gallery Chuck Rewatch Six: Season One Episode Six

Sandworm was a special episode because of some of the series special scenes was taken in this episode. Chuck’s growth in the spy world was tremendous in this episode because of trying to stop Laszio from blowing up Burbank.

What the episode provides is some of the darkside of what assets face. Laszio is a weapons designer and a loose cannon at that. He broke free from his holding cell to find himself in Burbank. He played video games with Morgan until Chuck flashed on him.

One thing was for sure the pressure on Chuck was building. Frustration in his friend Morgan was building because of his slacker mentality. Big Mike orders Chuck to find his furry little friend because he skipped out on a double shift. The interview to become the Buymore’s new Assistant Manager was upon on, but once Laszio came to town that would require Chuck’s attention more.

Chuck’s performance as a spy was awesome. Once again working alone, Chuck did wonders. The best part about this part of the story was how much the two were bonding until Laszio wanted to take over a drone to bomb LA. It was the reality Chuck saw on why he was lucky.

Chuck was able to roam the world free despite the super computer which was government property. I loved how Chuck handled himself in this episode.  There is more to discuss about the mission, but what happened next is a key scene in the development of Chuck and Sarah.

Chuck found Sarah waiting for him in his room and I always questioned this scene. I am on record there was no reason for Sarah to have to wait in Chuck’s room. Ellie and Devin knew Sarah and loved her at this point, but she wanted to wait for her cover boyfriend in the bedroom.

What do we know so far?

We haven’t seen Sarah in Chuck’s room yet. Sarah had dinner and play games, but we didn’t see her in Chuck’s room, but it would be hard to believe Sarah wasn’t in the room prior. How do I know? Well, if they had devices in the room as Laszio would inform dear Chuck. Sarah has seen Chuck’s room.

Furthermore, I have issue with the “gift” Sarah gave him. The strength of a relationship or should I say setting a foundation would be trust. Sarah told Chuck to trust her, but that has be stretched to the point the elastic is beginning to wear.

Sarah was pleased with Chuck following protocol. He flashed and told his handlers. A growth Chuck was demonstrating showed he was getting used to the rules of being a spy. In other words, Chuck was getting comfortable in his new world. Chuck106-00227

Likewise for Sarah to an extent, Chuck asked her to stick around for a little bit just to cover from Ellie and Devin, and it totally caught Sarah off guard, but the question of whether or not sex was on her mind already because clearly Sarah was nervous.

The idea Agent Walker was scared of intimacy was funny because I am sure Sarah used romance to get close to marks before plus she was in a relationship with Bryce thus Sarah was no virgin, but she was a virgin to real love.  Look at her expression when Chuck asked her to stay. Chuck106-00237

The expression was very real. It was a very real life feeling when the concept of love making came into discussion, but she was saved once Chuck provided that relief when suggesting the length of a music album was how long Sarah should stay in the room.

Since the relationship’s foundation was built on series of lies. The laying of lies would continue with Sarah’s gift. Chuck would finally get to why Sarah was waiting in his room. Sarah would claim she wanted to give Chuck a gift which would be a photo shopped picture. Chuck loved it if it was real.

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The realization of what the picture represents to Chuck was an issue pointed out. “We look like a real couple.” Sarah slips in a way, “Well, we are a real couple just a different kind of couple.” The gift also represents Sarah placing her mark in Chuck’s most intimate place his bedroom.

The problem with a foundation of lies was how often Sarah’s lies would catch up with her. Laszio would point out how many spy devices were in Chuck’s apartment. He tried to convince Chuck how his handlers couldn’t be trusted. You could understand from the outset why Laszio felt that way, but once Laszio’s own handler came looking for him details would further prove Laszio was a nut hell bent on destruction.

However, this didn’t stop Chuck from going home and witnessing what Laszio said. He found in the back of the picture a listening device which Chuck brought to Casey. To be fair, Sarah and Casey had a job to do. There mission was to protect Chuck. Eyes and ears on Chuck was essential. Thus, the second important part of the episode.

Sarah showed some serious growth when finally Sarah would see her lies wasn’t going to work. While Chuck let Laszio take advantage of his kindness, Chuck was rather upset about that. He admitted how much of a screw up he was and no wonder Sarah bugged his room, which we see a bit of both Agent Sarah and real Sarah.

It is truth the picture was a fake, but the gift was still from Sarah’s heart. Why, do you ask? Sarah could’ve put the devise in anything or anywhere. There were many tasty options to plant it, but she elected to use a picture she placed on his nightstand.

And her reaction to seeing that picture in the trash,

Sarah is visibly bothered by seeing the picture in the garbage. Again, we know it was a fake picture, but the sentimental value was there because this picture will remain in their home throughout the series.

There was so many scene early on how Sarah viewed there relationship. On paper, the relationship was a cover, but her actions and expressions were anything but fake

Back to the mission. Chuck was ready for his interview. He was a shoe in all he had to do was talk to corporate, but Chuck figures out where Laszio was hiding. Chuck figured he took the nerd herder he stole and was set to blow up the docks by the arcade.

He was right, but in order to save the day Chuck lost the job to Harry Tang.  Chuck would also figure out how Laszio told him the wrong wire to cut and in the end Chuck saved the day on his own.

Sandworm also was a holiday episode. It was Halloween. The gang through a party in which Chuck and Morgan dressed as a sandworm, but the party had to wait because Sarah showed up to the party and wanted to create a real picture. It was one of my personal favorite scenes because it showed Sarah was getting comfortable as a real girlfriend.

I am not going to discuss too much about Morgan here because we saw how Chuck had to tell Morgan he had to grow up, but it wasn’t only Chuck because Devin chipped in on the advise as well.

Well that does it for Sandworm. The last of the single serving episodes as the series enters the first arc of the series.

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