gallery Triple Shot of Chuck Song of The Day

Life sometimes gets in the way of producing material for everyone to read and listen too.

Thus, Chuck Song of The Day had to be on the back burner, but have no fear Chuckaholics is here. I promised a song of the day, which means like a sleepless night sometimes you need a triple shot of espresso in that cup to get the juices flowing. Now, if you are working while reading this I suggest turning down your speakers as you might turn your office into a night club.

Thus, i pondered what songs do I want to showcase for today. Even more so, what three songs do I pick out of the hundreds of songs chosen for us to listen while watching our favorite scenes.

While I been picking songs from Season Two, I think it would be fair to look at other seasons for you guys and gals to listen, but today’s theme of dance makes that seem pleasantly difficult.

I also think it would be fair to give some flavor to get the belly going so,

The first Song is,

One of my favorite seasons from Season Three was when Chuck needed to act fast while trying to stop a man trying to stop a man from trying to kill the Generalissimo.


Chuck flashed his dancing skills and on the floor Chuck and Sarah went moving in sync as they reach closer to the protester. Big, bang boom the egg thrower went down.


The second song comes from Chuck vs The Break Up,

When Bryce and Sarah shared the dance floor with our dear friend Bryce Larkin,




So as you can see today’s theme has a lot do with flavor dancing with some kick.

And finally, Why should Sarah have all the dancing time with Chuck? How about tangoing with Awesome.


Chuck learned the female version of the Tango which is one of the funnier scenes ever, but of course La Cuidad didn’t mind leading.

So that my friends is your triple shot of liquor, spice and everything nice. Enjoy the music.


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