Chuck vs The Cubic Z: Season Four Episode Three

The third episode of Season Four comes with a bit of fun and entertainment. Chuck and Sarah expecting to go on a mission of a lifetime. A romantic adventure down the coast of the French Riviera in Monaco. However, they are forced to stay in Castle and babysit two prison transfers.

The two prisoners would be non other then Hugo Panzer and Heather Chandler. Two adversaries from Charles Carmichael and Jenny Burton’s past. We also get to see a new GRETA. Stacey Keibler would make her first appearance on Chuck. Chuck403-00176 Chuck403-00183

We shall begin with our assessment of Chuck vs Cubic z with where we left off with Suitcase. If you recall, Chuck was confirming  Devon’s idea of Chuck and Sarah being next in line for dum dum dum. (I know weird) When Chuck reiterated the notion, Sarah Walker was seen to be at the beginning stages of freaking out with the idea of marriage, but with the idea of being a mother.

What makes it fun is the idea of bullets and bombs does not frighten her, but a screaming baby does. It makes the gender role reversal that much better to watch.  Chuck402-01228The fear transferred over into Cubic Z.  Chuck believes Sarah was finally adjusting to a domestic lifestyle, but when the episode shifts to Castle. Sarah is anything but happy with the idea of kids, but before we get too far. Let’s discuss the beginning of this episode.

A paddy wagon was on route to Yucca Mountain . They are carrying prisoners when the truck breaks down along the way. A familiar voice asks for food, but the guard wasn’t interested. The van breaks down, and one of the guards were on a phone being told they were being redirected. The closest location was Castle.Chuck403-00015

In the Buymore, Morgan was taken the part of store manager De Niro serious, which shows the growth Morgan has endured since the first season. The store was having a game launch party for Spy Attack and Morgan was trying to get the store ready for the three hundred customers waiting outside. A line Chuck reminded Morgan he was on a year ago.

Morgan understood the Buymore was the first line of defense. A smooth store would deter any suspicion of what really was going on beneath the store. It’s a smart tactic if you ask me. No one cares when the store was running smoothly.Chuck403-00046Furthermore, Morgan said if he needed help there was CIA operative lurking in John Casey or the very sexy new Greta. We saw some fine looking legs head towards them. Chuck403-00050 Chuck403-00060Chuck403-00062For those who don’t know, Stacey Keibler was a former WWE Diva. Don’t let the looks cloud how athletic Stacey is. Keibler fit the role of an agent with her background as a former female wrestler. As for Hugo, the wrestling world knows him as the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin. Chuck403-00082

Chuck tried to filter Morgan’s dirty mind when Greta asked for anymore tasks. The two would head to the Nerd Herd desk, and talked about how the two were peaking in their respective lives. Chuck with a stunning girlfriend and career as Charles Carmichael, and Morgan’s career at the Buymore. Chuck403-00098 Chuck403-00100

Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey were having a different conversation. Sarah’s patent stress releaser was working out, and usually Walker would be knocking the stuffing out of a punching bag, but this time she was sparing with Casey. This sparing match up was more of a beat down of epic proportions.

If there was ever a time for Casey to not hackle someone. This would be it, but Casey couldn’t help himself. Walker was hitting him with all her might and it caused John to ask what was eating at her. Chuck403-00104Sarah would ask John if knowing he was a father changed anything. The fact that Sarah was asking tells the viewer how Walker was in fact thinking about a life with Chuck. A life as a mother.

Casey tries to give the proto typical answer of God and Country but that was enough for Sarah to kick him a little harder. It would send Casey flying, and it set up a rare conversation between the two. Chuck403-00106 Chuck403-00108The mutual respect the two have garnered for each other comes with both essentially being the same. The training of these two agents call for emotions and feelings to be bottled up. When a conversation about family comes up, they both choose to run from it, but Sarah wasn’t hiding this time.

Sarah:  Chuck let something slip last night.
About the future.

Casey was smart enough to pick up on the kids part. He made light of it. “Oh, yeah? What? Kids? With you? Huh. Bartowski’s the king of cool” The cunning remark would make Casey be a recipient of another fury of shots from Walker. Chuck403-00109 Chuck403-00117Sarah said, she couldn’t process the idea of having kids. She felt the need to say something.  Casey taking shots at Chuck’s manhood by saying he could be measuring for drapes.

