We Love Chuck, but Chuckaholics Love the People Even More

When people love something they tend to act on an emotion that can fuel action. This emotion  can be very powerful. It can be the driving force behind the creation of governments, religions. mass following and most importantly create movements. for example, social changes are driven by the passion of those that advocate change.

The emotion I am talking about my friend is passion. The very feeling people have here at Chuckaholics. When it comes to the television show Chuck, we have grown to become very loyal to those that have worked on the television show.

However, when you have that passion and desire. it can often lead people to do crazy things like spend countless hours on this site, so we can share that passion with the rest of the world, but something has come to my attention I feel needs addressing.

We must as fans  realize as time goes by the likelihood of a Chuck movie is less likely now then in the future. Think about this my friends, the show barely made it to 91 episodes, and the truth is a lot of people felt the show should of ended after season three.

With that said, we as a family of Chuck fans need to learn to support those that were involved in Chuck in  their other projects. After all we love the show Chuck, but we really should love the people even more.

The best thing we can do for  Zachary Levi, Josh Schwartz, Yvonne Strahovski and yes Chris Fedak is show our love and support for Chuck by helping them succeed in their other projects not criticize them for lack of movement on a new Chuck project. Zac said the best all we can do is wait, and he is right, but while we wait. The next course of action is supporting them.

I never was interested in watching Dexter, Thor 2, Last Castle. 24 or even consider watching Astronauts Wives Club, but I do it because I love the people who worked on them  just as much as I love Chuck.

We are not going to be able to stay connected with these people if we harass them with questions about Chuck every 5 minutes. You can window dress it in various ways, but its all still asking about a Chuck movie.

We need to build relationships with these people because Chuck is Zachary Levi and Sarah Walker is Yvonne Strahovski. Show them the support they deserve by driving the ratings up for them. The more eyes on these projects the more we will get to see them on television or in the movies.

We shouldn’t bad mouth  these people as well.  I have seen people chastise Yvonne for not responding to their questions, but people seem to forget she may be busy trying to find work or in production meetings. Yvonne is also not required or have the time  to answer every tweet.

I say Instead of criticizing them for lack of responding, why not send a tweet or facebook status with pleasantries, and do it with an altruistic purpose because chances are they can’t respond.

Especially in today’s day and age when  public relations and talent management advised  celebrities in being careful about how they answer fans and media outlets. One wrong word or bad sound bite may end their careers. Everyone is not bulletproof from scandals. The fact we never hear bad press in regards to the people of Chuck should make people even more proud of calling themselves Chuckaholics.

The other thing negative effect bringing up a Chuck movie  all the time is the less hear  from  Zac, Ryan  Adam and the rest of the people of Chuck.  They don’t call Zac the king of social media for nothing.  The three I mentioned are always tweeting. A bunch of us here on Chuckaholics have had nice conversations with some of them.

Vic Sahay provides fans with a quote from Shakespeare every Sunday, and he also talks with the fans daly. We should attend Big Mike’s comedy shows, but if we are negative towards them. The less likely we will hear from them. Believe me they appreciate the fans more then most celebrities.

These are good people we root for, they also recognize the importance of the fans everyday. They show their appreciation by creating events like Nerd HQ or do live facebook discussions. Sarah Lancaster should haven’t have to beg Chuck fans to watch her new show. It shouldn’t even need to be ask, we are their for them.

and even if we don’t get a Chuck movie,  we should still have their backs. If we turn on them because of no movement on a movie, what kind of fans our we?

in closing,  use the energies of passion by treating the people of Chuck the best way we can by using appropriate means. Don’t love them just because of Chuck. Grant it, we know them because of Chuck, but They are special people, who are worth the time and energy spent, and remember  stop harassing them about a Chuck movie. It does more damage then good.

Chuckaholics Founder









  1. “I have seen people chastise Yvonne for not responding to their questions, but people seem to forget she may be busy trying to find work or in production meetings. Yvonne is also not required or have the time to answer every tweet.”

    She (and Zach, and pretty much all celebrities) probably doesn’t even see half the comments she gets on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook. I have less than 20 followers on Twitter, and follow less than 100, and I don’t see all the tweets that hit my feed. Yvonne has THOUSANDS, and more join everyday. It is physically impossible for her to view, much less answer, all the comments and questions she gets.

    And then you have to factor in the “creep factor”. How many of those who tweet her are obsessed-crazed fans? Don’t know? Well, neither does she! That number probably skyrocketed when it was made public, and put on the endless “Twitter re-Tweet loop”, that she is currently single. The tragedy of Rebecca Schaeffer from “My Sister Sam” still reverberates today. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebecca_Schaeffer

    Give them a break, let them do what they love (and earn a living!), let them live their lives, and support them as you see fit.

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