Chuck vs The Three Words

The second episode of season three showed Sarah really not comfortable working with Chuck again. She doesn’t want to talk about or with him. The only saving grace for her would be the return of Carina Miller.

However, Carina would not make things any easier because she noticed right away Sarah had broken the cardinal rule of spying. Spies don’t fall in love.

Meanwhile, Chuck was wallowing in the break up between the two. Morgan was trying to get Chuck to resume life, but Bartowski was not into doing much. Morgan told him they were a couple of sexy bachelors who should be out exploring the females of Burbank, and forget about Sarah for a little while.

The problem of course would be the club choice Chuck and Morgan made. Let’s talk about the three words. 

Chuck and Morgan would arrive at a club, and they run into not only Sarah, but Carina as well. This scene was a big one for Charah and where the relationship was.

Sarah clearly is still in love. Its why it hurts so much
She clearly was still in love, it’s why the presence of Chuck hurts her so much. When one isn’t given the time to heal. It often becomes tough to deal with.

Sarah not  happy seeing Chuck

Sarah was visibly showing how much she was still in love with Chuck. Her lack of desire in talking about him, and when Carina noticed how she felt about him, she would take it hard. Prague was still fresh in her heart despite being in love with him still

Sarah can't believe Chuck was at the club Chuck has a little spy work to do

You can’t fault her for not enjoying the presence of Chuck. It’s almost like she wasn’t given time to heal. She thought an evening out with her friend would cool things a bit, but how could it when Chuck was at the club.

It’s not Chuck’s fault either. He didn’t know Sarah would be at the club, but there was serious damage between the two. Mostly on Sarah’s end because Chuck was trying to fix things with her, but Sarah was not a willing partner yet.

Sarah would ask if Chuck was spying on her, but he told her no. He was out with an old friend as well, but if things couldn’t be more screwed up. Vinnie Jones would make a guest appearance as Carina’s fiancée, Karl Stromberg.

Carina's new mark The Carmichaels surpised by Carina showing affection

When Karl walked away, Chuck flashed on his scar, and informed Carina about Karl’s past. Carina already knew and welcomed the two to they’re next mission.

Carina: What, you think I’m an idiot? It’s the cardinal rule: Spies don’t fall in love.

It helps you see the struggle Sarah was going through. Carina was everything Sarah used to be before coming to Burbank Carina, a heartless spy, who would push the envelope as far as she could to burn a mark, but for Sarah the idea of life outside of being a spy was what drove her and ultimately heart her the most. She wasn’t going to give up spying, but she wanted a family as well. Chuck offered that opportunity spending the last three years with him.

They had bumps in the road, but Prague left Sarah spiraling, and it wasn’t just Prague that caused Sarah to spiral. It was a host of issues that came about.  When someone like Sarah learned to manipulate and use by any means tactics, when does one’s feelings become real.

It’s when working with the person becomes unbearable after a major incident like Prague. When seeing the man she loved felt good but the event of six months still controlling her emotions. Its how love works sometimes. There is no smooth sailing when dealing with love. Especially for two people who never experienced the emotion before.

The way they felt for Jill and Bryce never measured up to the feelings inside for each other. Carina only called them out on it.

During the briefing Chuck showed signs of difficulty in performing the cover assigned to them. While Sarah was on board, Chuck didn’t seem like he want to continue with the charade without speaking with Sarah first, but Sarah wasn’t going to make it easy for him. He was going to have to work hard this time around.

Sarah listening to Chuck speak about their mission

Beckman would tell the time the whole mission was in Chuck’s hands. He was to get into Karl’s vault and steal the weapon. The engagement party was a way to distract Karl, so Sarah and Chuck could do their thing.

After getting ready for the mission, Carina found Sarah’s charm bracelet. The one Chuck gave her for Christmas, Carina jabbed at Sarah saying it would be something a sucker in love would wear, but Sarah being coy said it wasn’t her thing, but Carina knew she was lying.

