Rewatch Week Seventeen: Episode Four Season Two

Chuck vs The Cougars

Chuck vs The Cougars marked the first Sarah- Centric episode of the series. Sarah’s past will be the theme of this episode. We get a glimpse on how she was recruited into the CIA, and her real name would be Jenny Burton.

As much as I love Sarah, the star of this episode for me is Heather Chandler. The antagonizing classmate of Ms. Walker. Heather was portrayed by Nicole Richie. A decent performance from her in my view.

Chuck proved to be a great guy in this episode. He was by her side as she went down memory lane. and he can see it was rattling her feathers. Let’s take a look at Cougars.

Main Story

The episode begins with a flashback to a young Sarah Walker, and this scene is a testament in how great a person Yvonne Strahovski is. There aren’t too many actresses that would allow herself to look like this

Sarah watching her father be arrested.Sarah was watching the feds raid her father’s place.  Sarah made a run for it, and ran through a forest.  She reach a tree and dug out a box  She cuts it open and inside was a note and money. The note said, In Case of Emergencies love dad.

In case of

We fast forward to present time, Sarah was online getting ready to purchase some things, and Chuck said, “You don’t always have to buy something when you come in I’m just saying it’s perfectly plausible that you’re in here to discuss dinner plans with me, your boyfriend.

She taking too long

When Sarah turned to Chuck to discuss dinner plans, Sarah spotted someone staring at her. Unsure about the nature of the threat. Sarah takes Chuck to Castle. She instructed him to stay in Castle until the threat could be figured out.

Chuck was funny in this scene, Sarah put Chuck in a control room. I thought Chuck was going to  have wet pants on how he was in awe of the servers.

I never forget a face
Heather Chandler portrayed by Nicole Richie

Sarah is standing behind the counter as the woman from Buymore walked in the Orange Orange.  The woman walked straight up to the counter and said she knew her from somewhere and she never forgets a face.

Meanwhile, Chuck was watching from Castle. The woman said, we went to high school together. Sarah was not to thrilled with being spotted by someone from high school. The woman said her name was Heather Chandler, “Go, Cougars.” Next, Heather said “Jenny, Jenny Burton.” Sarah was not thrilled with this, and Chuck heard every word of it.

Chuck listening Jenny Burton

What I like about this scene would be Chuck. He is using the opportunity to find out more about Chuck’s Jenny. As Chuck was headed up stairs, Heather introduces Sarah to her husband Mark Ratner.

Mr. Mark Ratner
Mark Ratner was portrayed by Ben Savage

As the Ratners and Sarah were reacquainting Chuck made is presence felt, and Sarah was none to happy with Chuck sticking his nose in her past, but Chuck here was assertive.  He can see Sarah was uncomfortable with this reunion and went to help Sarah out.

Chuck assessing the situation

Sarah wasn’t happy with his initiative. She was trying to get rid of Chuck, but Chuck wasn’t listening this time. When Chuck was introduced to Heather and Mark,  he flashed on Mark which caught the attention of Sarah.

Chuck also took this as an opportunity to go down memory lane with Sarah and her former classmates. He said, they should double date tonight to catch up. Sarah wasn’t happy about the idea, but the Ratners gladly accepted the invitation.

It’s a bit aggressive by Chuck, but this may be the only opportunity for Chuck to learn about Sarah’s (Jenny) past. Sarah was boiling on the inside, and the two would bicker all the way down to the debriefing.

In Castle, Sarah was fuming over what Chuck did. Casey came to Bartowski’s defense by saying don’t kill the messenger just because Walker went to school with a treasonous dirt bag.

Beckman told the team that Mark Ratner was creating a super-bomber, and his plans must have leaked out. Beckman instructed the team to go on the double date and find out what Mark Ratner was involved in. I will often give grief with how Beckman ignores the concerns of her team when it comes to personal missions like this one, but to be fair Beckman is very consistent in not compromising the agency’s well-being if it meant to stretch the enveloped a bit.

Sarah would ask to recuse herself, and Beckman said, her personal knowledge of the targets made her prime for this mission. Sarah countered with but it’s me. Beckman didn’t care.

