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Chuck vs the Final Exam is one episode I am not a fan of Sarah Walker. It has to do with the history behind this episode which rubs me the wrong way.

It was talked about in the following article, Mauser vs the Red Test.  Chuck will have to perform a final test and he will become a full time spy. All of the things Bartowski was working for came to light with one test.

This test however is a one and done.  He goes back to his normal life if he fails his test. He will be asked to complete a mission on is own and even tougher task for the second part of the exam. He will be required to perform a red test.  The results of the red test will be only time I am not a fan of Sarah Walker. I shall explain when the scene comes up. Let’s take our final exam.

Main Story

The episode begins with a man running down the tracks. Another man in the distances was showing chasing the man.  When the proverbial smoke clears it’s Chuck standing over this man with a gun pointed at him.

The Man: Don’t you see? This is exactly what they want.

Chuck: I gave you a chance.

GunChuck prepared to shoot

At the Buymore, John Casey was getting use to life after spy work. He was put in charge of the store as Morgan was out of town for the episode.

Lester and Jeff were playing darts in the store, and one of their shots hit a customer. Not good Jeffster, and as Lester turned a corner Jeff was waiting for Lester. He tried to plead his case, but Jeff sent a dart right in the middle of his chest.

in the middle of the chest goes the dartFrom out of nowhere Casey grabbed the both of them and told them about nearly knocking over the customer.  Lester would tell Casey about his love of playing a military big shot, but the Buymore had a strict no touching policy due to Jeff.

Casey’s response was knocking Jeffster’s heads together. Jeffster would head to Big Mike’s office to rat on Casey. Chuck saw this and said if he was alright. He check up on Casey’s adjustment into civilian life. Apparently not good.

Double knocker knockerI want to get your job backChuck told Casey he was preparing to tell Beckman if she didn’t give him his job back he would quit. Casey said don’t be ridiculous, he put his own issues ahead of the country, and he understood the dismissal.  He further said, he knew when things were over unlike Bartowski.

Chuck would make his way to Castle, and found Sarah there. She apologized for not calling him back, but they were busy all day with meeting. Chuck said, what could they do to get Casey’s job back.  Sarah said if there was anything she could do, she would do it. Shaw came into the room and told Chuck that Casey was no business of his, but what happened in Washington was his business. Shaw rubbed it in Chuck’s face when he brought Walker’s bag into Castle for her.

Sarah didn't flash her smile when seeing Chuck

What I didn’t like in this scene was Sarah attitude. The effects of watching Chuck choke the ring agent was still fresh on her mind. She didn’t give Chuck a smile when she saw him. It’s a very matter of fact tone from Sarah.

Beckman comes on the screen and asked if they told Chuck anything. Shaw and Sarah said they didn’t yet. Beckman told Chuck after discussing with Shaw and Sarah it was time to test Chuck and his training. Bartowski assumed it was a scantron test, but Beckman and Sarah both told Chuck about the test.

The test would be a real mission. He would be doing it alone, and he needed to pass it to become a spy. Chuck said he could do. Sarah would finish by saying if you fail the test you are out Chuck. He would go back to living his old life.

You go back to your normal lifeChuck can see the seriousnessSarah's reaction after saying this is it

Sarah in this scene doesn’t have the concern expressions she usually gave when it came to Chuck’s feelings on things. It’s do or die time for Chuck, and Sarah isn’t delivering the news with a sense of don’t worry Chuck you’ll get through this. It’s a very cold expression.

Beckman told Chuck his mission would commence the next day. Sarah tried to put on a smile for Chuck, but it was a half hearted on. Sarah has committed herself to Shaw now. Beckman would say if he succeed he would be promoted.

She would also inform Chuck he would be working out of Italy. No identity. Chuck asked if Sarah would be joining him, but the general said no, Sarah would be working with Shaw in Washington.

As the general sign off, Chuck was liking he would be working in Italy. Everything he was working for came down to this test. However, Sarah had to dampen the mood by saying he was getting everything he always wanted.

Looks like your getting everything you always wanted He isn't getting everything

Sarah’s remark was a lie, and he was not getting everything he wanted because Sarah was apart of everything. Chuck knew it too.

After the opening credits, Chuck walked into his kitchen and was startled when Sarah was waiting for him.

Test time

It’s test taking time, and as I am watching this episode the more I realize the theme of this episode. Yes, the final exam is for Chuck to become a spy, but what if we missed the reality of it being a final exam for Sarah as well. The proverbial this is your last chance Chuck.