Further, Casey said on their trip to Monaco, he would sense something wrong with Walker, and try to get Walker to break. Moreover, would mop until Walker spilled. Walker had enough of Casey ribbing and gave him some more of her patent jabs and kicks.

Apparently, Beckman saw this as she ordered Walker to harness her fury. Beckman would inform Walker her trip to Monaco was cancelled. Chuck403-00118 Chuck403-00122 Chuck403-00123 Chuck403-00128 Chuck403-00129The trip being canceled was music to Sarah’s ears. Beckman also would tell the team that a prisoner transport was headed their direction. The prisoners were theirs until helicopter transport to Yucca would become available.

While Sarah may be pleased with the news, her boyfriend not so much. He was quite upset with missing out on a mission of a lifetime. Chuck403-00139Sarah would try to put the bright side of things with an agenda of course by stating this was an opportunity to stay in and chat. Chuck403-00141Chuck not knowing what this chat was about was compared a night in the Buymore as copper or zinc, which indicates not good from a Chuck perspective. A boat ride along the riviera or a night watching prisoners either way at least he spent time with Walker. Chuck403-00143 Chuck403-00145What makes me smile is how much Chuck misread this situation. In the four years of knowing Walker, when did she ever want to stay in and chat? Makes me giggle writing this. Chuck would also ask “Sarah, hang on. This chat I mean, are we talking about, like, like a chit-chat? Or FDR fireside chat? Chuck403-00159

Chuck would also look at the brightside of the evening’s festivities as he was spending an evening with his girlfriend. Both would smile to that idea. Chuck403-00156Everything was moving smoothly for Walker and Chuck until the prisoner’s identities were revealed. Chuck and Jenny’s adversaries would visit. Hugo Panzer and Heather Chandler are the prisoners being transferred to Yucca Mountain. Chuck403-00172While Hugo greeted Charles Carmichael rather rudely, Sarah believes it couldn’t get any worse. Well, until who the next prisoner was revealed. Chuck403-00173 (1) Chuck403-00175 Chuck403-00176 (1) Chuck403-00177Hello Jenny, love your dungeon. Chuck403-00182 Chuck403-00183 (1) Chuck403-00184This should be interesting because both prisoners have a past with their detainers. The fact that the CIA or Beckman didn’t know who the prisoners were was a mistake made by them. Would it be wise to send prisoners to a place where they have history with the agents there. I will dig a bit deeper into this more when rewatch comes around to this episode. Let’s keep the pace moving shall we.

After the credits, Morgan had Jeffster in his office. He was telling Jeffster they needed to fix their appearances. Morgan being a boss is something new, but not really when he was Assistant Manger for most of Season Three. Jeffster points out how Morgan had a lot of brass for taking the position from the man who was outside. The cameras would show Big Mike was outside Morgan’s office. Chuck403-00213 Chuck403-00215 Chuck403-00223Morgan kicks Jeffster out of his office. He was mumbling how he was avoiding this confrontation, but rather then an angry Big Mike entering. We get a proud papa instead.

Big Mike states if there was anyone he was more willing to give up the store manager’s chair for was family.  Chuck403-00229 Chuck403-00233Big Mike in his fine Sunday finery. This means Mike has something in mind for this visit. He states his life was better ever since he met Morgan’s mom Bolonia. His mom makes the plumbing feel great at times, but it came time for Mike to make Ms. Grimes a honest woman.

Meanwhile, Chuck was with Hugo as the transporters were locking Hugo in a holding cell. Hugo just sat there mean as a junkyard dog. Chuck tried to lighten the mood, but Panzer wasn’t into playing. Chuck403-00240 Chuck403-00242In Heather’s room, we see Sarah sharing the same expression used by Hugo. A face like I am going to maul you if you keep talking trash woman. Heather had some questions for Walker, but Sarah wasn’t interested. Heather acted on Sarah’s abrupt nature by saying “Oh, you’re acting awful bitchy, Burton.
Or whatever it is you go by.” Jenny made it clear her name was Sarah Walker and don’t she forget it. A tit for tat between the ladies.Chuck403-00247Chuck403-00250Meanwhile back in Hugo’s cell, Chuck was asking Hugo about his exercise regime. After finishing securing Hugo, Panzer would ask the guard for his newspaper. Again the guard talked trash, “Look who thinks he can read.” A move that will comeback to bite the guard. Chuck403-00256Chuck403-00258Chuck403-00261You can tell Hugo was planning something. His cold stare was a very telling emotion.