At Sarah’s hotel, Chuck arrived early for pre-mission duties, but Sarah was pretty much in Agent Mode. She wasn’t smiling like she usually did when Chuck came to the hotel. She is angry and bitter at the sight of socializing with the Ratners because it was ugly memories for her. Chuck was relentless though.

He takes out a pad and pencil to write down the mission details. However, Sarah didn’t want to do this. Chuck kept asking questions, and Sarah had enough she walked up to Chuck with a pissed off face, and said.

Not doing this with you
All Jenny's Boyfriend needs to know I Sarah: All Jenny’s boyfriend needs to know is that Jenny hates questions about her past. You got that?

You got that

While Chuck was not paying attention to Sarah’s dismay of this mission, he knew after she threw the pencil into the Florida picture. impaling Chuck’s face with it. He understood after that. The poor picture didn’t stand a chance from the Wrath of Walker.

Impaling Chuck

The dinner scene was awesome, and I can’t stop laughing when Sarah dumped the glass of wine on Chuck’s lap, but this was the scene that made me love Heather Chandler. The ribbing she was giving Sarah really was getting under her skin. The tension in Sarah’s face while cutting the bread was well acted by Yvonne. Nicole Richie also played the role perfectly.

You also can tell right off the bat the Ratners have issues. Heather can’t stand the sight of Mark, and Charah can see it. Heather would tell Mark to go wash himself off, which he does. Heather asked does she go down to San Diego much. Sarah was tensing up, and Heather dropped a bomb in front of Chuck and the waiter (Casey)

Heather: Don’t go down to visit your dad much?

Chuck’s mouth dropped and the bread takes a harsh slicing.

What about your dad Tension in those fingers

 Meanwhile, in the bathroom Mark is washing his face as the first Russian baddie came into the bathroom soon after. The Russian asked where are the plans. Mark said, they weren’t complete but he will get them. The Russian would tell him enough waiting.

WAiter Casey

Back at the table, Sarah complemented on Chuck’s soup. She would ask for more wine, and the waiter or should I say Casey pours her some. What happened next makes me laugh all the time. It’s not just a simple toss of  a glass of wine on the lap. It’s Chuck reaction to it that makes me laugh.

Chuck: So, you know when you’re kids and there’s always that funhouse that all the kids hang out at.
Would you say that was the case with Jenny’s – house-condo-apartment?

Throwing the tax payers money on his lap

The move by Sarah would force Chuck to get up from the table, and Heather notice it right away as a ploy to not talk about her father in from of her boyfriend. It is fair to note that Sarah was uncomfortable going down memory lane with regards to her high school days, but including her father was something Walker couldn’t handle.

Chuck walked in on a meeting This is set up

As Chuck entered the Bathroom, the Russian grabbed Mark and feared this was a set up, and stuffed Mark in the toilet stall. Sarah seeing Casey struggling with filleting  told him to check on Chuck, and said he would only if she promised not to filet the target’s wife. Sarah had the line of the episode. ” I can’t promise anything.”

Heather Chandler’s face told the story watching Sarah flawlessly using the filet knife.

Won't promise anything
Casey: If you promise not to filet her before I get back. Sarah: I can’t promise anything.

Don't filet her

Casey walked into the bathroom and took out the Russians. Mark didn’t see who did, but heard everything. Casey left the room and out comes Mark. He saw Chuck just standing there. It was a very funny scene.

Ben Savage is a very funny actor, I knew him from his days on Boy Meets World ,and now with Girl Meets World. I always thought Ben was a better actor than his brother Fred. I saw a bit of Corey Mathews in this scene.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mark would ask him if Jenny knew what Chuck did for a living and asked Chuck for his name, Chuck said, “Agent Carmichael, Special Agent Charles Carmichael.” He also would assure Mark about Jenny knowing nothing about what Carmichael did.

Chuck and Casey would bring Ratner to Castle for more interrogation.  This scene would be my second favorite scene behind the dinner scene. Mark is freaking out. He instantly recognized Casey as the waiter. “Boy, we really screwed you when it came to the tip.”

