My Favorite Sarah Walker Scenes Volume 2: No 50-34

As we begin to talk about the first sixteen images of volume two, it’s safe to say these scenes will provide an abundance of information for us to discuss. We shall break down each scene and correlate it with the real world works. The topics discussed are strictly my opinion. I always like to think outside the box because what kind of article can one write if we just take the canon as is, and not analysis the details within the scene. I have no problem with readers taking issue with my ideas, but as I said I am outside the box thinker, but with that said I enjoy writing this series and will be introducing one for Chuck at some point.

So, for the next sixteen scenes we will look into Sarah and compare her with real life human emotions. As a student of philosophy becomes the jist, I love the message conveyed by the writers as they demonstrate the rollercoaster ride of human emotions. Sometimes an actor delivers a great story with emotion and physical attributes. Scenes that don’t require words for it to be successful. For example, Sarah’s turmoil of returning to a school in which she was a target of bullying.or trying to conduct missions on her own without Chuck’s help.Chuck204-00678Chuck303-00842It’s scenes like the ones above, which help shape a character’s development. It can be altering or when writers like to play weird scientist and reinvent a character in the middle of a story. It doesn’t work when the character we grew to love isn’t the same character anymore.

#50 on this list begins with a somewhat disturbing scene, but one that should be discussed. Yvonne’s ability to show a natural uncomfortable feel delivers the true feelings of how Sarah felt about Shaw’s advances.

It seems to me when watching the Mask and most particular Shaw’s antics with Sarah. It comes off by definition of secual harrassment. There is no comradery between the two at all. The body language and attitude towards Shaw isn’t one of attraction but of annoyance. Chuck307-00294As they go over plans for the museum, the level of uncomfortability began to percolate as Shaw pretends his intentions were strictly for cover, but the smile he uses is anything but a cover or pleasant. Chuck307-00303Sarah has no emotion going on in her face to give the viewer any indication she was enjoying this, but watch as Shaw asked if they slept together. Chuck307-00312Her expression tenses up and her eyes are telling us the question was inappropriate to say the least which leads us to #50.


Chuck vs The Mask Season Three Episode Seven

Chuck307-00334I have been of the opinion Shaw and Sarah weren’t really a real relationship. This doesn’t mean the two didn’t do the nasty, but there was no organic feel them at all, but the reason I enjoy this scene is we saw Sarah show how much Shaw was acting more like a creep then a man in pursuit.  You want proof? The fact is Hannah’s approach with Chuck was far less egregious. Sarah asks Shaw why he was putting his arm around her, and Shaw uses the words Sarah used so often with Chuck “To sell the cover,” but how could that be when his hand is dangerously close to her backside?Chuck307-00335Sarah’s words coming back to bite her, but the difference between the two men was Sarah had real feelings for Chuck, her form of body contact came in the form of innocent gestures like fixing ties. Whereas, Shaw was taking advantage of a moment in which he was aggressively using the cover as means for advances from a personal level. Sarah’s expressions tell you how much she hated it. Chuck307-00336 Chuck307-00342 Chuck307-00343 Chuck307-00346

If Shaw was trying to sell a cover, Sarah wasn’t a willing dance partner by any stretch of the imagination. Sarah was not selling the cover at all at this point, but it didn’t stop Shaw nor by his actions did he care.

While Sarah didn’t enjoy this, Sarah also didn’t enjoy a moment in which a mark locked lips with her asset. Sarah shared two wonderful kissing sessions with Chuck, and even admitted to a degree how Chuck’s charms work on her. It reminds me of Chuck’s Baggage Line in a sense. First, she takes advantage of fixing his tie again as a means to touch him some more. Chuck202-00413

The moment was perfect for Sarah to slip here. They’re guards are down and the intimate surroundings brought out the words “Why not, it worked on me.” Sarah would followed by looking down realizing she just slipped. Lucky, for her Roan walked in. So, Sarah is having a wonderful time with Chuck. She is flirting and being romantic for a change. This would lead us to #49.


Chuck vs The Seduction: Season Two Episode Two


For a second time a colleague would point out Sarah’s feelings for Chuck were in fact real. Roan nonchalantly asked how long have the two been courting, but Sarah insisted she didn’t like Chuck. The conversation would turned out to be too much for Sarah as she  left the van Chuck202-00586Sarah went into the hotel to find Chuck, but Walker would find Sasha’s lips all over Chuck. Sarah couldn’t imagine  the thought of Chuck’s lips on someone else’s. It was a cover, but it doesn’t mean Sarah enjoyed the sight of it.Chuck202-00670

The eyes are interesting as if they are  saying those are my lips. Great nonverbal imagery. However, what happens when the man you have feelings for happens to want to start dating his ex again. The pressure is tough to deal with on a personal level, but when she crosses the line into the professional part of her life we have exasperation with one Jill Roberts.

One thing we will learn in this volume is Sarah Walker is not one to share. She wants Chuck for herself. Especially when other women take an interest. Mark or not Sarah doesn’t share. For example, #48 begins in Guy Lafleur’s room.


