gallery New Episodes and Rewatch Articles are Coming to Chuckaholics

There are reasons I decided to create Chuckaholics with the idea on being able to talk with fans about our favorite show. Now, I am not one of those fans that fell in love with Chuck when it originally aired.

I found Chuck two years after the final episode which doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the show any less. It just made me late to the party. Thus, the birth of Chukaholics. I spent the next few years writing articles about Chuck, but being the only one who writes and edits this site I became overwhelm so I needed to take a break.

During that time frame I wrote episodes and rewatches with my ideas and how I interpreted the scenes, but of course there were followers that would argue with my opinion like I was wrong or something.

Now that I found a renewed passion for the site,  I have decided I want to rewrite my episode articles and replace them with the old ones so they are up to date.

This will be a long ride, but I believe will be rewarding. Please remember below the articles is a comment section.

Lets look back at all the stars of Chuck and discuss.

Thus, I will try to get an episode article out as fast as I can. So, next article will be my thoughts on the Pilot and we will continue until the finale.




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