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Chapter One

How Expressions Can Tell a Better Story Than Words Themselves


While revisiting episodes over the past month, my opinion of Sarah Walker has changed. As most males will tell you, Yvonne Strahovski has it all. k6snyFf

Yvonne has the smile that woos most, the beautiful flock of blonde hair, and ability to make one’s heart melt with some of the best looking dresses she wore on Chuck. The taxes payers money sure did go to great use when you take in account this dress. Sometimes the dress makes the woman, but in this case we can say the woman made the dress become spectacular.She apparently put the dress on for ChuckBeautiful blue dress worn by Sarah in this episodeWhile most would melt at the presence of her, Yvonne’s character Sarah Walker was a vastly different person all together. Chuckaholics have read Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker before, but I thought maybe it’s time to reboot the series as I am quite fond in writing about Sarah Walker. So, Chuckaholics enjoy the ride once more. Let’s take a journey as we take a look at the enigma that is Sarah Walker.

The first question we shall ask ourselves would be,

Does Yvonne Make it Hard to Hate Sarah’s Dark Side?

Fellow Chuckaholic Gary once asked, does Yvonne’s performance make it easy for us to ignore the callus actions Sarah took with Chuck or should I say liberties. Sarah was Chuck’s handler for most of three years, and any pursuit of a relationship would be deemed as a compromised agent needed to be shipped out of Burbank as a result, but I shall ask you this question.

What if Sarah Walker was the Sarah Walker we saw sitting across from Ellie with a gun on the table? The woman who was an elite assassin, willing to take a life if it meant the success of a mission, but something happens in the scene that makes it easy to forgive from Chuck’s point of view and that of the viewer. Chuck512-00787

The imagery happens here, Yvonne’s ability to allow Sarah to takeover really is a testament into how she molded Sarah for the viewer. Sarah’s duel personality comes into play once Chuck arrives. The killer eyes tell you she wants blood, but a few minutes with Chuck shows his effect on her.

Agent Walker, Chuck512-00752 Chuck512-00757


Sarah Walker,

Chuck512-00797Do we lose sight on what Sarah was preparing to do? Does Yvonne’s emotions make it easy to dismiss her actions? It’s clear we still see the Sarah we come to learn and love is still in there, but tucked away behind the persona that is Agent Walker.

However, this would not be the first time we see the killer clash with domesticated Sarah Walker. When tested enough Agent Walker had no problem coming to the surface. Remember this?

We saw Sarah Walker beside herself when Chuck was taken from her life. The proverbial calm center for Sarah was Chuck. We witnessed in Phase Three just how much Chuck meant to her. It also shows you just how much the writers didn’t understand the character themselves. When the viewer sees Sarah in this capacity. It’s hard to understand the killer beneath her skin.Chuck409-00328Chuck409-00373There can’t be this much emotion if there was no true love inside her. The killer within her begins to seek blood once the truth about Chuck’s insecurity of her being a big fish as Morgan would put it. Desperation comes to mind once Sarah learns Chuck was set to propose.

While Sarah never was confronted with loving Chuck with or without the Intersect, Morgan makes her come out with the truth. “No supercomputer in his head.” It makes Sarah see the problem from Chuck’s point of view. It makes the realization of Season Three come to pass. It’s how a simple yes becomes emotionally much more significant. Realization Awakens Rampage Sarah

do you love me SarahThe question of love in Other Guy doesn’t seem like it’s registering inside Sarah. Chuck’s question was rather direct, and it seems like no one has ever asked her about love, but we lose sight of her wondering if she does love Chuck by her actions in the next episode. chuck314_00083chuck314_01027chuck314_01054I am not questioning Sarah’s love here I am just pointing out how Other Guy really wasn’t the finished product of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. A week without Chuck cements that love for Sarah. Raw emotion was on full display once the two reconnect in Thailand. Chuck409-01076However, the killer inside did make an appearance. It’s very sadistic in a way too. 200 ways to kill youThe very sadistic nature that was willing to blow up Chuck because of orders given to her by Quinn. Nickolas may have pushed the button, but Sarah left the team in the room. Orders or not love built on a long journey ruins a moment from earlier in the season. Chuck512-00597


Do Chuckaholics remember this? Chuck503-00230It makes going on this journey in understanding Sarah Walker that much more thrilling because there truly is two sides of Sarah Walker. One side we love and adure while there is a dangerous woman lurking at any moment. A Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde if you will.

