gallery Chuck vs The Ring II: Season Three Finale

We have finally come to the end of Season Three, and while one story ends another begins to preview on whats to come. This episode would mark the end of the battle between Chuck and Shaw at least for now and we will explore the benefits of Shaw on the overall landscape of Chuck.

Ellie and Chuck will have a discussion about his new job. While I understand Ellie reasoning for what she will say, I don’t like what she did. More on that when we come to it.

What the Ring II will provide is a much smarter Team Bartowski, and while going after Shaw blinded was a very rash decision. This time around they execute a plan that worked great, and showed just how great Chuck is at his new job.

Jeffster gets to do something they dreamed and burn down the Buymore well at least they think they did. We also see the early stages of Alex and Morgan’s relationship as Casey discovers Morgan has his daughter’s phone number. Be careful Morgan his bite will hurt.

let’s put the final touches on Season Three until we meet again during our rewatch. 

We began with where we left off from Chuck vs The Subway. Ellie was following the truck in which Chuck and his team was in. Ellie still freaking out from witnessing her father’s murder. Frantically.  calls Devon to tell them she lost them. Ellie worried about Chuck

Ellie then would have a flashback to the days when Chuck and her were kids. She thought of the time when her father asked her to protect Chuck. no matter what. Something that would be the very reason Ellie has been so tough on Chuck. It came from the promise to her father. You have to protect ChuckYoug Ellie

All the fuss was about how Chuck broke their mother’s charm bracelet. Ellie was so mad, she went chasing after Chuck. The commotion would disturb Orion from working. Something Orion did not seem to like, but he did take the time to teach them about nothing in this world was broken if the two worked together.He would send his son to get art supplies to try and fix the bracelet. It prompted Orion to ask Ellie to protect Chuck.

We return to present, and Ellie with tears in her eyes was trying to reach Devon, and inside the truck Chuck’s team was trying to pick up his spirits saying what happen to his father was not his fault.I lost them Devonits not your fault

Here is where you feel for Chuck. He was reflecting on everything that had happened over the course of the season. He blamed himself because he was the one who downloaded the 2.0 after his father worked so hard to get the original out, and he realized now what it cost his father. The impact of Chuck's decision to download 2.0

Casey would ask who was going to get them out of this one. Chuck asked, who even knew where they were. The truck came to a stop suddenly.   The truck stopsWhile the team prepared for Shaw’s next move on the other end of the tunnel was the crown vic as Devon and Morgan were in position to help Team Bartowski.  Devon called Ellie to inform her they found Chuck.

Ellie said these were the people that killed her father, and they were going to do the same to Chuck. Devon said they were on it. He would turn to Morgan hoping he had a plan, but Grimes was empty. We need a plan to stop themShaw came to the back of the truck, and open the door. He opened the gate and threw keys into the cell. He told them to uncuff themselves. It had to look like they were trying to escape. The team sees the keys It has to look like an escapeDevon and Morgan were arguing on what to do, but remembered they were in Casey’s car. They look through the glove department and found a gun in their. Devon picked it up, but refused to use it as he took an oath to save lives not take it. A gun for good useSuddenly, Devon pushed a button and on the window a target locator appear as if it was taking aim at something. The boys got nervous and then pressed the red button. I guess they never watched Men In Black, you never touch the red button.

The target moved across the window and became red. Suddenly, the vic’s grill came down and near the left headlight a missile was launched and went flying into the truck sending everyone flying including Shaw. Missle on the wayDamge doneSending Shaw flyingDevon came to the back of the truck, and asked if everyone was alright. Casey just looked up and acknowledge and went back down.  Devon checking in on TBShaw woke up from the blast and stood up, and he saw the team escaping. He picked up his gun and was ready to open fire on them. Chuck waiting to get into the Vic saw Shaw, and tried to flash so he could respond, but the flash was too much causing Chuck to wince in pain. Sarah told him not now and to get into the car.  Shaw is still alive you used my missle Chuck sees Shaw Shaw back on his feet Chuck flashingChuck in painSarah seeing Chuck in painGet into the car

Casey was flabbergast on how Morgan and Devon used his missile. Morgan cut the colonel off by saying we can talk about it later.  They speed off while Shaw began to fire his gun at them. Shaw shooting his gunAfter surviving their ordeal with Shaw, Team Bartowski, Devon. Morgan and Ellie all come together. Ellie jumps out of her car and rushes to the waiting arms of Chuck. This would be the first time since their father’s death they would embrace. A very touchy moment for the Bartowski siblings. There was a funny line from Casey in this scene. 

