like the new direction ( and stopped watching), they wrapped the story up with no explanation or resolution to the tripe that went on, and moved to where they should have to start S3…The Honeymooners.

      • All I am trying to do is demonstrate that even if they did run. Chuck got on the train what would it of accomplished?

        The two couldn’t even call themselves a couple without the word cover coming up sooner or later.
        See I am not big on beating around the bush like they did,

        The fact they couldn’t get passed the fact that they were already in a real relationship. Doing things real couples do than they were always going to have problems.

        I saw the same issues they had in their marriage. Chuck going out on his own to give the Omen virus. Sarah going to kill her former handler on her own.

        We shouldn’t just chalk up the whole picture without realize what Prague really was. Another key step in them coming together.

        The best part about it is no matter how far then ventured off. they would end up in each others good graces. Its the way their relationship worked.

      • Sarah was always going to be Sarah, and Chuck was always going to be Chuck….that’s the best way to explain the Omen virus decision and in the Baby. Sometimes you have to do these things on your own…remember Chuck asking Sarah to trust him in First Fight…”even when you think I’m wrong.” That goes the other way too, but you know by the time they are an actual couple that they will be there for each other to try to “fix” what happens.

        And I think the Prague incident is just going to drive us crazy if we try to explain it other than…”the writers did it.” There is no rhyme nor reason for the decisions either of them made in Prague, no matter how far back or forward you search. The show was as ready for the Honeymooners episode at the start of Season 3 as it was at episode 14. Taking the heroes of the show and turning them into villains did nothing to help the storyline, nor the viewership.

  4. OK…so I’m going to change my tune on Prague and go with what Chris says…we have a fictional story that we must deal with as is. BUT….that also goes for the rest of their story. No longer can we pin anything on the writers …we have to try to analyze things from the past and the present and the future to give meaning to the interactions of the characters and their motivations.
    My new take on Prague … Chuck made a huge mistake by staying inexplicable silent at the train station. Sarah made a huge mistake in not trusting Chuck and lying to him about why they had to run away together. The CIA and NSA made a lot of mistakes that cost the taxpayers of the USA a LOT of money. Instead of sending their top 2 agents to protect the Intersect, instead of spending millions of dollars to built a CIA substation in Burbank to protect valuable government secrets, they should have just sent Chuck back to his apartment with a year’s supply of Cheese balls.

    Now the question becomes, “When did Sarah really realize she was responsible for ruining the real Chuck ?” This is not a question for when they had started a real relationship, because they never really did. They had a fake relationship for the first 2 seasons, and running away would have continued that fake relationship …. complete with fake names and fake passports. Sarah didn’t realize it at the time … she thought this was real. But it becomes evident as time goes on that Sarah’s concept of real and normal were illusions. Normal was what she saw on TV. Real was a relationship in which she actually felt some type of emotion. She had some emotions with Bryce, but it wasn’t love. She had some different types of emotions with Chuck, but it still wasn’t love. If it was, then she would have trusted and believed in Chuck, and she wouldn’t have tried to manipulate him as she did at the train station. When Chuck finally got to give her the speech in 3 Words, it is quite difficult to ascertain what she was upset about. Was she upset that Chuck loved her ? Was she upset that he did this for the greater good ? Is she upset that he wanted to be a spy because that is what she ( originally ) wanted ? I don’t know if it is ever really explained.

    And just as an aside, we use the word “betray” a lot on here. Last nights discussion had a lot of that word being used incorrectly. Chuck did not “betray” Sarah when he broke up with her in the first 2 seasons. Betrayal is when you break a solemn promise, trust, or vow. There is never a real relationship between Chuck and Sarah, so there is no vow to break. As a matter of fact, it is Sarah who is betraying Chuck in those breakups since she is lying to him about her feelings. Lying is, of course, a betrayal. It is a necessary betrayal, due to the fact that she is working, but it is also responsible for Chuck breaking up with her. He is telling her the truth …first about Lou and Jill , and then about how his feelings towards Sarah are making a fake relationship untenable. The more they are together, the more he is falling in love…with the inherent need for a physical release. She feels it too, and the need for physical release almost overcomes her in the Beefcake arc. Even Prague is not a betrayal on Chuck’s part as we find out in 3 Words. It is on Sarah’s because running is based on a lie. The first time Chuck actually betrays Sarah is in Mask …he breaks his promise to make things right, and he betrays a vow to himself because he is still in love with Sarah. It’s also why Sarah’s fling with Shaw is not a betrayal…she has no feelings for Chuck at that time. So betrayal is a serious breach, and shouldn’t be used for such minor occurrences as it was used last night in the conversation.

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