Chuck vs The Fat Lady: Season Two Episode Seven 


Sarah and Chuck have been working together for a year now, and they have developed a partnership  along the way. It’s the best of both worlds for Walker. When working together and being able to be his pretend girlfriend. When missions become a success we get a smile from Sarah all the time, but with Jill in the mix Sarah isn’t the focal point of Chuck anymore.Chuck207-00376

The partnership becomes just a professional one, but while Chuck was flipping out about Jill seeing this. Chuck207-00405Chuck doesn’t notice how uncomfortable it was for Walker. He doesn’t notice her tightening the rob and the redness around her cheeks. The tell that Sarah was embarrassed as well. Chuck207-00420Chuck207-00427

For Sarah, her saving grace would be her professional relationship with Chuck  but Jill will be thrusted into the mission which now invades Sarah as a whole. Chuck207-00570With Jill in the fold, Sarah has to share Chuck now. Something she detests. What threatens Sarah even more was how Chuck and Jill mesh well when it comes to intellectual stuff. Sarah plays the role of the jockey in this case. The smart girlfriend  vs the pretend jockey girlfriend and it gets to Sarah right away. Chuck207-00586While Chuck usually brought his  lady feelings with him on missions. Sarah brought her trepidation on this mission. Her jealousy would become heightened when Chuck chooses to side with Jill over Sarah’s fear of Guy’s box being a bomb. Sarah’s jealousy took hold of her because she lost sight of what Guy’s puzzles were. The music box in Castle was a riddle for someone to solve. A clear headed spy would notice the trend, but a jealousy filled agent would be distracted from the clues. Its how the viewer can get the sense of Sarah’s angst in all of this. Chuck207-00641Chuck207-00686 Chuck207-00688 Chuck207-00699From Sarah’s perspective how could she not feel threatened. This is where the feelings on Jill Roberts being the biggest threat to Sarah’s relationship with Chuck. Sarah’s jealousy overtaking her abilities as a spy. It’s great acting in my view and even better what would happen to people in real life. They become flustered.Chuck207-00712During the closing moments of the scene, we can see Sarah shift herself behind Chuck and Jill as a position of being placed in the background. A position Sarah wasn’t use too, but Sarah’s reaction with Jill after the flash drive was recovered was a development of a different kind. It showed maturity. Sarah does confront Jill, but it’s a far different response then no 45 and 46 of Volume One.Chuck207-01012

Sarah waves the white flag because in the end Sarah isn’t ready to act on her feelings, but while her threat was present it’s a lot softer when compared to how she handled Lou. Sarah dealing with a “cover” break up was something Walker never experienced, and it shows when she takes it upon herself to confront Lou. Chuck109-00288

In the Bubble Scenes, we showcased how Sarah reacted to being caught in a lie. Walker did feel remorse when Chuck  found out she lied, but she also wasn’t going to apologize for it either. Well, in the next two scenes we saw character growth from just two episodes.

When Chuck flashes on Laslo, he immediately contacts Sarah, what I find interesting about this scene was how Walker was waiting for Chuck in his room. I can’t see why Sarah couldn’t give him the gift while waiting in the living room with Ellie and Awesome. It just looks suspicious on Sarah’s part in my view., but then it dawned on me. Grant it, we will learn of the reason why she was in the room, but think of this. Most women when they are in the home of the man they are interested in or curious about what do most women do? When they use the bathroom most of the time they look in the medicine cabinet. Could this be Sarah’s opportunity to look through Chuck’s stuff? Chuck106-00227

Things would remain calm and collected until Chuck asked Sarah to stay. Sarah’s expression was one we haven’t seen at this point. Nervousness usually reserved for Bartowski had come out of Walker. Chuck106-00237Sarah Walker isn’t afraid of sex by any stretch. Her job calls for her to bed a mark if it deems necessary for a successful mission, but Sarah’s nerves are sparked because when a relationship is new and there is genuine feelings for that matter sex could become an intimidating factor. We all faced the questions when we slept with someone for the first time. is the mood right? how could she cover it?  could you imagine Sarah Walker’s ability to protect Chuck knowing how bad he is in bed or the awkwardness on missions. Casey would be forced to ask questions. Chuck106-00239 Chuck’s mind was on music, but when asked for how long Chuck said forty eight minutes. We can see the thought of sex with Chuck has crossed Sarah’s mind because Sex was on Sarah’s mind. Look at her reaction to the time. Chuck106-00246This would lead us to the first part of these two scenes,

#47 and 46

Chuck vs The Sandworm: Season One Episode Six

Chuck106-00254Chuck106-00261Chuck would ask Sarah about waiting in his room. and she would proceed in giving Chuck a gift. A photo that had them attending comic con, but Chuck realized rather quickly on how they never attended a comic con together. Chuck would also slip by saying they look like a real couple.  Sarah didn’t deny they were a couple she simply says, ” well, we are a real couple just a different kind of couple.” Here lies the problem with Sarah’s remark, most of the things Sarah has said has been used to cover their relationship or to cover herself from being a let down for Chuck.

