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The Eyes that Light Up The Night

I promised more articles on why Chuck still matters on a personal level. I said, there are plenty of reason to love Chuck, and while I voice my opinion on episode. I have never showcased my favorite scenes and songs from Chuck.

I have never expressed what makes me tic when it comes to Chuck and crew. I have never made it a mystery on who my favorite characters are. It starts off with her. chuck102-00066There are not many actresses that get me going. A lot of them are fake or just have no talent, but when you look at Yvonne Strahovski, she is the rare actress who is genuine and excellent at her craft.

The eyes are what drew me to continue to watch Chuck. The more I saw them, the more I wanted to see them. For example, when Chuck and Sarah were dancing in the club as Casey and his team converge on them. Sarah gives a very seductive look at Chuck, which made me say “good god.” chuck101-00834The fire behind the eyes could make even a blind man melt. As each episode went, we saw more and more of those eyes.

Yvonne could speak to us through expression. I praise her for the ability to give life to a character without the use of dialogue, which is a gift.  chuck110-01215 chuck107-01111The ability to sell a cry came in several episodes, but what won me over was here, chuck109-00080 chuck109-00086 chuck109-00088Scenes are subjective and open to interpretation, but the reason I say this scene was real was because Chuck like to give you information about what transpired in between episodes.

In Tango, Sarah said, they were on three dates. We saw two of them, but the third was never aired. Thus, it was left to our imagination. I often said, when Chuck broke off the fake cover with Sarah, Sarah seeing Chuck with Lou, and not being with Chuck for 7 days.

We see Sarah come into the Buymore looking like a woman who was dumped. The expression and sudden need to discuss their break up was a bad “tactical” idea was something that struck me as an issue. chuck109-00046 chuck109-00048The idea of Sarah needing to be Chuck’s pretend girlfriend was the only way they could protect him was something not warranted. Casey was apart of his protection. Yet, Casey didn’t make it an effort into being with Chuck socially. Yes, he worked with Chuck, but Sarah was the one who inserted herself into Chuck’s everyday life.

Dinners with the family and experiencing a dream come true came crashing down when Lou stepped in as a “real girlfriend.” Sarah could’ve protected Chuck from a distance, but Sarah didn’t want to be just an agent.

She wanted her cake and eat it too. The eyes told a story when she sees the picture in the trash. It showed she got it. chuck106-00867Sarah shows growth in these regards. Remember building a new life takes time especially while living your old one. It’s even harder when it comes down to it.

Favorite Scenes from Season One 

One of the scenes I love to watch comes in Chuck vs Sandworm. Sarah is waiting in Chuck’s room and gives him a gift. chuck106-00264

chuck106-00262What makes the scene so special comes in the song playing. The song was sung by the Editors, and it’s title was “The Weight of The World.”

What is interesting is what the picture represents and what the song is trying to tell us. The photo was a fake. Chuck knew it, and chimes how they look so real as a couple. Sarah replies with, “Well, we are a real couple just a different kind.”

In a way, it’s an admission from Sarah acknowledging their relationship was more than just handler/asset. It’s even spelled out for us in the song.

Editors Weight of the world, 

The song has these lyrics in it.

You fuse my broken bones
Back together and then
Lift the weight of the world
From my shoulders again
Every little piece in your life
Will add up to one.

Sarah and Chuck both have the weight of the world. Chuck has it more being the Intersect, but Sarah’s job in keeping Chuck safe is just as hard. When two people are longing for each other, and their jobs or background prevent it from happening. The weight of the world seems heavier.

The moment talks about fake/real relationships and I can’t help but think of stories like “The Notebook.” Two people from different worlds falling in love. The love is pure and innocent, but lives get in the way of that love.

Sometimes it’s the illusion of being together that keeps people going. In Sandworm, both don’t have strong feelings for each just yet, but again Sarah gives us hope in Tango, when she admits in wanting to kiss. chuck103-01286 chuck103-01292 chuck103-01293One of my favorite songs of the season plays during this episode in The National’s Slow Show. 

The song mentions these lyrics,

You know I dreamed about you
For 29 years before I saw you
You know I dreamed about you
I missed you for, for 29 years

I wrote in my article A New Perspective of the date in the Pilot, and showed how dreams were awakening. Sometimes we don’t know what are dreams are revealed. Sarah’s dream was having a life with Chuck. The same for Chuck, but the time was not right for them to fulfill that dream.

Other Favorite Songs from Season One

There were a host of songs from Season One that I have on my Ipod. Songs that have over hundreds of times played, but some are on My Chuck Greatest Hits.

I will start off with A Comet Appears, we all know when the song appears, If not you can watch.  

Another great song would be the one we hear at the end of Chuck vs The Nemesis, 

Some of these songs played during great moments and others just seem simple, but have strong meaning. Like the song at the end of Sizzling Shrimp, the last song of the episode Rogue Wave’s Lake Michigan. chuck105-01208 chuck105-01209

Another favorite scene took place here, chuck106-01163In the next article, I will discuss how Adam and Zack’s chemistry can often be overlooked. The great job by Yvonne and Zack often overshadows the bond developed between Casey and Chuck….

Until then  I will leave you with my favorite song from Season One.

My favorite comedy season would be the tango, 

In the comments below, tell me some of your favorites from season one.

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  1. Always enjoy reading your in depth analysis and perspective. It reminds me why this one particular show remains unique and special over the years. The format and characters have no equal in television series.

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