gallery Death can be a game changer

David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey and Natalie Cole all have something in common recently. They all have died over the past few weeks and it made me think of how death can bring an end to something or someone special.

Chuck fans are lucky enough to have young cast members, but let’s not lose sight on the potential of death hitting the series. There are certain things that I know for sure.  I can’t see anyone play the characters we love other than those that have played them.

I remember reading how Sopranos was close to coming to the big screen, but the death of James Gandolfini all but ruined that chance because no one can play Tony Soprano better than James.

We also should think back at the moments when we saw death or near death moments that nearly broke those around Chuck. We begin with one scene or should I say two.

Bryce Dies Twice

Freeze DOn't moveChuck101-00158For a man thought to be dead, Bryce Larkin has the proverbial nine lives. The opening moments of the series had us believe Larkin was killed. Casey held claim to the demise of one Bryce Larkin, but like Hollywood often does we learned Bryce was anything, but dead. Chuck109-01215Bryce’s return makes things interesting as it was untimely. Why? you ask. The moment would interrupt the first magical moment between Chuck and Sarah known as the incident. Chuck109-01090While Bryce’s return would move the kiss to the backburner, Bryce’s impact on the couple would become a series wide effect. However, Bryce would meet his demise in Ring II. What was your favorite Bryce moment? Bryce dead

My favorite Bryce scene would be his interaction with Tommy. If you read Impact Players, I felt Tommy was a great single serving baddie. He had some awesome lines like the ones standing outside the elevator when Bryce was escaping in Nemesis. Tommy said, “I wouldn’t want you to kill some random person. I’d feel just terrible.” he followed with, “This is your chance, Bryce. This is me being reasonable. Let’s go. Let’s be friends again.” Chuck110-00284 Chuck110-00285

Bryce wasn’t the only one who faced death multiple times. Daniel Shaw also felt death’s wrath, but was not really dead.

In Shaw We Trust

The agency would put their faith in Daniel Shaw to help guide Team Bartowski through a war with rival spy organization The Ring.Shaw giving commandsLittle did they know The Ring would have plans to turn the special agent superspy. The Ring Director would show the footage from the night his wife was killed. When the video showed Sarah killed Eve. Shaw would seek revenge against the people responsible. Chuck312-00896

It would force Chuck to do something he thought was not possible which was to use a real gun.  Chuck313-00948Chuck313-00952 Chuck313-01010 Chuck313-01014Like Bryce, Shaw would be shot and presumed dead, but he was anything but as well. Shaw orchestrated a coup within the CIA in hopes to destroy the institution from within. It left Team Bartowski to work together to stop Daniel which they do.

The problem is Shaw does something very evil. The kind of evil that words can’t explain the destruction Daniel caused. He killed Orion. A death that would impact Chuck and those around him. Shaw has revenge on his mindOrion’s death would be one that I question if a revival was to occur could be possible of a return. Orion’s location of death could be reasonable to believe Orion may not be dead. A Frost/Orion reunion would be a nice thing to see.chuck318_01147 chuck318_01156The final part of this brief article would be Chuck’s near death occasions.

Near Chuck Deaths

Some of the best death scenes came when we saw reaction from those watching. Sarah and Casey both show strong emotion at the thought of Chuck being dead.

First, Chuck takes a trip down a side of a building when Colt drops him. Chuck201-00930 Chuck201-00937We saw Casey show some emotion at the sight of Chuck dropping his way. Chuck201-00942Chuck201-00938This wouldn’t be the only time either. In Best Friend, which was the best emotional scene from a team aspect. Casey and Sarah both show great emotion at the idea of Chuck being dead. Chuck214-01067 Chuck214-01068 Chuck214-01069The handlers were visibly disturbed with the idea of Chuck being gone, but when Chuck  was not dead. They were upset with Chuck disobeying orders, but were just as relieved to see Bartowski alive. Chuck214-01071 Chuck214-01074 Chuck214-01075

Another time was during the Anniversary Episode when Sarah and Casey were tied up. Chuck made the save, but not without Casey saying “I am going to tear you limb from limb” Chuck401-00993 Chuck401-00996

 Honorable Mention

Verbanski Does the Job

Chuck505-01172 Chuck505-01174 Chuck505-01168This was an awesome scene. Decker blackmailed Sarah and Chuck as conspirators against the country, but Verbanski was having none of it.

If there are some death moments you would like to talk about feel free to post below in the comment section




  1. Yup….death really is a game changer…especially for the person that dies !! 😉

    Luckily, no one ever really “dies” in TV. I blame soap operas ….. which, unfortunately, Chuck writers tried to emulate too many times…..

    • Hey Captain… I like it !!! Instead of a glitchy flash on Aikido in which he delivers a crescent kick to Lester, he does a glitchy flash with a samurai sword and takes Shaw’s head off !!

      And, Chris….Shaw doesn’t “guide” TB through ANYTHING in S3 …he’s there for Sarah. His goal is to break up the cozy relationship of TB….which he does quite well.

      As for Bryce, I didn’t mind him popping back up…. that was the tension that Chuck and Sarah needed in order to grow ( we so have to put the past to bed, sometime). The only way a character on Chuck truly dies is when they get their own TV series !!

      • I’m not a fan of the Intersect 2.0. The only thing it was used for was to give Chuck kung fu skill.

        Why couldn’t Chuck fly the plane to Paris, why couldn’t he fly a helicopter or fighter jet. What happened to the facial recognition / data interpretation that there before.

        The Intersect 2.0 could’ve been so cool, but it actually a lazy tool, too often used by the writers to give Chuck fighting skills, something he had not required before. Handy to have – sure. But it shouldn’t have been the writer’s crutch that it was.

  2. Naw…he used it for other stuff …. I wish I had it to (re) learn how to play guitar like Chuck !! He also used it to flash on some of the other info, like when Casey made him flash on Volkoff’s plants. But it really became less of a “thing” and , yeah, was mainly used for fighting. Probably due to having a pile of new writers in S3 and beyond …. the Intersect became a very schizophrenic tool after S2.

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