1. Great idea Chris. Throwing ideas around 140 characters at a time is monotonous. I’ve seen several excellent bits and pieces of ideas that with the right mixture and some tweaking with other ideas could turn a few thoughts and words into something that could be great. This could possibly make for a proper ending or perhaps another stopping point in this fantastic story that got so many of us hooked.

  2. For me id like to see the memory issue sorted in the first few minutes, I couldnt bear sitting through did she or not for 2 hours. It would be nice to see a few old faces – even as cameos , such as timothy dalton. The main movie i could live with a world ending threat needs to get the crew back together style – basically a long awesome chuck episode 🙂

    • Tim, I can understand where you’re coming from. I agree this does not need to be drug out any longer than necessary. However, with that said, I’ll point out right off the bat I’m not a writer or an expert in movie or TV scripts, but in every script I have ever seen, especially for the Chuck shows that I found, there is always some sort of a teaser in the beginning.

      The teaser is the initial opening segment we see up until the opening credits roll. It will often set the background or theme of the show episode, or in this case a movie.

      We know we were left with Chuck and Sarah sitting on the beach. It needs to be decided if they are still sitting there and the movie starts later that evening, the next day, or when. As I mentioned in an earlier tweet, you need to take in consideration that aging naturally progressed in the last two and a half years. How do you blend those elements together to make them current?

      What I think would be really cool is some type of an opening brouhaha at the Buy More. Everything always seemed to revolve around that stupid store. Maybe even something like Ellie working on some type of a memory fix using her father’s programs. We could then fade back to the beach and find Chuck and Sarah still sitting there just after the kiss; if we are basing the movie on immediately taking place just after the kiss.

      Start some type of a fuzzy confusing flashback sequence in Sarah’s mind that the kiss generated. Before we have a chance to figure out what’s going on you could have the camera pull back and see several dark mysterious figures walking up the beach towards Chuck and Sarah. Chuck sensing they are in danger grabs Sarah’s hand and they run from the beach to the car. Sarah could be really confused and somewhat out of it trying to make sense about these vivid images running through her head.

      I think it would be really cool to reverse run the car chase sequence that we saw in the pilot and have Chuck driving this time and Sarah being the confused passenger. Only this time it’s not Casey chasing them it’s the dark mysterious figures. Run the scene all the way through exactly with the roles reversed as we keep seeing Sarah struggling with these images that she’s being overwhelmed with.

      I’ve got the end of the teaser, I just don’t want to give everything away at once. Lol

      And after watching Chuck versus the goodbye several times, is Quinn dead? Shot yes, dead?????

  3. Here’s my idea, start at the beach, during the kiss, she doesn’t immediately get memories back, but she is falling for Chuck again. Cut to two years later they’re married and have a child. Sarah still doesn’t remember everything during those five years but she remembers more and more each day. Crisis time, looks like Verbanski and Casey have a high profile baddie with Nuclear weapons about to be at his disposal. Rest of the movie is team Bartowski joining together once more to stop this madman.

  4. I must have done something wrong, because previous post did not appear to show up. So, sorry if there is a double post, however, I left something out as well as want to add to. Barebones kind of idea for a movie that needs more fleshing out.

    Anyway, Chuck and Sara are trying to sort things out on the beach when Quinn’s henchmen interrupt. They escape with the help of Orion as it is revealed that he isn’t dead, because he had died many times in the past. Additionally, he was shot outside of a Bio-regeneration lab. Ellie has known of the secrete as she found him and helped him into the lab to save his life.

    Orion reunites with Mrs. Bartowski and they enlist the help of the the Volkoff’s as they are good family friends. Together they are trying to restore Sara’s memories which are coming back but are sort of like swiss cheese (an homage to Quantum Leap) as Chuck and Sara try to track the henchmen who attacked them on the beach.

    Meanwhile Jeff and Lester are huge hits in Germany and are touring the world being Jeff and Lester. Of course they are unaware that General Beckman has propped them up as the ultimate CIA undercover scheme to gain access to spies around the world and gather intelligence. Big Mike is their manager and is also unaware.