You would give Sarah a pass when she was hesitant in pushing the button in blowing up the Intersect room, but she still was able to put Chuck in harms way despite her hesitation while Mrs. Bartowski was preventing her from doing it.

It’s Sarah Walker having convictions of Chuck changing to the point where she felt compelled to think of her own first kill and remembering how the first taste of blood changes a person.

Yvonne’s performance was well done to the point when the darkside of Sarah does appear on screen we forgive because of her genuine good heart most of the time.

Another time worth talking about was Sarah’s path prior to Burbank. We know the story. Sarah dealt with highly emotional situations before meeting Chuck. She had to deal with a dysfunctional family lifestyle with fighting parents.

Most children will always seek a missing parent’s approval they never see. Chuck always wanted to prove to his father he was doing something bigger then the Buymore.  Jack Burton always on the road or in prison because of his chosen professional. He would naturally recruit his daughter which Sarah would always consider the invitations. The chance to be on an adventure outweighs life with mom.

The CIA enhanced the con man’s lifestyle and made her into a killing machine. Langston Graham’s personal enforcer as John Casey would say. However, one’s human nature would take over once Graham and Ryker would make Sarah realize the lengths the government would go to complete a mission. Chuck508-00037 Chuck508-00052Chuck508-00059When the package Sarah was to retrieve was a baby. Sarah’s outlook on the agency changed. It would make Sarah break orders for the first time. It shows there is a heart inside Sarah that isn’t as cold as some of her other coworkers.

Sarah would question the orders, but her handler would say get the job done. It’s a difficult task to remove the human side of the equation when an innocent baby becomes the target of an assassin no matter how much of a company girl she was. Chuck508-00066 Chuck508-00067The baby is a game changer for Sarah, but let’s talk more on this subject when we reach Chuck vs The Baby on our rewatch schedule.

The next part of the equation would be Bryce Larkin breaking into the CIA’s Intersect Room and destroying and sending the program to a civilian. Sarah would become the fixer of Larkin’s mess. The issue with Larkin was he wasn’t just her partner, but the Andersons had a personal relationship as well.

Thus, the news he was killed makes Sarah come to Burbank a battered and unstable woman. It’s the very reason the ballerina opened her heart to the possibilities of learning how to be a human again. Something Sarah already was beginning to inquire within herself. Chuck101-00384The look of intrigue makes the scene work. Sarah studying her mark would be thrown through a loop when she realize Chuck isn’t wasn’t a threat to national security, but a threat to her heart. Chuck101-00398 (1) Chuck101-00405 The understanding part comes with where Sarah comes from. Sarah was used to assassins, spies and other underground villains that would be assigned to her. We can call this scene as the scene where Sarah falls for Chuck, but I find it more as an Icebreaker.

A refresher of sorts. A job deemed as a piece of cake from her own mouth would now become the root setter Sarah was taught to avoid all together. The idea Sarah felt the need to pack weapons on their first date indicates no love, but more of a woman still pretty much working an assignment.

However, one date changes all of that. One line on a beach changes all of that. Sarah could of left Burbank, but the power of what Chuck provided was enough for a company girl to start her reassertion into civilization. A breathe of fresh air.

Yvonne’s work made it easy to forgive the darkside with moments that take your breath away.

We shall continue with this discussion next week. As I have become a full time worker at a nursing home cleaning dishes in the kitchen. It’s why my absence as been so long recently.

I read the comments, but just haven’t had time to respond, but Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker will continue with this portion of the piece.

Carol, Lonny and Michael welcome to Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker Reboot. Please read the first 6 parts of this series if you would like.

Remember Chuckaholics is your site so play, engage but most of all remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t. We shall continue with part two of did Yvonne’s portrayal of Sarah Walker make it easy to forgive her dark side.


  1. I don’t hate Sarah’s dark side. but that is not because of Yvonne’s excellent acting or beauty. I simply accept that Sarah has a dark side. I don’t think that there is any reason to hate it. She does what she needs to do to protect the country, the people or persons she loves. She is not a murderer who enjoys killing, she just does what needs to be done by any means necessary.
    I mean there are soldiers and policemen out there in real life that sometimes have to kill people to protect others. We may not like that but we have to accept that it may be necessary.

    • There is usually a reason to kill for the greater good, but we tend to think of certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed. There is a moral equivalence to killing enemy combatants and sometimes their supporters, even if they are civilians. But in general, the Geneva Convention is loathe to endorse the killing of innocent civilians and any force should carried out with the utmost caution to limit civilian casualties. Sarah has to go to that dark place and cross those lines, as we can see, but we don’t really see it until the end.

