The Charles Carmichael Files: Sarah Walker’s Awakening

Chapter Two

Chuck and Lou entered an Italian restaurant, and Lou was smitten. She feels great being next to Chuck, and for a change Chuck felt rather comfortable. They sat at a table, and waiting for a waiter.

For Chuck tonight was extra special because he didn’t have to lie or being bugged for a mission. He can actually have a good time, but what he didn’t know was Sarah was watching every move he made through her watch. She knew where he was and couldn’t help but herself when thinking about what he was doing.

Chuck: What a night, you are looking nice tonight, Lou.

Lou: Thanks, Chuck

They have a nice evening of wining and dining until the end. Lou asked Chuck about Sarah.

Lou: So, what is the deal with you and, what did you say her name was, Sarah?

Chuck: She is just an ex nothing more or less.

Lou: I have nothing to fear? You two are done.

Chuck: Well, have you had any ex before?

Lou got the hint and stopped the questions about Sarah, and they head for a walk.

Chuck: So, what bands are you into?

Lou: As an owner of a deli, you don’t really have time to think, let alone pick a favorite band, Chuck

Chuck offers Lou a ride back to her car at the mal. When they arrive, Lou couldn’t resist and went for Chuck’s lips and kissed him passionately. Chuck was enjoying himself and almost bit Lou’s lip off. She said,

Lou: I usually don’t do this on a first date, but would you like to come inside.

Chuck: Yeah {spoke with great enthusiasm}

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