Rewatch Week Eighteen: Episode Five Season Two: Chuck Gets His Degree

Chuck vs Tom Sawyer

After a two weeks away from Chuckaholics, rewatch returns with a fantastic stand alone episode. Chuck must beat Missile Command in order to save Burbank from being apart of a terrorist attack of the worst kind.

Chuck tried to convince the king of Missile Command to save the day, but the king is fried to a crisp, and that happens to be Jeff. While Chuck fails to get Jeff to get the kill screen. Bartowski will need to rely on the music of the universe to save the day.

Chuck and Sarah’s relationship takes a positive step forward as Sarah helped Chuck get his Stanford Degree.  I will spend a little time on this scene at the appropriate time. So, let’s get started as we go over Chuck vs Tom Sawyer

Episode begins with a flashback to 1983 as Jeff was a folk hero. A legend of his time. As he was known around the Burbank area as the king of Missile Command.

The king of Missile Comand

A reporter asked Jeff what would be next for Mr. Barnes. He looked at the two gorgeous women embraced in each arm. The only words he could muster was “Why decide when you have so many tasty options.”

Present day, Jeff was shown standing in front of a vending machine repeating what he said in ’83 except this time he was looking at tasty treats. Morgan was standing behind Jeff and made a decision for him.

Big Mike stuck his head into the break room, and asked where was Bartowski.  Morgan didn’t know where Chuck was. Mike said better light a fire under his behind as he was late. It turned out Big Mike was conducting a staff meeting.

At the apartment, Chuck was still in his spy attire with a mustache from the night before It seemed like he just came home from his mission, He walked out of his bedroom and proceeded to walk passed Ellie and Awesome, but Devon stopped him. He said “Aren’t you forgetting something.” Chuck noticed he still had the fake mustache on and took it off before he turned around.

I didn’t like Ellie in this scene, she went attacked citing Chuck’s plans to move on with his life. When Chuck said he was out with Morgan the night before. His answer would  set Ellie off.

Chuck looks tired

Awesome handed Chuck a drink, which Chuck responded by saying that’s disgusting. Devon said it was a ginseng drink.

At the Buymore, Mike had the crew lined up. He said, corporate sent a performance evaluator to straighten some of their slack asses in the store. He introduced them to one of the best guest stars of the series.

Tony Hale best known from the series Arrested Development guest starred  as Emmett Milbarge. A bit of trivia for Chuck fans, the name Emmett Milbarge comes from the movie Spies Like Us. The first and last name’s from the two characters played by Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd. When Emmett was introduced, we can tell right away he was going to be the new Harry Tang, He strolled down the line, telling the team about how he was going to conduct interviews and look to cut the fat if need be.

Emmett Milbarge talent evaulator

The host of interviews conducted by Emmett was some of the funniest lines from the series. As he asked all the employees what makes the Buymore tick….The person they all said was Chuck. It was annoying Milbarge after a while. Especially since the star of the store was late.

No signs of intellegents at all

Chuck did arrive and was trying to log in, but Morgan interrupted him. He warned Chuck about Emmett.  However, Morgan didn’t know Emmett was standing behind him, which also was funny. He introduced himself to Chuck. but before Chuck could speak with Emmett, he saw someone enter the store, in which he flashed on him.

Farrokh Bulsara The baddie’s name was Farrokh Bulsara, Chuck cut short the meeting with Emmett, and tried to avoid making contact with Farrokh, but while Chuck was trying to make his way towards Casey. Farrokh spotted Bartowski, and asked him about the man in the photo.

It turned out the man was looking for Jeff Barnes. It was shocking and concerning  for Mr. Bartowski. Chuck assured the man in the picture did not work at this branch.

Does this guy work here

As Farrokh walked away, Chuck turned around and saw Jeff from the other side of the store. It was going to be a strange episode for Charles Carmichael.