      A lot of people didn’t like the way Sarah was portrayed in Chuck Vs. Sarah. That may have been because we got to see a softer Sarah for the most of the series. Would we have thought of Sarah differently had we seen that side right off the bat??? First impressions are so important to give us a sense of what a person is all about, and we got to see beautiful Sarah, doing what she could to protect Chuck as a first impression. We later learn that Sarah hates killing ( as she says about her Red Test), but she’s learned to bury the emotions that go with it, effectively becoming a robot, but with this intense desire to regain her emotions without the negative consequences that could ensue. But if our first impression was that of a cold blooded killer ( which is what she had become ), would we have been so wrapped up in her story of redemption ? Maybe, but we will never really know. As it stands, Sarah is responsible for the deaths of all those in the CIA building that were working on the Intersect, even though Quinn triggered the explosion. That is a line she shouldn’t have crossed. Taking Ellie hostage and threatening to kill her is a line she shouldn’t have crossed. This is not a woman (or soldier ) that is doing what has to be done to complete a mission ….this is a remorseless robot who would be brought up on war crimes. Luckily we got to see the human side of her first other than this robotic side ….

      • Yes, It’s quite interesting when watching Sarah from the aspect of seeing two sides of her. The balance as we will see in the next article. It’s a fine line for a woman who has two loves. I remember Casey once said to her about the CIA going after the people they love. Casey needed to leave to save Alex, but Sarah said everything she cares about was inside this building. Thus, the word everything. Sometimes we miss clues like this because its hidden in a dialogue, but if it was just Chuck she could the person she cares about was inside the building which would be Chuck, but I guess people don’t see the CIA as her surrogate family.

      • Don’t really see how that applies to what we’re talking about here, Chris ( and I’m not exactly sure what you’re saying). Once she met Chuck, she was not the remorseless killer she had been (and truth be told, since the Baby incident). Between her Red Test and the Baby, she had no emotions …she would have been incapable of love. That was her survival mechanism…. bury ALL emotions. Once Chuck came a long and she finally allowed herself to love someone, then she would fight like Hell to maintain that. But prior to the Baby ( and when all those memories were removed ), people probably would see someone they didn’t really like… yourself hate seeing Sarah in Vs. Sarah. But that’s who she was……what would you have thought of her if the Ellie scene was the beginning scene rather than the Buy More scene ?? That could possibly change the whole story, even though it was essentially the same person in those 2 scenes !!!

      • What I am trying to say is. While we watch Sarah’s humanity begin to grow after the baby situation. Chuck only made the process easier for her. She was at the brink of what humanity before she got to Burbank. Bryce’s killing and the baby really opened her eyes to the dark side of what she does.

        I mean imagine her life going forward knowing she killed that baby? The torture and abuse on the mind would over take her. If you read my next article. I have a better explanation on why the Ballerina wasn’t the moment when she fell. It was the humanity Chuck showed that little girl. It warmed her heart and was the moment when she planted roots.

      • Frankly, I think the writers (mostly Fedek) went off the rails in the last 2 episodes. They took the characters to places outside the lines they had established for 4 years. There should be a means for Sarah to confirm what Quinn tells her. The Sarah from early in the series would have had lots of doubts after listening to Chuck and Ellie talking during the night. I even have problems with her loss of memory. Morgan’s memory loss was random; he lost an Indiana Jones reference, that was an old memory, He lost trilogy night, that was an older memory. Sarah lost memories in reverse order, very nice and neat. I don’t know what was bugging Fedek, but I think he just decided to ruin the ending for the faithful, and so he did even if it meant screwing with the characters.

      • Lonny…no doubt there are plot holes large enough to drive a bus through in the last few episodes…. notice she doesn’t even question why Casey is working with Chuck !!! Even before she gets her memories back, she describes Casey to a tee….but she never questioned his loyalty to the NSA. It would have been stupid for her to lock Casey in the Intersect room and blow him up…as well as all the other CIA employees who were in the building. That should have raised some red flags for Sarah, since she was supposedly still working for the CIA. And to have no red flags go up when Chuck is talking about what the Intersect does to people ( INCLUDING MEMORY LOSS ), and Sarah doesn’t tweak to the fact that she had the Intersect AND has memory loss.