Upstairs, Big Mike was telling Morgan about his love for Bolonia. He asked Morgan if he had permission to marry his mother and a job since Big Mike was between gigs. Chuck403-00271 Chuck403-00276Chuck403-00288Chuck403-00301Chuck403-00306Morgan also faces his first big test as manager of the store. Distribution was only sending Morgan six copies of Spy Attack. It wouldn’t of been a problem except Morgan had three hundred customers waiting outside.

Chuck walks into the room where Sarah was unclipping their tranq guns, Chuck asked if it was chatime. The first thing Sarah wanted to be clear was how much she loved him. Walker loved being with him, but before Sarah can get into what she wanted to discuss. Chuck glanced at Heather and flashed. Chuck’s flash didn’t just go unnoticed either from Sarah’s end. “Did you just flash.” Heather Chandler was in the 2.0 Chuck403-00323 Chuck403-00325 Chuck403-00327 Chuck403-00331

Chuck403-00334 Chuck403-00335This meant it was questioning time for Chuck as we know he was searching for his mother aka Frost, but Sarah stopped him. Sarah warned Chuck about not having clearance to question the prisoner, but Chuck dismissed that notion because of what they use the supply closet for.Chuck403-00343 Chuck403-00345Sarah insists for this to be a real interrogation. A good cop, silent cop measure. A codeword of time machine would be used in case things became mucky. Meanwhile, Hugo was rolling up the newspaper to the point where it could be used as a weapon. It appears Hugo is looking to escape. Chuck403-00366Chuck403-00348Chuck and Sarah enter Heather’s cell and right away Heather and Sarah are at it. “We need information on an arms deal you were involved in, with Alexei Volkoff and an agent whose code name is Frost”Chuck403-00368 Chuck403-00372Heather counters with what would be coming her way in return for information on Volkoff and Frosty the snow, well you know. Heather is smart here, she is playing her cards knowing Walker and Chuck don’t have the power to offer anything. Thus, Chandler knows everything Walker was promising was hog wash.

Chuck comes to Sarah’s defense when he said, “You-you got a lot of nerve talking to her like that,” but Heather was quick to remind Chuck how the woman beside him with the daddy complex was only her partner not boyfriend. I guess Heather didn’t get the CIA tabloids in prison. Chuck403-00377 Chuck403-00380 Chuck403-00382 Chuck403-00384However, Chuck and Sarah would give away their not so secret dating in real life to Heather. Chandler caught the look and went to town on Chuck and Sarah. She even went on to say how spy sex was great. Chuck403-00393 Chuck403-00395 Chuck403-00397Once again, the topic of children and domestic life would come out of Heather’s mouth, and she reminded Chuck and Sarah about her former husband Mark Ratner was a real relationship until she robbed him blind. She warned Chuck to get out now before Walker struck. All of this was beginning to get to Walker. As result, Time Machine was called. Chuck403-00393 Chuck403-00395 Chuck403-00397Chuck reiterated on how he wanted the words be used in a sentence. Chuck can sense the topic of their relationship was becoming a hot topic. Sarah stated she didn’t like Heather, which was clear from the moment Heather was revealed to be one of the transfer prisoners.

Sarah shows some comic relief when she says “If you let her get under your skin, about the living together thing, and about- the other thing that she mentioned- we’re not gonna get anywhere. While we see she was talking to Chuck, but she was trying to calm herself down. It was very funny part. Chuck403-00410Chuck furthers the moment with “The other-other thing? What is that other thing?” Cleary, Chuck and Sarah are up to their best when mixing personal issues with a mission, but time was not on their side as we know Hugo is ready to escape his cell. Chuck403-00415 Chuck403-00417 Chuck403-00419

They go back into Heather’s room. Hugo takes out the guard standing outside his cell with the rolled up newspaper. Chuck403-00422Heather continues to work Chuck about Sarah’s edginess about theier relationship, and why it won’t work out. This time Chuck calls for a time machine. While out in the hallway, Chuck back was turned to the other end of the hall. Sarah can see behind him as a guard being dragged.

