gallery Rewatch Week Twenty Two: Season Two Episode Nine: Casey Deals With Betrayal

Chuck vs The Sensei

Chuck vs The Sensei is a much needed stand alone episode. A breather if you will. A great single serving bad guy is on display in this episode, and while Sarah and Chuck both went through betrayal. Now it’s Casey’s turn. This episode would also mark the second Casey Centric Episode of the series. The first was Undercover Lover from Season One

Casey’s former Sensei comes to Burbank to recruit his former student in joining him and Fulcrum. However, Casey as loyal as can be wasn’t buying.

This episode also marks the start of Chuck breaking down.  The truth is Chuck has been on the go for almost a year. He has been balancing his second life with his real one, and its beginning to take its toll. The Jill discovery put Bartowski on the brink. However, his handlers recipe of getting over it was to continue to go on missions, but the look Chuck gave will be apart of my analysis of this episode.

Sensei will also be a bonding moment for Chuck and Casey as the two bicker like school kids over what happen on mission. Sarah is left being the cool headed one in this episode. So, let’s find out who this Sensei was.

Sensei is another flashback episode, in which we get a glimpse of a character’s past. This time it was John Casey, he was sparring with his Sensei. Ty Bennett, a no nonsense type leader of his dojo. He kept using lines like “Your unfocused.”  and “until you find your calm center, you will never beat me.” Knock down after knock down Casey eventually gave to the rigorous training.

You will never beat me unless you find your calm centeryou must find your Calm Center, JohnJohn Casey listening to his Sensei

We fast forward to present day, and Emmett Milbarge is lecturing Casey about displaying his pearly whites more often. Casey was about to snap, but found his calm center in time. Emmett giving Casey the businessSarah would call Chuck to come down to Castle, and ask him what he knew about the Global Launch Agency. Chuck said “Sure, they’ve sent probes to every planet except Pluto. Although, Pluto’s not officially a planet anymore, which really bums me out.”

Casey still fuming over being lectured by Emmett jabbed at Bartowski’s inner nerd by saying “That’s true. Space camp is where all the cool kids go.”  As Beckman and the team were going over the details of their new mission, a new story was starting to develop as the theme for the next four episodes.

Chuck has been on the go since the pilot. Mission after Mission, living a double life and throw in finding out Bryce wasn’t that bad of a guy, and Jill was Fulcrum began to take its toll on Bartowski. He slipped when he said “Another mission.” His handlers weren’t really thrilled with the Intersect saying he needed time off to readjust as a result from the Jill fiasco.

Sarah suggested  a mission was something he needed in a kind gentle way, but Casey was not as gentle. “Sure thing, Chuck.
I’ll just call all the criminals and rogue spies and let them know to hold on a sec, ’cause Chuck Bartowski needs some time to sort out his lady feelings.” Casey’s anger was not what Chuck said, but a result from Emmett’s ridicule.  Chuck would inform his team he knew how to operate the security system.Chuck looking burnt out Yea sure Chuck Ill let the Rogue Spies and Criminals knowMaybe a new mission is what you kneedChuck’s frustrations would spill over into the mission, and while on live mic slipped about his dismay. Sarah would let him know she heard everything Chuck just said.

Chuck was watching the monitors but said he saw nothing, but  behind Casey and figure dressed in white zip down into the building. It was really cool, how out of no where the white ninja just plowed into Casey and took the device the team was trying to protect.  The chase was on as the ninja ran through the halls, Casey ordered Chuck to close the doors, but Chuck didn’t get it done in time as the baddie slipped through the closing doors. The chase was onCasey in hot pursuitI know him

Casey became furious with Chuck, and even more so as the baddie took out Sarah and was able to get outside the building in which Casey caught up to him. The two would scuffle, but when Casey was able to take off the baddie’s headgear off. It turned out the man was none other than his former Sensei. Casey’s stunned expression said all that needed to be said.  Casey’s sensei would drive by Chuck, and he would flash on him.

SEnsei Ty Bennett oh boy 3 Chuck flashed on Ty

Sarah came out in time to see the baddie dart off, and she asked didn’t Casey get a good look at the perp, and he said he didn’t need too, he knew him.  Now, if Casey was already angry with dealing with Emmett, throw in his former sensei was rogue, it was not the right time to be coy with Casey. Apparently, Chuck Bartowski didn’t get the memo.

At Castle, Casey is all but in a bad mood. He would ask the general why he wasn’t told about Bennett being rogue. Beckman said, Bennett was recruiting agents to join his team. Casey sounded puzzled with the thought people turned.  Sarah and Chuck were both impressed with Bennett’s resume and reputation as a sensei.