Carina found the charm braceletNot my thing

Carina can tell Sarah is in love with Chuck.

Carina seeing how what happened with Chuck was bothering her a lot offered her a chance to come with Carina to St Tropez. Sarah said,she would consider it.

Sarah  is a mess
Sarah: Do you ever wonder about a different life?

 On the mission, Chuck and Sarah were acting like a cute couple in front of the future Mr. and Mrs. Stromberg.

Sarah and Chuck acting like the cute couple

When Karl and Carina went to talk to other guests, Chuck saw this as an opportunity to explain himself to Sarah. However, Sarah was not interested in talking. She was cold and kept telling Chuck about being on a mission.

It drew the eyes of Carina, who can see there are major issues between the two, and it made Carina tell Chuck about Sarah’s feelings towards him.

Carina: You Idiot, the reason Sarah’s is cold is because she loves you. Now get your head out of your ass and go be a spy.

Carina concerned about her missionChuck trying to explain himself

Sarah  not feeling too good

Carina telling Chuck about Sarah's feeling for him

Chuck feels bad about his decision more and more

We know Chuck was not a bad guy, and he didn’t purposely want to hurt Sarah, but Sarah really wasn’t taking it well, and Chuck hounding her to talk was adding more pressure to Sarah. When a woman was new to these kind of feelings. Problems like the one she was dealing with Chuck was exasperating.

The problem with Chuck was a real life one, not one that transpired during a mission in which Beckman would give her orders to fix it. Sarah had to deal with it alone. She tried to talk about it with Carina, but that was the wrong person to talk about real non spy emotions.

She would talk about it with Chuck, but right now she was still suffering from the event. Thus, the eagerness was not there at the time being.

Realziing Sarah was in love with him

After Carina told him Sarah loved him, Chuck went looking for Sarah. However, Sarah was more interested in completing the mission at hand.

While Carina and Karl were smooching and cuddling, Carina pulled out the key card out of Karl’s pocket and dropped it in the hand of Sarah who was walking by them. Chuck and Sarah headed to the vault and opened the door to laser beams flying everywhere.

Chuck doubted himself, but Sarah promised him if he calmed down she would talk with him after the mission was over, but first they had to get the weapon. It calmed Chuck down enough for him to flash, and he slipped through the lasers. He grabbed the briefcase and slid it towards the door. As he stood up, he said now we can talk, but before Chuck could walk out of the vault The briefcase hit a laser closing Chuck inside. The alarm also triggered a gas that entered the vault.

Sarah climbed into the vent, and went to shut off the gas. Meanwhile, Chuck explained himself to Sarah, Unfortunately, Sarah didn’t hear any of it. The only thing she heard was Chuck saying “I love you.” while falling into the arms of Sarah.

Sarah shutting off the gas I love you Sarah from three wordsChuck in three words

Back at Castle, Sarah was giving Beckman a debriefing on the event that happened at Karl’s place. She would further ask about Chuck, but Sarah said he will live. After Beckman signed off, Carina asked Sarah if she wanted to come with her to St. Tropez, But Sarah said, I am still considering it.

Sarah asking Beckman to be transfered

A few minutes later Sarah contacted Beckman, she would tell the general about how she felt about training Chuck. She told the general that maybe she was part of the problem why Chuck can’t flash all the time, but Beckman said get over it.

Sarah trying to train Chuck

Sarah would tell Chuck its time to train, and Sarah went into agent mode with Chuck. She told him the ropes of being a spy. She said spies don’t have emotions. He had to bury his emotions deep inside of him. She tried to get Chuck to use the bo, but Chuck said he didn’t want to hurt her, she would sweep him with the bo and told Chuck, he couldn’t hurt her.

I have read on a lot of sites how Sarah trying to leave was selfish move, but it really wasn’t. Sarah started to feel the need of a change again.

