Materials for Tonight’s Discussion

As you might well know by now, Chuckaholics will be conducting their first weekly Live Discussion tonight. The discussion will begin  at 7:30 on Chuckaholics.

When you visit Chuckaholic you will be able to see the Live Chat on the right side of the screen   .   The title of the Chat is Chuckaholics Live Discussion. We will have our discussion there.

Tonight’s discussion will cover the first four weeks of our rewatch. While ideal the discussion is for the newbies to the series, veterans of the show are always welcome.

Please note, we don’t want to spoil anything for those that want to be surprised. Thus, try to limit the spoilers please.

We are up to week five of Chuckaholic’s rewatch, we are covering the first four episodes only (Sizzling Shrimp is not included), I will provide a link to the articles so everyone can catch up. If time permits everyone is welcome to watch the episodes again.

Rewatch Week One: Chuck vs The Pilot 

Rewatch Week Two: Chuck Vs The Helicopter

Rewatch Week Three: Chuck vs The Tango

Rewatch Week Four: Chuck vs The Wookie

Paul from The Intersect Project will also be apart of the discussion, if you want to ask him any questions here is a link to the  Intersect Project Page where all his podcast are for your listening pleasure.

The Intersect Project Podcast Page.

Please remember while we are discussing the four episode, feel free to browse through the rest of the content we have here on the site. I encourage everyone to get acclimated with Chuckaholics. If you enjoy your stay, you are always welcome to return.

For those that plan on attending thank you in advance, Chuckaholics is working hard to make this site your home for all things Chuck.

In closing, our motto here is It’s your toy so play, and remember Its hard to say goodbye to something we didn’t want too.

See you at 7:30 PM EST.

Chuckaholics Founder







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