Live Chat Materials for Friday Nights Discussion

We have reached another Friday, which means its time for our Weekly Live Discussion Starting at 8:00, the event will last for three hours time permitting, and I would like to discuss three topics.

Tonight’s discussion will be about three articles I have written over the course of time.

The three articles are different, but offer some substance for tonight’s discussion. The first hour we will discuss these articles.

Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker: An Inner Battle to Find Love and The Master of Expressions Part One

The Second Hour will be a bad guy and  series first arc. discussion.

The Impact Players Chapter One and The Truth about the Imported Ex Nemesis

If people would like to continue the discussion are welcome too.

While Chatting tonight please take the time to look at all the music Chuckaholics has provided for your entertainment while we talk.

and finally we will go into detail about October 5th. If you don’t know, October 5th will be a live episode. We will be watching Chuck vs the Nemesis on that day starting at 8:00. I am sorry for all those of the International community 8:00 is the best we can do.

in closing, please all those that love Chuck and want to engage with other Chuckaholics please attend the discussion. Time will fly by and we will still want to talk more. Remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so join us








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