I need to know where the dropp will take placeCasey getting ready to question Mark

What was cool about this scene was the cohesiveness between Chuck and Casey. They needed to work together in order to get information out of Mark.  Casey asked about the plans and when the drop was going to take place. He further told Mark that if they didn’t  release the goon from last night, they’re commanders would be looking for them.

Mark toughened up by saying he would only deal with Special Agent Carmichael. Casey and Chuck both knew they were racing against time, and went with Mark’s request, but Casey didn’t call Chuck Carmichael, he called him mad dog. He also told Mark about the time he parked in Mad Dog’s parking space. He would show Mark a scare on his shoulder as a reminder not to cross Mad Dog.

Special agent CarmichaelSpecial agent ah

Oh my goodnessMad Dog

Eventually Casey and Chuck were able to get through to Mark, and Mark would go along with Team Bartowski. He received a text saying the drop would take place at the reunion. He would only go along with the plans if Mad Dog would be there.

The problem now of course would be telling Jenny about attending her high school reunion. Chuck was the messenger of that news, but it’s a good scene between the two, and also hosts the song of the episode as 311’s Beautiful Disaster played while Sarah worked out her frustrations on the punching bag.

This form of exercise would be Sarah’s form of release when things were getting too heavy for her. As she is working out, she is remember her days at James Buchanan High School.

Sarah working out 

Chuck comes knocking on her door with a present. Sarah said it wasn’t her birthday.

Chuck bringing the bad knews

He sits the package on her bed, and sits next to it. He told her to open it. It’s a purple dress, and she asked why do I need a new dress.  Chuck was beginning to beat around the bush, when Sarah said for him to just spill it. He told her she would have to go to her reunion.  They would proceed to have one of their patent heart to heart talks.

Chuck assured her everyone has tough times at high schools, but Sarah promised him that her’s was different, and the Chuck that I love came to  comfort her. He can see it’s difficult for her and said don’t worry most people remember high school worse than it was.

You have to go to your reunionShe is showing her boyfriend this was difficultIt’s a special moment between the two because it’s a boyfriend listening to his girlfriend’s problem, and not judging her or making her feel bad about herself, and her angst seem to settle a bit. She knew she had no choice, but she enjoyed talking it over with the most important person in her life. He is handling her through a real life situation like she would for him in her world.

It’s significant because things like this build relationships. If she was there for him only and likewise for him  it would seem the relationship would be doomed. It’s a give and take when building a strong relationship and it’s true Sarah may be his handler in the spy world, but he is hers in these kind of situations. At least she has him to turn too.

He is not rough around the edges like a Carina or Casey. He isn’t like Bryce who said get over it or your dead speech like he gave Chuck. The two are transcending into a real relationship and its moments like this one that are apart of the growing process.

It would continue when they arrive at the function. Sarah’s stomach is in knots when walking into the gym. All the bad memories are rushing into her.

I am if the name says I am

Chuck told her not to worry about tonight, he had her back. He then looked up and saw Sarah’s yearbook photo and said”Wow, it ain’t that bad.”

The then and now photo

Chuck and Sarah were talking at their table when another person from Sarah’s past makes his presence felt in rather rude fashion. The man’s name was Dick Duffy. A jerk and a half in my view. What kind of line is “I saw you from across the room, and you are the woman I will be waking up in the morning.” Dude, have some class. He deserved what was coming to him later.

Sarah's reaction to Dick Duffy

As Dick Duffy approach their  table, she tightened up. Chuck noticed right away and asked what was wrong, and he didn’t need to hear anything to realize the issue. Dick would bring up Sarah’s father. It didn’t take long for Sarah to get those feelings she had about doing this, and Chuck did the right thing. He saved her from further humiliation by suggesting they get nachos.

Chuck would also flash on Dick’s tattoo, which he would tell Sarah. She told him to keep an eye on Mark, and she would alert the DJ about the flash.

He flashed on Dick'Casey's the DJCharah watching Casey dancing to Backstreet Boys

Sarah would meet Dick in the parking lot, and Dick continued his harassing. Sarah slapped him when he grabbed her, and after his latest remarks about her father. She gave him a roundhouse kick. She knocked him to the ground. Casey caught up, but all they found was drugs and illegal knocks offs. Dick was a two timer nothing more.

