The Charles Carmichael Files: Sarah Walker’s Awakening

Chapter Four

When Sarah arrived at Casey’s apartment, Casey told her the general will be on in five. Casey looked at her, and asked her what is going on with her and the Intersect. Why was she at the subject’s apartment last night.

Sarah said, she heard Chuck was going out with a woman last night, and she said, she went to find out the nature of the threat. Casey said, “Why did you storm out of the theater room with tears this morning?”

Sarah getting agitated with the questions turned the question on the major, “I was trying to cover our break up from a week ago.” “Are you sure it’s a cover.” Casey countered. Sarah just gave him a look.

Meanwhile, the two bickering agents didn’t realize the general had signed on for the briefing, and jumped into the conversation “I don’t like the sound of this break up. What happened?” Before Sarah could get a word in, Casey chimed in with a antagonizing “Because she got dumped.”

Sarah holding back her displeasure in hearing Casey’s comment, shrugged it off and put on a song and dance for the general. The purpose of the briefing was lost once the general found out the asset dumped his handler.  A sure sign that the general has a soft side for these kind of things. The general instructed she wanted to know everything about this woman before she got close.

As the general signed off, this was an ideal mission for Sarah since the government granted her permission into doing what she tried to do the night before. Operation Destroy Lou was not only a professional issue, but for Sarah it was personal.

Back at the Buymore, Lester looked at the Weinerlicious and told Jeff he was going to take a swing at the blond who makes eating the forbidden meat worth it. As he strolls over to the store, he is confident and thinking of the things to say. In his mind, he thought Sarah was the kind of girl who likes aggression.

As he came to the door, his heart began to pump fast, but still held a bit of his confidence. Lester walked into the store, and was greeted by a lovely smile.

“Hi, Larry.” Lester reminded Sarah of his name, and then proceed to apply the rebound tactic. “I am sorry about what went down between you and Chuck. If you needed to talk to someone, I am here for you.” Sarah was very receptive of the kind gesture, but was quickly turned off when Lester asked her out to a movie.

Sarah turned the tables on Lester, and turned into the aggressor. “You know Lester, you look like a guy, who knows what he wants.” She would further tell him. They could go to see a movie, have coffee, and all that jazz, but why do all that when we can ravish each other right now. Lester pee in his pants as Sarah placed her foot under his crotch.

As Lester ran for the hills, Sarah could see Lou passing the store. Sarah without hesitation called for her. Lou entered the store, and was a bit surprised by Sarah’s action.  You ruining my life, Sarah thought to herself. “You know he is a great guy.”  Lou would respond with I have the same opinion. Sarah response was in a real girlfriend tone, “It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact” “I will kill you, if you do.” Sarah thought, but was able to composure herself enough say. “Don’t hurt him.” Lou got the hint, and countered with a sly remark. As Lou walked away, Sarah released the knife she had in her hand, and thought it was time to fight for what she wanted. She wanted Chuck back.

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