Ellie saddenedSibling embrace

The group were talking about what would be their next move. Chuck suggested they do what Orion wanted and that was get off grid for a while. All of the group were on board, but Ellie was not willing to give up their lives. She was a normal person and her father was murdered, Ellie would turn to her brother and said “our father”. She was set to call the police, but Casey took the phone citing they would track the call. What do we do nowWe do what Orion wanted us to doEllie doesn't want to give up our livesWe do not live off gribs, we are regular people our father, ChuckGet out of the car Chuck Whats happening

Ellie fed up with the whole thing went to her car. Chuck would follow suit and get in the car with Ellie, but Ellie didn’t want him in  the car until Sarah came asking what was happening. Ellie asked Sarah if her husband was safer with her. Sarah said yes, Ellie would say good cause she needed to have a discussion with Chuck. As they drove away, Casey had pretty funny line. “Two Bartowskis…double the fun.”

Chuck and Ellie have a much needed conversation. One that does not end well for both Chuck and Ellie. It’s rather disturbing to watch what Ellie does in this scene. First, she said she was upset because she was the last to know Chuck’s big secret, and after she asked what would be the next thing they do. We get a very bad situation turn even uglier.   

It’s a conversation that I was surprised by the result. After Chuck told her about how great their father was and when Ellie said what should they do next. He said they were going to take down Shaw and The Ring, and then the bombshell.

Ellie: Okay. And then you’re done.

Chuck: What?

Ellie: As a spy, this-this life, this job.
Chuck, I made a promise to protect you, and I can’t do it, not from this. So you finish it, and then you’re done.

Ellie, I can’t We are all that we have left, Chuck.
And I’m not gonna lose you, too.

Taking in account what Ellie has gone through over the last few hours makes one think she was reacting to what she had seen. The ugly part of seeing people being killed, but what Shaw did wasn’t usually what spies do. Shaw was acting on a vendetta, but in Ellie’s defense she didn’t know this all she saw was her father being murdered.

She didn’t know anything for that matter. All of this was new and very scary. Ellie was pretty much like Sarah in which she needed to control everything, and now that we know the promise she gave to her father. This new job Chuck had was something she wouldn’t be able to protect him from, but then again she also wanted Chuck to do something with his life, and he was doing that. Some would argue on how Chuck’s job was a lot more important then what Ellie did. He was protecting the country so Ellie could practice medicine.

Ellie giving Chuck the ultimatum was based on selfishness and a reaction towards the events that just transpired. For three years, she wanted Chuck to do something with his life, and the minute she finds out she told him he couldn’t do it. However, Chuck being the brother he needs to be agreed to her demands.

Chuck goes over the plan with Ellie. Stay off the gird use only cash

There was the first peg of the finale, Chuck being forced to quit the CIA by his sister. They return home and Chuck gives instructions to Ellie about staying off grid and only to use cash. Ellie asked if Morgan was coming with her, but Chuck said he was apart of his spy team. He said Morgan was taking Casey’s daughter off grid as well. Ellie was surprised to hear Casey has a daughter, but Chuck said she had to get moving.

As Chuck watched his sister walk away, he knew it was time to take down the RIng. He walks into Casey’s apartment, and Casey locks down his apartment. He asked Chuck what he was doing, and Chuck was using his tech skills to hack into the security system and was able to locate the cell Beckman was being held in. 

