gallery Rewatch Week Nineteen: Episode Six Season Two: Jill Comes to Town

Chuck vs The Ex

We have come to episode six of season two as tug along on our way to 91 episode, and an ex shows up to ruffle the feathers in Burbank.  This time it would be Sarah’s turn to deal with Chuck and his ex. Jill Roberts came to Burbank with an impactful moment, which will help strengthen Sarah’s feelings for Chuck.

Jordana Brewster made her Chuck debut in this episode as Chuck’s ex girlfriend.  How will Sarah react this? Let’s find out.

Main Story

The episode begins with a return to Chuck’s days in  stanford. Chuck in Buymore green makes a trip on his break to visit Jill. Two students passed Chuck and reminded him as the guy who cheated.

He walked up to Jill’s dorm, and asked her friend if they could talk. The friend really didn’t like Chuck, and tried to protect Jill from speaking with her, but Chuck persistence paid off.

Jill comes to the window and reminded Chuck it’s over between them. Chuck in a very charming way said “When you mean it’s over, You mean this discussion is over.” Her friend returned to the window and told Chuck about Jill and Bryce being together.

Chuck only could muster was a “Is it true?”  Jill just looked at him and apologized. The episode shifts back to present time, and Chuck was seen sitting in the Nerd Herd station.

In midst of listening to his Jill playlist, Emmett approached the desk, and interrupted Chuck’s  stroll down memory lane. He informed Chuck of a service call at the Sheraton Conference Center.

The song of the episode played during the opening scene

Iggy Pop’s pumping for Jill played.

While at the bio convention, Chuck was finishing up his call when he saw a ghost from his past appear behind a big convention sign. Chuck initial reaction was to hide under the table. Jill approached the table, She asked if there was someone in charge of tech support . The gentleman said under the desk much to the dismay of Chuck.

Chuck sees JillHolu Crap moment

The reunion of was bitter sweet. Jill was happy to see Chuck Bartowski. She had all smiles and pleased to have bumped into her ex boyfriend. The bitter part comes from Chuck’s end.

He proceeded to take off his Buymore badge, and claimed he was working high end merchandise. He owned several stores throughout the region. It impressed Jill, but the reunion was short lived as Jill’s boss Guy LaFleur came into the picture. The presence of Guy made Chuck flash, which meant one thing for Chuck. He would have to dig into his painful past once again. Guy LeFleurRequainting with his EX

As Jill walked away with her boss, Jill insisted Chuck to meet up with her for some coffee. Chuck knew he was going to have to go with his flash, so Chuck put on a smile and dance for her.

In Castle, Beckman would inform the team about  Chuck’s flash. Beckman explained Guy’s connection with bio weapons, and instructed  Chuck to reconnect with Jill.  The mission would require Chuck to find out her involvement and smoke out the risk.

Chuck instantly tried to wiggle himself out of going out with Jill again, but like Chuck vs Alma Mater, Chuck was going to be forced to deal with his past again. Sarah understood Chuck’s gripe with her dealings with Cougars earlier in the season.

I lost my mojo
I will make you look good, Chuck You have done a lot for this country, and we (1) will make you look good

Sarah usually reserved for post briefing pep talks. Quickly, asserts herself by assuring Chuck they would make him look good. Later, Casey would inform Chuck they spent a lot of taxpayers dollars in making him look good on his date with Jill

The agency gave Chuck a Ferrari, in which he struggled driving the vehicle and left it about a half a block away from the restaurant’s entrance.

When Chuck entered the restaurant, Casey greeted him in an interesting attire. A soul patch to boot. Great disguise. As they all are walking the floor. Everyone greeted Mr. Bartowski like he was a regular with big pockets.. Chuck whispered “Is everyone in here CIA.” Casey said “Of course.”

A retro John Casey

When they reach the table where Chuck and Jill would be eating, Chuck slapped Casey across the face, which I laugh every time I see this scene. it reminds me of a scene in S4

Sarah comes to the table dressed in waiter attire and black hair. She asked them if they would like some wine. Completely ignoring Jill in the mean time.

Waitress Sarah

This is an important scene because this would mark the first time the two ladies cross paths. The Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski connections come full circle now.  However, Sarah doesn’t become personally entangled until Chuck brought her in with a familiar name which was Bryce Larkin.

