gallery A Story to Tell

I wrote this to Madonna’s Live to Tell,

My heart has a story to reveal. I want to seal it with a kiss. Sand reminds me of them. Why did Chuck and Sarah had to go. How much I miss them all. A journey worth falling for.  A sense of passion from the fall. I searched hard and long for a escape, little did I know it would be my life’s work. Some will call me a dork. It’s over, move on but I won’t.

Obsessed for the two would be misconstrued for the pain I have since they left my tv screen. Why, did they have to go. Why didn’t I know before. Seeing Sarah disappear hit my core. I pray for more everyday. To see Chuck fight for something was like the knife turning within my skin. Nobody wins here. Chuck303-00561

A man shouldn’t cry, but they never met Chuck. A man should never experience a love story that will make you stumble in your seat.  Who would’ve thought two characters would reach my soul, but you never met Chuck and Sarah like I did.

I pray for the day they will return to give me a reason to look forward to the fall season. Treason was committed when they pulled the plug on my favorite show.

A show where pineapple and cheeseballs make me smile. Sizzling Shrimp became a meal. Why, did they have to steal my heart when the show came to an end. The smiles, the cries that made me want to start over again only a story like Chuck and Sarah can make me feel this way.

Sometimes my heart swells when I watch Sarah’s eyes fill with tears. I quickly begin to cheer when I saw the giant female storm Asia looking for him. The moment you realize Chuck and Sarah are like family.

Sometimes I tear when I saw Stephen fall to the ground. Tom Sawyer has a new meaning. How is possible we only saw five years from a cast I felt like was family. Did you know Chuck. Did you cry with Sarah, Did Casey make you laugh. Was it real or was it a story to tell.  Chuck S1 Ep1

i look at my dvds, I hold them to my heart. Why did I start so long ago, now I can’t let it go. Everyday I watch, but the truth is I love Chuck and Sarah. I love them like family. I have a story to tell. Why does my heart swell when I see pictures of them on my phone.

Its a show for everyone. Its special for you and for me. See Alex come into Morgan’s life. Miss Anna Wu, We can debate about Shaw, why Bryce was a hero, but here we are talking about Chuck like we knew them. There are stories to be told so bring them home.

We need Chuck more than ever. Times are difficult.

So, if u are having a rough day, I know a place that can make your soul lift just press play. It will be a high you can get from weed. So, speed your dinner because Chuck will heal your heart. Make a little time for Roan, for Colt, it will be a journey worth going. I have a story to tell.


Its a little something I was thinking last night. I love writing poetry and wanted to show it in Chuck form.





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