It seems when the heat gets too much for Walker she would pack up and split. Something a person used to conning would do. I also see her pain in the issue too. She hasn’t had time to heal, and being forced to work with Chuck didn’t make things easier. On the other hand, Chuck was making a valiant effort to fix things with Sarah, but she just wasn’t ready to listen. In this kind of situation only time would have healed what happened in Prague.

Carina was walking in the parking lot, when Karl drove up. It made Carina run for the Buymore, when inside she was trying to find Chuck, but found Morgan instead. He told Carina he would give the briefcase to Chuck only if she came to the party.

She said fine, and went to the back of the store, but Karl was already back there. Karl captured Carina, and took her to his car. Once inside, Karl said he started to think Carina wasn’t who she said she was. He thought Carina was a spy. She told him it wasn’t true until Karl showed her a recording from the vault. When Chuck said, he wasn’t heartless like Carina. Carina said she would kill Bartowski, but Karl told her don’t worry Smooshy, I will kill Chuck and then your next.

Karl and Carina show up at the apartment complex, and Morgan was disappoint Karl and crew were apart of Carina’s entourage, but Carina forced herself into the apartment. She told Morgan to call Chuck.

Karl taking control

Morgan did, and told Chuck that Carina arrived at the apartment with Aqua Velvas. Morgan was getting heated and wanted to confront them, but Chuck told him stand down. Later, Team Bartowski were in Casey’s apartment trying to iron out a plan, Casey wanted to lock and load, but Chuck said the entire mall was outside.

Morgan telling Carina to bounce
. Fun fact for you. There are 700 words in the Japanese language for the word “yes. ” No word for no. But if there are no Japanese words for no, I’d be saying it to you right now. Instead, I’ll leave you with this. Sayonara.

Meanwhile, Morgan upset by what Carina was doing took his frustrations out on Carina by telling them all to leave. He further would tell her if there was a “no” in the japanese language, he would tell her it. Since there was no words, he said simply Sayonara. He then gave the briefcase back and told them to take a hike.

The plan was to  make the people from the mall out of the courtyard, Casey went out and started spraying the hose on the partiers. Chuck and Sarah came from the other side. Karl and Carina came out of the apartment. Casey didn’t wait too long to pull his weapons. Sarah handed a gun to Chuck, but he refused it. She would give Chuck a tekke lamp, and told him to use it as a bo.

In midst of the action, Chuck looking into the water fountain and saw the liquid was flammable, and told them to drop their weapons. When they did, Chuck through the lamp into the substance. It caused a huge explosion. Sarah and Casey would get the upper hand.

Karl still angry from being doublecrossed by Carina didn’t care if Carina was killed and was ready to pull the trigger until Chuck spoke up.

Chuck: I get it, okay? You took a chance. You-you loved someone, maybe for the first time in your life. All you’ve ever done before is shut off your feelings.You-you bury them deep down inside because, in your profession in your line of work– it’s a liability, right? It’s It can it can certainly be a liability.: And I know I know that you think that you messed up your life because you opened up your heart, but maybe you helped her open up her heart in the process. Maybe because you loved her she’s learned how to love, too.

It made Karl stand down enough for Carina to seize the opportunity to take Karl out.

What Chuck said seemed to work because Sarah didn’t look so mad anymore. In fact, watching Carina use Karl’s love for her as an advantage point made her see why she still love Chuck.

Sarah taking Bartowski's word in for herself.

Later, after everything settled down. Chuck was in the courtyard cleaning up after the party, and Sarah came walking out of Casey apartment, and told Chuck she was ready to talk. Chuck thought Sarah wanted to be elsewhere, but she said, “No, I am good here for now,”

Sarah said, maybe they could fix things, but for now the courtyard was his. Meanwhile, Carina and Morgan slept together. Nice one Grimes.

While the team was curious about what was in the briefcase, Chuck was prepared to open it, but Beckman stopped him. When she signed off we get the introduction of one of my favorite characters in the series. Yes, Beckman pleaded to Daniel Shaw to go to Burbank and prepare them for the war that was about to take place.