As Chuck and Jill were getting comfortable, Chuck didn’t take long in bringing up the past. He told her he didn’t steal the tests. Jill assured Chuck it didn’t matter at that point, but to Bartowski it did. He was seeking closure on Stanford.

This scene was a tone setter for what this arc would be about. In essence, Chuck was going to seek answers and the talk he wanted to have in 2003, but Chuck lost his composure when he brought Bryce in the conversation,which didn’t go well for either woman listening to Chuck whine about Larkin.

It also brought Sarah into this story because of her past relationship with Bryce. The connection would draw an expression out of Sarah as well. As Chuck was spiraling, Sarah went to make the save. He needed to be reminded he was on mission again.

Sarah informed  Chuck there was a phone call for him up at the bar. Once at the bar, Sarah told him he had to think like a spy first, but Chuck felt Jill owed him an explanation for breaking up with him. Casey quickly informed him  about Jill’s constitutional right to dump him.

Chuck became nasty when he told Sarah this

Chuck: I’m not like you, Sarah.
I can’t turn my emotions on and off like some robot.
I’m sorry, that was uncalled for.
I’m not acting like myself tonight.

While he did apologize,  sometimes anger make someone speak bitterly honest. Chuck wasn’t wrong, but the way he said it startled Sarah, and it wasn’t over.

As Chuck went back to his table, he assured Jill the old whiny Chuck was Kung Fu’d at the bar, Jill said she was glad, and she also liked this Chuck Bartowski better. If Bryce’s name coming up was an issue, Jill saying she liked this Chuck wasn’t anything to marvel about either for Sarah.

Jill looking dashing I like this Chuck bartowski better Sarah didn't like what she heard

I once brought up Hard Salami as it fits the scene perfectly. Sarah takes ownership of Chuck seriously. If we learned anything from her experience with Lou. Sarah has jealousy issues and they may not have a real relationship, but Sarah doesn’t want to share either.  The cover masking her real feelings often reaches the surface for the viewer to see.

Sarah saying she wants to go in
Sarah not happy with this mission.

Sarah 's expression of sufferingLike a snake, Sarah was waiting for her opportunity to strike, and when Stavros threatened Chuck, she impulsively jumped the gun.

Sarah claiming Chuck as her own

The difference between Hard Salami and this episode was where Sarah was . Sarah was the waitress and had to stand there and listen as another woman was getting intimate with her Chuck, and once Jill said “She liked this Chuck Bartowski.” Sarah’s expression was similar to this one.

Sarah didn't like what she heardSarah's reaction to hearing Lou was his girlfriend

Chuck and Jill leave the restaurant, and Chuck was starting to ask about Guy’s work. Jill was reluctant in exposing what they were doing, but Chuck insisted Jill about trusting him.

Jill began to explain what she was involved in, but Jeffster showed up and spoiled Chuck’s mojo. Jeffster also would spill the beans on Charles’s real job sending his former girlfriend into the night for lying to her. too bad you chouldn't get a degree in BSChuck trying to convince Jill to stay failed.  Chuck glanced at Jeffster and said “Just go home.” and they drove off knowing they screwed up Chuck’s night.

Ellie’s Position on Jill Reunion

Ellie being a big sister

Ellie usually comes across as an overbearing big sister, but in this episode I saw her side of things. Ellie picked up the pieces of Chuck’s heart, well the remaining pieces that is.

When Chuck decided to confide in his sister, and tell her about going out with Jill. Ellie immediately told him it was not a good idea. I understand her take. Ellie also has grown to love Sarah, and sees the blond bombshell as perfect for her brother.

She made it known several times on the differences between Sarah and his Stanford friends which includes Bryce and Jill.  So, when Chuck was eating breakfast the big sister had several questions about the date.

Chuck told her poking around in his past was not the best decision he had made. Ellie started by saying maybe she overreacted, and getting closure was good for him to move on with Sarah.

Back to the main story, Chuck feeling bad about how things ended with Jill made an unannounced trip to Jill’s hotel. He paid a visit to his handlers, who was startled by his presence, especially Sarah. While Casey and Sarah were discussing how to replace the malfunctioning bug in Jill’s room  Chuck had no quarrels in bringing up the bug.

There are several key moments in this scene, in which Sarah’s female intuitions came into play. more on that during the scene.