She gives Chuck a blue package, inside was a video player, in which Beckman gave Chuck the details of the mission. He was to head over to a spa, in which a Russian would be meeting a mole from the CIA, who was selling secrets to, who in return sold the same secrets to the Ring.

Chuck’s mission required him to smoke out the mole and ID him. While Chuck was listening to the video, Sarah was writing down the experience. Chuck watched the video player self destruct. He turned his attention back to Sarah, and asked her about what she was writing.

The journey was everything that Team Bartowski had done over the years. Every mission Chuck had been on. While Chuck was able to get Sarah to smile, she quickly changed the mood by throwing Casey name into the hopper as a way to curb Chuck’s enthusiasm.

Chuck getting his missionAre you writing me downMission mixesChuck showing his charms againChuck had his charms going, and Sarah was enjoying it., but the test was the mission here for Chuck both professionally and personally.

As Sarah was leaving, Chuck asked Sarah if she was going to be at the stakeout. After Sarah said, yes. Chuck made it a point to state this could be the final time they were working together, and for old time sakes make it a special night. The only thing special would be Chuck passing his test according to Sarah.

Still Chuck said, it should be fun. Sarah agreed…

A genuine smile this time
A genuine smile for a change

At the buymore, Big Mike was getting fitted for a suit. He had Casey come by to explain to him about Jeffster would drop the lawsuit if he could get Casey to  cage the rage. Casey at first was reluctant, but Mike put it in perspective for Casey. It’s either he got on the box or he was out of a job with a lawsuit to boot.

Casey got on the box and wasn’t too thrilled he was being fitted for a suit.

Ah the good old times

Chuck arrived at the stakeout with a hop in his step. He set up the room and even brought some extras. Sarah arrived and was impressed with the arrangement. Chuck laid everything out properly pleasing Sarah for a change.

Rather impressed with Chuck's romantic gesture

I think back to first date, when Chuck had the machismo, the confidence and swagger that I enjoyed from that scene. It returned here. He was in command of the situation despite it being his livelihood on the line.

He turned his final exam into a romantic date. He brought mementos from their first stakeout like sizzling shrimp, and played Private Eyes to soften the mood. Everything was moving great. They were communicating. There is that nasty word. She knows it will be different and miss him. So, why are you leaving then Sarah.

She couldn’t take down the binoculars because she couldn’t bare to look at him because all the charms he possessed was working on her.  However, there was a problem though. Chuck’s phone rang. Shaw asked why wasn’t Chuck’s ear wig in yet. He asked if Sarah was there.

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Why haven't you put your ear piece in

After Chuck ended the call with Shaw, Chuck told her what was on his mind. He told her if he had made a different choice back in Prague. If he ran with her, but then he told her the truth behind becoming a spy. He did so they can be together.

Sarah’s reaction to this was what I mentioned above. She couldn’t look at him or talk. She was classic Sarah, but then I missed something. Sarah’s reaction to Shaw calling.

A face of annoyance
Shaw was blocking Sarah’s mojo

then one of my favorite moments of the series took place. I have wrote about how I feel Shaw and Sarah never had a real relationship. They may have slept together. They may have started dating, but Shaw was never going to get what Chuck already had. Chuck had her heart.

For the first time all season, Sarah was showing the passion she always had in her eyes for Chuck. They both have passion in their eyes for each other. It’s why communication is so important in a relationship.  The results from communicating was this.

However, they forgot why they were there, the Russian had got passed them which angered Shaw. Chuck was passing his personal test, and forgot his professional one.  Shaw told Sarah to give Chuck his glasses, which had a camera in them. Chuck stood up looked at Sarah and told her the discussion wasn’t over.

Sarah should of told him here

Here is where I begin to criticize Sarah. It is no secret by now Sarah’s desire of Chuck not becoming spy. She had the opportunity to tell Chuck. Don’t do this, we still can be together with you being a spy, but she froze and stood their as Chuck went to accomplish the mission.

She looked like she wanted to talk, but froze at the opportunity, It’s a shame because there wouldn’t be a need for what happens later. Sarah dropped the ball.

She wants to say somethingThis isn't over

If she would of just said he didn’t need to be a spy to be together. Chuck wouldn’t of went through with it, but she just stood there. She waited all season long for the Chuck that was sitting next to her. The one with the charms and the ability to turn a mission into a romantic adventure reminded her of why she loved Chuck, and certainly wouldn’t get the same feelings from Shaw.