This was well done in my view. They didn’t go straight for the throat this time. They came up with a plan. Something Orion was trying to tell them in Subway, but was ignored.Chuck working on finding BeckmanFor once Team Bartowski allowing Chuck to use his nerdiness

What stands out in this scene is Casey and Sarah not getting in the way of Chuck and his Nerd Herd skills. The last few times when Chuck had the opportunity to showcase his skills, he was denied by his team. it was rather refreshing to see.  Chuck working his magicNo beckman its Chuck

When he found her, he opened a connection. He let Beckman hear his voice, and she was very happy to hear from Chuck. He told her they wanted to take down the ring but didn’t know how to do it. Beckman would tell them about a joint summit taking place which included major players in government, but it was a front for spies meeting with spies.

Beckman climbed up to the video feed, and said the five elders would be attending the meeting. When Beckman said the five elders would be attending the conference and that Shaw was trying to take her place as the lead. Casey said, it makes sense that the elders would be present then. In other words, the Ring and Shaw were in midst of a Coup D’ETat.

One other thing to mention before we move on. When Beckman said, Elders it made Chuck flash a lot of data, which was very painful for him enough for him to bend over in front of his team. Sarah was starting to worry for Chuck now, and the rest of his team as well. Could Chuck hold up to complete this very dangerous mission they were about to face?A  coup D'tatThe five elders will be thereChuck flashing on the eldersCasey showiing concern for ChuckA lot of DataSarah worried about Chuck

They would lose the feed to Beckman’s cell, and decide its payback time only the best spies could handle. Morgan said, Chuck you’re embarrassing me. They all look at Morgan and shaked their heads.

I want to take a minute to discuss the suddenly very quiet Sarah Walker. Since Chuck flashed, she was just staring at Chuck as he assumed control of the team. She wanted to know what is really wrong with Chuck, and its has to do with not understanding what is going on with him. Chuck has given enough information to not worry her, but with Dr. Dreyfus’s report being read to her. She wanted to know the complete truth like a girlfriend would want to know, but Chuck coaches them up by saying we need to be the best spy team we can be. They had no choice, but to take down Shaw.

All of them agreed it was time to get some pay back. They came up with the idea to have Chuck disguise himself as a Russian. Sarah would asked Chuck could he handle that. Bartowski exerting confidence claimed he played  Perchik in Fiddler. Morgan echoed his best friend’s sentiment by saying he was really good. Zac in disguise

The song in this scene is one of my favorites from Chuck,   It’s an awesome song by Wolfmother  A bonny and Cluede team

The plan was for Chuck to bump into Shaw, and act if the two never met, and in doing so plant a cellphone on him. They check in for conference, and Sarah zeroed in on Shaw. She alerts Chuck, and Chuck’s expression said it all.    

Chuck spots Shaw

Casey and Morgan make their way into the server room, and Casey complained on why he had Morgan for this assignment, but  gives Morgan some help in climbing up to the servers so they could locate Shaw’s room, but in the midst of helping Morgan a piece of paper comes flying out of his pocket. Casey noticed and picked it up. When he opened the paper, he saw Alex’s number on it. Casey wanted know why Morgan had his daughter’s phone number. Casey sees Alex's number in Morgan's pocketThere was no response from Morgan just yet. Fear for his life was the genuine feeling Morgan had at this point. Morgan is in troubleMorgan and Casey were able to locate Shaw’s room, which was 752. Chuck went up the stairs in the direction of Shaw and pumped into him dropping a cell phone in his pocket. Shaw meets Yuri WAtching Shaw walk awayWhile Shaw didn’t react towards Chuck at this particular moment, but he sent Justin and another agent to intercept Chuck and Sarah. Justin passed a message from Shaw stating his accent needed some work. Chuck asked if he was the one who manipulated his sister. Justin proudly said, “that’s right.”  Your're the bastard that manipulated my sisterChuck takes out Justin iwith his CaneWhat I love about this scene is the intimate moment Sarah and Chuck have. I understand the reasoning behind Chuck’s desire in keeping Sarah at a distance, but let’s be fair Sarah only wants to help Chuck and protect him from anything. Sarah wasn’t going to not take care of him, but it was time for Chuck to tell his girlfriend and potentially future wife the truth.