        I have no problems with Sarah losing her memories ( not my preferred story line, but I can go with it ), but I can’t abide with Sarah not being the CIA’s top agent. It’s OK that they made her emotionless again, but they didn’t have to make her stupid….that doesn’t fit with the storyline we’ve had for 5 years. The other thing I don’t like, ( and this is totally an editing mistake ) is how Sarah was supposed to become attracted to Chuck again when they go after Quinn. ( Yvonne describes what the finale is all about in a video). I didn’t see any evidence of that, other than when they are doing the tango and she fixes his tie. It was very poorly done, giving question to the final beach scene. It would have been much better if she had shown some real spark with Chuck up to that point, but she was extremely distant for the entire episode. That made the beach scene a very, ” out of the blue” emotional scene…all of a sudden, she wants to know “their story”. My only solace was that she asked for the kiss, after going through a myriad of emotions while Chuck told their story. The fact that the kiss lingered was well done ….I don’t need her to remember everything (IMHO), I need her to feel everything. I think the second kiss and how it lingers speaks to the fact that she is feeling something.

        As I’ve said before, losing her memories is a blessing ….unlike the rest of us, she doesn’t have to remember the first half of season 3 !!!

  2. You got that right. I was watching an alternate ending on YouTube and saw a comment from a woman saying ” If Sarah doesn’t get her memories back, I’ve just wasted 5 years”. And that struck me as very true. I’m reasonably sure the original idea for the show was the computer in his head, nerd becomes cool spy story line. They probably threw in the Sarah romance to attract female viewers. But the whole Sarah romance, love, redemption story became at least equal to Chuck’s in terms of viewer interest. Nerds all over the world crushed big time on Yvonne. They wanted a happy ending, instead they were taken right back to the beginning. You can’t be sure they start again. Sarah is not at the same place she was when she walked into the BuyMore. She may have fallen for Chuck early on, but it took her 3 years to come to terms with those feelings. I’m sure Beckman offered her a job when she’s ready and there is nothing to keep her in Burbank except her curiosity about Chuck. Is that enough?

    • Their story keeps her with Chuck …she doesn’t ASK for the kiss if she doesn’t want to rekindle what they had. She knew she had loved Chuck from the videos…. but she felt the emotions when he told her the story….she laughed, she cried ….. and she didn’t hesitate to ask for the kiss when it was brought up. And she just didn’t have one kiss …..she stayed and it lingered. That means that either the memories were coming back or the emotions and love for Chuck were coming back. There is no longer a curiosity about Chuck….there is a trust and a connection. The beach itself is a connection, asking to hear their story is a connection, asking for the kiss is a connection. The memories are a moot point in a way ….. emotionless Sarah doesn’t even go to the beach. Both Chuck and Sarah are now going totally with their hearts …. not with their heads.

      • Hello, Chris, Lonny, Gary and Michael wishing you an awesome 2016. Regarding Sarah Walker’s dark side in the last two episode although she is in that assassin mode we do get to see certain moments where Chuck does disarm her emotionally. One of the times is when Chuck gets to take the intersect glasses back and the other time when Chuck has her in the house that they were going to buy and have a family. You have to admit that she started having doubts on Quinn, after all she did punch him for destroying a CIA facility; however when Quinn gets the intersect glasses and they have no data he uses this info to get her into the assassin mode again because she felt she let her guard down with Chuck and was taken advantage. The fact was that there was a glimpse of doubt that was starting to sprout and hopefully from Chuck’s conversations and her eavesdropping on Chuck’s and Ellie’s conversation.

        Definitely it was one of the worst finale for a beloved series, I sometimes wonder it they were hoping that the fans would come together and get them that 6th season and therefore left that story in that manner so that the story can continue. I personally didn’t like the fifth season at all with the exception of a couple of episodes. You have to admit that the acting in Chuck vs Sarah was very good. Gary, a lot fans noticed about the lingering kiss and I also noticed that right before that when Sarah mentions the magical kiss she smiles and touches her hair a flirty sign from us girl that we are interested in in that boy. So there was interest and the kiss was the confirmation. However, towards the end of Chuck vs Sarah when she goes to tell him that she believed him and to say goodbye, Sarah tells him that she doesn’t feel it. So although the flirtation was there and the kiss/kisses happened that “feeling” that she said was not there can not just suddenly appear but would take a courtship where Sarah’s “trust” issue needed to be dealt with again by Chuck. The fact Chuck knows Sarah well enough to win her back in time because the attraction between them was there.