She said it herself. “It’s different…than with you.” It’s different because Sarah didn’t love or have any feelings for Shaw. She went for Shaw because she misread the play. She thought Chuck had moved on from her professionally and personally, but after finding out he joined the agency to be with her. It’s a game changer. It brought to life why Chuck said he couldn’t in Prague.

There was truth behind what Chuck said in the Break Up, he was just an asset, and if the status quo would remained the same. Sarah would of been off stopping a revolution instead of home with Chuck. For Chuck veterans, we saw it in season 4 what would happen.

It was something Chuck needed to do. He needed to join the agency in order to be with Sarah. She misread read Chuck’s plan because it never really was explained to her like he did during the stakeout. He said, “If I pass this test, we then finally can be together because you wouldn’t be my handler anymore.” The result of the admission brought Sarah the girlfriend, in which she was acting on her feelings. She went to kiss him. Strange for Sarah to do that if she has feelings for the other guy.

It’s brought us closer to the goalline, but it wouldn’t be Chuck without adversity. Chuck entered the spa and walked up to the counter and asked if a Russian had arrived. While Shaw was quarterbacking from Castle, he told Chuck they may be in the steam room.  Shaw told him to go inside.

Sarah arrived at Castle and immediately was asked by Shaw what happened out there. Sarah defended Chuck by saying it was not his fault. Sometimes missions don’t go as planned. The look she game him after he turned away was priceless.

Chuck in the steam roomWhat happened out thereYou spoiled my moment

Who knows what was going on in her brain, all we know is Sarah didn’t look to pleased with her current boyfriend. Maybe because Shaw ruined her chance on patching things up with Chuck.

While Chuck was waiting in the steam room, a bell man gave the leader a message. The three men stood up and were headed for the room where the mole was. The leader throw the paper on the floor and Chuck went for it a bit too quick. One of the Russians asked Chuck why so quick in picking up piece of paper.

Shaw told Chuck to get out of there, but really was Chuck going to go Daniel, the baddies had the door covered. Chuck flashed and took out the men. Shaw was satisfied with Chuck’s moves.

why did you pick up that paperChuck taking out the baddieShaw's happy with what he saw

Chuck read the paper, and the room number wasn’t clear. The team told him don’t lose him. Chuck was on the move. He caught up with him and saw the room the man went into.

Chuck on the move Chuck would go into the next room, and get rid of the housekeeper by coming out of the bathroom. Next, he would climb out of the window and on to the balcony and inch himself over to the next room. He would watch the mole stab the Russian.  Shaw told Chuck they still needed to ID the guy. Chuck would make a cocking sound, which drove the mole to the window. Chuck looked at him, and from Castle Shaw and Sarah locked on the face and were able to establish the man’s identity. Mission accomplished.

Chuck doing some daring spy workSarah and Shaw working on the IDPerry While this part of the mission was complete, the test wasn’t done. Sarah really becomes a jerk in the back half of this episode.

The next day, Chuck came to the Orange Orange and wanted to talk to Sarah about dinner plans. Things were panning out as Sarah asked him to dinner. The place would be at the train station.  Sarah had a smile and was rather happy to see Chuck.

Sarah all smiles this time when seeing Chuck

Unlike earlier in the episode Sarah is smiling like she usually did when Chuck was with her.  Chuck’s charms were still on. There was no signs of Chuck 2.0, no signs of Agent Walker to ruin things. However, it would turn ugly after this. Chuck and Sarah agreed to dinner that evening.

Is there something behind this date
The feelings she had for Chuck were boiling again. This version of Chuck she loved.

Sarah still has feelings for Chuck

Chuck was excited he passed his test, and he believed he was an official spy. He would give a gift to Casey for helping him train all these years. He gave Casey his former firearm, which Casey was pleased with. However, Casey didn’t believe the mission was over because he know what was coming.

Chuck giving a thank you gift  to Casey Are you sure you finish your test You took your test and passed

What I loved about this scene was Casey’s expression and concern. Chuck and Casey’s relationship really has become a friendship. It only was three years ago, the colonel wanted to kill Bartowski most of the time.

Casey knew there was a part of the final test that would require Chuck to perform a task that Chuck wouldn’t be able to accomplish. The very issue that would come up between Sarah and Shaw.

The biggest thing Sarah loved about Chuck  was his inability to kill people. He walked around with a tranq gun and beat a video game in order to save lives. It was that very notion that made Sarah love him so much, and to a degree Casey as well. He wasn’t wired that way.