After Chuck smacks Justin in the face with his cane, Chuck tried to flash Kung Fu, but the pressure from the flas caused Chuck to bend over. Sarah finished the agents off and quickly came to the aid of Chuck. At this point, Sarah can’t wait anymore for Chuck to finally explain. She comes out and asked. “Can you please tell me what is really going on?”

If you have noticed in my episode articles, I have said communication was Chuck and Sarah’s biggest flaw, and here was the opportunity to comfy in her, which he does. He told her he wanted to tell her, but couldn’t get to it with everything that had happened and to not worry her, but as humans we often think whats best for the other person. We act as if an adult can’t or wouldn’t be able to handle a delicate situation like Chuck was going through, but we should really do is let the person decide on how to handle the situation. You may be surprised.Sarah finsihed off the baddiesSarah is really worried nowHow can I help you if you don't tell meChuck tells her the truthAs Chuck was explaining, Sarah’s expression goes from wanting to understand to full girlfriend when she wanted to call of the mission in order to protect her boyfriend from further injury. Chuck insisted they continue. Furthermore, if they got the governor back from Shaw. He would be fine. I can't leave you like thiswe have to finish thisThis is what happens with communication a understandingThe reason this scene is so good is because of the communication they both displayed. Chuck talking about his issues with his girlfriend, and despite her protest she has an understanding on why Chuck must go through with this. It’s the beauty of talking to one another. 

It would of been great if the two had this kind of conversation about the rules of navigate around their “cover relationship.” If Sarah communicated about her interest in the regular guy rather than make Chuck think being a spy was the only way. Prague may of never happened. Shaw preparing his speech

Shaw begins his presentation, but it doesn’t last long as a cellphone goes off. The ring tone is the song that usually plays on Chuck’s phone. Shaw looks stunned from the phone callWhere are you Chuck

Chuck: Did you know the Nerd Herd offers a wide variety of helpful hints for making your business presentations better?

Shaw: Chuck, where are you? I’m in room 752, which I believe is your room.

Chuck: Also, we are well aware that your bosses- the Ring elders- are in the audience right now and they have got to be asking themselves, “Who is Daniel talking to?

Chuck  setting up ShawWhile Shaw was listening to the Elders part, he took out his Ring Phone and text them to leave now. Chuck Looking confident as he goads Shaw Shaw ready to alert his bossesAfter notifying his bosses, Shaw had to put the presentation on hold as he went to deal with Chuck. Meanwhile, Casey still not thrilled with the idea Morgan has Alex’s phone number continued to ask Grimes about the number.

Casey eventually grabbed Morgan’s throat and said his skin was flush, pupils dilated and his pulse was racing.  Casey, said, “You like her.” Morgan responded with “Or maybe, you’re choking me.” Y do you have my daughter's phone numberLucky for Morgan, Sarah came walking in the room. She asked if they were ready? Casey would hand weapons over to Sarah and Morgan, and Operation Payback was in full swing, but the conversation about Alex’s number wasn’t over.This conversation isn't overShaw walked gingerly into his room, and when Shaw realized Chuck was unarmed. Shaw walked in and in a very villian way claimed the fact Chuck doesn’t have a gun as being brave.  He would then ask what’s happening, in which Chuck would say he was under arrest. your under arrest no what's your planThe gamesmanship would increased here, who would blink first. Well, Shaw would ask Chuck what was the plan, and Chuck at first was letting his nerdiness hit the surface by asking Shaw if he was going to do the classic villain mistake and tell him his dastardly plan, but Chuck quickly would oblige by claiming they had no idea who the elders were. The team would let Shaw do that for them. Shaw listening to Chuck's plan Casey and Morgan got the Elders

What was funny about this scene was how Casey didn’t put any bullets in Morgan’s weapon. Sarah closed off the Elder’s escape route from atop the stairs. Walker would inform Chuck of taking down the Elders. Chuck kind enough to let Shaw know they caught his bossesWhile Chuck was growing confidence in the success of their mission, Shaw became very smug about his position as he asked Chuck who would authorize his arrest.  He would also point out that Chuck”s team was fugitives as well. Chuck would asked what about his father? Shaw would confess about murdering his father. He would admit to working with the Ring, and his plot on taking over the CIA, but while Shaw felt he still was going to walk out as a hero. You see what you did wrong

Bartowski’s expression would become somewhat of a slight grin as Chuck would reveal he set up a video conference as everything Shaw just admitted  aired in the conference room thanks to the savvy skills of the Buymore’s Nerd Herd. 