What are you doing hereCasey didn’t ask what he was doing here, Sarah did. Her expression said as much.

Chuck came in pieceSarah explain Jill has not left her roomSarah expression after Chuck's williness to bring up bugSarah gives Chuck the new bug, and up to Jill’s hotel room goes Chuck. The first step would be to get inside, and after the night before it would be a mission in itself.

Chuck being in a hotel room with his ex was difficult for Sarah as well. She knew why Chuck was there. His eagerness to bring the bug up to Jill’s room set off alarms in Sarah’s head. As Chuck approached Jill’s room. Sarah showed personal interest in this situation. Lucky for her, she would get to hear everything.

Chuck: Okay, well, then, I’ll do all the talking.
I know this may come as a shock to you, but I’m here to do something totally crazy and tell you the truth.
I still work at the Buy More and, uh, I still live with my sister, and I still have no idea what I’m doing with my life.
I guess I just wanted you to think I was someone special, so in order to accomplish that, I went out and got a new suit and rented a car that I clearly have no idea how to drive, because from the second I saw you again, I knew that I hadn’t gotten over you yet, Jill.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sarah was now involved personally, and the very feeling she was enduring was something Chuck knew too well. For two episodes Chuck had to endure the pain of working with Bryce.

Chuck's reaction to see Bryce back in townSarah and Bryce back together

Jill annoyed with Chuck’s underselling himself made her voice known. A lot of Chuck fans don’t like Jill because of what she did to him in the forthcoming episodes and back in Stanford. For the new people, Jill generally still has feelings for Chuck. If she didn’t she wouldn’t of gotten angry when she found out Chuck lied. She had pain in her eyes as Chuck stabbed her about the past as well.

So, in between minor whiplash and leaving Chuck at the curb. She had a nice time with Chuck, and rewarded him with a kiss. Conscience of Sarah listening, Chuck turned off the bug. It wouldn’t be the first time Chuck did this either. When Lou was around, he took off his watch to prevent Sarah from hearing what was going on.

Jill and Chuck kiss in hotel

When Chuck returned to the van, Sarah was at the edge of her seat, she jumps up as the door opened, and immediately asked what happened? Her face couldn’t be seen from Casey’s position, but you can tell Sarah’s what happened wasn’t about the mission.

Where have you beenWhat happened up there When Chuck said he turned off the bug, Sarah’s initial reaction was “Why would you do that?”

Sarah hoping what she thinks happen
The balancing act of one’s feelings can get difficult. 

While Sarah is hurting from the news, it shouldn’t be such a shock to the system for her. After all only a year ago, her ex planted one on her as well. At least Chuck had the respect to turn off the bug. Sarah allowed Bryce to not only kiss her, but in Chuck’s bedroom no less. A hard pill to swallow for sure.

The problem of course wouldn’t be the kiss. It’s what he said afterwards that hurt Sarah.

Chuck: She kissed me.
No spy stuff, no lies, just me.

Chuck completely in post kiss mode, clearly forgot who he was talking too.  As Sarah’s eyes water and pain fell across her face. Lucky for her, Chuck saw an assassin on the monitor heading up to Guy’s hotel room. The assassin’s code name was Wolf Den. Casey and Sarah went to stop Wolf Den, but they failed. Guy came crashing down on the spy van.

At Castle, Casey was asking Jill questions about Guy. She told him about what LaFleur was working on, Guy was planning on revealing his research for free.

Chuck watching Jill get questioned
She didn’t say Stalker

Jill answering Casey's questions

Casey showed Jill pictures of her and Chuck out on their date, and she asked him was Chuck involved, but Casey assured her he was not, but as Casey was ready to tell jill she was needed to make the presentation in order to flush out Wolf Den, Chuck knocked on the window.

She said Stalker Sarah
Yes, Jill said stalker

Chuck’s moral fiber in putting friends and family in jeopardy was back in play. As Casey came out of the holding cell, Chuck said they couldn’t risk harming Jill in hopes of luring Wolf Den. It was too dangerous. Casey made a valid point here. His job was to protect the citizens of the country not just Chuck’s flag pole riser. Sarah listening to the boys argue,  volunteered herself in making the presentation.

I'll make the presentation

Yvonne Strahovski was able to use her real accent in the next scene. She spoke in her Australian tone, which made her even more hotter in my opinion.