Shaw said, the agency set up Perry to meet Chuck at the train station. Chuck was to meet with Perry, and Sarah assumed to bring him in. Shaw said, no he has to kill Perry. Sarah’s face dropped as she asked your giving Chuck his red test.

His mission isn't over Sarah Y didn't you tell meYour giving him his red test

Sarah: I can’t. I can’t be a part of it, and I won’t.
You have to meet him. I can’t make him do something like that.
I’m not even sure that I want him to be able to do something like that.

Shaw: I’m sorry, Sarah, but this isn’t about what you want.
It’s about Chuck, and our finding out what he’s capable of.

Sarah: Perry is a seasoned agent, and he is gonna do anything to save himself. And if Chuck freezes, then then we could lose him.

Shaw: And that’s why you’ll be there.
If you give him the order, if you tell him to kill Perry, he’ll do it.

Finding  out what Chuck can doyou son of a b itch Here is where Shaw was right, and Sarah should’ve done more than just verbally try to stop the order.  Casey knew this was apart of the exam, and it’s why Casey wasn’t sure if the test was over.

Shaw was right because if Chuck was going to work on his own as an agent. He may not like guns, but it’s important to know how to use one. Tranq guns would only go so far for some missions. The Red Test is that design, but Sarah didn’t want Chuck to kill Perry. Chuck’s red test essentially becomes a professional and personal test.

A chose wisely moment. Once again, the agency is putting Sarah in a tough spot, but something she could of avoided if she just used her mouth. I will dig deeper after the train station scene. It’s amazing how bad things happen for Chuck and Sarah at a  train station. Note to Chuck and Sarah stay away from trains.

Sarah was sitting at a table, as Chuck entered the restaurant. He sit’s right in front of her. A my favorite song of the series played. Austin Leonard & Kendall Jane Meade’s In My Sleep

Let’s watch the scene and I will discuss it further.

Three things happened in the scene, Sarah voiced something that she never did before. he said, ” If I don’t do this then we can’t be together….” She said probably not. Than he said, “If I don’t do this than I go back to my normal life.” Sarah very stern said “And there is nothing wrong with that.” Confirmation confirmed. She admitted she didn’t want Chuck to become a spy.  SO, in a brief time span Sarah really was a jerk here. All of this could be avoided if Sarah just explained her side of what’s eating at her inside instead she tested him.

The reason I love In my sleep has to do with this screen cap and the words that played when Sarah turned to look at Chuck.

expression of the day 1

The lyrics that played was these, It’s Chuck’s way of letting the viewer know what Sarah was thinking.

Someday, get up on my way
I think I’ll be okay for a while
I know you were never mine to keep
But I know that I’ll see you in my sleep

But time has been unkind
and kept me far from you
But I know you will be holding me
In my sleep

In essence, the writers told us Sarah had implemented a test of her own on Chuck. If you kill the mole we are done. All she would have left was her dreams.

As Sarah left, the mole came walking in. He sat in front of Chuck and Perry was hoping this meeting would be quick. Meanwhile, Sarah sat close by so she could watch.

Watching Chuck perform his red testAs Chuck was talking, the mole asked if he could go to the bathroom. Chuck let him, but he would soon follow after. When Chuck went into the bathroom, he looked in each stall before Perry came shooting out and stabbed Bartowski in the leg.

Chuck flashed and the two would brawl. Chuck would get the upper hand, and Perry plead for his life. He said he had no choice in doing what he did. He realized Chuck was sent to kill him, and told him he was no different than the rest if he pulled the trigger. However, Bartowski said he was not like them.

Chuck elected to bring in Perry rather than shoot him. As the two were walking through the station. Perry bolted. Chuck made chase soon after.  The chase would spill out into the train yard. Chuck eventually would catch up to Perry, and point his gun saying he gave him a chance.

Sarah was close but not there just yet. As Perry was going for his ankle gun, a shot rang out. Chuck thought it was his gun, but when he turned he saw Casey, who took off. Sarah came and saw Chuck standing of the dead body of Perry. In tears, Sarah confirmed with Shaw that Chuck did it. He was a spy. Casey and Shaw helped Chuck become a spy. Sarah wanted no part in this.

Casey helped Chuck
What Casey did for Chuck, Sarah could of done if it bothered her so much.

Sarah not happy with Chuck killing the moleShaw happy for Chuck

Chuck was walking with Casey in the courtyard of their apartment complex when Chuck asked him why he did it. Casey said he know Chuck couldn’t go through with it. He also made it clear no one was to know about what he did.

