Yvonne Does the Media Rounds in Australia

It seems to me that Yvonne is in Australia for a visit and some media rounds…oddly to promote 24LAD. I say oddly, just because this is also the 7th anniversary of Chuck Vs. The Intersect. I don’t know if she talked about any of that in her 2 radio interviews and her ProjectTV interview, but it would be interesting if she hadn’t.

In any case, it seems that she revealed that she is, once again, single….perhaps even happy about it !! This picture shows she is still as radiant as ever.


However….someone please buy that girl a cheeseburger !! She always was tall and lithe, but this new “diet” she’s on…she’s disappearing. Remember…the camera adds 10 pounds !!


  1. I didn’t hear any of her interviews, but she’s there to pretty much just answer questions of whatever the interviewers bring up. If they’re not going to mention “Chuck”, chances are she’s not going to bring it up, especially since she’s trying to drum up support for her current project at the behest of those who sign her paycheck.

    Having said that, yeah, she through out that she’s single. She is probably the bravest person I know. I shudder to think of the messages that came into her Twitter feed/e-mail after that; date requests, marriage proposals, and EVERYTHING in between!!

    • I’m sure the ProjectTV interview will be up on YouTube shortly. She did one for them in May, I believe. That one was definitely to promote 24LAD. The only thing she really has coming up is shooting Manhattan Nocturne this fall, although I’m sure she’ll be signing some new deals soon. Pretty sure she’s an “A-lister” back in her hometown of Sydney, so she’d be quite a ratings booster on these shows. The tweets just mentioned her as the star of 24LAD, which is weird to us who saw her as the main co-star of Chuck for 5 years. These other gigs, while on more famous shows, were actually smaller roles.
      Hard to believe that she’s single at 32 years of age, but I guess that’s the new way. Zac always mentions that, on top of the stunning looks, she has just a fun loving, beautiful personality. That would always be the most appealing thing to me anyway ….looks fade, but that personality never will. It is scary that someone would TWEET a date request or marriage proposal… ultimate losers, IMHO.
      Hopefully her life is going as planned. She’s one of the good ones….so deserving of everything she’s achieved…and probably deserves even more !

  2. I met her once, and she is tall, but she is extremely skinny – and that was years ago during her Chuck days. It is kind of a necessity for an actress, at least a “leading lady” type of actress – that may be a bit sad, but there it is. I do think she sounds like she is healthy about it, eating regularly, veggies, fruits, etc. The no sugar bit greatly assists her in staying slim . Many actresses get lost in eating disorders or using Adderall or cocaine to stay slim, but I think Yvonne is doing it the right way.

    Also, in Austrailia, Chuck was never a hit and didn’t run long, her countrymen do not know her from that – they know her from Dexter and now 24. Plus, like someone said, she is there to promote 24 it is on that production’s dime, she does her job by talking about it the most.

    • She had done some promotional work for 24LAD in May, but she was on ProjectTV via feed from London. Anyway, nice to see her interviewed.

      I guess she used to be a pretty crappy eater…I think she said it ruined her complexion, but she never had to worry about weight. Her complexion seems a lot better than even the Chuck days, but you could still see some problems in 24LAD under the harsh lighting. At just a tad over 5’9″, that’s seems to be about average for girls nowadays !!LOL But, yeah….very “slim”, which translates nicely on TV with the camera. All the guys ( except for Josh Gomez ) were pretty tall on Chuck. Kiefer isn’t tall at all….he might be 5’9″ himself, so she couldn’t get away with the 4 and 5″ heels in 24LAD !! Even I would be short if she was in her heels …I’m probably almost an inch shorter than when I was young. I even have to watch my wife if she gets in heels, and she’s about 5′ 7 1/2″.
      She does look good in the interviews, though. She should probably cut back on the bleaching, though. Too much of that stuff and you’ll weaken the teeth or make them really sensitive….

  3. Most interesting tidbit from her interview on ProjectTV was that she is close to signing something, but she can’t say what it is. Definitely not Chuck related since Zac is busy right now too. The timing makes me believe it’s either another movie, or a summer series. She’ll be doing Manhattan Nocturne this fall/early winter, so timing is right for starting a summer series in the New Year. Since she was promoting 24LAD so much, well after it aired, maybe it’s a pre-emptive strike for a Kate Morgan reprisal…she may finally be getting a starring role in a show !

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