Chuck set to open up the briefcase

Don't touch it Bartowski

Beckman asking Shaw to got to Burbank
Beckman: We can’t keep this a secret anymore. It’s too dangerous. We need to tell them. They need to be prepared. Shaw please.

Carina asked one last time if Sarah wanted to go to St. Tropez, but Sarah said, no I am going to stay here. Carina knew she was going to say it, and gave her a going away gift.

Sarah heard the recording, and suddenly everything in Prague made her feel worse because of the realization on why Chuck wanted to be a spy.

Sarah listening to Chuck talk about why he chose to be a spy

 Song of the Episode

The song of the episode is one I listen to quite often. In-Flight Safety’s Model Homes.

Here is the scene it played,

Overall Thoughts on Three Words

 This episode marked the results of what happened in Prague.  Carina being back in town was the anti-Sarah if you will. Sure Sarah was as vicious, but Sarah did break the cardinal rule of spying.

It also proved Sarah was still in love with Chuck. IF anyone knows anything about relationships, it hurts more when you truly love someone.  When feelings are so strong, disappointment or rejection of any kind can send even the toughest of spies spiraling. The added measure of no one really to talk to doesn’t help either.

The real problem wasn’t how or why Chuck said “I can’t” It’s because Sarah never thought Chuck would hurt her. This was Chuck, the man she saw help his sister get married only six months ago. The man who helped a ballerina.

This was the man that was beside her when she had to go to her high school reunion and tell her about her father’s sins. Chuck that showed up in Prague was not the Chuck she almost slept with in Barstow. Something was different in Sarah’s mind.

Whether you agree with it or not. Sarah’s actions in this episode were a woman crushed by Chuck’s decision to train. Rejection was the best way to sum it up. If Chuck would have told her the reason he chose to be a spy in the train station maybe it would have been a less of a blow.

Let’s see how Sarah reacts knowing Chuck’s reasons. Season three continues with Chuck vs Angel de la Muerte until then Chuckaholics.

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  1. Good synopsis, Chris, but you’re still being too much of an apologist for Sarah’s actions. You would agree that it was a mirror image of the church rejection by Sarah, but Sarah’s response here is exponentially worse…..and definitely uncalled for if she “loves” him as you claim. Prague was six months previous ( time heals ???) ….Chuck explained why he wanted to become a spy at the end of Pink Slip…and it was a noble reason. Not wanting to talk to him only made things worse, and she should have known that after 2 1/2 years with Chuck. If you love someone, you try to give a little of yourself to that person…it’s not supposed to be about taking all the time. You try to understand what makes that person tick…what are their hopes and dreams. Sarah never did this … she became so self absorbed…everything was always about her.

    If you doubt this, look at her response to Bryce when he came back after breaking Sarah’s heart AND “betraying” her and his country. She falls into a passionate embrace and a kiss…after, what…a few months ???? When Chuck told her about why he wanted to train in Prague, and then when she heard the recording and found out it was all for her and the greater good, just like she taught him, why was she still hurt? She should have realized that Chuck wasn’t trying to hurt her or reject her…as a matter of fact, he was trying to make a life for the 2 of them. She had to know that she misunderstood the incident, just like Chuck misunderstood the rejection at the church. Chuck is spilling his guts here, and Sarah just doesn’t care. Why ? Because it’s not about Chuck…it’s all about Sarah. So it’s pretty obvious that Chuck can’t do anything more to redeem himself.

    You want to know why Sarah became “less” of a spy this season? It’s because she’s totally self absorbed and full of self pity …she can’t free her mind and keep her focus on the task at hand, because all she thinks about is how is everything in life going to affect her and her only. Nothing is for the greater good anymore….it’s for Sarah.

  2. Sarah is a spy; not a regular girl.
    Jumping into bed with someone is part of the every day work culture for a spy – James Bond does it all the time (and yes, he was married at one stage in his life).

