gallery My Favorite Ellie Bartowski Scenes: No 50-40

Sarah Lancaster’s role as Ellie Bartowski can often be lost within the fold, but sometimes within the story comes hidden pleasures. it’s no secret Yvonne Strahovski is a beautiful and talented woman, but she wasn’t the only talented beauty. The cast of Chuck was blessed with outstanding women who knew how to perform not just exploit their physical features. Chuck222-00774

In the land of make believe, Sarah Lancaster delivered more often than not. She helped give Ellie a voice, and showed just where her heart was. Lady Bartowski wore her heart on her sleeve.  Case in point, there are a few times in Chuck and Ellie would engage in heart to heart conversations, and when it came to ex relationships. Ellie would not sign off on Chuck going out with the one person Ellie crossed off her Christmas list years ago. The ex would be Jill Roberts.


Chuck vs The Ex Season Two Episode Six

Chuck206-00267Ellie walks into her apartment, and bumped into Chuck as he was walking out the door. Ellie was impressed with the new suit Chuck had on. The suit does look expensive, but it’s not an issue until Chuck decides to bring on trouble for himself.  Let’s face it, the coast was clear. He just needed to walk out of the apartment, but instead he invited a lecture from his big sister. Chuck206-00275

Originally, Ellie thought Chuck’s dressed up for Sarah, but when Chuck asked her if an ex invited her out for lunch would she consider going out with her ex. Theoretically, Ellie would say yes, but when Chuck told her the truth about dressing up for Jill. The overprotective big sister would erupt. She question his decision to buy a new suit as well. Chuck206-00281 Chuck206-00285 Chuck206-00286What makes the scene work so well comes with how Ellie looks. Ellie looks like she just returned from working a long shift at the hospital. Her hair’s a mess. She has the look like she hasn’t slept. The news of Jill was something that was added to an already full plate.

I remember watching this scene thinking  what a hypocrite. Ellie just told Chuck she would go out with her ex, but after several rewatches, it dawn on me how much I missed the fact Jill was the one he was going out with. The same Jill that destroyed Chuck’s confidence. I also never took the time to examine Ellie’s expression. Chuck206-00290This wasn’t a lecture by any stretch. This was more of a sister hoping Chuck wasn’t going down that road with Jill again. This was a very touchy subject because Ellie tried very hard to get Chuck back on the road to recovery.  The next expression worth discussing comes here,Chuck206-00294Ellie demonstrates another expression of “Are you kidding me?” This is where Sarah Lancaster can come off as she said, “overprotective big sister,” but it’s bigger than that as I mention above. Jill was not a word to be spoken in the Bartowski home, and Ellie shows her displeasure in Chuck spending his evening with his past.

Ellie often gave viewers a glimpse into her soul when things became hard for her especially in Africa. Ellie showed she was out of her league when it came to the outdoors.


Chuck vs The Role Models Season Three Episode Fifteen

Chuck315-00122Chuck315-00119The usual tough skinned Ellie Bartowski was anything but when they arrived in Africa. It didn’t matter if the purpose of being there was for a good cause. As they were apart of Doctors Without Borders. Ellie wasn’t use to practicing medicine with men carrying guns and it shows, which Devon noticed. He would pump up her spirits by reminding them why they were there. Its a gesture that went over well with his now wife.Chuck315-00127

The next scene on my list comes from the first season, We love to marvel in the beauty of Yvonne Strahovski and rightfully so, but Sarah Lancaster has the ability to be beautiful and sexy in her own right. For example, Sandworm gave us the glimpse into how sexy she can be. Chuck106-00411

The start of #48 comes in the form of being a reluctant ear for Morgan, and ending with her wonderful Halloween costume. Awesome and Ellie walk into the courtyard with a disheartened Morgan sitting at the fountain. Ellie wasn’t into listening to the bearded one’s sorrows, but Awesome suggested they help the little dude.

