gallery Rewatch Three: Season One Episode Three

The first two episodes were meant to establish Chuck’s new journey by showcasing Team Bartowski. It also was important for Sarah and Casey to get past their own issues with Bryce Larkin, but Larkin’s place in the story is far from over.

in Chuck vs Tango, we watch how hard it was going to be for Chuck to balance his new spy world with his real one. Relationships are forming, but the reality was Chuck’s spy world was going to take a bigger role.

People can speak about one’s future, but there can never be real change until the person is ready too. In Chuck’s real world, Morgan, Devin and Ellie are talking about where Chuck’s future was. As much as it was great to be assistant  manager, it was a marginal position for Chuck’s true potential. He was smart, cagey when you think about how he defused a bomb using a computer virus.

One semester away from graduating from Stanford, but here is that name again, Bryce Larkin planted tests and answers under Chuck’s bed. It can’t be easy when you see the light at the end of the tunnel only for the rug to be pulled out from underneath. It’s not fair because as you can see the events at Stanford held Chuck back because he never could find closure.

Meanwhile, Casey, Sarah were discussing Chuck’s future in the spy world. It was fun to watch both apartments framing Chuck’s future without the man himself speaking on his own behalf. The only one that spoke in favor of him was Casey.

The discussion of putting Chuck in the field was not something Sarah wanted to hear because of lack of training, but if the first two episodes were able to show he could handle it. He defused a bomb and landed a helicopter not bad for a novice spy.

Casey assured everyone it was just an art auction, but like any mission in Chuck, violence was going to happen, but that is life in many ways. One needs to learn to adapt, overcome and persevere. In many ways, Ellie, Awesome and Morgan enabled Chuck to let his past take a stronghold of him, but in the spy world Chuck didn’t have that luxury.

It forced Chuck to think fast. Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey were the reverse. They needed to settle down from their fast lives. Sarah already established roots, but the one to watch in this episode is how much of a team player Casey really is.

What do we know about Casey?

Well, he was a solider first and for most. A break things not fix them kind of guy. I’m hammering that idea because of what it means later on in the season. In many ways, Chuck and Casey bonded a bit. Casey was using wit when it came to Chuck. “relax nothing is going to happen to you, unless you know how to tango.” Chuck was the brains of the operation, but what the mission showed how Chuck was able to handle himself alone.

What do we know about Sarah? 

Sarah was coming off very affectionate when you take in account she was asking for a kiss, but by the end of the episode she wanted a real kiss, but with Casey watching she couldn’t do it. The team bonded a lot more in the limo when Sarah used spy humor to relax Chuck before going in. She was nurturing Chuck by saying stop saying your a spy because it isn’t a good idea to announce to the world that you are.

Sarah also provides Chuck with his watch, which she claimed was for him to not get away from her. I always found this to be interesting because Sarah already told him he could not get away from them, but what the watch really represents is their lifeline. Sarah now where he is at all times. It was for spying purposes, but I am sure Sarah loved the idea of keeping tabs on him as well.

The Birth of Carmichael

Chuck vs Tango also was the birth of one Charles Carmichael. Chuck’s alter ego who will be the thorn of the spy world from here on out. The very spy who would help take down La Cuidad worked very smoothly before Morgan would cause major problems with the very sexy Cuidad. Chuck103-00634

The women of Chuck will be charmed away because Carmichael was using his mojo on her. She was smiling and enjoying their tango. All of this was happening why Casey had to rescue Sarah who was taken by Interpol agents.


In heat of danger, Chuck came off looking very good. He used some truth while covering lies. Casey and Sarah did make the save, but the danger wasn’t over because Cuidad found his employee card.

I am not going to go too much into the fight in the Buymore because it was awesome and Casey using a microwave to stop the baddie in shooting Chuck was one of my favorite scenes, but what we will continue to learn was how comparable Team Bartowski was and the more the gelled the better the team would become. Chuck could handle himself in the spy game.

So, we get to the near kiss.

Sarah’s root system was sprouting because while working with Chuck sparks flew a little bit. Sarah using a red dress while with Chuck was something I noticed throughout the series which I will point out.

Chuck said he would have to suffer through a kiss, but to Sarah’s view would that be so bad. If suffering through a kiss with a girlfriend was on Chuck’s mind then Sarah’s expression was an indication she wanted it, but it wasn’t the expression she gave in front of him. It was here,

As Sarah walks away, Sarah has a sparkle in her eye as the thought now was planted in her mind on wanting to kiss Chuck.







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