gallery Chuckaholics Approaching a Huge Milestone

2K Away from 100,000 visitors 


The last time I wrote an article like this came in the form of reaching 50,000 views. A stat that holds dear to my heart because I never fathomed I’d reach such a figure, but as we approach a new figure of 100,000 views, I am compelled to thank all of those helping to make Chuckaholics a mainstay.

We are still talking about a show that has been off the air since 2012, but while fans from the days when the show was on television have read pretty much anything they can get their hands on. Chuckaholics is for the new breed of fan. The fan that has found the show through Netflix or any other means of watching the show. We are talking about the fans that have created Facebook pages like Chuck vs The Movie or as my dear friend Sebnem’s page Chucksters Forever.

We fight the good fight in hopes of one day seeing the show become a movie or a miniseries like Full House has become, but until then Chuckaholics will help feed the Chuck addict who can’t get enough. Moments like this one will survive because of site like this one who make it stay alive by keeping it in your minds. Proposal Plan revelation

It’s been a fun ride and with the addition of Michael into the fold, Chuckaholics has a bright future. New people visit the site and are coming back. We even made connection with some of the cast along the way. As I have been in contact with a guest star on a regular basis, but to respect the star’s wishes I plan to keep the name from getting out.

At the end of each year, I receive a stats portfolio from WordPress that indicate how many sell out performances I would be able to garner at the Sydney Concert Hall and at 50K it was 21 sellouts. It’s amazing when you think about that. 100,000 would double that figure.

I often find myself thinking of ways to better the site, but as I keep thinking of change the more I want it to stay the same. Chuckaholics wants to continue to grow, but two people are not enough. We need new people with passion for Chuck to join us in producing new material for people to read.

Chuckaholics can’t compete with the established Chuck sites out there for people to visit like Chuckthis or Chuck.Tv, but we can provide a deeper look into the series. We want writers that can provide articles like Michael and I can deliver. Insightful and still have love for the work Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz gave us.

Feel free to contact me or Michael Koch in joining our team. Remember we live by the motto Chuckaholics is a family and the more people we add the more of a community we will become. His twitter handle is @mk11111980 my twitter handle is @chuckaddiction2

Remember Chuckaholics is your site, so play, engage and most of all it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.  Chuck413-01223

Chuckaholic’s founder



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