CAsey said he knew Chuck couldn't do it

Meanwhile in Sarah’s hotel room, she does something that I will rip her apart for. She told Shaw she no longer was in love with Chuck. She recalled her own red test and said it was the worst thing she could of done. She went through with how it happened. Shaw said its the choice we all have to make, he did it to protect the country.

Everyone is on board with why Chuck had to do it. Sarah had to do it. If this was the only way for Chuck to become a real spy. He had to do it. Why was it ok for her to pull the trigger on Mauser back in S2. She did it because she had no choice. She protected Chuck in that way. Chuck did what he had to do to be with her. The kicker is he didn’t even pull the trigger, but from Sarah’s position he did.

Casey risked prison time for what he did for Chuck. It’s what a team does. Sarah put her own personal reasons behind saying she fell out of love with Chuck. He slept with other women, she stayed in love with him. He fake broke up with her several times, but she stayed in love with him. He didn’t pull the trigger, but because she thinks he did. I know longer love him for it.  What a crock.

It took me a while to respect Sarah after this scene because essentially it’s the Mauser situation all over again. Sarah really rubbed me the wrong way here. Chuck did what he had to do for her. Didn’t she do the same for him? Why was it justified for her to kill Mauser and not for him to “kill” the mole?

When Chuck arrived at his apartment, he found a package on his table. Sarah was there apparently, but didn’t stay. Inside the package was a badge, a gun and a ticket to Washington for processing. Chuck actually finished something in his life. all because of her, who no longer loved him for killing someone.

It proves my point Sarah didn’t want Chuck to be a spy, and the idea of him killing someone was enough for Chuck to fail his personal test. Sarah was done……

She is mad with herself

As Sarah was foolishly falling out of love with Chuck, there was a knock at Chuck’s door. Airport pick up was there to pick up Agent Bartowski. It has a nice ring to it.

There is no overall thoughts or buymore story for this episode. The test was the major story. What we learned was Sarah didn’t want Chuck to be a spy or a killer, and while they had the spark going in the middle of this episode. Sarah’s reasoning behind falling out of love with Chuck was nonsensical in every measure of the word.

She only gets worse in the first half of the next episode. More on that when we get into American Hero.

As always Chuckaholics is your toy so play, and remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t

An announcement is coming at the conclusion of American Hero, A live episode is scheduled for next Friday at 9 PM EST as we will be watching Chuck vs The Other Guy on Twitter. Facebook followers please feel free to join us over at twitter as we share our thoughts on OG until next time enjoy Final Exam.


  1. I don’t think Sarah dropped off the package to Chuck….she was telling her story to Shaw at the time. Chuck was trying to call her to tell her what happened …..he was going to confess it wasn’t him. ( He didn’t know what Sarah’s reaction was because he didn’t see her after the test.) Lots of CIA couriers in the area, most likely.

    C’mon, Chris…all of Sarah’s actions in Season 3 up to this point were consistent. She just NEVER communicated with Chuck without either lying or not letting him respond. I’m glad he explained it to her during the stakeout, but it is essentially the same thing he told her in Three Words.

    Add to this the fact that Shaw asked Sarah if she still loved Chuck. Imagine your boyfriend asking you that question when he already knew the answer. This was her final test, too. Shaw had to know that she would no longer be pining for Chuck, so he had complete control over her.

    CIA’s best spy ????? I highly doubt it.

  2. I think they threw the Sarah character under all available buses in this one episode. But wait! I forgot! Sarah doesn’t matter. Only Chuck’s reaction to Sarah is important.

    This is quite simply the most offensive episode of the show.

    The Red Test is the stupidest thing the show ever did. I mean, they had to have been high that day.

    The only logical step for Chuck at the end of this is to go to Italy and leave everything he knows behind, especially Sarah. It would have made more sense.

    By the way Sarah – your Red Test was not the worst day of your life. Having the man you never want to tarnish (and supposedly love) kill a man so he can be with you only to tell him he can’t be with you because he killed a man – should be the worst day of your life. Enjoy your earrings.

    You need an entire season to fix everything that happens to the characters in this one episode.

    • BTW, Sarah having anything to do with Shaw after this is also not plausible.

      (But hey, they quite clearly want Sarah to hate herself so much that fans have to as well.)

      I will forever contend that what ever CF was trying to accomplish from this episode through to Paris remain only in his head. Because there is no way to get there from here.

    • I’ve always found it a bit odd that Sarah’s Red Test, which we know is Shaw’s wife, was about 5 years previous. That would have made it about 2 years before Chuck ( so…2005 ) Yet she had been in the CIA since 1998-99…been in the Cat Squad, and been with Bryce for a number of years ( at least since 2005, if not before). So how was she a “spy” if she hadn’t completed her Red Test yet ??