 The reaction within the conference after Chuck exposed Shaw for who he truly was torpedoed all Shaw’s plans for revenge and the chances of The Ring taking over the CIA were foiled.

Chuck would walk around the desk so he can retrieve the watch from Shaw, but Daniel wasn’t going to give it back without a fight. Shaw taunted Chuck by saying he would like to see Bartowski try and take it from him.

Chuck would try and flash, but the current was too much as Chuck bent over in agony once again. This would give Shaw an opening in which he took. He threw Chuck into a chair. He then would pick him up and pinned him up against a window. The force caused the window to shatter. Sarah would arrive in time before Shaw could inflict more damage.

Shaw would escape by using the American Flag as a slingshot and broke through the window a floor below. Shaw would not be through.

Since the rest of the episode will take place in the Buymore, let’s discuss what happened here. While Morgan, Chuck and Casey were dealing with Shaw, Big Mike would face a crisis of his own. moses finklestein calling BM

While eating his favorite breakfast from Subway, Big Mike would get a phone call from Moses, who was the CEO of the Buymore, he would give a heads up to Mike about how the shareholders wanted to close the store.

Big Mike would go and find his men he trusted the most, but as I mentioned Casey, Chuck and Morgan were indisposed at the moment. There was only two people left to help Big Mike through this mess, and unlikely pairing at that. Those two men happen to be Jeffster. Big Mike may need Jeffster's help for this one

Crazy Good
Crazy Good?

Mike would tell Jeffster about Moses calling, and the decision to close the store due to sales being down. Lester than would turn the tables on that idea suggesting to tell the most loyal customers the truth. Big Mike thought it was a brilliant idea to have a going out of business sale.  Tell the truthGoing out of business saleLater in the episode, Jeff would run into the store and inform Lester and Big Mike about the huge stay at home line being formed outside, which was music to Big Mike’s ears. Jeffster would take advantage of being in the good graces of Big Mike, and asked if they could play their first music video, which Big Mike was fine with. He told them to wait until later in the evening so they don’t freak out the customers. Music video

The going out of sale idea was working flawlessly. Morgan returned to the store, and was stunned with the sale, but not only was Morgan bother by the sale, but Mr. Mercer was furious as all the merchandise in the store was supposed to be sent to the Beverly Hills store. Things are about to pick up Chuckaholics, as we have reached the closing moments of Season Three.

Hep Me
Chuck: Help Me

In Castle, Sarah was attending to Chuck, who was in bad shape. The last flash really took its toll on him.  What would happened would be another great communication scene. 

Chuck restingSarah not use to seeing Chuck in this condition

Chuck:  Where is everyone?

Sarah: Casey’s gone to get Ellie and Awesome, and Morgan’s checking in to the Buy More.

Chuck: I promised her I’d leave. That I wouldn’t be a spy anymore.
Sarah: What? Chuck:  Ellie.

Chuck: She’s going to be so mad at me if I die.

Sarah: Hey, we’re going to get that Governor, okay? I’m going to find Shaw and I’m going to get it back, no matter where he is.

Chuck telling Sarah about his promise to EllieStop that talkWhat do you mean your quiting

As Sarah finished saying she would get the governor back no matter where Shaw was, Shaw entered the Buymore in his spy gear. Morgan spotted him first, and watched as Daniel planted explosives all around the Buymore. Shaw back in the BuymoreMorgan sees ShawShaw not happy

Morgan would look at one of the bombs, but Shaw caught him. He would use Morgan’s phone to call Sarah. He tells Sarah about how he wired the Buymore with explosives, and confidently says he only needs seconds to detonate them. He said send Chuck, Sarah agreed to it, but looked at Chuck who was sleeping and after setting of the Buymore breach alarm went to go deal with Shaw on her own.