Casey and Sarah were talking with Chuck about his flash, and they instructed him to hang out with Jeff, and look for the reason Farrokh was looking for Jeff.  Chuck had a funny line here “So its either torture me or let the agency torture Jeff.” It’s so funny as I write it.

Sarah could see Ellie entering the Orange, Orange and went up to talk with her.  While Chuck was interested in hearing what they would be discussing, Casey turned off the screen saying it’s not polite to spy.

Ellie wanted to have a talk with Sarah about Chuck, and asked her if Chuck had any plans that evening. Sarah believed Chuck would be hanging out with Jeff, which upset and concerned Ellie. It would mean it was time for Ellie and Sarah to have a conversation.

Ellie wants to talk to Sarah

Meanwhile, Chuck returned to the Buymore with Emmett greeting him. Emmett asked about eating a fro yo, but after Chuck glanced at Jeff. He told Emmett he was more of a morning guy.

Chuck would find Jeff and asked if he wanted to meet up for a beer, but Jeff said no. However, Jeff said he could be enticed by drinking twelve beers. They would have their after hours party in the home theatre room (HTR). Unbeknownst to them, Emmett was dictating his investigation of the branch.  When he heard some music being played, he went to take a look. Emmett saw Chuck and Jeff drinking beer and watching a lewd video of Anna. He dictated it as violations of Buymore policy. We learn rather quickly Emmett was not going to be making any friends at the Buymore.

Sarah listening to Ellie dismantle ChuckEllie complaining about Chuck

While Chuck and Jeff were partying , Sarah and Ellie were having their decision about Chuck. Ellie voiced her concerns about Chuck slipping back into the Morgan years. Sarah’s expression throughout Ellie’s bashing of Chuck was one of learning more of her “cover” boyfriend as Ellie would explain about Chuck needing only twelve credits to graduate.

Hey is a responsible mature guy
The love is Sarah’s eyes as she lists Chuck’s qualities. Shows how into Chuck she has become.

What was amazing about the conversation was how Sarah’s expression changed when hearing how close Chuck was to graduating from Stanford. It looked like Sarah was going to do something nice for Chuck. This wasn’t Agent Walker present trying to protect her cover. She  became a woman interested in helping her boyfriend.  Think back to Tango, when Sarah was the only voice speaking for Chuck in that episode, who was not present to defend himself like in this episode.

Wondering about Chuck

I love Sarah’s transformation here. As  W.W.C.D. was the mantra of this episode. Sarah thought it was time for her to think like Chuck. Just an episode ago in Cougars, Chuck was there for her. Now Sarah was willing and able to come through for Chuck. Sarah knows how touchy Stanford was for Chuck, and the real story unlike Ellie. Does Sarah feel partly responsible? In the discussion section below ⇓ Let me know your thoughts on whether Sarah feels responsible for Chuck not graduating or give me your theory on what she was thinking. ⇓

Back at  Buymore, Chuck informed Jeff about someone was looking for him in the store today. Jeff said, it was only a matter of time. As Jeff told Chuck about his Missile Command success. As Chuck was watching the video, Casey saw a van approach the store. Face recognition software revealed  Farrokh and his team had arrived at the store.

Chuck flashed on Mr. Morimoto, and as he did Jeff thought he was wasted, but Jeff would fall over instead. Chuck tried to help Jeff, but  Casey came running into the HTR to extract Chuck from the potential threat, but Chuck said we couldn’t leave Jeff. They picked him up and left the store. Farrokh and his men were a bit too late as Casey and Chuck were able to flee the store.

As Sarah and Ellie were finishing their discussion, Chuck came crashing through the door with Jeff over his shoulders. He flung jeff onto the couch. It stirred Jeff enough to see the two women and had one of the lines of the episode. “You can have the brunette, I am going to take a crack at the blond.”

What did I get Chuck into

I thought it was rather noble that Chuck wouldn’t leave Jeff in harms way. I thought it was also mature to let Jeff sleep it off in his apartment. Ellie’s prejudgment of Jeff clouded her vision on how Chuck was looking out for someone. It showed in the conversation the two had in the morning.