      Just goes to show you that they didn’t have any idea what they were doing with this whole arc…they couldn’t even get the timeline correct.

      • Yea, timelines was was screwed up in the first five episodes of the series. Chuck said he met Jill in a economy class, yet we find out in Alma Mater Chuck was introduced to Jill through Bryce.

        The other thing would be Shaw was apart of the CIA in 2005, which means he has been hunting Sarah since then. Hard to fathom Shaw never getting the footage before hand.


        What is idiotic was the recycling of this story line, Gary mentioned before mirror story lines. For example, Prague was Chuck version of Sarah during the Church wedding. How is it possible for Sarah to just fall out of love with Chuck when the job calls for killing people. In essence, she is a hypocrite when she was alright with Chuck doing what he did in Paris. Let’s save the spoilers because I plan to do a Live episode regarding Chuck vs the Other Guy

      • Chuck…you say Sarah didn’t want Chuck to be a spy, but what she really was worried about was that she didn’t want Chuck to be like her. The choice she gave him at the train station was to kill the mole and lose who HE was ( thus, she couldn’t love him ), or not kill the mole and go back to his old life ( and she would still love him, but she could never be with him). SHE was never going to give up the spy life. Since she knew ( since the Three Words) that Chuck was becoming a spy for her, all she had to do was tell him she didn’t want that, and leave the spy life…he would have also.

        But, you see, Chuck knew this ….he KNEW the only way to be with her was to be a spy. What Sarah missed this whole arc was what Chuck was sacrificing for her. Once it was clear that he could never have her, no matter what, he abandoned becoming a spy and sacrificing his soul. He would rather have Sarah love him, but never be with him, than the other way around.

        (Just an aside…. the government built a huge multi-million dollar facility in Burbank to house the Intersect asset and his handlers. They put their 2 best agents in to protect him. And then, Sarah says if he fails the Red Test, he goes back to his normal life ?? REALLY ?? They’re going to let someone, with every government secret in his head, AND a host of specialized skills that could take down enemy agents, just go back to work at the Buy More ?? How stupid is this whole season? How stupid do they think WE are?)

        As for Casey not wanting Chuck to tell Sarah, it was a good move by Casey. After all, do you really think anyone could trust Sarah ? Casey saw Sarah totally abandon Chuck pretty well since the start of the season…and then she falls in with Shaw and the Washington crowd. He knows Sarah gave Chuck his Red Test, confirming to Casey that the old Sarah was completely gone. He knew Chuck couldn’t pull the trigger, and if Sarah ( who Casey knows used to love Chuck) didn’t know that, then how could he ever trust her to not turn on him?

      • I am not arguing anything you are saying. I told you i don’t like Sarah in this episode at all. There is a difference between hearing the record and actually hearing what Chuck said on the record. First, there was no pressurized situation like trying to Chuck out of the vault. 2. There was no one that could stop her from listening to Chuck other than Shaw, but he called too late. I just felt alright they are communicating again. They almost kissed because of it.

        I agree with you regarding letting Chuck walk with the intersect in his head. They would more likely kill him before letting another intersect wondering around Los Angeles getting into trouble sound familiar?

        It also showed Casey knew Chuck a lot more than Sarah?

      • It might have been part of the reason Casey shot the mole…maybe he would have realized that they never would have let Chuck just walk away ( as Sarah had intimated.) After all, he was the one that was supposed to eliminate Chuck once the Intersect was up and running. Casey probably knew Chuck had to pass the Red Test, or someone would be gunning for him.

      • yes, but what are your thoughts on Eve/Shaw and Sarah don’t you think Shaw would of come across that footage at some point during the five years taking on the ring.

        If he didn’t find it, and Chuck was able to figure it out by just looking at files tells you all you need to know about Shaw and his spy skills

      • There always has been distrust in the team. Casey not trusting Sarah in keeping this major secret under the carpet is something Sarah would of done. It would mean Chuck isn’t changing, and wasn’t that her biggest fear. Oh wait, Sarah was not the same character from Season one or two. I mean a lot of Chuck’s personality had change. It was meant too. As Sam Cooke said, Change is going to come Its on us to see how that change will be perceived. S3 was perceived poorly. Thank God NBC awarded the series 6 more episodes to make up for their colossal mistake.

