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Catch a Predator

Today’s Chuck Song of the Day, hails from one of my favorite songs and scenes from Chuck. The realization that Roark had an Intersect was great, but Orion guiding Chuck to Fulcrum’s Intersect was fantastic.

The song played in Chuck vs The Dream Job  The name of the song was Luisa’s Bones by Crooked Fingers

The way Stephan Bartowski reentered Chuck’s life was much better than what we saw from Mary Bartowski because of the magnitude of finding out his dad went missing because he was architect of the Intersect.


This would also mark the beginning of Chuck’s maturation into the spy world. He tried to recruit his team to help him break into Roark’s offices to find the Intersect Room, but Casey and Sarah used orders as reason not to help.

What was Bartowski’s response. I will do it myself. He also found out about his father’s secret of being Orion.

I truly can’t begin to discuss why the Orion episodes were my favorites.

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