Inside, Chuck and Mark were talking. Mark was telling Chuck about how lucky he was to be able to call Heather his wife. He never thought he would find a woman because the nerd never gets the girl. As Mark said this to Chuck, he was watching Sarah walk towards him.  Chuck would say “You know what Mark, sometimes the nerd does get the girl.”

The episode takes off from here, Heather overheard Chuck and Mark’s conversation and would inform the Russian baddies. It would mean Heather was involved in the plot to screw Mark out of his – plans.

Heather the spy

Chuck would spotted the Russian baddies and flashed on them, he would tell Mark to run. Chuck came up with a plan to take over Casey’s DJ duties and waiting for Sarah and Casey to return. When they do, Chuck would use the phrase a flash back to 1998. Casey and Sarah knew the code word, and started looking around the gym.

He flashed lights on baddie one and two, and out of the corner of Sarah’s eye saw Heather flee from the scene. Casey went after the two baddies and Sarah went after her old nemesis.

The two ladies had an awesome brawl throughout the locker room, and we have an admission from Sarah in this scene. As Heather said, what kind of idiot would she be in falling in love with a nerd like Mark. Sarah said, “You would be surprised.”

Sarah and Heather Battle

meanwhile, a Russian baddie stuffed Mark into a locker. Casey came out of the gym and nailed the dude. Chuck would join the party late, and all Mark needed was to hear Mad Dog’s voice to come out of the locker. This portion of the story would end with a funny, whose going to tell him that his wife was apart of this. Casey said, “That’s why love is for suckers.” Chuck would ask did Casey see Sarah. Casey said,”Sucker.”

Heather and Sarah continued their melee with Sarah eventually getting the upper hand and knocking her out. Sarah walked back to the gym to be crowned reunion queen.

A Carrie tribute
A Carrie tribute

We then come up to the final scene, and it is a very special moment in the love story of Charah. We also get the birth of Sarah Walker.

As Sarah was opening the package to reveal the money, Langston Graham found Sarah in the woods. He would tell her all the names she had used in the past, and offered her a job in the CIA. She would take it, and he closed with since you like names so much. How would you like to be called Sarah Walker.

When Sarah returned to present time, she would give Chuck one chance at asking one question about her past. He said, no which drew a giant smile from Sarah, and here is where you can see the change in Sarah and Chuck.

Chuck saw throughout this episode about how troubling her past was and rather than carrying it on. He said, no thank you. He paid attention to the small details and was well received by her. It’s the kind of thing that gets guys laid. If it wasn’t for the job she might have slept with Chuck just for that kindness.

IF there was any doubt in how much Sarah loved Chuck, there would be one screen cap that said it all. It would be the final scene of this episode.

She is in love
She appreciated Chuck not prying any further. The words I love who you are right now ringing in her head now. She is in love.

Great way to end an episode.

Buymore Story


Lester’s day as assistant manager are over as his final plans of generating big ticket sales would cause Lester to panic and ultimately give up his manager’s position.

Big Mike went on vacation for a few days, and left the store to Lester. he decides to give the customer a chance to negotiate the price of big ticket items. He would take off $100 dollars to 600 dollars if you included two computers in a sale.

When Lester went over the numbers he saw he was short a large amount. It forced them to throw a keg party in the store. Very funny stuff.

Morgan would be the one who bails Lester out much to the surprise of Lester. A bonding moment between the two.

Overall Thoughts on Cougars

This is a great episode, and most of the Sarah and Casey centered episodes are some of the best episodes of the series.

We learned a bit about Sarah’s past, and while she had trouble with it. She had her boyfriend by her side to walk her through it. A great episode for relationship building. Chuck is a hero in this episode because he showed Sarah he will be there for her. One of the best episode in showcasing the goodness that is Chuck.

We have another stand alone episode, and a significant Charah moment before we get into the next arc of the series. Jill is coming to town.

Next episode in our rewatch would be Tom Sawyer.

Until then Chuckaholics is your toy, so enjoy and remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t







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