An Update on A Family Member in Need of Our Help

Chuckaholics has come to light on misleading information about the leak Photos of Yvonne Strahovski. it has turned out the photos are fakes, we apologize for the information. Chuckaholics does not like to report on issues that are false or misleading.

Any we wish to apologize to Yvonne for any harm we may have caused. Our intentions here were to discourage any heinous acts that were done to not only Yvonne but the other women that were included in the report.

The report came from TMZ and The New York Post, so as new information has come  courtesy of Mace Monata and the people from Reddit. I would like to thank them for letting us know that the pictures were indeed fakes.

With that said, We still support and believe in our stance that any woman’s private life is just that theirs, and we shall always support and come to the aid of all Chuckaholic family members, which includes the cast.


Chuckaholics Founder





  1. Classy ….not focusing on herself, but the violation of the other actresses. I think what bugs me most about some of the responses was that people were more pleased it wasn’t her in the photos than they were disgusted by the fact that others had their accounts hacked. This is not the fault of any of the women that took private, intimate images of themselves in the privacy of their own homes, so I hope people stop vilifying the woman whose photos were real.

    • Gary, we live in a judgmental society and the fact that people believe celebrities are suppose to be these upstanding citizens forget they are human just like you and I

      Its my issue with Donald Sterling his intimate thoughts in the private of his own home were taped we have become wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      You know how much we adore Yvonne but you right there are 12 other women mentioned; they all are violated, I know the photos were fake but there was enough of a stir for the women to take action. Unnecessary action at that.

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