    This is hard to take for poor Chuck and people like us, but Chuck did use the word ‘prostitution’ – so we know how he feels about it (a normal reaction really).

    Sarah is an emotional mess. She has no idea what love means. In fact her emotional canvas is being created episode by episode as a result of her interaction with Chuck. But she cannot ignore who she was, she needs to reconcile herself.

    So yes Sarah is in a prize fight for Chuck. If she wins, Sarah gets salvation.

    It was never about Chuck picking Sarah, it was Sarah picking Chuck. After all, Chuck never called her in episode 1 season 1. Sarah did all the chasing.

    However, like all people Sarah is prone to fail at times. She has put Chuck on an alter, he is ‘untouchable’ in many respects, so until she ‘cleans her act up’ she cannot meddle in his water. Thus she stays away from family events in the initial series and only invades his bedroom and wants to live with him when another girl appears on the scene.

    However, Chuck is the light at the end of the tunnel and as long as she can see the light, a few deviations here and there won’t hurt – the road to heaven is paved with many sins.

    • In Sarah’s defence. We need to give her allowances.
      And Chuck needs to appreciate this.

      Chuck is a guy who needs to see Sarah in context. So he needs to over compensate on her behalf. He needs to communicate directly with Sarah.

      To be honest, most of the communication errors or lack of communication between Chuck and Sarah are Chuck’s fault. Chuck is self-absorbed and self-obsessed with issues created since college. Yes he shows altruism, but he needs to look forward and stop his predilection for self-obsessed spiralling. Chuck needs to learn Sarah’s nuances and really look at her when she is speaking (how can he not look at her). I could forgive him if he was in awe of her. Yes words can be difficult then (we have all been there), but he is emotionally confused about his own purpose/wants and thus he spirals.

      Why does he not take her somewhere out of sight from cameras (or Casey) and talk to her – i.e. take a pizza to her hotel room.

      Everyone circles around Chuck, he is used to it (Ellie, Morgan, Awesome and even Big Mike to some extent). Chuck needs to stop this and put Sarah at the centre of his world.

      Chuck needs to learn a non-verbal emotional language and stop looking for verbal confirmation/affirmation. He may trust Sarah, but he also needs to believe in Sarah; and as a result, he should take a leap of faith.

      She may say one thing, but Sarah’s actions clearly show that she cares for him. Chuck has emotional support through his family and friends, Sarah has none. And why o why did he stand in the vault and say put Sarah last in his reasoning for becoming a spy.

      If he realises his life is under surveillance, how does he not realise that Sarah’s life is under surveillance.

      • Chuck has friends and family, but please remember 2 things.
        1) He’s a guy ……we do not read body language
        2) He’s a nerd …..they REALLY don’t read body language.

        Remember … Chuck was pretty sure Sarah wanted him to be a spy…and he thought that it was the only way they could be together. She told him as much many times in Season 2. Was it a misunderstanding ?? Don’t know, and I don’t thing anyone can really say otherwise. I believe that’s the premise for all of Season 3.

        My big bone of contention is that Chuck is to be considered normal just because he has Ellie and Morgan. Yeah…he spirals …WHY NOT ? He lost his mother and father at a young age ( and didn’t know what happened to them !), he got kicked out of College by his best friend, when he didn’t do anything wrong, and the only girl he ever loved left him for his best friend.

        Yeah….just a normal guy with all his ducks in a row ……no emotional issues there …..

      • Gary,

        You can’t be serious right? Sarah dealt with conning, killers, terrorists and weapon mongrels since she was a teenager. Her father figure was Langston Graham and let’s face it. How can we sum up Graham with one word. executioner. Remember in the pilot. “what if he runs?” not detain him not arrest him no he said “Kill him”

        If it was me I would prefered Morgan and Ellie in a hard beat.