      • Change is always good as long as it grows you or moves you to be a more substantial person. Chuck hated himself for letting himself slide into a very mundane life…he had so many plans and he just gave up on them. We now know that Orion was partly to blame because he threw a security blanket over Chuck by having Bryce shadow him and keep him from joining the CIA. But Chuck becoming a spy…and a different type of spy, showed a growth in a positive direction. Sarah was just afraid that he would become like her ( and think of “Chuck Vs. Sarah” Sarah…not the girl who walked into the Buy More.) It was wise, IMHO to let Sarah see Chuck become a spy, while keeping his morals intact, because it lets HER change in a positive manner as well ( i.e. not having to bury her emotions). Unfortunately, the story showed that she could regain her humanity in S3, but in a very negative way…she went very overboard with the emotions, and then wasn’t given the voice to express them.

      • As i wrote, when Chuck said We are not through, I just felt Sarah wanted to talk at that point, but froze up. I don’t think she ever was the kind of person to do that. Look, at how she handle her dad. Did she ever tell her father stop conning if it bothered her that much no, she enjoy the adventure because she was apart of it.

        I noticed a pattern with Sarah in this scene. When Sarah was put on the sidelines no matter what man it was. Her dad, Bryce, Chuck Shaw in AH Sarah needed that thrill to be apart of the adventure. it’s why she was mad at Chuck for hunting for Orion or in the Tooth going off on his own to prove his dream was more than just that.

        It also is parallel with running away. She ran from Washington because of Bryce’s decision to turn on the CIA without her. She choice to run to Washington when Chuck went on a personal mission to become a spy, which ultimately was for her, but she didn’t see it that way. It’s like When Sarah stayed instead of going of with Bryce in Nemesis/Crown Vic as Chuck didn’t see she stayed in Burbank to be with Chuck. i am sure at that point in the story transferring would be easier for her.

        It’s an interesting turn of event in my opinion

      • The more I think about the more I see Sarah always was a fixer or trying fix something that was broken. She felt the need to be a hero herself. Stashing money in case her father got arrested again, or staying in Burbank despite being recalled. Or flying to Lisbon to bury Larkin’s ashes. Come on she flew there to be close to Chuck. Think of this the who time up until Chuck departed for Prague. Sarah never was away from Chuck. This transition of Chuck being sent away to train was new for her. She went to Lisbon and did use the ashes as a cover, see there is so much to the story that was left unsaid. We need more Chuck……

      • I’ve always thought of her more as a protector than a fixer, but it makes sense that she likes to fix things too….. maybe it’s a control thing with her.

        But, you know, Chris, she was like this all of Season 3….I know you are so fond of the character, but it took until this episode …which is SO nonsensical, for you to see her as the problem ( or, at least, part of the problem). Ever since Chuck made the one mistake, he’s done everything to try to fix it, but he was ALWAYS in this no win situation with Sarah. That’s why he finally ended up with Hannah …he couldn’t get Sarah to give him a sign he was moving in the right direction. Everything he did made her more distant. Finally he figured he had lost her…and he then moved on. The only way he figured out she still cared is by inadvertently eaves dropping on her confession to Shaw …she talked to Shaw, but never to him. Sarah was the architect of her own misfortune for the whole arc…. right from Three Words up to Other Guy. Chuck is a guy and a nerd….he needs conversation, not a long face from Sarah directed at a monitor.

      • “Change is always good as long as it grows you or moves you to be a more substantial person.”

        But this doesn’t happen in this arc.

        Chuck’s “training” was non-existent after Pink Slip. It was more trail by fire. Was Chuck a better spy after this arc – I don’t think do. He certainly wasn’t “special” anymore. He was just like Bryce or Cole or Shaw. Was he a better human being – not in the least.

        Sarah was just less of everything after this arc.

        So the growth is artificial. It’s there because the writers want it yo be so. Not because the character learned anything.

      • @Shepherd

        Change doesn’t always mean for the good just ask the people in Germany and the Berlin Wall. Change didn’t hold well for Hamlet as each lie opened the truth to his life. The change for Chuck and Sarah wasn’t organic, but rather were ruined by the creative department

      • I think he grew at the end….making the choice to not kill the mole, making the choice to save Shaw ….and I’m sure you could argue that it was actually just Chuck returning to his old self by these measures. But those two situations have far more gravitas than ever before …. he was giving up a lot more than he ever did before. There were certainly moments where he actually devolved…the Hannah incident being the worse, since he became quite self-centered. But I think there was a certain loss of naiveté , and a certain bump up in maturity as the arc concluded. He really just got super lucky with the spy thing.