      • She doesn’t have any feelings for Chuck at the end of Vs Sarah ( even though he did break through to her a few times ). I believe what she meant is that she didn’t feel the way that was indicated on the videos. The intent of Goodbye was to allow Sarah to see Chuck in a different light….Yvonne talks about how working with Chuck again tweaks her to what she had fallen in love with previously….however, that didn’t seem to come through as well once the editing was done. In any case, working with him in chasing Quinn, seeing his humanity and what he stands for …that may have opened her eyes a bit. Plus, she started remembering certain things, even if she wasn’t sure where the memories came from. Personally, I’m not in favor of her being right back with Chuck after the kiss. What I felt from the kiss was that she now trusted Chuck enough to pursue a life with him in it …if not, she could have pulled back from the kiss at any time to “see” if the memories return. She didn’t…she allowed herself to get caught in the moment and relish what was happening. If we are to believe where Sarah was emotionally at that point ( or where she should have been )…that is a HUGE step.

      • That’s the beauty of love, but really what Chuck and Sarah are and will always be soulmates, but with the amount of enemies and the job always being around Chuck and Sarah will deal with these issues throughout their lives.

        Enemies don’t lay dormant forever, and if you saw how Quinn was shot. There is no doubt Quinn could of survived the shot. Gary, no one in Chuck really dies they have the soap opera complex.

        If the character is needed to make a story shine they come back. i find it interesting though Chuck and Sarah end up on the beach where they came together.

        I also feel this is why the fan base wants a movie because there was no sense of closure. Dexter had a similar weird ending, but the show is returning because the network hasn’t been able to replace the show. Michael C Hall is the only one holding up the project.Dexter went off the air in 2013, but it took two years for the show to return. It shows you the difference between the two franchises Dexter was quite popular where as Chuck had to do a lot of gimmicks to stay afloat.

        I think time will tell, but the more we move further from Goodbye and the less we hear or read news of a possible revival the less likely we will get a movie.

      • So true Gary. To give it some authenticity you have to have Chuck and Sarah have a little courtship as her memories are triggered back with certain dangerous situations of losing him that can cause her heart & memory to real the memory suppression that Quinn used.

      • You can never have full closure, Chris. I don’t know of a show that actually gave EVERYONE the ending they wished. I finally got around to watching the last 6 episodes of White Collar….not a bad ending, but it still leaves lots of questions. Chuck ended 4 years ago, and we’re still talking about the ending and clamoring for more episodes or a movie …..perhaps it achieved its purpose !!??

        In regards to Dexter, I heard that was just a rumor about returning. In any case, it was a cable show, so it was very different than a network show. It also ran a lot fewer episodes per season than Chuck. Chuck was definitely a hard luck show with the writer’s strike and its time slot…but it survived for 5 seasons. Oddly, I think everyone would have been happy with only 4 !

      • I have heard the same that the 4th season wedding would have been a perfect ending for Chuck. After you see season 5 and being a fan of Chuck I tend to agree with the majority.

      • The best analysis of the final scene was in Unpacking Chuck by G. Walter Bush ….. it certainly allowed me to see it in a different light. I tend to be horrible with body language, so the playing with the hair eluded me.

        Tell me Carol….do you gals do that intentionally, or is it a reaction ??!!! LOL

      • In the Nerd HQ Conversation I think it was 2014 with Jennifer Morrison, Yvonne asked them regarding those roles where the directors want the actress to take their clothes off and Jennifer answered that you just have to stand your ground and say no. The fact since she did that Dexter scene they are going to insist and she doesn’t need to do nude scenes to make it; she is a very good actress. Hollywood has their favorites and they give the roles almost to the same actresses almost all the time and Yvonne’s talent has fallen through the crack.

      • At the 2014 Nerd HQ, they did ask about certain tropes that the women would like to see go away. Yvonne did mention that she thought it would be great if the underwear scenes went by the wayside. Chris and I have discussed that at length…and I gave Yvonne a lot of grief over that comment. She did mention that an underwear scene was OK if it gave some context to a scene, but often the writers or directors ( MEN!!!) would just want some gratuitous lingerie shots. She didn’t think there was any reason to just have women strip down to their lingerie on TV.

        My thinking on that was , “Then why strip down to your lingerie in a photoshoot, that also doesn’t have any context ?” If she is going to bemoan having herself walk around a TV set half naked, then why does she promote herself by getting half naked in a magazine?

        I think she did get a little caught up in the Bad Ass Women’s panel, in that she didn’t seem to have the same bad experiences getting into the business as some of the other women. Perhaps she was overcompensating, but she certainly seemed to come off as biting the hand that feeds her ….