Ellie belittling Chuck again

Ellie continued her ill advised assault on Chuck by questioning whether Chuck had moved on from Stanford, but really Ellie. Chuck ordered a cab for Jeff and was happy to see Jeff leave. He didn’t seem interested in Jeff after he left the apartment, but of course Ellie had to get the last word in, in typical Bartowski fashion.

Lester and Morgan concerned about the states of their best friends

At the store, Chuck ran into Jeff. Chuck said pretty wild night, but not to Jeff. He said, it was a pretty standard Tuesday. As Chuck was talking with Jeff. Lester and Morgan were wondering if it was time for them to form an alliance, but Morgan stopped that dream before it got started.

Sarah made her way toward Jeff and Chuck, and asked to speak to Chuck privately, Sarah’s demeanor was quite different than usual. She had a look of concern on her face for Jeff much like Chuck. It was interesting to see.

The Carmichael wondering about Jeff While heading towards the HTR for a briefing on Chuck’s flash, Casey would inform Chuck about what Morimoto really did for a living.  He told Chuck on how he created a missile that was embedded in one of Morimoto’s satellites. Chuck would ask if Morimoto was working with Farrokh, but Casey said they couldn’t tell, However,  Farrokh was spotted outside of Atari an hour ago.

TB working on a plan for Morimoto

The team discussed how to breach security. One of the things I love about Bartowski is his propensity to  come up with plans quickly. He proved his worth in this episode. As Chuck would tell them, he had a plan.

Meet the new Nerd Herders,

Casey and Chuck make the first attempt to enter the facility. Chuck used the Bartowski special to tattoo Atari’s computer system. A virus only he would know how to fix.  However, he was quickly denied. Time to send in plan B.

While Sarah had the men drooling with her presence. Chuck and Casey make their way upstairs. Chuck feared the  second Sarah touched the computer their cover would be blown. Sarah asked what were they waiting for.

Casey and Chuck approach Morimoto’s office, and see the lock for his office wouldn’t be easy to break. Thus, Casey needed to find a new way. As Casey left, the door opened. Farrokh came out of the office and was really cool here.

A new way in to morimoto's officeFarrokh in the office

Farrokh would force Chuck into the office.  Chuck tried to get out of trouble by saying he had to fix a computer issue, and had no time to play around. Farrokh assured Chuck his time was perfect and locked Chuck in the room with him.

Chuck heard music coming from the far end of the office, and walked towards it.  Mr. Morimoto said he shouldn’t be here. As the music of the universe was playing and the song of the episode.

Morimoto told Chuck why Farrokh was after him. He said he put missile launch codes inside each arcade game. A kill screen designed only for Morimoto can achieve. As Morimoto continued to explain, Casey came in from the ceiling. Chuck turned back to Morimoto, and ask if Farrokh had the code why was he still playing. Casey saw while. The arcade machine was wired with a bomb. If he stopped playing kaboom goes the office.

Casey grabbed Chuck’s arm and said we had to go. Chuck resisted in helping Morimoto, but Casey said not this time as the two ran for the door. Casey shot the door and into the elevator. As a huge fireball was headed their way.

At Castle, Casey informed they failed to stop Farrokh from obtaining the launch code and Chuck added with killing Morimoto with it. Beckman than said the team was no longer needed for this assignment. As she was going to order an ICBM. This scene marked major character development from Sarah’s position.

Sarah questioned an order. The idea of a missile being destroyed over California was not cool with Sarah. Once Chuck learned of  the  options he was not cool with innocent people dying either. All Sarah and Chuck can do is look at each other. While Casey has made significant change, he still was willing to follow orders.

While Casey was preparing to use ICBM, Chuck went to persuade Jeff out of retirement. It was tough but Chuck was able to convince Jeff to play. He thought like a spy and manipulated Jeff into playing.

