Chuck VS Sarah and Chuck VS Goodbye: Why can’t I getover?

These two episodes or Season 5 in general kinda hard to watched mostly to Chuck fanatics.
Given that these season is the end of our fave series and also how the writers formulate its ending.
Last 2 episodes been bugging me and always creating a hole in my heart everytime i am watching it.
I’ve watched it million times so that I can see a silver lining or what my friends point of view to it but it always brought tears and pain in my heart.
According to my friends, they love that season and the writers do the ending with justice. I am not against to it, we can see the parallelism and connection of it from the Pilot episode and they did a good job.
The question here is why many of the fans feel unease or wants a Chuck movie? BIG SIGH.
For me, everytime I’m watching it, it felt like I had a breakup with a boyfriend with NO CLOSURE. I dont know how or where to begin again.
It is indeed a frustrating episodes. Possible that I am not a fanatic of an open ended or my imaginations are not that classy or wild or I am too attached with Chuck.
Here’s my sentiments/arguments that I can’t deciper:
> Obviously love moves in mysterious way. It is true that love or showing of love is unique in each relationship and situation but come on, we watched their lovestory
and eversince, Chuck always the one who chase Sarah. Yeah, yeah, yeah it is NOT ENOUGH that Sarah opens her heart to Chuck. I know she is an agent and habits die hard.
But she’s been with Chuck for 5 years, not 24/7 but mostly. Its true, Sarah has moments showing love to Chuck:
> Season 1(Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami, when Sarah kissed Chuck when she thought they’re gonna die);
> Season 2(Chuck Versus the Best Friend, Colonel,the Broken Heart and Lethal Weapon);
> Season 3(obviously she admits here that she love Chuck and willing to giveup being an agent);
> Season 4(they got married and the Phase 3 part)
> Season 5(willing to have a family with Chuck).
Yes, above arguments are true and can explain Sarah’s undying love with Chuck and also indeed a big leap if you are an agent but hold your horses Chuck’s mostly do the efforts in penetrating heart of Sarah.
And it is so frustrating that even in the end, Chuck will do the same thing again since Sarah lost her memory. I know what mind forget, heart remembers but Sarah is an agent. As what John Casey said, she’s
wild and dangerous and only think what her superior gave to her. So, it feels like a never ending chase. Thus Chuck movie is indeed needed badly or i need someone to enlighten me.


  1. While I totally agree with you that the ending left me feeling like there was a huge hole left where a happy ending was concerned, I did see hope. What I hated most was the ambiguity of it all. The writer’s insane notion that it was “cool” that Chuck and Sarah get to fall in love all over again was folly at best. Yes, Sarah’s memories aren’t lost, just suppressed, but the reality is she still doesn’t remember most of their lives together. She doesn’t at this point even know the significance of that stretch of beach. At best, she has remembered random things from five years prior. And it wasn’t dealt with honestly, or realistically. Plus, the “magic kiss” would have done nothing more than made me angrier, because it would have been a total cop-out. They had 13 final episodes to do justice to the ending, but instead they chose to “leave it up to the fans” to Imagine a happy ending. That isn’t my job.

    • I think there will always be 2 distinct camps on the finale, with those that don’t like it outnumbering those who are OK with it. My contention is that there is never a good way to end a series …someone will always be disappointed with it. Even if they had extended the finale to include Sarah getting her memories back (which is the question most burning in people’s minds), you are still left with what happens in the future. Now, by no means am I endorsing a finale that includes amnesia, because that is, and of itself, is the most amateurish bit of writing anyone can come up with. But even if Chuck restored her memories, we still don’t know if they have kids, if they start an anti cyber-terrorism company, if they move into the white house with the red door, etc. The fans will ALWAYS have to complete the story in their minds. The only way to avoid that is to have the little storylines added as the credits are rolling. But then this would end or severely hamper any future movie or mini-series, so I’m not sure I’d be happy with that either !!

      I can’t tell you how to handle the finale…. everyone looks at life differently. How important is the past to a relationship ? In real life, the past is not very important to a lot of people, or their relationships would last a lot longer than they actually do. Chuck and Sarah’s past was fraught with some very traumatic and nasty issues …it might be a good idea not to have those memories to dredge up !! Having been married for over 30 years to someone I’ve known for over 35 years, the past is not as important as the present and the future. Time and age have a way of changing our perspective. (It might be one of the reasons I don’t watch Chuck in the evening anymore… the most beautiful woman I want to think about before I go to sleep is my wife…not Yvonne !! 😉 )

      For me, I was OK with the finale….not thrilled, but secure in the knowledge that ( in my mind ) this couple would be together forever. Reading Unpacking Chuck gave a fresh set of eyes to the final scene, and there was even more to reassure me.

      But that’s just me….I’m an optimist !!

      • GM; I’m an optimist as well and, I get it. I agree that the past isn’t as important as the present (and the future) but, it does play a part in shaping those periods of existence. And, in Sarah’s case, not knowing the past, or at least the last five years of it, play a huge role in shaping her future. As someone who lost memories due to a mild stroke a few years back, the not knowing (or remembering) some past events, especially some major ones still bother me. Do you go on with life? Absolutely; but you still are nagged with the loss of knowledge. It’s like being on a drunk, and having to be told what you did. The loss of control. Sarah, who, by nature like to be in control, has to be feeling all of this, and more. And none of this was addressed. I have said many times that I have no doubt that they (Chuck and Sarah) wind up together, but there just wasn’t enough time to pursue any of this. This storyline should have been introduced much earlier in the season (or not at all) to give it more time. You’re right we absolutely have to imagine the future, but the ambiguity at the end I will never accept. I was there at the beginning, and I was there at the end, and I will always feel cheated. That’s just me.

    • I totally understand. And since Zac and Yvonne weren’t thrilled with the ending ( although the acting was brilliant ), I understand the way it can consume people. I can’t let it go there !!

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