    Casey and Morgan are now a CIA team as Alex doesn’t want Morgan out doing dangerous stuff without her dad along. General Beckman had “ordered” Chuck and Sara to stay out of Quinn’s operation because she was sending in Casey and Morgan. Everything is compartmentalized and neither team knows what the other is doing, but as fate would have it each team is lead to a Jeffster concert and all is revealed and the threat is neutralized.

    Afterwards General Beckman Thanks everyone for their help. Sara gains back enough of her memory to remember that she loves Chuck, and with new assets that got unfrozen they start a new business testing security for the rich and powerful-family time as well. Jeffster has enough money from touring that they buy back the Buymore and with Big Mike’s help now run the show as their true dream was to become Kings of Buymoria. The Volkoff’s, Bartowski’s Morgan’s, Casey’s, etc. all live happily ever after-But a little trouble always seems to need the heroes fro the next movie.

  5. I’d still rather see Chuck on the beach alone on his Xth anniversary to start a movie. When he leaves to drive home, Sarah is in the back seat with a gun…and tells him to drive to a downtown hotel. The set up is that she is a mercenary for a country that Carmichael Enterprise has shut down their cyber spying network, and she needs Chuck to reset their system. She handcuffs him to take him up to her suite…threatens him with torture…..but he gets out of the handcuffs and turns the tide on her. She’s able to get a tranq gun out of her leg holster and tranq Chuck.

    When he comes to…(she pours a bucket of water over his head to wake him), she continues with the “torture” talk ….BUT…it’s really just a ploy, as they’re in a hot tub and she’s giving him his anniversary “present”! LOL.

    The whole idea is that they still play “spies” even though they run Carmichael Enterprise…just to keep the excitement in their lives. The rest of course, has to be some huge problem that gets the whole team back together ! But I’d like something that plays on the whole “remembering” thing !!

  6. All of these are good, fun ideas, but I at least would like a little realism here. It would be far too easy to wash away the memory suppression with a magic kiss or a flooding of returned thoughts of their history. Yes, it should be resolved fairly early in the story, or with a series of flashbacks, but there are too many things that happened while Sarah’s memories were lost. You cant explain that away that quickly, or easily . CF left so many unanswered questions with this idiotic plotline that whomever writes this story has his (or her) hands full. I sincerely hope that he (CF) doesn’t write it because I would think twice before committing to watching or supporting it.

  7. Here’s my idea: Right off the bat I think the Chuck Movie needs to take place depending on how much time passes between the series finale and when they decide to actually film the movie. I wouldn’t have the movie take place right after the kiss. I would have Sarah still not be able to remember even after her kiss with Chuck and I would have Sarah and Chuck break up (on friendly terms) as they decided that it wouldn’t make sense for her to pretend to fit into a life she couldn’t fully remember.

    Meanwhile Chuck still has the 3.0 in his head and he doesn’t really know what to do with his life anymore. Chuck goes back to working at Buy More and uses the 3.0 just to amuse himself and to impress other people (without actually revealing the truth behind it) And Chuck still plays video games and eats cheese puffs and he keeps living in the past by having flashbacks of the show’s greatest moments. Chuck doesn’t want to leave Burbank because it is the one part of Sarah he has left. Chuck also doesn’t want to go back to work for Beckman without Team Bartowski. Ultimately Chuck leads an unfulfilling life. – This whole sequence would be a nod to the Pilot, Season 2 premiere and Season 3 premiere where Chuck is feeling the same way in all three of those episodes.

    Sarah goes off traveling around the world taking down bad guys by herself and also trying to redefine a purpose in her life. – This whole sequence would be a nod to the Season 4 premiere where Chuck & Morgan are traveling around the world for a purpose (to find Chuck’s mom) but instead this time it will be Sarah traveling around the world for a purpose (rediscovering meaning in her life)

    Supporting Characters: Jeffster have become sensations in Germany and Lester and Jeff are living their dream.
    Big Mike is still manager at the Buy More with Chuck – With Subway still being the owners. (Subway could possibly finance the Chuck Movie)
    Morgan and Alex live together and have gotten married and have a child together.
    Ellie, Awesome, Clara, and Mary are all in Chicago happy together.
    Casey has found Verbanski and they are happy together in a different part of the world.

    That is how I would start the movie, basically Avengers style with everyone separated across the globe.

