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Impulsive Behavior Not Uncommon for Sarah

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There was one scene I forgot to go over during the closing moments of Pink Slip. The ending is a bit harsh, but on point with what I talked about Sarah was fighting her hurt while managing to work with the man she loves. This all coincides with the struggles from the events of PRague and the night of the upload.

Sarah returns to her handler position she knew so very well, but how could she when Sarah disapproves of Chuck’s desire to become a field operative. From this moment on I am going to reference spying as field operative because essentially that was what Chuck was becoming. Sarah tries to curb the feelings talk by stating what Bryce said in S2. “You’re a spy now Chuck.” You need to bottle your feelings” It’s another lie because Sarah can’t bottle hers when it comes to Chuck. We also know Sarah doesn’t like the idea of Chuck becoming a field operative, but we won’t see that for quite some time. chuck301_00900 chuck301_00908Sarah has no interest in listening about Chuck and his training. You can tell because Sarah has a blank stare when listening to Chuck talk about his feelings. It’s almost like Chuck chose being a spy over being with her, but hasn’t it been the case for Sarah, but the fact the tables have turned on her. Sarah must endure a learning curve on what it feels like to have feelings and a broken heart at the same time. Sarah must truly understand love is stronger than pride, and that is the truth of the matter. How does one get past one’s own pride in order to understand the shoe is on the other foot. Sarah has begun to realize what Chuck went through during the first two years of their “cover” relationship. chuck301_00910 chuck301_00903

One of the first things we can notice is Sarah’s tendency in searching for lies as she was thinking of the answer she wanted to provide. She follows with “it was a mistake” and it won’t happen again. Wrong Sarah. It has happened not again, but before.

Sarah’s ability to act impulsively stems from this event. A moment that was both initiated by Sarah and brought confusion to the surface. Sarah not known for acting on her feelings began her quest in accepting her feelings with the first kiss. Chuck109-01086Chuck didn’t act on his passion for her, but Sarah leaps for Chuck when the thought of them dying was about to happen. We also throw in the fact Sarah had these feelings bottle in came with further evident of what she said in Pink Slip. An agent must bottle those feelings in order to survive.

Survive what though? It’s not like Chuck was a danger to anyone, but if we notice anything about Imported Hard Salami. We saw other impulsive behavior that would be apart of Sarah’s make up.

When on a mission, Sarah jumped the gun to interfere with Chuck’s date with Lou. Casey pointing out Sarah’s feelings for Chuck and with Chuck and Lou’s first date in a club (same for Chuck and Sarah)  tension was rising. All Sarah needed was a trigger to act. Stavros’s chicken neck comment lead Sarah to strike, but not because Chuck was in danger, but because Sarah couldn’t take Chuck working a mission on his own. She couldn’t take Chuck with another woman, but most of all the feelings she bottled up proves love is stronger than pride. Chuck109-00489Chuck furthers his case in turning the tables by stating it was never about her. Well, the season premiere a chuck full of lies will continue with Chuck lying about becoming a field operative because important people told him he could do very important things. He finished by saying it was never about her, but in a very unlike move from Sarah. She cuts him off before he could finish. My have the tables turn between the two.chuck301_00901 chuck301_00909Please note this Season Three rewatch is not a ploy to change people’s minds, but to explore the change the characters were going through. Some will always hate this season. I am not trying to convince anyone the fruits of Season Three, but remember this everyone the season I hate the most is Season 5, but to be fair to everyone I will try to write objective pieces. The roles have been reversed in just one episode. While most hate the idea of change, it needed to be done.

Most people don’t like change. They like things to stay the same even though one final test was the exact thing Chuck and Sarah needed to get pass the ultimate problem keeping themselves from being together. The problem has always been them. The waiting out process was easy to endure during S1 and S2 what is a little while longer.chuck301_00912

We shall continue this discussion with Three Words.


  1. I said it before; the first two episodes of this season have nothing to do with Sarah not wanting Chuck to be a field agent. They are about her anger and pain. I am pretty sure that she doesn’t even care if he wants to be a spy or not at this point.

    She simply didn’t want to see him at all. But she has to follow Beckman’s orders. In this scene Sarah let Chuck talk first because she wanted him to explain Prague. She cuts him off when what he said made it even worse.

    • Since I barely recognized these 2 characters at this point, I’m not really sure what the episode is really about. I’m not sure what Sarah feels or doesn’t feel. I’m not sure what Chuck’s motivation was …or is.

      After I watched this episode on TV ( even though I didn’t have a thorough understanding of the dynamics of Chuck ), I never watched it again on air. This was not entertainment to me, compared to the shows that I watched beforehand. It had the same effect when I watched on Netflix, although I was motivated to keep watching because I understood “what was at stake”.

      • It is really hard to recognize the characters. I agree. But they are also experiencing things that never happened to them before and have to deal with it.