      • Chris….you’re projecting here !!!! I never said anything about Sarah not having a support group….this is about Chuck. People constantly bring up Sarah as the person that has no one ( they’re correct ), but pass off Chuck as just a normal guy. Sure he has Morgan ( a childish lazy loser with a massive Peter Pan complex who tries to constrain Chuck from ever moving on in life) and Ellie ( an over-protective, over-achieving domineering sister who brow beats him at every turn). But what’s the problem here !!! Oh yeah…..the most life altering thing has happened to him ( the Intersect, Sarah, Casey and being a spy…) AND HE CAN”T USE HIS SUPPORT SYSTEM !!! We know Sarah is a mess emotionally, but she has also been trained to bury her emotions. What training has Chuck had to deal with these massive emotional upheavals in his life ? Answer… NONE !!! Ellie always took care of it before ….protected him from these things.

        And whether you want to believe this or not, Sarah did have Bryce in her life for quite a few years. When she looked at the pictures from Cabo, she looked happy. It may not have been true love, but it was emotion of some sort. She still didn’t like to talk about them, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have some sort of rapport with Bryce …afterall, look what happened when he came back !!

        And she always had her mother if she wanted…..thing is, she never wanted her until she realized what she gave up…until it was too late.

  3. As Christopher wrote:
    “Sarah said, maybe they could fix things, but for now the courtyard was his. ”

    It shows Chuck that he needs to extend himself beyond his current Buy More/Family status. Remember, everyone hovers around Chuck like Moths are attracted to light. Especially because he is now wanting to out grow the spy-trainee mode of the previous season.

    It shows Sarah in crisis (in fact she does not realise she has been hurt) and this needs to happen. We as the audience do not like this, we don’t want it, it isn’t entertaining. It is certainly isn’t indicative of a growing soap opera, more a logical growth to the story that could have been resolved quite differently (Prague made this arc happen, so I contend that Prague was it’s own mini-series); but without this sense of spiralling the audience will fail to grow with the characters:

    I like to think of this as the foundation of the ‘white flag’ episode.

    Of course, things can go either way at this stage (good or bad), but a white flag comes from reconciliation with yourself. And you need to do that before you can talk to someone else.

      • “Yeah…so did Sarah ever wave the white flag ?”

        Yes, she called it ‘professionalism’. A safety net of sorts but more of a catch phrase in times of emotional doubt.

        “Carina only called them out on it.”

        Sarah and Carina go out for a spontaneous night out on the town. I think Sarah was looking forward to a real night out. Chuck being there was a moment of ‘o god what do i do now’. As we all know, she used the word ‘spying on her’ where other girls would say ‘stalker’.

        So is a spy a stalker?
        Again, this attitude will crop up later on in this season.

        I liked the way that Sarah looked away (slightly peeved) about the Carina fake relationship – like saying ‘here we go again’ (just after she sees the ring). Carina, basically called Sarah an idiot. But I do sense that Sarah was looking embarrassed, angry and rejected but this was aimed at Carina – not Chuck.

        She certainly did not move away from Chuck, in fact she she was either completely professional about it (I don’t think so) or she was still in flux – Chuck made her feel relaxed, but because of her Prague rejection, she had to make him feel her pain or I would prefer to say: anxiety and frustration.

        Was Sarah in pain?
        I don’t think so. Anxiety and frustration is a form of pain, but it does release you from feeling betrayed. From betrayal there is no way back without an act of ultimate sacrifice (and there is no return from that).

        I suspect it was more anxiety and frustration given her reaction to Carina when getting dressed (bracelet and asking the life question).

        So finally, when Chuck talked Karl down from shooting Carina we see the anxiety and frustration leave Sarah’s face. Yes she still feels alone (all spies are alone), but she feels emotionally alone which makes her feel like a ‘real person’ and quite possibly for the first time in her life.

        Thus, Carina is used as an instrument to deliver the way forward. When she watches the video from the vault she finds a sense of salvation, a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes Sarah will not realise it for a while yet, but the seed has been sown.

        She tells Carina she is staying in Burbank – this is Sarah’s white flag. As she still wants to be with Chuck, she needs time.