Yvonne using her real accent
Eva Anderson I presume

As Sarah began Guy’s presentation, Wolf Den came into the room, and sat down. He placed something under his chair and made a run for it. Sarah went after the baddie, but Casey was caught in the room, as the substance that was in the cannister was let go into the room.

Casey called Chuck, and told him to get Jill. He also told Chuck he didn’t care what he had to say or do just get her to come to the hotel. Chuck agreed, and went to pick up Jill.

Jill wasn’t going to help, but once Chuck said he was an agent for the CIA, and told her the virus was released at the hotel. Jill opened the door and also saw the police Chuck brought.

Chuck and Jill make their way to the hotel, and Jill asked for suits, but they didn’t have any. So, Jill was willing to go in without the suit, but Chuck wouldn’t have it. Despite his fear of needles, Chuck told her to take his blood, and he would help the people in the room.

Meanwhile, Sarah was in hot pursuit of Wolf Den, who eventually caught up to him, and shot him dead. She looked for identification and found a CIA badge on Wolf Den.

Wolf Den's ID

What transpired in the meeting room was one of Chuck’s best scenes and funniest.

Casey and Chuck kissing was comedy at it’s best. Jill saying it was ridiculous when Chuck told her about his theory. Great Stuff!!!!

Chuck eventually made the save, and came out of the hall a hero, and for that he was able to kiss the girl, but not the one your hoping for. As Sarah was clapping and happy for Chuck, Jill and Chuck looked at each other and kissed. It pretty much ended Sarah’s smiling for the moment.

Jill and Chuck share a passionate kissSarah happy to see her boyfriend come out alive and safeSarah watching Jill kiss her manBack at Castle, General Beckman went over the remaining details on Guy’s death and how it related to Fulcrum. Casey wanted to know what to do about Jill knowing Chuck’s secret. Beckman said, she didn’t want nothing to happen as she wanted to know how deep Jill was involved.

Sarah protested about using Jill in this capacity since Chuck had real feelings for Jill, but Beckman told her not to tell Chuck anything, and then we come to a key part of the episode the final minutes of the episodes.

Chuck assured Ellie most of the questions he had were answered, but let Ellie assume things were over, but as Chuck was talking his phone went off. It was Jill calling, but Ellie presumed to think it was Sarah.

The interesting part took place here, Chuck was telling Jill how his cover relationship was just that. Sarah was not his real girlfriend, and Jill said ” That’s seems very lonely, Chuck”

For the first time all series, we see Sarah listening in on Chuck’s conversation. We had yet to see Sarah act like this before. Most of the time Casey was the one listening in. Not in this episode, Sarah heard every word Chuck said.

Cover girlfriend, huh

Buymore Story

The Buymore story was actually entertaining in this episode. In the beginning of the episode, Emmett brought Big Mike donuts. After one big bite, Big Mike started choking.  They did save Big Mike, but it made Emmett require the employees to take a CPR class as a result.

Morgan, Jeff and Lester join forces as they try to cheat their way through the program. They rely on Chuck for help, but with Bartowskis dealing with his spy life, he wasn’t to be found, but he was able to find someone willing to teach CPR, and that would be Dr. Woodcomb.

Morgan, Jeff and Lester attempt to steal the written exam, but Morgan gets caught, and Ellie wasn’t too happy with Morgan holding her underwear. Great stuff!!!!

The three were able to pass the test after making Jeff swallow a pen cap in order to see how CPR and heimlich was done. Very classic Jeffster and Morgan.


Overall Thoughts on the Episode 

I admit when I first watch this arc, I was not thrilled with it at all. In fact, I skipped through these episodes in the beginning of my rewatches, but after study Bryce, Chuck and Jill closely for my feature on Jill Roberts. I have grown to love this arc more and more.

Season 3’s trapezoid was made out to be the first ever on screen trapezoid ever to be done on television, but I believe the series already did one, and the parts of the trapezoid were more intertwine in this arc than in season three.

Next week’s Rewatch  episode will be Chuck vs The Fat Lady and we will also get chapter two of the Jill Effect.

As a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers, they will be playing in the NFC Championship game with that said, the two mentioned episode and arc articles will be done later next week.

So, until next time remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play and it’s truly hard to say goodbye because we didn’t







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