        As far as training, yeah…he wasn’t much of a spy in the sense that Casey and Sarah were spies. He actually didn’t really progress until Subway. If you take away 2.0, which gave him field operative skills, Chuck’s strength as a spy was as a strategist. Somehow, the team dynamic was necessary for Chuck, since he really wasn’t able to carry out normal “spy” capabilities…such as shooting someone when needed.

        Sarah was a total loss in this arc….she gained no humanity, at least no measurable understanding of her humanity. Like I said, she seemed to get back in contact with her emotions ( which she had learned to bury ), but she just couldn’t handle them….she actually handled the emotions in S1 & 2 much better. ( But then again, she was able to curb those emotions at that point, by hiding behind the cover relationship ). As Chuck’s mistakes became evident, he seemed to realize he made them and was able to probe the reasons for the poor decisions / mistakes. Sarah, though, just let the mistakes pile up…with no understanding as to why she was making them, no regret for making them, and never any acknowledgement that she had made them. But then she was able to sweep all her mistakes away by answering DYLM in the affirmative. (Even then, she couldn’t admit it….only that she “fell” for Chuck a long time ago). Wasted a lot of screen time and good will for very little return.

  3. Christopher, I understand your criticism of Sarah, but consider this. Even though She didn’t want Chuck to be spy and if she would have told him her hearts desire Chuck still would have gone ahead with the test it was what he wanted and being with Sarah was icing on the cake. Sarah was not the only reason he wanted to become a spy Chuck vs the Three Words. Let’s say he decided not to go ahead; they could not be together and if they could that would always be the elephant in the room and their relationship would never have lasted.
    Regarding the following paragraph on your blog:
    “Three things happened in the scene, Sarah voiced something that she never did before. he said, ” If I don’t do this then we can’t be together….” She said probably not. Than he said, “If I don’t do this than I go back to my normal life.” Sarah very stern said “And there is nothing wrong with that.” Confirmation confirmed. She admitted she didn’t want Chuck to become a spy. SO, in a brief time span Sarah really was a jerk here. All of this could be avoided if Sarah just explained her side of what’s eating at her inside instead she tested him.”
    Sarah knew the danger Chuck was about to face, the last thing Sarah needed is for Chuck to be emotional, it was life or death situation. She could not afford an error from Chuck. Even though she did not want Chuck to be spy, note that she & Casey were always there to help him reach his goal even though both liked Chuck the way he was. As friends they were there even if in case Sarah was not to happy about. Love is not thinking about what you want but in case of what Chuck wanted. She was always trying subtlely when he was changing but the training was so fast that time was against her. Yes , she was harsh but she would always love Chuck are eyes could not deny it.
    The bedroom scene telling Shaw that she no longer was in love with Chuck. Is a lie and she knew it. Here you see Shaw’s true intention with Sarah; he didn’t love Sarah but was just using her. Sarah couldn’t really be completely truthful with Shaw because they were partnering up now and to take the Ring down. She said that because every time she would be with Chuck it would reminder her that she was the reason he killed someone. She was the reason the man she loved violated his integrity. She was the reason she lost her Chuck. This fact would always be a reminder every time she even saw him. It was Prague all over again and she was going to need time to get over it because her love for Chuck was too much to resist. That love was something that she would not turn off. Remember what she told Ana in Chuck vs the Best Friend that Ana compares her boyfriends to Morgan that really happens women compare they future boyfriends to their first love.

  4. we agree that this along with fake name is the ugliest episode in the series. Sarah tells chuck one step away from the end that she practically didn’t want this life for him. The writers in s3 please of the plot and exalt a persoanaggio like shaw ( which follows only revenge) went against every human psyche, especially with Sarah. Sarah is afraid of chuck’s changes, but she doesn’t talk to him about it, plus she starts a relationship with the man who is the perpetrator of these changes (not so bad, manoosh wasn’t innocent, and the lies she gave her too, casey rips out a tooth, saves Morgan and casey) and continau in 3×12 with the most disgusting scene of the show , dinner at the restaurant with shaw. Every time he looks Shaw in the face, he had to remind them of chuck killing the mole. I would at least have expected a reaction that I didn’t want to see him again. They painted her selfish and hypocritical on the edge of the odious. I didn’t understand chuck getting so busy for a woman who in 2 years has always rejected her on so many occasions, she’s not even defensible in Prague because the plan is on the edge of ridicule. After all this the show died when they put them back together, they tried to fix things but they couldn’t do it anymore

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