Laslo would inform Chuck about the trickery the agency does to people like them. He told Chuck to go home and look for bugs in his apartment. Chuck does in fact find bugs all over the apartment including the gift Sarah gave Chuck. it’s a deflating feeling when everything seems to be an illusion, but Sarah does get it. Here’s why, Chuck106-00846Again, Sarah finds solace in finding innocent ways to touch Chuck. It seems simple enough but these things keep adding up more on that subject later. The moment in time when Sarah understood Chuck’s grip would be in this scene. Chuck became irate with Sarah about an Interview after the events that took place with Laslo. He screwed up and at this point let’s her know about finding the bug behind the picture. Sarah’s expressions upon discovery of her gift in the trash speaks volumes, but pause for a second as we examine closely this scene with the one in Wookiee.Chuck106-00849Sarah can see this was important to Chuck, so she tries to listen, but after the bug comment Sarah as a very similar expression to the one in Wookiee when Walker was caught in a lie, but again Sarah wasn’t going to apologize in Wookiee for doing her job.  Chuck106-00856Chuck104-00580Sarah seems to be in a state of shock each time Chuck catches her in a lie, but when Sarah glances over at the trash can we see a reaction we haven’t seen.  The question we have to ask ourselves why would an agent who clearly didn’t enjoy being caught in a lie only two episodes later be a bit upset with seeing a fake picture in the trash. The photo may be a fake, but the gift was real albeit a tainted gift, but Sarah could of put the bug anywhere in the room. She was there long enough to do so, so could the picture be of significant value emotionally.  One could say no because she was more in a state of shock in the bug being discover. While that may be  true in most cases, but Sarah did something that makes the picture have a more meaningful purpose. Chuck106-00857The meaningful thing I am alluding to comes with a second glance down at the basket. There is no debate now. Sarah grew up here. The second glance is the deciding factor for me. She didn’t need to look twice as they would say, but Sarah made amends for this. Something she didn’t do in Wookiee. Chuck106-00859 Chuck106-00860 Chuck106-00867During the course of this article, I will point out where death came into play there is a very different Sarah as a result. She makes an effort to be by Chuck’s side.  As Chuck was trying to get Laslo to defuse the bomb, his handlers arrive, but the amount of time wasn’t enough to clear Chuck from the blast. Chuck courageously cuts the wire and defuses it. Sarah looked into his eyes, but you can sense Sarah would be crazed if Chuck died here.

#46 begins

Sarah’s amends comes in the form of taking a real picture.  A picture that will resurface not only in Chuck’s home, but it will be framed in Sarah’s place as well. Sarah reveals a bit of truth as Ellie is ripping into Chuck for missing his interview. Sarah proclaims Chuck as a hero and she said it with pride and a smile. Chuck106-01148Chuck106-01162Chuck106-01163  It’s understandable why Chuck becomes confused when it comes to his relationship with Sarah.  Walker can be hot and cold at times, but that’s the nature of the beast there are no playbooks on how to co exist with a female, but at least Sarah puts in an effort when things become a cluster muck . Chuck106-01169

When things between Chuck and Sarah become really tested. Words and actions will make a bad situation go from bad to worse, Inexperience dealing with everyday human interaction. Emotions that come to the forefront, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t feelings still there. No matter how mad one can be at someone the fact that Sarah missed Chuck would surface through all of that emotion. Chuck301-00185

Chuck vs The Pink Slip really was two episodes in one. Season Three begins here as Sarah walks out of the pool. Chuck was seen calling her, but Sarah threw the phone in the water. Clearly! Sarah wasn’t happy with Chuck because we never saw this from Sarah, but we did. In Chuck vs The Broken Heart she declines the call or on a plane with Mary Bartowski in Gobbler, but when  out of view of the man she was with we could see Sarah’s angst in doing so.  Chuck412-01174Chuck218-00683Chuck301-00197Time away will heal wounds, but when a relationship is on the rocks, we get an uncomfortable feeling once the two cross paths. it doesn’t matter if a relationship is real or not.  The moment is surreal. Eyes meets eyes and what do we have pain and love at the same time.  it’s a brilliant depiction because Sarah is supposed to be the superspy agent who was unbreakable, but Chuck was able to break down that wall and gave her enough strength to follow through with her emotions.Chuck301-00450 Chuck301-00452The love is still in her eyes as she walks towards him, but the reminder is still fresh on her mind as if it happened yesterday. How can one get closure on an issue if everything she does reminds Walker of him.  Every thing from Castle to the Yogurt shop. Buymore in the distance even the pictures on her mantle in her hotelroom. A mission a far was a break for her, but he called her.  She doesn’t want to see him because it hurts too much, but the love is still in her eyes. One doesn’t get this emotional when it comes to being rejected unless the anger isn’t with Chuck, but with herself for allowing herself to act impulsively. Chuck301-00455All the evidence proves that Sarah is still in love with Chuck.  You don’t have this much pain when you see the person again. You try to avoid being in the same room with him by sending him away, but where Sarah loses her case in wanting nothing to do with Chuck came here.


Chuck vs The Pink Slip Season Three Episode One

Chuck301-00625Chuck has screwed up missions in the past and it never garnered a response like this one. Sarah went off on Chuck all emotions stemming from Prague. Sarah has not been able to get over it.  However, Sarah’s reaction in seeing Chuck on the monitor  was the truth of it all. Sarah still longs for Chuck. Chuck301-00712


It truly is amazing in the depth of emotion displayed here. Sarah’s eyes no longer show anger like she did when they first saw each other, but we see a sense of missing him, but at the same time as she was looking at him again the angst overtakes her. When Sarah looks back at Casey we can see her mind isn’t doing well at the moment. Chuck301-00717While #45 was a tough scene when it comes to storyline purposes. The next two scenes are great examples of how Sarah was settling into her role as a wife. First, Chuck has a moment of doubt when he thinks his wife assigned him to be a bonafide babysitter.  So, Chuck decides he wanted to go out for a jog.