        Notice how Carina and Sarah speak to each other in different languages.
        Both understand and respect each other, but they are not on the same page.

        Remember, Sarah and Chuck are completely useless when it comes to talking things out, everything is done through spy craft.

        Meanwhile, with the video, Chuck has planted a ‘white flag’ in her heart.

    • I actually agree with Gary here,

      What Sarah said to Chuck about fixing the mess they created was before she saw the video. Thus, if the white flag moment happened. It would be hearing Chuck explanation. Sarah was entitled to an explanation. The same could be said for Chuck except Sarah’s character never liked to talk about her feelings. Thus, it wasn’t going to happen at least right away. Listen 6 months is not a lot of time to heal old wounds. Especially, when your base is still in Burbank and you work in Castle the very area you worked with the guy. Everything she did reminded her of him thus the time to heal was never presented to her.

      Remember when Chuck found out Jill was Fulcrum the agency didn’t give him a break to work out his feelings.
      When it comes to Prague, I wrote, you have to break the episode into two parts really. The night he downloaded 2.0, which also includes the whole day’s events not just the upload. I argue with Gary all the time in saying how much Sarah just went through, and her ability to act impulsively was not a new occurrence to say the least.

      She just witnessed Bryce being killed, Chuck take out five guys and the agency sending Chuck to Prague. What did this all mean. Sarah was going to be alone. She was ready to commit to Chuck on the beach when she told Bryce I am not coming with you. She didn’t want to go with Bryce in the morning, but needed to follow orders. She showed how torturous it was telling him she had to leave in the morning much like it was for Chuck in Prague. I agree with Wireplay about Season 3 beginning at the pool with Sarah throwing the phone in the pool following by trying to get composure before looking at her mark.

      I saw a woman pretty much still in love but hurt at the same time when looking up at the monitor before saying her goodbye. She is hurt because she is in love. If she wasn’t it wouldn’t of mattered. Sarah isn’t Carina.

      • Hey Chris … I actually agree with you now about Sarah seeing Bryce dead, and Chuck uploading the Intersect 2.0…something changed her thinking. As Wireplay said, Sarah hates surprises …..but then again, she certainly sprang a big one on Chuck by asking him to run.

        Totally agree about Prague being a different part of season 3…actually, it seemed to be the final piece of the Season 2 Finale, where we get the mirror image of Sarah dashing Chuck’s dreams, followed by Chuck dashing Sarah’s dreams. Plus they all happened within the same time frame. The pool scene could be the start of Season 3…or it could still be part of season 2, but seeing as the pool scene is where Chuck realizes the true cost of his decision, I would agree it’s the start of S3.

        Being in love is a given …we understand they are both in love with each other. I have to read your take on E3 and E4, where they pretty much reconcile the Prague incident. But it seems what comes after that is the manipulation by Shaw… and we start to see Sarah amplify her distrust of Chuck. That ends up being an extremely ugly thing to watch in S3 …. I think they handle it better in S4 because they give Sarah a chance to redeem herself. ( You can tell that redemption is a big thing for me !!)

        I probably should just keep with my original strategy of not commenting on S3. Wireplay has some great insights, but from my reading of the comments, they’re from a much deeper level of the show than I would ever want to get to. Television is an escape for me…..English lit never was. I had to take ELit in University…but that was almost 40 years ago. I admire people who can drill down into a story to find hidden meaning. That’s not me…I’m a scientist by nature who questions everything …especially dogma. That last part comes from years of experience. So if someone says something about the show as if it’s fact, my tendency is to say…”Prove it.” If they do, then I am happy to change my mind .(see the first line of this comment !!!)

      • Gary,

        You know we love your commenting here. Question anything and everything is human nature. Or as Pluto would say the basis of logic and reasoning.

        Spoiler Alert

        You are also right about proving it. What makes the show Chuck special is the spaced out stories that make you think for a minute. You say to yourself wait a minute. For example, Shaw was not a bad guy. In fact, He was really was used by the agency. Why do you think Bryce tried to destroy the Intersect two. He knew through his findings how bad the CIA was.

