Coming Soon The Charles Carmichael Files

Well my fellow Chuckaholics, we are about unveil Chuckaholics first fan fiction story. The Charles Carmichael Files I presume

The stories are going to be about what happened between episodes. Thus, the story will be the same as the canon, but what happen between episodes. It was the creators mission to keep the show close to the date each episode has aired. It brings to life the whole Day 564 time table

I thought it would be cool to add to the story and even switch up  how the real episodes went. Basically, giving you what i would of done if i was a writer for the show.

This is my first crack at writing fan fiction so if its not up to par. I have to start sometime right?

Here is a abstract from the first chapter,

Sarah Walker walked in her hotel room, and looked at the picture on her mantle. She was looking at the picture from the Halloween Party Suddenly, a tear fell down on her cheek and can’t stop reliving the words in her mind.

Chuck: We need to break, you know fake break up our pretend relationship.

She sat on the edge of the bed and began to wonder what she did wrong, but knew what the problem was. Her job was preventing her from expressing how she truly felt, and watching Chuck in the sandwich shop with Lou hurt far too much. She couldn’t take it anymore and went for a drive.

I am currently working on the first two chapters of the Charles Carmichael Files, and hope you enjoy it.

please tell me how you like the abstract below, so I can gauge the success rate of writing this story for you guys.

Other new ideas coming to Chuckaholics so stay tuned.


  1. Looking forward to it Chris; although I don’t read a lot of Chuck fan fiction because of my disdain for the finale, this sounds like an interesting premise. Are you going to start from the pilot, or will it be random?

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