Chuck vs The Bearded Bandit: Season Five Episode Two

Chuck502-01182What makes this scene so good is the kind of conversation it was. I am a stickler for communication and here we have a great example of that. Sarah understands the situation better then anyone. Morgan is the intersect and who better to guide him  on how to use the program then Chuck, but the words Morgan used was flowing around in Chuck’s head. Chuck502-01188Sarah could shrug it off, but she isn’t talking to her asset or boyfriend anymore. Walker was taking to her husband.  it’s a special scene as the intimate setting is done on a jog. The Jog is an activity married couples usually have their most intimate conversations. Chuck502-01195Take a look at the words Sarah uses,

Sarah: No, no, I asked you to be Morgan’s handler because the job entails bringing out the best in somebody, and what better example for Morgan than you? So, no, I’m not handling you. A) Because you don’t need a handler anymore; and B) because handlers can’t do this.

Sarah is being truthful when she says Chuck would be the best suited in training Morgan because of the personal connection, but if this wasn’t a great moment the next one is even better.

After Morgan felt like he was not being used to his fullest potential, he decides it’s best to join Verbanski Corp. A move Team Bartowski saw and we can hear the sails at Carmichael Industries deflate that could only be rivaled by Tom Brady’s footballs. Chuck503-00170

So what happens, well my favorite scene when Chuck and Sarah were married. A special moment in which we saw  Sarah Walker at her best. A moment that didn’t require boots to backsides or a fountain for that matter. Sarah Walker shows she has taken on the role as wife with stride.  She awakes with Chuck not in bed with her, and went to find him.


Chuck vs The Frosted Tips: Season Five Episode Three

Chuck503-00216There is no secrets here. Morgan ditching Carmichael Industries was bad because not only was he Chuck’s best friend, but what’s worse was the Intersect went with Morgan. A weapon that gave the team an advantage. Sarah doesn’t say anything. Her talk comes in the form of comfort, which was the correct move in this case.Chuck503-00220Chuck503-00222We go from sweet emotion from a wife’s perspective. The next few scenes will display a wide range of acting from Yvonne. The next few scenes will display a wide range of emotions Sarah Walker could conjure during various situations. First, there is nothing more stressful when you believe your ex was dead only to find out he was anything but. This would be the case for Sarah when the package they believed to be a bomb would reveal something bigger than a bomb. It was bomb alright as Bryce was inside the package.

It is hard to fathom what was going on in Sarah’s mind when seeing Bryce alive.  The feelings she displayed at his funeral just showed how much pain Sarah was going through. She was a mess. Don’t remember take a look here, Chuck102-01151 Chuck102-01160The grief of working with the man who supposedly killed him. She falls for the man in which she was supposed to investigate. It’s hard to really gauge a heart that has been through so much already. Yvonne’s managed to sell just how much of an ordeal it was. We see it and it’s not good.


Chuck vs The Nemesis Season One Episode Ten


One would think after sharing a passionate kiss there would be time to discuss the particulars of that kiss, but one also should note when Chuck saw Sarah and most specifically how she wasn’t her usual happy to see Chuck self. Questions should of flared right away, but Chuck also has been trying to get in contact with her so it’s a fair assessment to understand in Chuck questioning her whereabouts.

Sarah understood the gravity of Bryce being alive, and what it means to the project and their personal lives. Bryce is an imposing figure for both of them. However, Sarah wasn’t all peaches and cream with the sight of Bryce being alive as all those questions she had before the pilot came roaring back into her brain.  Walker also shows how hard it was for her to comprehend what was happening.Chuck110-00124Chuck110-00126Chuck110-00133Chuck still can’t see how Sarah is in a state of shock. As her skin is pale, the stone cold eyes are not being picked up by Chuck at all not until she just comes out with it. “Chuck, Bryce is alive.” What would follow would be another great display of emotion. As Bryce take Chuck hostage, we seem to lose sight on one key detail.

Sarah seeing Bryce would mark the first time these two have glanced at each other. This was major because the time gap is much further than just the pilot. Sarah hasn’t scene Bryce even before stepping into Burbank as he was off on a rogue mission with Fulcrum. Sarah was in the middle of her Budapest mission in which she had to hide a baby. Thus, Larkin and Walker haven’t had closer on their dissolved relationship. So, when Sarah walks into the holding cell. Sarah has the look of looking at a ghost. Chuck110-00223While this was a stressful situation, Sarah wasn’t always so tense. She did have a light side as well. For example, Chuck vs The Wedding Planner had a classic Sarah moment. A moment that showed she was more than a drama queen. Yvonne could provide some comic relief.