A Pineapple kind of situation

Meanwhile, Big Mike allowed Jeffster to play their video, but weren’t able to play it as Mr. Mercer arrived. It caused Big Mike and Jeffster to flee for the home theater, when they do they talk about  how to escape without being noticed. Jeff suggested the world that should never be spoken Pineapple.

Morgan tied to a chair tried to free himself, and as he tried to get to his phone, it would fallon to the floor with him following. Morgan uses his chin to dial Casey. Morgan told Casey about Shaw being in the Buymore.  Casey ordered Morgan to pull the fire alarm, but Grimes said he couldn’t because of being tied to a chair. Casey would advise Morgan to do what he told Chuck in Suburbs. He had to break his thumbs, which Morgan does.  He walked over to the fire alarm,  but the alarm went off before he could pull it.

you don't want to kill all these people
Shaw: You’re right, I don’t want to kill all these people

It caused a huge commotion. People running out of the store. Sarah walked into the Buymore looking for Shaw, and she saw him.  Sarah sees ShawWhile Shaw and Sarah were preparing to square off, the alarm was causing a siren to go off in Castle. The sound would cause Chuck to wake up. He saw on the monitor Shaw taking Sarah hostage.  Chuck waking up to the sound of an alarmShaw handcuffs Sarah to the Nerd Herd desk, and asked her where is Chuck. Sarah tells Shaw that he wasn’t coming because he couldn’t, but that wasn’t the case because Chuck came storming into the Buymore with a gun pointing at Shaw looking really bad ass. Season three finale

The epic final encounter between Shaw and Chuck wouldn’t come down to guns. Oh, no not with the both of them having the Intersect in their heads. They challenge each other to a dual not with guns but with their intersects. The two would flash, but of course Chuck would cause damage to his brain.

It would allow Shaw to get the upper hand for the time being. Daniel started overpowering Chuck. Sarah asking Shaw to stop could be heard in the background. She was desperately trying to free herself from the handcuffs, while watching her boyfriend get pummeled. Shaw would send Chuck flying over the computer table and crashing to the floor near Sarah.

Stop it shawShaw sends Chuck flyingChuck downChuck please wake upWhile Chuck was on the floor, Sarah was begging Chuck to wake up as Shaw was lurking. Chuck would take a trip down memory lane back to the days when he was a child.

Chuck was outside his father’s office when Orion went to do something, and like most children went into his father’s office. He would look at the number of computer screens, and pressed enter. Chuck would download the prototype of the original Intersect.  Orion checking on his son

Orion would walk into the room, and found his son had uploaded all that information and had no side effects from the amount of data that entered his brain, which coincides with the theory of Chuck being special. He already had the application in his brain to begin with. Bryce’s Intersect was like opening up the application. Any IT person would tell you that you don’t delete a file completely as the application is still installed.  Chuck uploading the Intersect when he was 9 Chuck uploading Intersect as a childChuck listening to the words “you’re special, son.” when his father passed. Suddenly, Chuck was refreshed and leaped up as he said, “Sorry had to reboot.” Sarah's expression after Chuck leaped up Had to reboot Chuck whats going onWith Chuck rejuvenated the fight was really equal now, Chuck started countering Shaw’s moves and even stopped Shaw from hitting him with a pole. Sarah in the mean time freed herself from the Nerd Herd desk.  Chuck would overcome Shaw, and had him pinned against the desk. Shaw said, he had to kill him, but Chuck said na, already did that. Chuck taking controlKill meNo I already did thatChuck not going to kill him this timeShaw tried to goad Chuck by saying thats what makes him weak, but not according to Sarah, who nailed Shaw from behind with a pole. Sarah, “No, thats what makes you great.” She runs to Shaw and takes off the governor and returns it to Chuck, which worked instantly. No, it makes you greatChuck defeats Shaw againSarah returns the governorThe end of the scene finishes with Sarah and Chuck hugging each other. Sarah sees Chuck feeling better alreadyChuck feeling betterThe scene ended with a great song, 