Sarah says “we have a problem.” Chuck thinking it was about them, but Sarah pulls Chuck back into Heather’s cell. Hugo appears with a high power weapon poised to shoot them. Chuck believes Hugo was after him from their mission on the plane, but it wasn’t true. Hugo was there for Heather courtesy of Volkoff.

We knew Volkoff was powerful, but not this powerful. We know the dangers of Fulcrum and The Ring, but Volkoff was able to place man in prison for the purpose of killing Heather. It’s similar to the move The Ring did with Roark except Heather’s transfer came out of the blue. This information means Volkoff has people all over the place in the agency. Volkoff isn’t only powerful, but connected as well.

Meanwhile, upstairs Morgan was dealing with a crisis of his own. He was short on product and coming up with a gimmick to help soothe the would be riot approaching. Morgan asked Jeffster to read protocol jargon for situations like this one, but we are talking about Jeff and Lester here, and they decided the jargon was crap.

Morgan also believed they were almost out of the woods when he reached out for help with inventory, but was sadly disappointed when he could only get 2 additional copies. Bad day for Morgan. Chuck403-00440Chuck403-00449 Chuck403-00448 Chuck403-00452Hugo stands in front of the cell saying “give Heather and no one else dies. He even relays a greeting from Volkoff for Heather Chandler, which made Sarah ask about Volkoff. Heather said, she received a transfer to Yucca Mountain and when she entered the truck saw that monster (Hugo) in the other cage. Heather explained how Volkoff was powerful enough to arrange a transfer for this purpose. Chuck403-00457 Chuck403-00460Chuck403-00466After refusing Hugo’s offer, he runs off to try to break into their cell. Time was ticking. Chandler explains what happened  ” I blew a half-a-billion-dollar deal. The F-22 plans were for him. I guess he’s mad.” Chuck403-00468 Chuck403-00469 Chuck403-00470 Chuck403-00474Hugo begins to open the six cells Castle has. It’s go time. Hugo closing. Sarah calls Casey to let him know Hugo was out. Heather and Sarah argue about going up the later. This made Chuck make the order. As the door opens, the three rush up the ladder. Hugo comes back to the cell firing his gun.

Action packed scene, lot’s of moving parts makes the scene fun. Casey calls Greta to let her know about the escapee, but as reaches the hallway. Hugo knocks her out. He then kindly tells Casey she’s indisposed. Chuck403-00478 Chuck403-00487Chuck403-00491 Chuck403-00494 Chuck403-00498Casey rushes to the break room and tries to get into Castle, but Hugo activated Castle’s shutdown locking system. Casey had some choice words with the security system when it couldn’t understand the words Casey was saying. It was quite comical that Casey had to pull his weapon on a device.  Chuck403-00515 Chuck403-00517 Chuck403-00519Chuck403-00547 Chuck403-00552Casey pulls the screen off and the fire alarm system was behind it. Casey pulled the lever and a ladder came down in Heather’s cell. The three rush up as Hugo was approaching. Chuck403-00555Chuck403-00560Chuck403-00564Meanwhile, Morgan was trying to control the crowd upstairs. Jeffster lets slip that there were not enough games, which some of the customers heard.

While Chuck, Sarah and Heather where crawling through the vents. Hugo managed to climb a ladder and heard where they were headed. Heather continued to rip into Chuck and Sarah when she took cracks at how sweet Chuck was. It was comical because eventually Sarah would let her foot slip and hit Heather in the face. Chuck403-00596

The other funny thing was Heather’s comment about Chuck having a Tron poster in his room. Casey was in communications with Sarah and alerted her about Hugo not being in Castle. John would let them know they were close to a fire escape area. He told them he would meet them there. Chuck403-00610 Chuck403-00616Jeffster would perform a live poetry jam for the ruly crowd. They would continue despite the crowd asking for the game. Big Mike would counsel Morgan about getting control of crowd before there was a riot. Chuck403-00766Chuck403-00657Heather, Sarah and Chuck reached the landing. Sarah tried to open the door, but it was locked tight. They needed Casey to open it from the other side. This didn’t stop Heather from continue her  ripping into Sarah.