After Sarah forgot what her father taught her about being suckered, Sarah and Chuck would be required to hunt down the wedding planner thief. Chuck421-00144The first of two scenes comes when Sarah asked Chuck to fake a flash,


Chuck vs The Wedding Planner: Season Four Episode Twenty One

Chuck421-00289 (1)

Sarah would use her comic relief to mimic what Chuck looks like when he flashes. It’s so funny it has me smiling as I write about this. When Chuck walks away in bitter shame about his flash. Sarah would follow him by asking “Well, show me.” Chuck421-00293 Chuck421-00294Chuck421-00301We venture back to Season One for the next scene worth talking about. Again, it takes place in Wookiee. The infamous double date scene to be precise.  Sarah would advice Carina if she wanted Sarah’s help on her mission she would need to return the favor by protecting Chuck’s cover. Walker would require Carina to come on a double date with Chuck and his friend Morgan. Chuck104-00363 Chuck104-00368


Chuck vs The Wookiee: Season Two Episode Four


When the four come together for a movie and pizza, a lot happens in this one scene that brings emotions to the forefront.  in particular with Carina, she is watching the connection Sarah and Chuck are displaying. it may not be on purpose, but  she can see Sarah is smitten with him. For example,  when Sarah indicates how smoothly their relationship was going she elects to caress the neck of Chuck.  Something that didn’t go unnoticed by her former Cat Squad member. Chuck104-00377Chuck104-00381Chuck104-00382Chuck104-00389Chuck104-00391The truth is Sarah’s move here is a showmanship of epic proportions. This wasn’t a sell job for a cover. This was Sarah losing herself in an intimate setting with a close friend, but it would get uncomfortable because Carina elects to caress Morgan’s chest. We need to understand the difference here. While Sarah thinks she is selling her cover, but the viewer and Carina specifically know that wasn’t the case.  Carina’s move was all work related. It was an obvious counter from Carina’s point of view,   Sarah took it upon herself to remind Carina this was her territory or “cover” for that matter. Chuck104-00399Chuck104-00400Carina takse the role of a mirror if you will.  The mirror is how Sarah use to be, Morgan was Carina’s mark much like Chuck and Sarah. The image was if Sarah was talking to her old life. Chuck104-00413

Sarah: You know, you don’t have to be so hands-on with Morgan.

Carina: You said I’m on a date. This is me on a date.

Sarah: You’re going to give him the wrong idea –

Carina: Oh, come on. I’m just giving the kid a thrill.
I mean, this place is like If a yawn could yawn.
How do you stand it?

Sarah: I’m good here.

Carina: Yeah, right.

Sarah’s past is of adventure. The idea Sarah wanted to play house was something Carina would never envision. Especially for the CIA’s best agent. The slow paced didn’t fit the old Sarah’s persona, but for this Sarah it was the ideal assignment, but Carina’s Yea, right would be Sarah’s response a year ago. Chuck104-00418 Chuck104-00420If you look at Sarah’s expression, Sarah was looking in the mirror of her former self. A mirror disguised by Carina’s words and expression. It’s like Sarah was looking into her past and for the first time admits that she was good in Burbank, but Sarah’s words and tone didn’t convince Carina. Chuck104-00424So, what did we learn from this one scene. Sarah’s feelings for Chuck are progressing. She has become comfortable enough to show it in front of a colleague. The way she caresses Chuck’s neck isn’t a sell job. It’s the realest display of emotion at this point in the story. Follow by her looking into the mirror of her past life in which Carina represents.

Another example of that would be in Chuck vs The Truth, a moment I have discussed on this site in nauseum. A moment I call the spark that got the ball rolling for Chuck and Sarah, and it all begins here. The next two scenes will display that moment.

Action speaks louder then words, and it’s no different when it comes to relationships. Sometimes we have the fire deep within ourselves that we struggle to make it through a day without being with the one you are falling for. Case in point, Sarah Walker’s feelings were beginning to surface more and more. When inside a broom closet, Chuck acknowledge one of her blouses. Chuck108-00035

Sarah: What was I wearing?

Chuck: Blue top, little buttons.

Sarah: Oh, you like that one?

Chuck: I like all of ’em.

No Olives

Sarah was surprisingly pleased  with Chuck noticing her clothing much like she was pleased when he noticed she didn’t like olives. It’s small things like this that are really great relationship building tactics that often are overlooked.

Look at Sarah’s expression after he points out a sweater she wears, Chuck108-00036She was very giddy with the response she heard, but nothing could come of it with that bastard Skeeter lurking.  We go from this great momentum swing to an educational point for Sarah. As she was on the double date, Chuck and Sarah went over the cover date, but Sarah watching Devon and Ellie sparked something inside her. Possibly wanting what they had? Maybe, but it’s not the scene that does it. It’s worth mentioning because it has to do with where we are headed. Chuck108-00139

Chuck108-00156The reason this was worth mentioning was the topic of a sweater comes up again, but from Ellie and Awesome

Ellie: I Was wearing it the first time I met Ellie in an epidemiology class He told me that  L. Bean must’ve stolen the color from my eyes, so it really belonged to me.

A simple sweater was the magical moment in Ellie and Awesome’s  relationship. An ice breaker of sorts, The same kind of ice breaker Chuck and Sarah shared in a broom closet.  A moment that went over very well with Walker. Sparks will fly with action, but Sarah didn’t have anything to worry about until #39 and #38 came into play.

#38 and #39

Chuck vs The Truth: Season One Episode Eight


When a cover relationship rules are not set forth, one can understand Chuck’s frustrations with being a cover relationship with a woman who comes off hot and cold, but no relationship in its infancy is easy. It’s why we put the work in. You can’t expect a relationship to develop with the snap of a fingers. A relationship doesn’t form by simply saying we are exclusive. it doesn’t work that way.  There is a lot that goes into it, but while Chuck was ready to move on from a cover relationship. Sarah wasn’t going to just let Chuck have his way.