        They let Hartley lose himself to become a heartless madman in Alexei Volkoff and further the problem by making Orion and Mary make it their personal mission to look after the guy.

        They promised Nickolas Quinn to be the first Human Intersect only to deny him that chance when Bryce stole the Intersect. Now Quinn is different then Shaw because Quinn felt Jilted.

        Graham had his enforcer Sarah kill Shaw’s wife. Shaw believes the Ring did it as per the CIA, but when the Ring proved that the CIA was behind the hit/ Shaw went after the people who did it.

        Did Shaw manipulate Sarah and Chuck well by his own admission its how he got the best out of his team. He believe in pushing his spies in order to maximize their abilities. He always had respect for Chuck when it came to the spy world. He told him he was smart for figuring out where he took Sarah or when he said Chuck was not the problem it was Sarah and Casey for holding Chuck back.

        Shaw’s worth to the story is very valuable to the story a lot more than Roark in my view. Yet, we claim Roark to be a top baddie of the series.

        in closing Gary, we may disagree on some things issues but I like having you around. You are a friend to the site, and we would hate to lose your input.

      • Not going anywhere, Chris. I just really don’t like Season 3, and it even bugs me when I think about it, so commenting on it brings back the flood of bad feelings. It’s not what they did to Chuck, it’s what they did to Sarah ….I know she has faults, I don’t want them laid bare so openly, and I want them to make sense. And I want a payoff if I’m to see and endure that stuff. “You’re still my Chuck” isn’t the payoff i needed.

        I’ll be happy to comment on other seasons and episodes, though !

  4. @gmhenderson

    “Wireplay has some great insights, but from my reading of the comments, they’re from a much deeper level of the show than I would ever want to get to.”

    I totally agree with your comment. I was just trying to relate my anxiety over what the writers had done. Call it, looking for an excuse.

    The writers were digging deep. As a concept it probably sounded great, but in reality, I think they dropped a bomb. They would pick this up later on the series, but in many respects it did make the timely appearance of Shaw all that more potent.

    Shaw’s character appeared at the right time. I think the ensuing manipulation, degrading of Chuck/Sarah, mistrust and other anxieties that hit the audience were dragged out a little too long. In fact, I would say that Chuck was trying to make the best of his situation while Sarah just collapsed.

    By the time Shaw appeared, there was no way Chuck could ever challenge him. It wasn’t about heroes any more. It was just human fatigue and a sense of everyone hating themselves. Shaw used this against them – divide and conquer – and made them each character face a situation no one wanted. In fact, Shaw was the worst BAD GUY that happened in the show.

    Sarah, Chuck and Casey could face tangible bullets and bombs. They could understand those, but an ’emotional warp’. Shaw wanted revenge – even Beckman said it would be dangerous. So even the CIA possibly knew what he was going to do?

    Shaw wanted to tame and control the intersect. He wanted to weaponise Chuck and even considered Sarah was a ring agent.

    Sarah was to become Shaw’s foot soldier in isolating, derailing and weaponising Chuck – ring any bells with Season 5?

    So he had an axe to grind with them all – Shaw introduced deceit and treachery. He made lying a part of Chuck’s every day attitude and language. Shaw was the worst baddie possible, Volkof was a student by comparison and he would only be beaten by Quinn as the Arch enemy for using Sarah as a foot soldier.

    This would kill the comedy in the show and make many of the audience take a deep breath.

    As I said before, did the writers start Season 3 thinking it would be the end of Chuck? Who knows, but they really did throw Chuck into the meat grinder.

    Even to the point that many of us lost faith in Chuck.

    • LOL … I hated the Shaw arc, and I got to fast forward through it in a day by seeing it on Netflix. The poor saps who had to endure weeks in-between the episodes on network TV didn’t stand a chance. All the more power to those who stuck with it or decided to come back. A lot of fans never did …..

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