 A tough year over

Sarah showed how exasperating this season was with one expression and honestly this was a very trying season for Chuck and Sarah the roughest of the five season.This has been a tough year

CIA crew came to clean up the store and search for the detonator. Casey continued probing Morgan about his daughter’s phone number. Sarah helped clean up Chuck, and he reminded her about what he said in Castle. He was done as a agent. He asked her could she love a normal guy, and for the first time all season. Sarah comes clean.

Sarah:  Well, I fell in love with a regular guy.

Well I fell in love with a regular guy

Its the third time in this episode in which communication was on display. Sarah told Chuck she was in love with the regular guy. The happy couple finally able to be together

Before we continue we should mention what happened with Jeffster and Big Mike. They were sitting in Jeff’s van as the three went over what should be their next move. Jeff suggested to burn down the Buymore. Big Mike had enough. He stormed out of the van saying they were crazy.

So, Morgan found Shaw’s detonator and Chuck said it best. “He’s going to drop it.”  It’s exactly what he does and it armed the bombs.Morgan found the detenatorHe's going to drop itThey all made a run for it before the bombs went off.  As they were running from the store, they told everyone to move back. The bombs exploded and the Buymore goes up in flames. Jeffster shocked by the store being engulfed in flames, they started to wonder if they were responsible for it.

The same goes for Big Mike. As he was set to put his key into the ignition. He said those crazy nerds did it. They burned the Buymore. A report would come on the television about the authorities looking for Jeffster and their connection with the fire.

Team Bartowski, Ellie, Awesome and Morgan come together to remember Orion.  They all toast to Orion being both a family man and his legacy. After they toast, Ellie asked Chuck about his spy career and if it was over. He told her it was with Sarah listening.

Meanwhile, Alex would stop by pleasing both Casey and Morgan. The protective father told his daughter to be careful of this guy he may blow up the apartment. Casey happy to see his daughter Welcome to the family AlexEveryone having a good timeMorgan pleased to see Alex tooAre you throughYes, we are doneSarah smiling and happy for the first time all season

Remember when I said while one story ends another begins. Well, Chuck’s cell phone would go off and it was a message from his father to go to his computer. There was a video from his father waiting for him, and it was his father telling him if he saw this video he was probably dead, and he wanted Chuck to do something for him.

His father said to get a pen and paper, and told him with him being dead, Ellie and him were no longer safe. There were people out there more vicious and diabolical than The Ring. He told Chuck it was time for him to learn about the truth about their family and the secrets to come out.

The reason Orion became a spy was for her.  Chuck’s new mission would be to continue his father’s work and  find his mother.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Before we put the final touches on this episode and season three. It is important to talk about the apartment scene one last time before we see this episode again for Rewatch.

The people that were in that apartment were essentially becoming a family. The components of a family doesn’t necessarily have to be blood in order for it to be called a family. These people ended up spending a lot of time together for the remainder of the series, and it all happened because of Orion and those that worked on the intersect. Whether he wanted to or not Orion was what brought these wonderful people together, and if I had a glass of wine, I would toast to that.

Sure Chuck, Ellie and Devon are family by blood and marriage, but Sarah, Casey Alex and Morgan are now apart of the Bartowski/Woodcomb family. Sarah moving into the complex also means the entire cast now lives in the apartment complex.

No more secrets, no more lies and even better no more covers. Sarah and Casey have a home with a family and friends. The handlers have adapted to playing house and the rewards are shaping the two characters for changes that both will still need to grow, but we shall get there over time.

Season Four is on deck now and we have only two more season to write about, but while we are writing about these episodes enjoy the three full seasons we have here on Chuckaholics.

The next article will be a Season Three recap follow by a Season Four preview. Two major actors are coming aboard, but more on that next time.

Remember Chuckaholics is your site, so play and it’s truly hard to say goodbye because we didn’t

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