As they planned on what to do next, Casey asked the general to sit Bartowski out on this one as he felt Chuck was a liability in these kind of situation.  The remark made by Casey insulted Bartowski enough to point out how he always gets stuck in the van and flash. The war of words between the two men was alarming to Beckman and Sarah had to play referee. Chuck has been a liability What are you talking about Casey

What is interesting about this scene is all Casey, The very feelings Casey was dealing with about being betrayed was something his other teammates dealt with in retrospect. Sarah with Bryce and Chuck with Jill. It hurts and each dealt with it differently. Sarah became fragile, Chuck was destroyed and Casey was showing anger.

all traits that fit the characters well. It showed how each member of Chuck dealt with betrayal.  it’s a testament on how each character has evolved yet stayed the same.

Sarah was concerned about  her “cover” boyfriend’s morale after being benched, and needed to remind Chuck on what it feels like being betrayed.  It is one of two special moments in this episode. Sarah looking after he bfChuck looking tiredSarah  reminding Chuck about betrayal Its a special moment because of the tone and body language matching the words coming out of her mouth. Sarah isn’t acting like her agent self here. She was conversing like a girlfriend would when her man has been cut at the knees.

Earlier in the episode, Casey stabbed Ty with a pen that read Buymore on it, and I find it to be strange that Casey would do something like that, and it proved Ty wasn’t a dumbing a figured Casey was operating out of the store. The pen was mightier then the sword

Some of the baddies in the series would be awesome tacticians. Ty lured Casey and Sarah away from the Buymore so he can scout the Buymore premises was genius. He did it so he can see what his former student was up too, and his interaction with Morgan was one of my favorite scenes of the series.

First, Casey and Sarah would seek out Ty Bennett, which Casey seemed like he was preparing for an all out siege as he was packing some serious firepower. Casey bringing the heavy artilleryCasey trying to find the calm center we were privy too at the beginning of the episode even took his anger out on his Bonsai tree.  The idea behind revenge often makes a man or woman do things they aren’t accustom too.  However, Casey was rough around the edges to begin with.

As mentioned above, Ty set up Casey and Sarah as they believed this van was his, Sarah suggested for Casey to call Chuck for flashing purposes, but the angry Casey was reluctant. Casey and Sarah tracked TY's van

Eventually, Casey would cave. He called Chuck, who apparently grew some testicales as he hung up on Casey, but the showmanship would  cease as Chuck thought the team would be in trouble, Call Chuck Casey chirping I thought you said the CIA got by without a Intersect

However, this was no time for bravado as a limo approached the van. It made Casey and Sarah run for the limo. They open the passenger door to find a briefcase. The case was wired with an explosive and boom sending Casey and Sarah flying.

A bomb FLying Team BartowskiAt the Buymore, Ty came strolling into the store, and approached the Nerd Herd Desk, and asked Chuck if John Casey worked in the store. Chuck was smart enough to know that Ty obviously knew the major worked in the store. Thus, said he wasn’t here, but would check the schedule to see when Casey would be back.

Ty out smart Casey Chuck surprised to see TY in the storeThis was an impact in my view, as the man out smarted Casey. Ty already knew what he did, and we can be certain Ty recognized Chuck from the GLA.  Chuck tried to play cool, but when he left the desk. He called Casey to let him know Bennett was at the Buymore. Chuck playing coy with BennetttChuck called Casey about his former Sensei

Chuck would only get Casey’s voicemail. Meanwhile, Bennett decided he wasn’t going to wait for Bartowski to return and seeked if anyone else knew. He would walk up to Morgan, and ask if he knew where he could find John Casey, but unbeknownst to what Bennett did for living, he was rather smug to the sensei.

Ty Bennett was not pleased with Grimes attitude and was ready to snap Morgan’s neck before Bartowski made the save. Morgan not paying any mind to his surroundings I wonder if you knew where John Casey was What am i information desk Excuse me, you peseant One respects a stranger yes Morgan pipe down

Ty: Wise man always treats a stranger with respect, for he could be gazing on the face of an enemy.

Chuck returned and told Ty about Casey not returning to work until Tuesday the earliest. Ty gave Morgan one last look and walked away.  I could kil lyouChuck was finally able to reach Casey, and told him about Bennett. Casey was surprised and also told Chuck stop following Bennett because he was no match for him. Sarah was not happy with Chuck’s life being in danger. What do you mean he is at the buymoreHowever, Chuck didn’t listen and he followed him. Bennett caught Chuck and stuck him in the trunk. Casey heard everything and said he must dead already, which was not pleasing for Walker to hear. Chuck being stuffed in his second TrunkWhat would transpire next would be a game of Chicken between teacher and student with Chuck in the trunk and Sarah going crazy with the idea of potentially killing Chuck. What I love in this scene is Sarah’s expressions as the cars came closer.

Chuck is in front of us Casey stopppppBennett lost as he veered into a parked car. He jumped out of his car with Casey right behind. Sarah went to save Chuck from the trunk and relieved to see Chuck not hurt.

Sarah making sure Chuck is okCasey would catch up to Bennett, who ask Casey to join his team. When Casey refused, Bennett said he always knew Casey wasn’t good enough for his team and swung himself to the bottom and escaped.

