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The Chuckaholics Vision Revisited

Last Year, I wrote an article titled The Chuckaholic Vision, and in this article I discussed about creating a home for Chuck fans to explore and enjoy our favorite show.

It has become a destiny for us to further that vision with an even bigger project. Our 2015 goal is branding the Chuckaholics vision by doing something will be a challenge, but could help our cause.

Chuckaholics goal will always be uniting Chuck fans from across the world, but the downside to that is there is only so much material to cover for a blog. Thus, the other night I thought wouldn’t it be cool to have a social network of our own.

We aren’t trying to knock Twitter or Facebook. They are great social media giants, and we would be foolhardy if we thought we could compete with the establish social networks, but with that said. Chuck fans deserve a home where we can stamp our passion for the show we can’t have anymore.

While Zac, Yvonne and the rest of the production all off doing other projects. The infamous Chuck Movie is on hold now more than ever, but like the fans did between seasons two and three, we could create a place call home.

How cool would that be. You’re sitting at work, and you’re on your lunch break. you could visit The Chuckaholic Project and interact with a virtual community, a family that we always envisioned.

It won’t be easy, but something worth fighting for isn’t supposed to be  Jim Duggan said it best. 

It’s the satisfaction gained from accomplishing something that means something to so many. Sometime next week Chuckaholics will make an announcement, and without spoiling it. We will be posting it on both Facebook and Twitter our ideas, and want feedback. After all this is about Chuck, and everyone that has been apart of it from the start and for those that have caught on after the show has been gone for three years.

The social network may also have a donation box, so we can donate money to Operation Smile, we would like to inform Zachary Levi of our willingness to help those in need. After all, Chuckaholics alway supports the Chuck Alma Mater’s causes.

Opening a Pandora Station for the Music of Chuck

If anyone knows how to operate Pandora please let @fedraitaly @jdmitchell51  and   or myself know about creating a station for Chuck music.

What I am talking about is a Chuck themed radio station so the world can listen to the music while doing their daily activities.

If you have any other ideas that can contribute in building Chuckaholics into a community let me know. All opinions are warranted, but opinions that are super negative please don’t waste your time. For we fully understand not everyone cares or will take part.

What we are doing caters more for the fan that eats sleeps and dreams about Chuck, and doesn’t want to also see Kim Kardashian cries for attention in the process.

Thank you for your time,









  1. Chris; you know that you have my support and never ending encouragement in continuing to grow and expand the Chuckaholics universe. I will do whatever you need to succeed in this quest. It has been a joy to watch you do your work and I admire your steadfast dedication to furthering the cause. Stay on course, you have come very far in such a short period of time. Keep on doing what you are doing my friend.

  2. Finally! Thank you christopher for making Chuckaholics! Great chance for us fans to connect…

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