Morgan would ask Ellie if she thought he was a  slacker, and Ellie trying to spare Morgan’s feelings really didn’t want to answer the question truthfully, but he insisted.


Chuck vs The Sandworm Season One Episode Six


The best part of about this scene is how much Ellie didn’t enjoy this conversation with Morgan nor did she want to help him, but it’s fun point out how beautiful Sarah Lancaster was. The I feel sick look gave the viewer the indication that Morgan isn’t her favorite person during the early stages of the series. Chuck106-00454Sarah Lancaster’s profile is something to marvel at. Her facial features are perfect. Smooth looking skin and while she doesn’t need makeup. The cosmetics are not over done. There is natural beauty in this scene that is a sight for sore eyes.

While she really wasn’t interested in Morgan’s man issues, she very much was interested in Chuck’s decision to miss his Assistant Manager’s interview. It would anger Ellie as she became a pitbull. Chuck106-01143

It’s a great contrast if you think about it. Sweet Ellie can be nice to see and look at, but how quickly it can change especially when it comes to the future of her brother, but when Sarah comes to bailout Chuck, she calms down a bit as the reason was justified at least for the moment even though Ellie was bothered by Chuck missing an opportunity. Chuck106-01150While she may look angry because of Chuck’s decision, she sure was stunning when you think about it even if it’s  a costume. Chuck106-01115 Chuck106-01116Sarah Lancaster had a tendency to flip a switch from being a loving sister/friend into Miranda Priestley, which would be the best one because despite loving Sarah Walker even Chuck’s apple of his eye couldn’t escape her wrath.

The lecture Sarah would receive comes from not knowing what Chuck was doing during his late night excursions. The late night arrivals like stumbling in the apartment at dawn. Sarah and Chuck know the real reason, Chuck must come up with a lie in order to protect his secret life, and gaming was his only choice. It would lead to a concerned Ellie lecture. Chuck205-00079Ellie’s experience with Chuck has taught her about his slumps. His tendency to slip back into what she classifies as the “Morgan Years.”  So, the idea Chuck was  out late gaming with Morgan made Ellie become real with Chuck even if it’s something Chuck didn’t want to hear. The next three scenes will be an example of that.

We begin in Tom Sawyer, Sarah Lancaster really can deliver a lecture in the best way possible. Her ability to provide Ellie a voice was remarkable.  What is one night of letting off steam as Awesome would suggest, but not to Ellie because one night becomes two and so on. Chuck205-00080When Ellie arrives at the Orange, she wanted to talk to Sarah about Chuck possibly slipping back into those very Morgan Years, but all hell broke loose when Ellie finds out what or should I say who Chuck was spending his evening with. Yes, it was Walker’s turn to be sent to the principal’s office after Chuck was spending time with creepy serial killer Jeff.


Chuck vs Tom Sawyer Season Two Episode Five

Chuck205-00260The loving friend, kind and gentle little lamb Ellie can be, “Do you know if Chuck has plans tonight.” Yes, I believe he is hanging out with Jeff tonight.” Sarah wasn’t use to Ellie’s wrath because she never was approached in this matter before, but when Jeff’s name came up Ellie must use her power of being a sister as a launching pad for this conversation she will have with Walker.

For example, See Ellie Nice. Chuck205-00260Sarah’s reaction to nice Ellie, Chuck205-00261Everything is fine until the four letter word J E F F was spoken. Ellie not so nice, Chuck205-00262 Chuck205-00264Ellie would order Sarah to report to her house for some scolding, Chuck205-00265 Chuck205-00267What makes the scene fun would be Walker’s expression following Ellie’s demand for a talk. Chuck205-00269 Chuck205-00270How does a superagent prepare for a conversation with an older sister of her cover boyfriend. Well, it’s like any other couple, it comes with pain and torture on the ears, but it’s important. Sarah will learn from Ellie what happened during the five years after Chuck’s departure from Stanford, but more on that later on this list.