When Sarah Walker met Lou, Chuck already started off rocky when he failed to introduce Sarah as his girlfriend. Something Sarah didn’t like or couldn’t understand the hesitation. Sarah takes one look at Lou and while she has a smile on her face, Sarah also is assessing the situation.  Sarah’s eyes tell the story. She is wondering what is happening here.Chuck108-00374

Sparks will fly when there is a reason for it. Poetically, Lou asked who was this woman standing before her,  and we get a real reaction from Sarah. I am his girlfriend look written all over her face. A cat’s meow for sure.Chuck108-00378 Chuck108-00382 Chuck108-00383Lou’s presence and Chuck’s  indecision on who Sarah was struck Sarah in a way that was puzzling to his handler. In previous encounters Chuck never hesitated this much, and brought out something from her. Why is he not calling me his girlfriend?

If this was a cover thing, Sarah wouldn’t of mind, but she was investing her emotions in this and this scene is where Sarah begins to realize the cover was losing the fiction sense of it all.Chuck108-00393 Chuck108-00394There is a lot of information in this part of the scene. I have mention in other articles how there was a sense of Deja Vu for Sarah here. What happened was Lou’s introduction into Chuck’s life was the very same thing Sarah did. The difference was Sarah’s was preplanned. Whereas, Lou’s sandwich was a real gift. It didn’t have a bug in the sandwich like Sarah’s gift did. Lou’s phone was legitimately broken unlike Sarah’s phone. It would come as Carina said, “She doesn’t even know it,” but she does now, but the spark wasn’t enough for Sarah to act. Chuck108-00395

What would get Sarah to act on her suddenly discovered feelings would be this. Chuck108-00509There is nothing that drives a woman mad than seeing a love interest take interest in another woman, Sarah would take seeing Chuck run across a parking lot for Lou to heart. Sarah had something to worry about, and she would take action as a result.Chuck108-00544

#38 begins

Chuck108-00572There was nothing wrong with what Chuck did in preparation for their cover sleepover. I guess Sarah wasn’t use to romantic gestures a boyfriend would perform in situations like they were about to encounter.  All the things he did with music and candles was a perfect sell job, and when Sarah sees it, she uses the “cover” to mask what really was bothering her. The cover was too easy for her to fall back on, but it dawned on me what was happening in this scene.

There are two problems for Chuck here.

1. Sarah watching him dart across a parking lot was still fresh on her mind, but that didn’t stop her from smiling at what she was seeing. Chuck108-00574She liked what she saw, but would have to curb her enthusiasm because of this,  Chuck108-00591She knew Casey was listening and if they slept together or she showed any signs of being compromised Casey would hear all of it.  It’s not just a professional matter either. On a personal level, why would Sarah want Casey to hear her getting romantically involved with her asset wouldn’t that be a private matter. So, Sarah’s choice was the correct one even if it was not what she truly wanted. Chuck108-00582


If Sarah comes out with “I can’t do this now because there are ears.” how would that go over as well. It isn’t the ideal situation for her or him. The chances of her being fired would be obvious.

However, most women like to have the last word, and Sarah would expose the goods. Chuck108-00595While Chuck’s candles and music was by her rules not professional, Sarah’s choice in attire was premeditated and highly inappropriate if this was supposed to be as she said “to protect their cover.” When Chuck points out that fact, I appalled him  for it. Sarah clearly was sending  mix messages in his direction, but Chuck isn’t solely about looks, and he calls her out on the contradictory in Sarah’s attention seeking move. Chuck108-00599

But it gets even better, Sarah’s first attempt at being in Chuck’s bed would be a rocky one. As Chuck would insult her with a “oldest profession” remark. It’s not the right choice of words from Chuck’s stand point, but when cover relationship rules are not set things like this often become a burden especially when Chuck wants a real relationship. Chuck108-00608After listening to Ellie and Awesome bicker, a moment for communication would present itself. It’s not an intimate moment per say, but it’s the kind of moment that needed to happen. What are the rules of their arraignment. I wonder did Sarah expect this to come up over time? Is it something she prepared for or was the idea of a Lou coming into the picture ever thought of?

While Sarah isn’t on board with the idea of a split, she does pretend to be interested in his happiness, but it doesn’t mean she won’t voice her displeasure in losing him. The couple would have a real relationship conversation. Chuck108-00668It’s written all over her face. She knows where this is going, and she is preparing for his answer. It’s almost like a lawyer in a courtroom. She was making Chuck prove her case for her. She makes a subtle point about their cover relationship being great for tactical purposes, but she gives away something in her answer that means more then just a cover. Her eyes are telling him what they have isn’t just a cover. Chuck108-00674The words she was speaking wasn’t from the heart or mind. She was reciting what protocol would require her to say. It’s an easy play especially with Casey listening. What would be the backlash if she told the truth here? Sometimes we forget that Casey wasn’t on board with their relationship until the next episode. So, Sarah’s feelings needed to be shielded in protecting their relationship, Chuck’s freedom and her career. If Sarah loses her career here then all the progress she made on a personal level will be all for not. Sarah’s balancing act here was outstanding.Chuck108-00676When the topic of finding love being Lou’s focus, Sarah’s eye would change after hearing it. it’s interesting that Sarah’s view was against the cameras at this point. So, Casey couldn’t see her expression thus the freedom to show dismay in Lou and Chuck dating, but she asks the question anyway. “I don’t need to be a spy to figure out the clues.” She knew Chuck was interested in “that Lou girl.” Sarah doesn’t even say Lou. She lowered her by saying that girl. Apparently, Sarah didn’t see any competition from Lou just simply a obstacle at the moment.Chuck108-00681Look at the eyes after Sarah says in that girl, It’s like she was saying your kidding me right. It’s great acting in my view because Sarah was using the limited surroundings to execute her dismay in this development. She essentially was trying to convince Chuck he was making a mistake. Chuck108-00684This wouldn’t be the only time Chuck and Sarah would have this kind of problem. In the next episode, Chuck would treat Sarah very differently once he and Lou were dating, and it was driving Sarah bonkers.


Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami: Season One Episode Nine

Chuck109-00345Sarah was used to Chuck eating out of her hand, and she never envisioned she would need to compete for his affection, but Lou created that problem. During the team’s preparation for their new mission. There is a noticeable change in Chuck. Something Sarah has begun to not like. The change is he isn’t paying attention to her. Sarah’s instructs about the microphone was just enough for Chuck before walking away. Does anyone notice Sarah’s expression when he does. Chuck109-00350Sarah is missing the attention Chuck gave her, and it only gets worse from here.  Sarah is longing for one glance, but Chuck tugs the earwig in, turns and not one glance in her direction. Chuck109-00354It gets even worse when Casey offers Chuck some assistance  on his date. A move Sarah apparently didn’t know about judging from her reaction in seeing the rose. Chuck109-00356 Chuck109-00357In the background, we can see Sarah’s bewilderment on why Casey would do such a thing, and when Casey gives his answer Sarah reaction was telling and no one sees it but us. Chuck109-00362it never dawns on Sarah the possibility of Chuck sleeping with Lou, which was something Sarah doesn’t want, but what can she do. She can do what she will do next, which we will save for much higher on this list.

While Sarah had to cope with Jill and Lou, Sarah was a much different woman once she realized her feelings were real. Her feelings would be her driving force as a means to stay with Chuck, but it also meant she would do things for him not apart of protocol procedures. This next scene would be a telling scene in Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. A scene that can be very emotional.   Chuck411-00222 (1) Chuck411-00226

When her boyfriend is struggling with finding his mother, losing the Intersect and being kidnapped. Chuck’s mind was about ready to crack.  So, Sarah using her spy skills offered a solution only she told Beckman what she was thinking and planning. Sometimes in order to move forward we need to return to our old ways in order to accomplish that feat.

Sarah’s quest to find Mary and bring her home is something Sarah feels in order for their relationship to move forward, which leads us to  #36,


Chuck vs The Balcony Season Four Episode Eleven

Chuck411-01150 (1)What does it say when a woman is willing to go across the world to save her boyfriend’s mother. Regular Sarah couldn’t be successful with what she was about to embark, so Sarah once again had to count on her old persona to be able to survive Volkoff Industries.

The problem was telling Chuck about it.  Indulge me for a moment and see why this was a tough task for Sarah. What do we know about Volkoff and Frost, Mary left her family to join Volkoff so she could spy on the organization. As a result, Mary went missing for twenty years. The idea Sarah now has to tell Chuck, he was set to lose his girlfriend on the same kind of mission. She knows going in this would be a hard task. Chuck411-01145You can tell Sarah was expecting a fight from Chuck, and why wouldn’t she but she also knows what’s at stake here as well. The angst in her face was very rewarding to see cause this was indeed a major turn of events in their relationship.Chuck411-01149When she tells Chuck what she was planning, he was adamant about how this was a bad idea. What would happen next would be the very reason so many Chuck fans love Yvonne. Her ability to do this is amazing.  Everything from top to bottom looks effortless, natural and it’s this reason the scene is a favorite of mine. Chuck411-01165Chuck411-01166it’s a remarkable sacrifice, but dangerous, so much more was riding on this not just for Chuck, but with moving forward.  While Sarah went to Volkoff industries to help bring Frost home, the chance to bring one parent home wouldn’t be the only time Sarah decided to assist Chuck in finding his parents. Chuck401-01197Sarah trying to crack into the CIA’s database in searching for Chuck’s mother wasn’t the only time she done such a thing. A move that certainly could get her fired, but while Agent Forrest clearly stated how Sarah looking for Chuck’s dad was against protocol. Sarah and Chuck both look at each other in silences, but understood each other nonetheless. Chuck218-00262Forrest’s presence was something Sarah never wanted or needed, but when you question the general in a matter that Sarah did in Predator. Suspicion would be the result of it.  The very eyes Sarah was trying to avoid became a reality. Sarah’s world was unraveling and the thought she could be gone from Burbank was sinking in. Especially, when the general terminates her service. Chuck218-00483The title of the episode was Broken Heart, but it wasn’t Chuck’s heart that was broken. It was Sarah’s as she sat in her hotelroom struggling with leaving. Tears rolling down her cheek. It’s heart warming to say the least, but it didn’t mean Sarah would just walk away gracefully. She would crack into the database in search for Stephen J. Bartowski. Chuck218-00562Chuck218-00569After Sarah was able to locate Chuck’s dad, we begin to discuss the final two selections of this first article, I like to credit Sarah in helping reunite Chuck with his parents. Even if Orion let them find him. Sarah was there for both occassions.