Sarah threatened to take away her deal, but Heather said, she never was going to give her any deal, and this attack was for lying. Chuck403-00671 Chuck403-00672 Chuck403-00677Her attack  was about how Sarah Walker was just like her. The idea of a being a soccer mom was frightening her and it’s the very reason Walker was upset. Sarah said she wasn’t going to dignify Heather, which Chuck agreed. He said, they were professional. Heather finished with she was all spy. Chuck403-00672 Chuck403-00677 Chuck403-00679 Chuck403-00681 Chuck403-00684In the middle of the war of words, the door started to unlock from the other side. Chuck and Sarah believed it was Casey, but it was actually Hugo. Chuck403-00694 Chuck403-00698 Chuck403-00700Chuck403-00705 Chuck403-00709Hugo comes flying into the room with fists flying at Carmichael. Chuck and Hugo start to rumble with Sarah trying to help. Sarah turns to Heather for help, but Heather said she knew what Sarah would’ve done and tried to escape.

This forced Sarah to go after a fleeing Heather. This meant Chuck had to deal with Hugo alone. Hugo’s momentum forced him to stumble down a vent, but he grabbed Bartowski with him. Chuck flashed kung fu and began fighting back, but Hugo’s weight was heavy enough to almost bring Chuck down the chute with him. Chuck403-00713 Chuck403-00717Meanwhile, Sarah and Heather were fighting with each other. A hell of a tussle between the four. Eventually, Hugo would fall down the slide and Sarah would overcome Heather. Chuck and Sarah get a moment to breath. Sarah thought the fight felt good. Chuck403-00724 Chuck403-00725Chuck403-00752Hugo was listening for where the voices of Chuck, Sarah and Heather were coming from. He started in the direction, but the tunnel rat met Casey along the way. Chuck403-00777 Chuck403-00787 Chuck403-00786Team Bartowski now had both Heather and Hugo back in custody. The transfer helicopter made it to the Buymore. Heather continued her tirade on Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. She said, she was rooting for them, but wouldn’t bet on them.

Sarah asked about information about Frost, but Heather still wasn’t going to give up the information. Sarah also took the time to make sure Chuck was alright with everything, and when Chuck said he was alright, Sarah knew his alright wasn’t a real one.

Chuck caved and asked Sarah about why everything about them was such a hot topic. Sarah assured him when Hugo and Heather were gone they would have their chat.

Hugo would look up at the arriving helicopter and know right away the chopper was not CIA. In fact, it was Volkoff’s men. Casey realized it too late. Chuck403-00812Chuck403-00813 Chuck403-00815The shooting would begin. Casey gets shot in the leg. Hugo breaks free and drops down the vents again. Chuck would pursue Hugo leaving Heather and Sarah to Volkoff’s men. Chuck403-00823 Chuck403-00828 Chuck403-00838 Chuck403-00841 Chuck403-00846With options lost, there was one option left. Sarah and Heather would need to work together to survive. Heather felt she knew what Walker would do, and told Sarah to hand her over to Volkoff. Furthermore, Heather claimed she knew what Walker was going to do, but finally Sarah speaks up and said Heather didn’t know anything.

She unties Heather and the two women work together to take out Volkoff’s men, and soon would turn their weapons on each other.

In the Buymore, the crowd begins to riot over not having enough games. In midst of the chaos, Morgan loses Big Mike’s ring. Big Mike orders Lester to get his disco stick which was in the car.

While Hugo was crawling through the vent, Chuck was waiting for him. Hugo asked how was Chuck’s aim in tight quarters. Chuck said he did have good aim. Hugo pointed out the gas line, but Chuck didn’t care. The vent started to make a noise as if it was ready to crash. Chuck said, “the vent was only able to hold 400 lbs, and since Hugo was most of the weight he told him to back up. The two would keep saying back up. Chuck403-00852 Chuck403-00854 Chuck403-00864 Chuck403-00880Chuck403-00902 Chuck403-00904Lots of action would commence, the vent would come crashing down into the caged area of the back room. It would be fitting since Stone Cold Steve Austin has history fighting in cage match during his wrestling days.