Jeff wanted a series of provisions as incentives to play. Some were M & Ms no brown, grape cough syrup, Anna in a hula skirt fanning him. All were feasible, but the last request was a bit more difficult. He wanted to play in front of his fans. Casey thought it was ridiculous, but Chuck assured him it was possible.

While Chuck was pushing Missile Command towards the center of the store, he asked Morgan for some help, but Morgan’s jealousy was resisting him. It would change once Chuck reminded Morgan about how cooler Morgan was.  Lester blasted an email for all of Jeff’s fans to come.

As they were setting up the store, Chuck glanced at the television screens and flashed as Chuck saw where the terrorists were using a television station as their method in controlling the missile. Chuck called Sarah, and she would relay the information to Casey.

Meanwhile, Casey was prepping for destroying the satellite. Sarah told him she was heading to the station. Casey asked Walker who she would trust more a burn out beating some video game or an Air Force ICBM. For the first time in the series, Sarah voiced her alliance with Chuck. “I Trust Chuck.” A breakthrough of sorts. Sarah is going against the grain and working with Chuck.

I trust Chuck Sarah wasn’t reserved like she was in this scene,

Her eyes aer beginning to tear with the thought of losing Chuck

Sarah was empathic “I trust Chuck”….One of Sarah’s strongest scenes to date, and it also has to do with her conversation with Ellie. Everyone seemed to doubt Chuck and Sarah was tired of it and stood up for him.

What transpired next was one of Chuck’s best action sequence. Jeff fainted from the pressure of playing, and it was left to Chuck to play the game.  He failed the first attempt, but when a fan wearing a Rush shirt said he sucked. Chuck flashed, and remember what Morimoto said. The music of the universe.

Sarah took on 5 guys in the station by herself. one by one each went down. When she reached the control board. Farrokh was sneaking up on her and he to suffered the wrath of Sarah.

Chuck was dominating the game as he was listening to Tom Sawyer, and he was able to reached the kill screen. He called Sarah and told her the code sending the missile home. Sarah was very impressed and happy Chuck proved the world wrong. A hero in her eyes and that’s all that matters.

Happy Sarah

As the video game exhibition came to an end, Big Mike was furious over the mess in the story, but congratulated Bartowski. Furthermore, Mike said Emmett Milbarge would be staying on as the new Assistant Manager.

Emmett said, This branch was sick and needed to be cured. and was standing in front of Chuck as he was saying it. After the meeting, Chuck talked with Jeff. He asked Chuck about the kill screen, but Chuck didn’t reveal too much.

We come to a very important point in Chuck and Sarah relationship. A term in the book “Unpacking Chuck by G. Walter Bush” blossoming relationship. Sarah went to work on getting Chuck his degree. As I mentioned above, She was going to help Chuck after Ellie trashed her brother.  Casey also showed no faith in Chuck, which made Sarah no longer hold her tongue.

Sarah getting Chuck his degree

Standing next to Chuck, she slips a bit. Something Chuck caught on. “See the star way out there….its burning Chuck, make a wish it’s yours.” As she is saying it she holds a pause for a few seconds.

A pause from Sarah, Sarah is ready to commit

The episode’s events had made Sarah fall for him more. When everyone doesn’t see what she sees. A hero, Sarah’s hero….

 The second song of the episode was Grand Archives’s Sleepdriving

Overall Thoughts on Tom Sawyer

Great stand alone episode, and it would be the best if we didn’t get the Casey and Sarah centric episodes, but we did. Especially what will follow as we enter the Jill Roberts portion of S2.

Sarah and Chuck leave this episode better characters in my view. They take command of their situation and come out on top. Sarah is a hero in normal life because she went to bat for Chuck not only personally by getting Chuck his degree, but “I trust Chuck” is a major breakthrough.

Well, next episode is Chuck vs The Ex on our road to 91

Hope you enjoyed your holiday as Chuckaholics rewatch is back…..

Remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play and remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t





















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