#35 and #34

Chuck vs Dream Job Season Two Episode Nineteen

Chuck vs The Aisle of Terror Season Four Episode Six

Chuck219-00032Chuck406-00184What does it say about a person when they are there for the person they love during the most pressurized moments.  Sarah beside Chuck when his parents reenter his life is considered a big statement on her commitment to him. While Mary came back into the picture under different circumstances,  its a testament to what Chuck meant to her.

She protected him when needed and coddled him other times, but when it came to key situations in his life Sarah was there. Sarah loved to help him, which is why upon news of Chuck searching for his father  Sarah was surprised and thought why wouldn’t he ask her for help. It will come up again. Chuck216-00103The next time would be in Chuck vs The Anniversary, Sarah would find out Chuck was searching for his mother without telling her while inadvertently ending up in the same place. A moment I enjoy because its how a relationship in it’s infancy can grow. The key word is understanding. The understanding that it takes two people to understand the importances of one’s actions within a relationship, but once Chuck explained himself to his girlfriend, Sarah understood the gravity of what Chuck was doing.Chuck401-01052Chuck would take his partners to Orion’s base, and it’s a relationship builder for sure. Sarah also understands Chuck’s gripe when he has to rejoin the agency much to his sister’s displeasure if she found out the truth.  Since there was so much riding on Chuck finding his mother, Sarah knows the drawback if the cat was out of the bag. Chuck401-01121Sarah understood when Chuck had reached his boiling point with the pressure of not disclosing who he truly was. Sarah stood there looked at Chuck and decided “Maybe it’s time the government helped him.” Chuck218-01177 Chuck218-01183The problem with Sarah’s suggestion can be eliminated when we learned earlier in the episode it would be against protocol for her to do such a thing. This was Sarah’s decision  it certainly wasn’t CIA sanctioned.  It would of been perfectly fine for her to give him the address of where his father was and stay in Burbank, but not Sarah.  The woman who was able to end Chuck’s nightmare that was Stanford, which will be on this list but much higher up.

No, Sarah drove Chuck and was by his side. They were standing outside his trailer, but what stands out about the scene also will be discussed later on., but where we end this portion of #35 is Sarah’s decision to be by Chuck’s side inside the trailer.  She was taking the moment in. One of Sarah Walker’s best scenes when it comes to transitioning in what it takes to be a normal girlfriend. A real girlfriend. Chuck219-00007You can see Sarah’s mind and focus is one in the same. There is no doubt or fear if she was breaking protocol. It didn’t matter at this juncture.  Sarah’s actions here was great, but when it comes to Mama B, it’s different because Chuck and Sarah are in an official relationship. I use the word official because even though they never said they were exclusive. A lot of things they did together would indicate otherwise.   Chuck219-00013

#34 begins

While Sarah was beside him when Chuck first reunited with Papa B, Mama B was a far more hostile situation.  The hostility comes from  two alpha females. Two women that have tremendous spies skills, and are short fused, and it also would take a while for Sarah to accept Mary’s explanation on why her records were expunged. Chuck406-00072What I love about Chuck and Sarah is the ability to read each others expressions. Four years together would do that, but after Sarah walks over to Chuck. She could tell something wasn’t kosher. Chuck tells Sarah about the ghost she was referencing was in fact the ghost on the phone. Mary would request Chuck to come meet with her, and alone of course, but when does Bartowski ever listen.

Sarah came  along as back up, but it wasn’t much help because Frost found her.  When the two women meet each other, it was a gun ablazing. Chuck had to defuse the combustible situation. It did simmer a bit, but not without hesitation by both women. Chuck406-00124

Chuck406-00126How nice of Sarah to point a gun at her boyfriend’s mother, but for Chuck it was another day in the office after all they were all spies at this point. The fun part was who would blink first. Something these two alpha females wouldn’t dare consider even with the presence of Chuck. It would symbolize weakness in a sense. Chuck406-00138 Chuck406-00165It’s funny how Chuck’s three most important women are cut from the same cloth sort to speak. Ellie, Mary and Sarah all fit the lioness gimmick. A need to protect someone is embedded in their make up. Sarah and Mary’s stand off was the two lioness trying to stay face on who they are, but at the same time they have the biggest hearts.

As we close on the first sixteen scenes of  volume two, Sarah and Mary are strong women in the sense they have been sacrificing for other for a long time. Submerging herself into Volkoff Industries was a tremendous void for her. As she had to give up two children, and what happens with Chuck also plays into it. The same for Sarah. After her first days with Chuck, Sarah became a mother figure in his professional life.

Ellie certainly couldn’t help Chuck get through the trials of being a spy. Sarah takes on the role of being his mother and girlfriend in a sense that makes the rest of her time with Chuck more of a protector/girlfriend everything Mary did for Hartley minus the romance. Mary’s mission with Hartley was protect him from self destruction which Mary didn’t do a good job of doing.

The next 16 episodes will be more of the same as we whine down on My Favorite Sarah Walker scenes. Enjoy the read as we prepare for the next sixteen scenes that will be just as fun as these sixteen.

Until next time…..Remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play, engage and most of all it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.

Next Article on my docket would be Chuck vs Predator.

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