  3. BTW, Chris…I’m not a big fan of that first photograph of Yvonne….yes, she’s a beautiful woman, but talk about an awkward pose !!! She has long, skinny legs and big feet ….that pose only accentuates those features in an unflattering way !!! Most photographers would have her flex her feet towards the camera so as to minimize their length, and to accentuate her calves so as to flatter those long legs. How this guy ever got to do a boudoir shoot with Yvonne is beyond me ….he definitely lacks talent. But, hey, he managed to get the only full frontal nude of Yvonne during that shoot, so he must be using some Jedi mind trick to get her into his studio !!

    The other photos are generally great ….she usually doesn’t take a bad red carpet shot or a posed shot. There’s a shot of her (from the side ) in a sparkly green dress that is absolutely phenomenal !

    • Gary, agreed. When I look at this pic I just want to give her some food. It is probably the worst pic I ever saw of her.

      • LOL, Michael !!! Yes…if expressions say more than words, then that photo is saying, “Please feed me !!! My agent hasn’t let me eat in a week !!”

        Seriously…I go through a lot of glamour photography and have done a lot of portraiture work ….( unfortunately, my wife won’t let me get into Boudoir photography !!LOL). You will NEVER see such a horrible pose as that one. Everyone has flaws they want to minimize ….the last thing you want to do is exaggerate those flaws. It makes me wonder if this guy put these photos out there without Yvonne’s approval. The client generally gets to go through all the photos and pick the best ones. Seeing that this one and her (essentially) nude shot seem to be the only ones from that shoot, I wonder if they were distributed without her approval, or did she just gave the guy a blanket release. ( happens sometimes if one doesn’t understand the release contract ).

    • There’s a nude in that set? I missed that. Despite her doing most of her own stunts and loving and being pretty good at the fight scenes, she’s always been thing. Like most actresses. Watch “Ring 2” where she gets out of the limo at the convention.

      • It’s not a nude per se, but a NSFW photo …she is wearing that sheer top as above, but with no bra or panties …photographed through a very sheer fabric. No imagination necessary, shall we say.

        Yvonne did have a stunt person do a lot of her more difficult maneuvers. The fight scenes were OK ….. luckily most of the henchmen weren’t very well trained in Martial Arts, or Sarah would have been trashed numerous times !! LOL Being a dancer gave her plenty of body awareness so she could look half decent fighting, but the technique was definitely dance related. However, it was much better than Zac, who was very mechanical in his fighting technique.

        BTW…what are we supposed to look for when she gets out of the limo ??

  4. They do a curb level shot of the door opening and Yvonne gets out. Her legs are painfully thin, I think. She took some classes in martial arts in Australia as part of her acting education as well. And definitely much more fluid and graceful than Zach.

    • Oh…yes, I see what you are getting at. Yvonne is super skinny …perfect for modeling, I guess. At least she’s an athletic skinny rather than a calorically challenged skinny …. and to think that she’d look even skinnier in person !!! ( I won’t make any negative comments on skinniness of legs…. I have that genetic trait myself…as does my oldest son. Legs are strong as all get out, but couldn’t build the muscles if our life depended on it !!) I think she’ll maintain that skinniness for a long time, since she eats pretty healthy …and with Michelle as her best friend, she leads a pretty active lifestyle. I lean more towards the athletic body shapes myself…it’s what I find most attractive….. and achievable. Being skinny is having the luck to win the genetic lottery in that category, and I don’t like seeing women starve themselves to reach some crazy “ideal”.

      I think Yvonne mentioned they also had a martial arts instructor on set as well to choreograph the fight scenes and show them the maneuvers. But there are some things that are really hard to “teach” unless you’ve done it, and it’s a dead give away as to the skill level. Most martial arts punches and kicks are fairly “small”, and since they are “defensive” in nature, you have to maintain a guard. We don’t see very good weight transfer, and usually the guard is dropped when throwing a punch or kick. Yvonne’s moves WERE very fluid, but everything lacked power. Zac was not bad at technique, but he stopped moving …holding his punches and kicks, so that it was really mechanical. The absolute worse was Nicole Ritchie. Heather Chandler was supposed to be a Black Belt ….and gave Sarah all she could handle. However, Nicole couldn’t even make a proper fist ….if she ever hit ANYTHING ( even an opponent), she would have broken every bone in her hand !!

  5. “It’s clear we still see the Sarah we come to learn and love is still in there…”

    I disagree. There is absolutely nothing “clear” about it at all. Something that was made abundantly clear when she left at the fountain. If it was so “clear” the fandom wouldn’t be split over the finale.

    The Sarah we knew died in Bullet Train and NEVER returned.

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