In Castle, the team was going over the events, and Beckman was angry with Casey,

Beckman: You’re forgetting your primary objective is protecting the Intersect.
You will remain in Castle until the mission is completed.
Consider it a cooling-off period.

Casey’s benching wasn’t going well with him, and we come two of the best scenes in Chuck. As we get a big admission from Sarah, and a special moment soon after. 

The best part of about it is these two screen cap,  Is having feelingsChuck, your so sweet

Sarah the real girlfriend is slowly chipping away, and coming out. Sarah is becoming comfortable with her feelings to extent to not mind Casey knowing she is having feelings and also putting her hand on his knowing cameras are around, and yet she also admits she could protect Chuck despite those feelings because she knows how to control them.

Sarah would tell Chuck to return to work and please don’t go down stairs. Let Casey cool down, but that didn’t work because Casey in the process of trying to escape the confines of Castle, called Chuck to help him sooth his inner lady feelings as well, but it was all a ploy as soon as Chuck came down. Casey pounced and promised Bartowski a bullet for him if he talked.

Casey was enroute to stop Bennett.  Chuck called Sarah to let her know what the Major was up too and told him to stay put, and went to assist Casey. Walker noted for not liking her partners going off alone made no exception with Casey. Sarah climbing the giantIts amazing each partner she had ends up working a mission on their own and Sarah hates it when it happens. The exception was Sarah never used a knife to the throat on Bryce or Chuck.  Sarah was able to convince Casey to let her tag along, but when they enter Bennett’s dojo Chuck was waiting for them and so was the sensei’s men. Why are you here ChuckChuck caught

Ultimately,  Casey and Bennett square off, but the first round Bennett clearly had the upper hand, However, Master Bartowski stepped in, 

That would mark the end of Team Bartowski for this episode.

Buymore Story

One thing about Emmett, he is very smart man. He isn’t like Big Mike just eating a box of donuts and taking naps. He is out there and running the Buymore. He allows Morgan and Jeffster believe they are ahead, but really Emmett knew every move. Employee of the month

Emmett would instill a employee of the month competition, in which the winner would have his photo next to the CEO of the Buymore. Upon hearing about this, Morgan advised Jeffster to do the opposite of what Emmett wanted. He told them there wouldn’t be a price other than a photo on the board.

Jeffster and Morgan worked together to ensure they were not going to fall for Emmett’s campaign. However, Emmett one up them.Buymoria plotting

Devon came to the buymore with his parents and Ellie for some wedding gift shopping. Devon would ask Lester if he know where Chuck was, but Lester in true fashion asked Devon would it be more fulfilling if he went and found Chuck himself, but after one stare from Devon Lester cave, and said his attitude was for some stupid store competition.

Emmett would eventually bring the trio of misfits into his office and i find this scene funny. Emmett is asserting his authority and Morgan said, “You can’t do that.” after Milbarge said he would make Jeffster and Morgan close on Saturday nights for the next two months. Lester said, but its my Shabbat, and Morgan also said it was date night, It was very funny scene.

The three ended up doing everything and anything. While Lester and Morgan got where Emmett was coming from, Jeff struggled when he, yelled at a customer for only giving him three stars.

Emmett  would end up getting the last laugh when he revealed Skip won the competition and not only had his picture next to Finkelstein, but for only one time a 65 inch plasma television. It angered Jeff as they immediately turned to Morgan on being wrong about the prize being pathetic.

The Woodcombs Make a Surprise Visit

Last Episode, the Woodcombs said they were coming for Thanksgiving which sent Ellie through the freak out zone. This episode the parent showed up unannounced.

Morgan Fairchild played, Dr Honey Woodcomb, and Bruce Boxleitner, played Dr Woody Woodcomb.  They came to Burbank on the read eye, and Ellie seemed to be overwhelmed by the Woodcombs inserting themselves into the wedding planning. 

Honey had already picked out Ellie’s dress and was telling Ellie what she would need on her registry. The pressure from the Woodcombs seemed to reach its peak at dinner. As Ellie flipped out in front of everyone including Sarah. Ellie's gripe

What we learned wasn’t the Woodcombs passion for the wedding. What bothered Ellie was the fact her own father wasn’t going to be walking her down the aisle. A building block for the last part of season two.

Chuck promised Ellie he would find their father in time for the wedding. Great moment between Ellie and Chuck. A great brother and sister moment.

Overall Thoughts on Sensei

Great moments by everyone in this episode. In particular the stars. Ellie, Sarah, Casey and Chuck come out great in this episode. Sarah showed her feelings are true with her admission to Casey.

Ellie cracked about not having her father around and Casey learned what it means to be betrayed. Chuck was the glue who tried to help everyone the best he could. Its great character building.

Next episode would mark another stand alone episode, and this time Gary Cole will make an appearance as he will portray Jack Burton. The con man will visit his former con daughter turned CIA agent Sarah Walker. It will be the second Sarah’s Centric episode season that will have two great scenes for Charah.

until then Chuckaholics is your toy, so play and remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t

#Chuck vs The Delorean is the next rewatch article.



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