While Ellie wasn’t afraid to give lectures to anyone, her brother was the recipient of most of them. One of those times came in Sizzling Shrimp. It all started when Chuck abandoned her with two pounds of Sizzling Shrimp, but most specifically leaving her alone with Morgan.

It’s not the ideal way to start the morning, but we are talking about a Bartowski here, and the matriarch at that.


Chuck vs The Sizzling Shrimp Season One Episode Five

Chuck105-00149Ellie made no quarrels about telling how much she hated Chuck leaving her alone with Morgan, and later missing their special holiday. Chuck tries to reassure her, but Ellie was furious about how much she didn’t like Chuck disappointing her all day.Chuck105-00156 Chuck105-00166 Chuck105-00168The worlds of all these characters were being radically changed. There was no time to adapt to new situations, and with that comes a struggle to accept that change. Especially when one begins to change much to the dismay of others.Chuck105-00671

When Chuck promised he would return in time for Mother’s Day with Ellie, Morgan pointed out the reason could be Chuck’s new love Sarah. When Chuck does return to the apartment, he returns to a waiting big sister who reminds Chuck what was and always was important to him, friends and family not just having a new girlfriend. Chuck105-01025it’s really unrealistic to think people can balance friendships/relationships/work all at the same time without alienating one or more in one’s life. It’s even more complicated when everything has to be secret in order to protect those around Chuck.

Those very secrets that could destroy lives if revealed. The balancing act when it comes to Chuck’s older sister required her to demand answers to her questions about where he was especially when it comes to Sizzling Shrimp and their special holiday.

Especially, when it’s foreign to those he never kept secrets from. Chuck was in a pickle because he tried to use Casey’s apartment as a cover, but his cagey sister went there and knew he wasn’t. It’s why I questioned why Casey would move into the complex, and as a result Ellie dropped the hammer. Chuck105-01029 Chuck105-01047

Ellie: Missing our most important day like Like you’re in high school.
I mean, do you even know that Morgan’s about to be fired?


Ellie: Listen, i know that this is the first big thing to happen to you in a while.
And you feel like your life isn’t going anywhere.
Your job’s not either, and you’re not superman out there saving the day.
But you’re good person, chuck.
You’re a good brother and you’re a good friend.
Don’t lose that.

Chuck105-01066This would be one of the early scenes during my first run  watching the series where I disliked Ellie because I felt she didn’t know what Chuck was doing, and the line about Superman, well he was in a way. He was providing the protection so she could sleep easy at night by taking down bad guys.

However, we can also see it from her perspective. Ellie’s lecture wasn’t her normal lecture she would give about career or moving forward. This was a discussion in which Ellie wanted to know what was going on with her brother she would close with an important statement that will resurface later in the series. Ellie says, “You know, if there’s anything going with you- life, girl, job- you can come to me.”  Chuck208-00234

Like in Africa, Ellie may be strong, but she has her limits especially when it came to Mr. and Mrs Woodcomb. Ellie tries to play the perfect soon to be daughter in law, but the odds were against her when she was marrying into a family that mingles with debutants and aristocrats who could compete with that from a Bartowski perspective.

#45 and #44

Chuck vs The Gravitron Season Two Episode Eight Chuck208-00233Chuck vs The Sensei Season Two Episode Nine

Chuck209-00216The idea of measuring up to those that matter most could be a challenging and exhausting task. Nobody can image the pressure Ellie Bartowski was going through unless you experienced it yourself. The daunting task of impressing your soon to be in-laws. Those that have ventured down the road towards matrimony know the battle Ellie went through, but much like Chuck and Sarah experience speaks volumes in knowing how to handle it.