    For the villains I would have Manoosh and Laszlo team up and be the main villains since they have very personal grudges with Chuck and their mission against would be fueled by revenge and they will try to destroy Chuck’s entire world and everything and everyone he cares about. Maybe even a few members of Team Bartowski get killed… I would also have Manoosh and Laszlo build the Intersect 4.0 This intersect would allow you to use 100% of your brain similar to the movie “Lucy” and this Intersect would essentially make you a god and you would be unstoppable. First I would have Manoosh and Laszlo be broken out of prison by a new evil organization led by Jill since she ran off in Season 2 and we never saw her again. This organization would be some sort of a hybrid between The Ring and Fulcrum. Jill’s organization will also break Shaw out of prison too. So once Shaw, Manoosh and Laszlo are broken out, Manoosh and Laszlo build the 4.0 and they upload it into an army of rogue agents in Jill’s entire organization. Including Jill, Manoosh, Shaw and Laszlo also get uploaded with it.

    As an added twist: Bryce is still alive since we never saw what happened to his body after “died” I would say Jill’s organization (Still in the early stages at that point since it took place shortly after Chuck told Jill to run) got ahold of Bryce’s body and revived him somehow. They brainwashed Bryce similar to what happened to Sarah and now Bryce works for Jill too and is also uploaded with the 4.0

    This sets up an entire army of unstoppable villains trying to take over the world. Beckman gets Intel on what’s happening and immediately calls up Chuck and at first Chuck is reluctant as Chuck has sworn never to go back to the spy life but as soon as Beckman tells Chuck the full details Chuck is motivated and there is a fire in his eyes. Chuck travels around the world trying to get Team Bartowski back together. Chuck eventually gathers the team back together and Chuck realizes that the 4.0 can also restore Sarah’s memory.

    So Team Bartowski sets out for “One Last Mission” to destroy Jill’s entire army including Manoosh, Laszlo, Shaw and Bryce but also to recover the Intersect 4.0 to restore Sarah’s memory. Chuck realizes that his team is no match for an entire army so Chuck recruits former agents that they have worked with in the past to help him – Team Bartowski recruits Cole Barker, Jane Bentley, Mei-Ling Cho, Alexandra Forrest, Carina Miller, Roan Montgomery, Zondra, and Getrude Verbanski among others.

    This allows for every character who has appeared on the show to be in the Chuck Movie. Obviously my ending would be that Chuck and his entire team save the world and they recover the 4.0 and it restores Sarah’s memory. And Chuck fans get the ending that we all wanted. However I would have Casey sacrifice his life for his country in an heroic act that saves the lives of many and also motivates Team Bartowski to really save the day (Similar to how in “The Avengers” where Coulson died and it motivated The Avengers to save the day)

    I feel like this would be a badass Chuck Movie that combines every element and character that has appeared on the show. The movie would also be filled with pop culture references throughout.

    • Mike, that idea actually sounds pretty good. I have one problem though. No more intersects….4.0 or otherwise. The whole other intersects idea is what got us to where we are right now. Its been done to death. I do think that Sarah not remembering right away is the right way to go however. Her memories are not lost, just suppressed, but thus far what she has been remembering is random, and mostly from 5 years prior. It would be highly unrealistic to think that her memories would just come flooding back too soon, or too easily, especially since Morgan still cant remember certain things and his memory suppression wasn’t nearly as severe as Sarah’s. I would not tolerate the “magic kiss theory” as a conclusion to anything other than Sarah realizing that she might have some sort of feelings for Chuck, whatever they might be. She might not be season 1 Sarah at that point on the beach, but she certainly isn’t Mrs. Bartowski either, simply because she cannot remember it. There is so much to explain, and so much to find closure for. That’s what we were left with thanks to CF. That’s why I would not want him anywhere near writing or plotting any movie, mini-series or what ever we can get. I don’t trust him to do the right thing.

      • Yeah…I’d stay away from Intersect 4.0 too. The other thing is probably having to take place a few years in the future …it’ll probably be at least 5 years between the finale and the movie. If I was going to have Sarah regain her memory, it would most likely have to be from something Ellie is working on. After all, she is a Bartowski, and she knew how the Intersect worked, and what was wrong with it. Being a neurosurgeon is just a natural fit for somehow regaining Sarah’s memories.

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