        I think Sarah’s feelings are evident from her actions and expressions. In this episode (and the next) it is all pain and anger that she tries to suppress, although not really successfully. She doesn’t want to see Chuck because he hurt her and therefore makes it more difficult for her to ignore the pain. And when she has to see him she is barely able to control her wish to hurt him back.

        “I’m not sure what Chuck’s motivation was”: I believe that is part of the arc because Chuck also doesn’t really know/ has to find out which is probably the reason why Chuck is in weird way so non-verbal.

        And you are also right that this episode is far less entertaining than it should be.

      • You’d think 6 months would have given Sarah some time for some reflection on what had transpired up to the point where Chuck refused to run away….especially the fact that she refused to move on with Chuck as well. Sure…there has to be anger….but anger doesn’t last forever …and usually not for 6 months. ( Gee…Chuck was angry for about 15 minutes !) At some point the anger subsides and we seek to understand why we were angry … and how it happened ! Anyway…guess we can’t expect a realistic approach ….

        But I originally thought Chuck was a funny guy …fish out of water, but a big heart and a sense of duty. It’s like you just can’t help but like the guy. But here……. no …. feel nothing for the guy but disdain. Once I got into the series, you understand that he was pretty well forced to download 2.0 and the disgust with his actions aren’t quite as bad as when I saw it originally.

        As far as change and that people don’t like it ( as Chris notes )….the whole series is about change …but not this type. I think people like positive change and growth.

      • To deal with anger and overcome it you have to deal with your emotions, clearly something Sarah couldn’t at this point. So in this case anger can last forever. (and it happens in real life too when people never want to see each other again because of anger and pain)

        I don’t know what 15 min you mean, but Chuck couldn’t deal with his anger with Bryce for 5 years. Sarah also feels betrayed by Chuck.

        Her plan to move on with Chuck was the plan to run. That her plan was stupid is not the point. The point is that he agreed to this plan. He never said that he doesn’t want to run because the plan was crap; all ‘explanation’ he gave at the station indicated that he chose to be a spy over anything else.

        I don’t want to defend the changes or the misery arc itself. It just doesn’t feel right. I just accepted, after many rewatches, that it is part of the story and try to deal with it.

      • The 15 minutes I was talking about was when Sarah decided to go to Zurich with Bryce instead of away with Chuck ….but I digress.

        Yes…it is part of the story, so it is what it is. And , yes, the anger would resurface when Chuck shows up again ….but you think she would have had some self-reflection during all that time. Obviously she didn’t.

        And, you’re right Chris …. Sarah never really learns as much as she should. And it is very much her prerogative , as it is any woman’s, to have the “Do as I say” mantra ……

        That’s life !

      • As we go along with Season Three, there will be a lot of correlation I will attempt to deconstruction between S3 of Chuck with that of humans. Sarah is more on the slope of what a spoiled woman would be.

        What do we know of Sarah? Well, its really if Sarah doesn’t get her way she pouts much like Chuck. Take a look at her history. She gets angry with Bryce for being an agent. Bryce has a very secret mission in stopping Fulcrum. Yet, Sarah gets annoyed with this and becomes the fixer we know she can be.

        She states she can fix Bryce’s mess, but how? She tells Langston she needed 12 hours to fix a problem she had no clue in fixing. How was she going to take out the program in Chuck’s head. No, Sarah wanted to probe Chuck herself. Sarah didn’t like Carina spending time with Chuck alone despite Carina had every right to find out who Chuck was.

        The only person in her life that listened to her was Chuck for the first two years, but even he had a tendency to question Sarah. From Suburbs to Wookie. Chuck questioned her and even had backbone with pumping the brakes, but despite all that Sarah never could fathom Chuck taking action by choosing to become a field operative over listening to her and running. I agree with Michael when we are humans we tend to not understand when a person changes their mind. Chuck agreed to run, but to be fair Sarah and Chuck appeared to not be in communication because it was all foreign to Sarah on Chuck’s decision to become a spy. Chuck had every right to fulfill this need. If Chuck didn’t follow through with this need Chuck would be a broken shell without her. The same can be said about Sarah. How long before she was back in Burbank?

        Instead of criticizing the man we should be proud of him for finishing something. We also should be fair to Sarah in understanding her right to be hurt despite knowing it was not a well thought out plan. It’s human nature to be selfish at times and boy Sarah and Chuck both have that power of selfishness.

        As I said they both have great qualities, but more self destruction capabilities.

      • Well….they were at different places in their lives as well. Chuck was trying to move towards something…. Sarah was trying to move away. And that lead to the fact that they really weren’t talking the same language, especially when it came to “normal”.

        For most of their lives, their normal were very different things. It’s not often that you have to provide a definition of a very common word when you are trying to communicate, thus the abundant misunderstandings.

        ……..and thus ….life imitates art !!! LOL

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