Ellie’s parents were gone and all of those life lessons would’ve been nice to observe, but Lady Bartowski didn’t have that opportunity. Like Sarah, Ellie was trying to impress her future and only parents, but we are talking about a Bartowski here, and Ellie isn’t the type to hold her tongue back for long. Chuck209-00221

Sarah Lancaster played the role of the woman, who couldn’t stand her husband’s parents was well done. The expressions were priceless. The lengths Ellie went through was funny. She was testing turkeys and in the fear of disappointing and with that had several turkeys on hand to make sure the turkey was done properly. Chuck208-00272 Chuck208-00274The turkey was too dry as a result the turkey was tossed much to the dismay of Morgan Grimes. Sarah’s expression of sickness was comical because she was so disappointed in not executing the perfect bird, The pressure would ease once Devon told her they were not coming. Chuck208-00756However, when the Woodcombs made a surprise visit paranoia set in once again. The emotion of frustration as the Woodcombs were indeed coming on a bit strong. Chuck209-00905 Chuck209-00566Experience like these shape a person’s patiences and an outburst would soon follow especially for someone like Ellie who doesn’t hold back.


Chuck vs Santa Claus Season Two Episode Eleven

Chuck211-00122The desire for adventure would be the issue in this episode between Devon and Ellie. Mr. Muscles wanted a radical or should I say extreme moment to happen in his suddenly boring life. Thus, Devon bought his Christmas gift from Ellie early. Apparently, he didn’t mention he was doing something like this because Ellie was caught by surprise. Chuck211-00125Ellie’s reaction to what Devon did, I believe Ellie’s breakfast was ready to come up with the idea of Devon skydiving.

Devon: Oh, don’t worry about getting me a gift, babe.
You already did.

Ellie: I did?

Devon: Yeah, I took it upon myself since you never know what to get me.
Well, that’s great.

Ellie: What’d I get you?

Devon: Weekend skydiving trip with the boys in Crested Butte.

What was supposed to be a smooth in and out operation would turn into a chaotic situation once Ned arrived. Devon’s skydiving trip would have to wait. Chuck211-00150Chuck’s mission with Ned taking over the store would require him to not only protect his fellow employees and friends, he would need to protect his sister and Devon. When Sarah joined the group, Ellie became calm despite Devon being in the building. Chuck211-00475Chuck211-00480We also get to see where Chuck learned how to relax people despite a hectic situation.  Sarah said, “I never been around guns before.” Ellie said, “we need to stick together,” Devon wasn’t taking the status quo much longer and suggested they make a move. However, Ellie squashed that idea along with Chuck and Team Bartowski. Chuck211-00506 (1)


Chuck vs The Seduction Season Two Episode Two


In Chuck vs Seduction, Chuck and Sarah had their moment in the sun when it comes to seduction, but they weren’t the only couple facing seduction issues. Ellie pointed out how the romance department was lacking since Devon and Ellie got engage. Chuck202-00204It began with Devon asking for a quickie, but what Devon didn’t realize was how Chuck was sitting on the other end of the table. It was a quite awkward moment between brother and sister. It’s great acting between Zac and Sarah because it looked legit. Chuck202-00205

This moment was awkward between Ellie and Chuck, but what about bathroom time?

#41 and #40

Chuck vs First Date Season Two Episode One


Chuck vs Fake Name Season Three Episode Eight


Ellie and Chuck would share some interesting moments. Especially when it came to relationships with others. Ellie and Devon were sharing bathroom time like couples do, and a preoccupied Chuck walks in.

How Chuck didn’t hear the shower was strange, but understandable since he was set to be free from the spy world. He sees the mirror cloudy with steam from the shower and realized his sister and Devon were in the shower together.

The results would deliver a silence between the three which made the shower scene that more uncomfortable and it shows at the table. Chuck201-00173 (1) Chuck201-00180

 #40 Begins

Meanwhile, Ellie gets a surprise in her own right. Lady Bartowski walks into Chuck’s apartment and assumed she was talking to Chuck while he was showering, but boy was she surprised to see Hannah come out of the bathroom. chuck308_00023 chuck308_00025chuck308_00031It’s funny how things come around in the world of Chuck…….

Next Article, we will continue to chug along as we continue to rank My Favorite Ellie scenes. As always, Chuck vs Arrow is your site so play engage and most of all it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.

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