Chuck and Hugo rumble for a bit while on the sales floor the crowd went crazy. Chuck403-00916 Chuck403-00930 Chuck403-00934 Chuck403-00946Chuck403-00948Chuck403-00950Big Mike would get up on the stage and order everyone to settle down. He would state this was no way to behave. He even preached about how for one week they were able to talk video games with everyone. Hugo would get the upper hand and flee the backroom. While Big Mike was talking, Hugo was passing through the crowd. It angered Big Mike enough to stop him. Chuck403-00950 Chuck403-00982 Chuck403-00988 Chuck403-01004Chuck403-01032 Chuck403-01034 Chuck403-01040What makes the scene fun was how Big Mike took out Hugo, and it would mark the second time Mike would do such a thing. Remember this, Chuck208-01106 Chuck208-01107 Chuck208-01111Hugo Panzer felt the wrath of Big Mike as well. Chuck403-01045 Chuck403-01046This would also mean Big Mike took out two bald brawny men. Nice one Mark Christopher Lawrence. Morgan also told Big Mike how he lost the ring and apologized for it.

In Castle, Heather finally caved and gave information on her dealings with Frost. She told Chuck how Frost and her worked on a project called Beacon. Frost was there, and it was all she knew.

Casey and Sarah revisited their conversation from earlier when Sarah suggested Casey get in contact with his daughter. Casey returned the advice and told her to talk things out with Bartowski. Chuck403-01054 Chuck403-01059 Chuck403-01071 Chuck403-01075 Chuck403-01081 Chuck403-01085

After Heather reveals her frost information, Chuck leads the team in taking Hugo to the chopper. Heather gets one last crack before she says goodbye to the Chuck universe. She says “Maybe we aren’t the same. Maybe Sarah can love, but Chuck’s a nice guy, and he is really in love. Are you?” it’s a fair question but we’ll save that analysis for rewatch. Chuck403-01103

Sarah says goodbye to Heather, and while the Buymore was being cleaned up. Morgan offers the Assistant Manager’s vest to Big Mike, which Mike denied at first, but Morgan said he needed some help. Chuck403-01121


The ending of the episode is a special moment, and I’d like to end it with the song from the moment. 

While Big Mike and Morgan embrace, the ring Morgan lost was being swept into the vent, and began to tumble down to Castle. Sarah was sitting and we find her thinking about something. Chuck403-01157 Chuck403-01158Chuck comes walking in and they have there chat. The ring falling while they are talking. Sarah explains how when Chuck repeated what Devon said about marriage and kids scared her.

Chuck now understood how Heather was poking at it all day. Chuck said, she was nothing like Heather, but Sarah confirmed for a long time in her life she was exactly like Heather, but she also realized during the whole adventure how she wasn’t that person anymore, and she didn’t want to be. Chuck403-01164 Chuck403-01170 Chuck403-01180Chuck granted her request for taking things slow. He even lightened the mood by saying how he wasn’t ready either, but when the ring hits the floor. We get a very interesting reaction from both of them. Chuck403-01218 Chuck403-01219Chuck403-01225While it’s an accidental proposal, Chuck and Sarah have a very telling response. Maybe the feeling is coming faster than they think.

A great end to a very underrated episode. Season Four is off to a great start and only gets better with the next two episodes. Armand Assante makes his return to the series in the next episode as we talk about Coup d’Etat in the next Season Four episode article, but don’t worry we will revisit Cubic Z when Rewatch comes along. Chuck404-00221Remember Chuckaholics is your site, so play, engage and most of all it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.


  1. Anyone else notice that Sarah can take down squads of men with little trouble, byt every time she goes one on one with a woman, even someone as tiny as Nicole/Heather, she has difficulty?

  2. That was one of the odder things that Fedak and the writers did to Sarah ….. she could take Casey out as well. I guess she fought down to her opponents skill level!! ( Yes…Ritchie was BRUTAL ….give that girl some basic acting lessons and show her a fighting stance and how to make a fist !!!)

  3. In my memory, Colt in S2 E1 Chuck vs The First Date was the only man who fought Sarah to a draw! Also Sarah actually lost a fight to the female Ring Agent Sydney in S3 E4 Chuck vs Operation Awesome!

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